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Escape the Ladies Room Walkthrough

Escape the Ladies Room

Escape from the Ladies' Room is another point and click room escape game created by Dina Gjertsen from Shattered Games and sponsored by Addicting Games. Trapped - in the Ladies Room? We are mortified beyond belief. Please to escape yourself before anyone finds out where you got stuck. Good luck and have fun!

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Escape the Ladies Room Video Walkthrough
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Hi Wilma - joining you

Hi Swissmiss!
Found srpaycan (used) cloth (used) dice and paper with code
Stuck now

have numbers 55 and x on mirror

there is a nail file sticking out on top of the mirror and you can use a piece of toilet paper in the sink

got a drinking straw

where did you get paper with code

I cannot read any numbers on cleaned mirror - just a big red cross

still have dice

a red X on the mirror, 55 on paper.... can't seem to do anything with te dark-rose tile at the first view.

hey there

paper with code behind toilet nr 1.
It's wet and needs to dry first ;-)

there is a planger in the lamp but I cannot get it yet

Hi @ Schukas! Help is needed LOL

now a screwdriver

Found a straw at the 2nd door.
And what's a planger and which lamp?? English isn't my first language, LOL

thanks Wilma

there is a drinking straw on top of toilet stalls
not used yet

where did you get SD sales??

I used the sd on the left toilet wall to get a bracket

Found so far:
Cloth (used), cleaning spray (used), colour code (used), knife (used) and a die

Hi there, joining you all in the Ladies Room

How do you get toilet paper?

Oh forgot: found SD

use the soggy toilet paper ball with the straw on the lamp

Nvm. Don't zoom in to get the toilet paper.

any help with sd and knive please

where is SD?

Swiss miss
use file on out of order sign, use bracket on chipped tile

Used SD to get bracket, found paper used on heater to get a number

Used bracket to get a wrench - now need number code.

Use plunger in toilet; gives a key.
Where do I use the screwdriver?

have not got a file
got key and dice only now

@ all: where to find SD and kife??

there is no knife...it's a nail file and it's sticking out on top of the mirror

solved the number/shape puzzle - now need a key

Thanks @ george!

@Stu, use the plunger in the toilet to get the key

Can't find a place to use the screwdriver?

@wilma1983, just found the SD behind the out of order sign. use your nail file on it

where to use the staw with soggy paper?

Hi there trying to catch up,
but cant seem to get into the cabins to get the toilet paper????
help, please?

where the toilet stalls start top "bracket" to be unscrewed

i mean stRaw

and out

@wilma - on the ceiling to get plunger

POP, thanks though ;)

And out - good game!

Thanks SwissMiss.

Thanks Swissmiss, but can't seem to find the right spot...LOL I definitely need vacation (and it starts in 5 hours!!! three weeks off!!)

any hint please on the door-game

@ Swissmiss: look at the symbols and see what you found there (f.e: drying hands: 5, childrens change area: pacman)

The end code is using the symbols you saw all around.
For example; the first two are from the dryer. We used the paper there so that's 5 and 5. The dice came from the bin, the X was on the mirror etc.

highlight the straw and add the soaked toilet paper, close the view

then go to the ceiling (where the baby-thingy is)up and use the straw

LOL was clicking all over the place at the ceiling in 1st view and totally missed this one!
Thanx @ Swissmiss!
Out now!

i have a key, but where do i use it?

Oh got it! Out....

still cannot get all the symbols - what is number 1 and 3

@ mauno: at the exit door, underneath your panel which opened with the wrench

number 1 is 5 (just like 2), can't remember 3 (what symbol was that?)

5, 5, dice, x, pink dot, pacman

@ Swissmiss:
1 is 5
please tell me what nr 3 says (I forgot already)

thanks george - don't get the 5,5 - never mind -
I am out now

like small-tool said...the 2 signs you see are on the dryer which was used to get the 55 on the paper

after solving the code, i can't find the key you guys said it's below the panel :(

how can i get the toilet paper?

go in the first toilet, click on the paper so that it unrolls and then click on the bottom piece

This comment has been removed by the author.

The key is in the toilet, use the plunger.

@george - stupid me - I totally forgot about the 55 on the paper - needed my lunch first I guess to be able to think again - thanks

@ George, Mauno and Small Tools, thx u guy. I didn't click the toilet door hard enough!

Where is the screwdriver, please ?

Too late for live, but thanks for all the comments and hints!! I liked this game a lot. Very logical! Hope there are more on the way!

The screwdriver is behind the out of order sign. Use the file you get from the top of the mirror over the 3rd sink.

Very funny and somewhat challenging...I only needed help putting the spitball/straw together ....Liked it very much!!!

I love the hand dryer.

Press button recieve bacon

Where do I have to use the key?????

Well, I'm a little late for a live game, but thought I'd pop in and say hello. Maybe it's because I'm surprised, maybe because I'm amused, but I love the fact the toilet is singing to me. :)

how do i put straw and soggy paper together?

i dont get what to do t get pl unger

i don't get where to use the screwdriver!

Well, I know that: there's a straw ontop of the second stall. And that if you click the 3RD mirrior there's a nail file. (Dunno what to do with it.) and a die in the trash, and to open the Baby change room, GREEN RED BLUE. Okay.

And what do i do with the screwdriver, where do i goo??? Answer plz! :D

Drag the items into the game screen to use them. To view them, combine etc… click on the question mark next to them.

Enter the left toilet.
Click on the lower part of the toilet paper (not zoomed) to pull out a part.
Click on the lowest part to get a sheet of toilet paper.
Get a paper with faint markings from the right side of the toilet.
Back out.
Zoom on top of the second door from left and get a drinking straw.
By the floor on the right wall is a strange tile. Leave it for now.

