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Escape from Restaurant Minshio Walkthrough

Escape from Restaurant Minshio

[REPLAY] Tesshi-e - Escape from Restaurant Minshio is another Japanese point and click room escape game created by Tesshi-e. In this game, you had a delicious meal in the restaurant Minshio with your mate. You wanted to lock him in the room while he is on the toilet. But then you noticed that the door is locked and it's you who is trapped! Your goal is now to escape by finding and using items and hints to solve puzzles. There are two endings. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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i like this games, but they are always hard, hope i don't stay alone

2 coins and 2 sticks so far

Hi Gabi - iam joing you

3 coins now, another green coin, a golden bowl, paper with hint, need a SD and many codes and keys

3 round things, 2 sticks, phone hint, number hint and bowl

morning SwissMiss, happy to see you, just found a number behind the first girl picture + 841, the other girl picture is written -739 i think that are clues for the drawer with the phone

where did you find the green coin Gabi

me too, just loading now. Sunday evening in NZ - hi all!!

look under the golden bowl

the bowl goes to the Samovar but I think we need a handle - and also we need a key to work the phone
102 doesnt work on the girly-code

one code is

placed the golden bowl under the vase

Hi Mystris

thanks Gabi for the coin - missed that one

how did you get this code Megi??

@MegiPoland how did you get that code?

Hi SwisMiss
lantern, chair, candle

combined the sticks with that blue thing

MP just adding them up?

got handle from Samovar from Girl-code
and letters from bowl

two sticks, 4 round things, blue thing = blue cart

we need one more wheel

there is another coin behind the great cupboard, can't reach it

put stick in the wall holeand then put cart there

got it

the 4 coins are wheels for the blue thing

I am missing the 4th wheel

use stick to take this coin

place the blue car on the track set outside

one is in the big cupboard drawer

the train pushed something out but I cannot find it on the floor or in the train?

a key!

got a weight for the clock

anyone already used the green coin??

got the handle for the vessel

@gaby how did you get key - I got nothing from the running train!

call me ??????????????

@gabi - key please ! from where

key? weight?

SwissMiss do you have the golden coin, it is under the cupboard with the vessel

Just joining you - hope I catch up!

@thanks Gabi
I saw something going off the train but could not find it!

still looking for the pendulum, roman numeral code for drawer, key for phone ....

phonenumber 225563 right??

open egg (golden orb) with green coin

there is a ball under the cupboard, open with sd

@gabi - I think the 225563 is right but it seems the phone needs a key to make it work

my clock still needs a piece

same here Mystris

roman number on weight

use this key to open glass cupboard on dresser and retrieve a carriage, attach to train engine and send down track again for weight for clock

got another key from clock

we have painting which needs a key
drawer with 3-digit-roman numerals
phone which needs a key
clock which doesn't work

and no clues left!

thanks for the code daf ;-)

the fan is our another key

This is my favorite Tesshi game to date. Am just trying to figure out phone number :(

where is the pendulum

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:09 AM  

Morning all, trying to catch up with you

got the phone working - but neither 68545 or 225563 works

morning Full - nice "seeing" you

weight has code for roman numeral - gives key for picture

@gabi - sorry gives pendulum - clock gives key

Tried the two sets of numbers together also...doesn't work

hint: phone = 68545 .it`s not right , so the code can`t be 225563, we have to figure it out differently

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:16 AM  

Good morning @all :)
I'm a little slow today...how did you guys got the "girl" number? I got 3 numbers from 3 paintings, what do I miss?

yes Muse - me too tried all combinations

TY SwissMiss working at phone code 157018 don't work

hi George
did you notice the +/- signs??


well it's 4:30 here so I'll let you smart people "pop" it. Goodnight :)

got it!

hi all..just joined and more or less at the same point..have fan, in fan you have another key..its for the phone..

hello, count me in!

I have 2 wheels, 2 sticks, green coin, phone hint.. I can't seem to spot anything on candles, chairs etc, and can't open anything else :(

the phone hint 68545 - the arrow is on the 5
"call me" is 225563
I am stuck

we need Edgar for the numbers

the numbers are just the counting the letters in their order: e=5 h=8 o= 5 (take away the 1)

night Muse

share with us daf please, i knew that you are right, but i can't find it out

call me = 312....

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:20 AM  

Arrgh...stupid me...I had it already, just didn't click on the right spot to open the cabinet

@ george, push the button under girls code

@daf - did you get it? I don't understand your explanation
i.e. call would be 3,1,11,11, ??


Morning all :o)
Have blue thing with axles on, 3 wheels, s/d used, stick, green coin and phone hint.
Also -739, +841 and +256, but I can't make them into a number that works on the girls cupboard...

l=12, just put the 2

phone numbers solution:
so...call me=312235

morning Rambler
just add/deduct those 3 figures!!

daf - still don't get it - pls explain

Rambler, you got all the nr., just make the math ,spoiler


THX DAF for the spoiler..couldn´t get the number..and OUT!

