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Escape the 13th Floor Walkthrough

Escape the 13th Floor

[REPLAY] Escape the 13th Floor is another point and click room escape game series developed by Selfdefiant. While walking home late one night a car stopped and you heard a strange voice. That voice is the last thing you can remember. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escape the 13th Floor Walkthrough
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thank you! @selfdefiant...I was just going to call it a night...and there is a new game!

I got floors 9-13 open. Have 3 quarters, a dollar, a screwdriver (used once), a key(used and out of inventory), and a clothes hanger.

And now I used the hanger to get a black key.

I got a key from coat on bench, opened an office got the SD! Ha ha ha , a key hanging from the ceiling!...Love the music!

       Anonymous  8/10/10, 6:02 PM  

Wow! For once I actually finished a game before it even got posted. I wished I had waited for everyone else. It would've been less frustrating.

Im stuck with this black key. Cant find where to use it.

Ah, the black key is the elevator key! lol

too funny! the elevator won't work without a key!
Hi @meryl...this is a great game, and I will have to go now! People will come.....lol

After all that time struggling to find that 100th dove....and a real escape game! Love it!!!CIAO!

lol, bye!

I hope this isn't as hard as the dove finder!

Now Im stuck with a lit flashlight and the same SD.

at least I am $1.50 richer!

I just went to every floor. I must be missing something here. lol Still stuck.

       Anonymous  8/10/10, 6:18 PM  

Meryl, have you been to the law office yet? Also, make sure you're collecting quarters.

the change machine ripped me off! Now I have two batteries and no money!

I'm out! I was over thinking the computer password. Once I got that it was very easy. lol

darn, gotta go. Good luck @Meryl and nokra and anybody else playing!

Where to use flashlight?

Or find scisor or knife or whatever?

where do i find a object to cut the key down in that one room on the 13th floor

Well I'm stuck on the password - hint please??

Ahh - got it - forgot to use Caps, but what's with the patterns?

@duscharoo Use the number of sides each shape has.

Slap on my forehead. The key to the lawyer's office is behind the plantpot,

Still live game?

stuck with bow staff

trying to figure out safe code.6854 isn't getting it ( sides of each shape). ???

       Anonymous  8/10/10, 6:58 PM  

@ Duscharoo - Look in the office, there is a picture frame, it says BELIEVE with LIE highlighted. LIE is the password for computer, but I don't know the number password for the picture frame.

Cant find Knife or something to cut down key. Stuck Stuck Stuck

Safe password: 8456 (sides on blue shapes)

Thank you Jamie.... my hero! I knew it was the sides shapes but wasn't sure of the order.

I need somthing to cut the rope

Stuck with Bow, Flashlight and SD.

Take # of sides of blue shapes in order of rows.

       Anonymous  8/10/10, 7:05 PM  

what do I do with flashlight?

cant cut rope with ninja star

ok, got in room with ninja star, now i need to get the nife but i need somthing to put in its place

Hit right red button with bow at Fortunes on !st floor, opens curtains.

       Anonymous  8/10/10, 7:09 PM  

@fatima - place the ninja star next to the chi store entrance in the black box, then put earth, moon, water and fire to open the side door

ok, used cristal ball

stuck same place as yall.. bow staff, flashlight and sd. Where is Edgar when I need him?

ok, out, that was fun

       Anonymous  8/10/10, 7:11 PM  

Put crystal ball on the weight to get sword

Use ball in health supply store.

blah need batteries now. im hopeless

whats next !!!!

       Anonymous  8/10/10, 7:14 PM  

well...I'm out! This was a nice, simple game.

buy them from the vending mach. next to health place, make change at arcade

What to do after hitting all the swithches to black in the janitor room???

go to first floor and open the door

Finally out! Fun game even if I was going around in circles. Actually escaped a game with out cheating.. which is rare.. Night all.

fatima where did you find other quarters? found one somewhere and got one from the vending machine.

@testsite go to first floor and open the door

@jamie,, use your dallor and go to arcade and make change

@fatima when i did that it only gave me back one quarter...

Thnx fatima_oliveira_furtado.
Stupid me didn't notice it was electronically locked.

Jamie, look in pocket of blue coat.

ok, i found them in all the vending things,, did you get the one from the paper vender

@testsite already did that im pretty sure i got a dollar, put it in the change machine. got one quarter back and it said the machine was broken. getting frustrated now.

i clicked every place i could,, lol

Where's the crystal ball?

ah found the other two in the vending machines thank you fatima

@ jamie
13 floor vend
12 floor news box
10 floor soda
then change your dallor

@jamie,, no prob, i went back in to see were to find them

so whats next ppl ?

I came late to play it while live (if it ever was, LOL) but out now after lots of time looking for a clue for the Janitor Room switches :P

Great game as usual @selfdefiant and Flonga!

Escape the whole building actually – Through (Part ONE)

Floor 13
• Go right and take quarter #1 from the vending machine.
• Go to the rightmost scene and grab the silver key from the pocket of the blue shirt on the couch.
• Go right and use the KEY to open that door. Inside, find a screwdriver from one of the red drawers and a dollar bill from the wooden one in front; go out.
• Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the screws in the vent and get in.

Floor 12
• Take the quarter #2 from the slot in the newspapers machine.
• Go all the way to the right and use the stairs exit to go down.

Floor 10
• Take the quarter #3 from the sodas vending machine.
• Enter the CLOTHES STORE and take a clothes hanger from inside the changing room to the right; go out.
• Use the Exit stairs again to go back up.

Floor 12
• Enter into JAVA CUP; zoom in on the drain (?) on the floor and use the HANGER to retrieve the black key; go out.
• Go into the elevator on the leftmost scene and use the black KEY on the panel… now you can use the elevator from now on.