Ahh, I didn't prees the (cunningly concealed!!) button lol

OK - thanks all - and out - well almost - going to look for the happy coin

looking for happy coin

out without happy coin, great game

found happy coin

has anyone found the happy coin for happy ending?

@marie - where? I would like to be happy lol

call again

thanks - now I have a truly happy sunday

Yay, OUT with Happy Coin!!

Thanks for the help, all of you :o)

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:40 AM  

some help please.....
where to use the "clover" key and why can´t input any code in the left drawer ?( the one with the 3 green digits)

And thanks to Megi for posting the game :o)

@Full, have you opened the picture yet?

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:42 AM  

no Rambler, not yet ( that was another question i had, lol )

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:45 AM  

Okay...I'm feeling really dumb.
Can someone please explain the phone code?
What does the hint 68545 mean?

too late for live?

I wonder if anyone else clicked the misleading
ad above the game, or was it just me....

There are keyholes in the pic, the glass cupboard and the telephone. I think...

clover key is for big cupboard, did you find the weight with the code on it

@ george, compair the word phone with the place the letters have in the alphabet (sorry for my english)

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:48 AM  

I have the weight, see the code, do i put the weight at the clock?

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:48 AM  

POP..now I got it...

and then do the same with "call me"

@george look at kimi's comment 10.24
well explained

full - put weight on clock - but you need the pendulum as well afterwards

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:51 AM  

OOPS, missing the pendulum than, where was that?

@Full, pendulum is in Roman Numeral drawer, check the back of the pendulum for the numbers.

full - good question - I think in the roman-numeral-drawer

**Sorry, I meant check the back of the weight (blush)

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:55 AM  

That´s what i more or less what i guesed Rambler, thanks, but i can´t insert anything at the drawer!!

Eh! Just rotate the numerals...

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 1:59 AM  

I´ll be $%&%·$%& there´s no way i can change the numbers on the drawer, no matter what i do

You're trying the left-hand drawer under the glass cupboard?

just clicking on them should spin them Full

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 2:05 AM  

Nope, the numbers are not changing. They stay at 000 , no matter what i do. What a pity, after getting all this far :-(

are you trying again Full - or are you giving up
just a question if we should hang about helping/assisting in case you need us

But they start at I I I ....

Hi all! For some reason I can't put code on drawer :O

are you at the girlie-code again instead of the drawer?

I'll do a walkthrough. Back in a bit...

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 2:11 AM  

better give up, they don´t do a thing. maybe i´ll get back to the game latewr to try again, thanks all of you for the help
(@Rambler, not even 111, but 000. Weird, maybe a glitch?...

I restarted the game again - and the left drawer under the big class cubboard shows 3 green III which you can spin!

@FULL....I'm having the same problem...doesn't matter what I do to left drawer....it says all O's (or more accurately, squares_

Seems like a glitch to me. I see only 3 green squares o.O

As I said - I just tried the game again and it worked - I am playing with FF!!

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 2:16 AM  

@Swissmiss, i also just restarted to see, but the drawer keeps showing 000 and no way to change them.
Thanks a million for staying around! i´ll come back later this afternoon to check again

@Swiss well I've restarted 3rd time now and wen't straight to that drawer only to see those same 3 green squares. And I'm using FF also.

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 2:17 AM  

Btw, i use FF as well

sorry about that - it just seems a recent problem
cu some other game then

Yeah seems that I'll just have to live this one be then... shame though cuz I like these games so much.

And by live I naturally ment let :D

Escape from Minshio Restaurant Walkthrough

Part 1
This first section doesn’t have to be done in any particular order, but some of them must be done before section 2
Click on the various tables and open the containers to find 2 wheels and a pair of axles (they look like silver chopsticks)
Click on the girly pictures and note the numbers
Click on the cupboard and see lantern chair candle, go round the room and note how many of each and then enter code (see below)
Collect the s/d, the stick and note another number on the pic
Go to the cupboard under the telephone and see that GIRLS is the hint for the number. Do the maths and enter the number then press the horizontal button immediately underneath the number
Collect the handle – we’ll need it later
Check the telephone above and see it needs a key to make it work; we’ll come back to that later
Go to the taller cupboard with the glass and open the lower part, collect the gold bowl and the phone hint.
Flip the gold bowl over in ‘about item’ view and collect the green coin of a toy
Open right hand drawer above the lower cupboard and collect the 3rd wheel
Zoom out and click behind the cupboard and see something out of reach, use the stick to collect it, you should now have all 4 wheels
Zoom into the double window view and see that there’s a railway track outside with some items on it
Zoom back and use the s/d on the zodiac pictures (left of the window and under the cuckoo clock
Collect the blue carriage and fit the axles and wheels to it

Part 2 shortly

pfff, finally found that Happy Coin....
Needed some help on a few codes, but found the phone code by myself, yippie!!

Part 2
Go to the hole in the wall to the left of the window and use the ‘stick’ to complete the track
Put the blue carriage on the track and view the cut scene to see it collect something on its journey
Hmm, the ‘something’ is not with the carriage, it must have rolled across the floor
Turn and click under the smaller cupboard to collect a golden ball
View the ball and use the green toy coin to open it and get a clover key
Go to the glass cupboard and open it with the clover key
Collect the toy train
I think we know where to use that, see it roll round the track and collect the other item on its way
See the crashed train and collect the cuckoo clock weight
View the weight and flip it over to see some roman numerals vii iii ix
Go to the tall cupboard and enter the numerals in the left hand drawer (some people have had problems with this, but in IE its okay for me)
Click on the drawer to open it and collect the pendulum
Go to the cuckoo clock and hang the weight and the pendulum
Wait a few seconds and you will be able to collect the spade key from the ‘non-cuckoo’
Go to the long non-girly pic and use the key there
Collect a fan. View the fan and click on the handle to get a strange key
That key is for the telephone and gives it power, but what is the number to dial?
To find it, we must go to the samovar and set the gold bowl in the tray and the handle on the tap, turn the handle and zoom in to see CALL ME (note that in the text it says ‘So the phone number is Call Me’)
Using this with the hint we got earlier, we can find the correct phone number – many thanks to those who did the work on this bit, especially kimi who I quote below.
Dial the number and see that the door is now open, go to the door and you’re out – without Happy Coin though
For Happy Coin just dial the same number to break the rotary dial and collect the Happy Coin, now exit and watch the fireworks.


Lantern/chair candle = 4108

Girls code = 358

Telephone code = 312235
I quote kimi here:

phone numbers solution:
so...call me=312235

Many thanks to the others who helped too :o)

Wow this is the best music I've heard on one of Tesshi-e's games.

:( I love these games but, I couldn't go on after roman numeral code. Could only see little green squares and couldn't enter anything. Such a bummer. How do I fix that? I use chrome but, I tried it in IE too(which I hate) and same thing.

I always LOVE these games...and I always need help!lol
Thanks for the WT @Rambler...well done!
I use FF and didn't have any trouble with Roman Numeral drawer...maybe the game was repaired?
All I did was click the square and the R/N's came up and started changing.

Okay, thanks @nokra. I'll try in FF later. :D

Tesshi-e!! :D
I'm saving this one for later...

what a nice start to a Sunday morning! And I found everything except the number behind the picture and the gold ball on my own (this may not sound like much, but for me it's a triumph :o)

Gongtats! @zoz...I was baffled by the gold ball as well, Great game as always!

       Anonymous  8/29/10, 12:19 PM  

Just came back home and tried again, and now the numbers for the drawer work perfectly.

Sorry for not being here before to help @SwissMiss, but truth is... I also needed a little someone to explain the PHONE hint to me :(
Other than that, I escaped quite well with Happy Coin included, and the promise of everlasting happiness :D

Thanks Tesshi-e for another great game!!
My top favorite ones!

Thank you @Tesshi-e!! You make the best games!
I managed quite well in this one, but needed someone to tell me how to get the wheel behind the cupboard (since I placed my track already and forgot about it). I also needed a hint for the happy coin - that the voice seemed to know where to find it. Thanks! Happiness waiting for me too :)

out ! happy coin

btw,Did everyone notice the shadow cast on the wall by the clock? I was just sure that was some sort of hint, but I guess it was just a random cool thing.
Also, the only reason I got the Happy Coin is because I wanted to view the phone message again for clues, so I redialed :oD

Lol, got out with Happy Coin!

I definitely had a "durr" moment with the phone number...lol, I accidentally put 1 (k) instead of 1 (L). lol I was stuck on that for while. Had to be reminded about my ABCs again (made a chart and everything)! lol thanks daf for the reminder.

Surprisingly I found the Happy Coin pretty easily!

@ zoz: that exactly why I went back to the phone as well! lol

I think I would faint the day Tesshi-e comes up with a 'regular' escape, and definitely a hard escape. These escape games are definitely not mild! haha

where the heck is the stick and the s/d ?? I can't find them anywhere!

Not vegetarian friendly :(

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 10:18 PM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post it as a replay - a Tesshi-e is always worth a replay!

thx for all your creations, Tesshi ☺
& thx Rambler for the WT

(unfortunately, must agree to Houston - not animal friendly at all...! :-( )

Kind of sad we have to go back to 2010 to get a good game. Does anyone know what happened to Sniffmouse?

Sniffmouse runs his own site. All games here are found there, and many players too.

what is 68545????????

Got it. PHONE is 68545

Hints without puzzle answers:
1) You can look behind the tall dark cupboard
2) You can look under another cupboard
3) The green toy coin pries
4) There is a button directly under the girls puzzle that needs to be pressed once the code is entered

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