Floor 6
• The door to the LAW OFFICE is locked, so move the blue plant pot aside and use the brass key hidden behind to get inside.
• Click on the picture on the wall to reveal a hidden safe (the picture hides a message, by the way).
• Click on the computer on the desk and use the hidden message on the picture to enter the PASWORD:
- Hint: middle letters/word (good thing is not case-sensitive I guess).
• Now you see some colored geometric shapes on the monitor. Use these to figure out the CODE for the safe:
- Hint 1: Count the sides.
- Hint 2: Notice the most used color in the room… use the shapes in THIS color only.
• Safe opened, take the ninja star and leave the ninja lawyers’ office.
• Take the elevator again or use the stairs for the next stop.

Floor 5
• Enter the Movie Theater and find an ID card in the right seats.
• Take the elevator now.

Escape the whole building actually – Through (Part TWO)

Floor 2
• Go right and look at the symbols on the scrolls (earth, moon, water, fire).
• Go right, zoom in on the box right of the ‘closed’ door and insert the NINJA STAR on the slot; the buttons are active now… press them to reproduce the order of the symbols you’ve just seen to move the vending machine aside and to reveal a secret entrance to ‘Chi Health Supply’.
• Inside, take the bo staff and leave.
• Go right and use the stairs now.

Floor 1
• Go left and enter the Arcade to exchange your dollar bill for 4 quarter coins… oops, make that ONLY one quarter (#4); go out cursing around. [Darn broken change machine! First an unreachable dove and now this?… Oh, say what? the machine brand is SELFDEFIANT®!! Hmmm, no wonder! LOL.
• Go left; use the STAFF to push the high red button and to open the curtains on the ‘Fortunes’ stand; take the crystal ball.
• It’s useless trying to open the exit door since it’s electronically closed, so go back to the…

Floor 2
• Go inside ‘Chi Health Supply’ again (via secret entrance) and go to the left. Put the crystal BALL on the platform and get the sword; go out.
• Before going somewhere else, use your 4 QUARTERS in the vending machine and take the batteries.
• Take the elevator.

Floor 9
• Use the IC CARD to open the door to the ‘Only Employees’ room and take the flashlight in one of the lockers; leave the room.
• OKOKOK, insert NOW the BATTERIES in the FLASHLIGHT… what an impatience!! Can we move now??? Ok, thanks!

Floor 13
• Enter again in the room to the right of the Janitor’s, click on the blue chair (to step on it) and use the SWORD to cut the rope holding the gold key; go out.
• Use the gold to enter the Janitor Room and use the FLASHLIGHT to see around (you could have waited until being here, but nooooo…)
• Click on the switches box on the right wall and make them all go on (black, without a red line visible); go out.

Floor 1
• The exit door is no longer locked! Use it to escape… Congrats! :-D

@Edgar, since i had to leave earlier, it's especially nice to return to the game and find that you have written such an excellent WT! I know just how much work that is and I want you to know I appreciate it :oD

p.s. the reason I had to leave earlier was to let my baby raccoon out of her carrier for some play time. It was definitely worth it to be able to watch her antics and laugh!

       Anonymous  8/10/10, 11:20 PM  

<---so jealous of Zoz's baby raccoon/wildlife rehab. Although, as I played this game, my rabbit decided the carpet looked tasty so I had to scold her (gently, of course) several times. Edgar, thanks SO much for the walkthrough!! I escaped the 13th floor within a minute...it was the rest of the building that took me time. And no matter what, it wouldn't just let me jump out a window! :)

       Anonymous  8/11/10, 12:32 AM  

Very nice game, i liked it a lot.

Why is it that I so often go to bed, just to realise that there was a great game out only 5 min later?
Thanks @selfdefiant!
Thanks @Edgar for the great-looking wt, although I'm happy that I didn't need it :D Out pretty easy, except for all of that time I too looked for a clue for the last switches (running around on all floors with them all put on black already lol). It was just an accident when I finally clicked on the exit door. I got out with a feeling that I missed something important in there lol.

anyone still around? x x x

       Anonymous  8/11/10, 1:05 AM  

A very nice game and an excellent walkthrough, thank you, Edgar! Nearly, so nearly, did it by myself but missed the flashlight.. had to peek at the walkthrough to set me right.

       Anonymous  8/11/10, 1:37 AM  

Ellie, maybe from now on you should go to sleep 5 minutes later as you useally do! Although than maybe "Murphy´s law" comes looking around the corner and again you must wait another 5 more minutes. Guess you better stay awake. LOL

Really liked this game - didnt need any help so it made me feel smart!! Yay x x x

Lol @Full! I'm trying!! Although, staying awake also has the side effect of a dysfunctional brain, and I wouldn't be able to escape from any game with some kind of codes involved. Hm... staying awake and stuck, or sleeping... easy choice really. No more sleep for me!

       Anonymous  8/11/10, 2:03 AM  

Good Ellie, so now we can expect walkthroughs made by you 24 hours a day? Thanks you..! :-)

As long as someone else solves the games to take me out of there... At your service!

This game was fun.
Thumbs up :)

lol the game was easy except for figuring out that the switches opened the front door. I finally had to look at Edgar's walkthrough to see that I had beat the game except I didn't know it!

Great game! just needed hint for the password

how do you get the fourth coin i traded a dollar bill and got nothing back


thanx evryone!for the cheats

I dont know what to do!!

Oh the password for the computer is lie


had very same problem as kitkatfox had.


For me, it was like a "coitus interruptus" in sex :P So much suspense, and then everything broke off!

If I had programmed it, I would have made it 13 switches and the "out of order" floors ACCESSIBLE with the switches in the end part. Or isn't it fun walking over loose floor boards and bumping into paint buckets? lol

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