Turn right.
Note the three colors on the sign above the trash can.
Zoom on the trash can.
Take cleaning spray from right side of it.
Take a ”die” from inside the trash can.
Turn the hand dryer on and use the paper with markings on it.
Look at the message.
Zoom on the middle sink.
Turn the water on and wet your toilet paper.
The mirror above the middle sink is dirty, but you can’t clean it yet.
Take the nail file from top of the mirror.

Turn right to see the door (you need a wrench).
Turn right again.
Change the colors on the lock to open and get a rag.
Solution below.
Click on the upper bar to look at the ceiling.
Something in the lamp.
Open the drinking straw from inventory.
Drag the soggy ball of toilet paper to it.
Use the combined wet paper and straw to get a plunge from the lamp.
(You need to go down twice – to the floor – to pick it up).

Go back to the mirror over the middle sink.
Use the cleaning spray and then the rag to see a symbol.
Turn right.
Zoom on the “out of order” sign.
Use the nail file on the sign to get a screwdriver.
Zoom to the left of the left toilet, upper part by the wall, where there is a bracket.
Use the screwdriver to get the bracket.
Zoom on the strange tile by the floor to the right.
Use the bracket on the tile to get a wrench.

Go to the exit door, zoom on the panel and use the wrench.
Click on the signs to change the symbols below them.
Solution below.
A key hole.
Go to the left toilet.
Use the plunger in the toilet chair to get the key.
Use the key on the door.

Color lock
Use the colors from the sign above the trash can from up to down:
green, red, blue

Door code
The two left signs are from the hand dryer. Use the message you got on the dried paper: 5 and 5.
Third sign is from trash bin. You found a dice there. The symbol is the six black dots (like in a dice).
Fourth sign from the cleaned mirror: a red cross.
Fifth sign from the exit door: purple ball.
Last sign from the board you opened with the color clue: the yellow “pacman”.
Click here for a screenshot of the solution.

how do i get in the stall

right click + click play= WIN!

Deducted a star because the light was not accessible from all the unzoomed scenes, should be able to look up from all. Excellent game otherwise.

out with 2 hints -- thanks to @wilma1983 for the straw and @SwissMiss for the up view (turns out I didn't have my screen scrolled all the way up!)

how do u put the tp & the straw together

Die never gets used!

WOOOOO!!! i got ooouut!!!!! thanx guys!

How do I get the bracket?!?!

where is the straw?

im stuck i got the now what do i do with it

Please explain how i am supposed to mix the straw with the soggy toilet paper!!!!! Need help & im playing on the app so idk how to highlight ittttt

click on the straw. so it is full screen. then drag the soggy paper over to it

I need Help on how to get the plunger out of the light!

I need Help on how to get the plunger out of the light!

i cant get the bracketttt?! :/

Let's play!

i finished, creepy music after... beware

my code on the door wont work! the symbols wont change evn when i click on them

nvr mind im out! peace!

Escape from the Ladies Room Solution

You are trapped in the ladies room. So awkward!

This walkthrough solution will help you escape alive and save you the embarrassment. Detailed step-by-step guide to get you out of there. Full explanations to the puzzles.

Escape the ladies room is a point-and-click room escape game. This walkthrough is for the windows version, but will be very similar for other platforms. You can play the windows version for free right here.

Escape from the ladies room walkthrough starts here:

You begin in the ladies room at the toilet stalls.

Take the drinking straw from the top of the door second-from-the-left.

Go right.

Take the pink cleaning spray from behind the trash bin.
Open the trash bin and take the dice.
(Remember the sign above the trash can and that you got the dice here)

Look at the sign above the bin... this might be important.

(green, red, blue is the order)

Zoom in on the dirty mirror (3rd from the left)
then take the nail file from the top of the mirror.

Spry the dirty mirror with the pink cleaning spray.

Go 1 screen left of the toilet stalls.
There is a strange lock.
Zoom in on the lock then select the colors from the picture: green, red, blue.
This will open the box:

Take the rag.
(Remember the yellow pack-man sign that you see here on the baby-nappy-changing device.)

Go back to the dirty mirror and use the rag to clean.

(Remember the red X next to the "employees must wash hands"-sign.

Zoom in on the out-of-order sign on the toilet door.
Use the nail file to take the sign off.

Take the screwdriver.

Zoom on on the very left part of the toilet stalls where it connect to the wall.
There is a bracket.

Use the screwdriver to take the screws out.
Take the bracket.

Zoom in on the red tile against the right-side wall next to the toilet stalls.
Use the bracket to open the secret compartment.

Take the wrench.

Go back to the toilet stalls and open the stall on the left.

Take the paper with faint marking.
Take a square of toilet paper.

Go the the sink.
Open the tap to add water.
Add the toilet paper to make it soggy.

Zoom in on the hand dryer.
Switch it on.
Add the paper with faint markings to dry it.
Now you can read the paper:

(Remember the 5 above the hand sign and the other 5 above the dryer sign)

Zoom in on the straw.
Add the soggy paper to make a pea-shooter.

Go to the "strange lock" that you have opened, then go up:

Use the pea-shooter to shoot the light so the plunger can fall out.

Do down twice then pick up the plunger.

Go to the first toilet and use the plunger on the blocked toilet.
Now that the toilet is unclogged, zoom in and take the key.

Exit the toilet.
Go left and left again to the small panel door.

(Remember the pink circle above the Ladies/Wheelchair sign)

Zoom in on the center panel and use the wrench to take the nuts off.
You will see "a strange set of symbols"

Go and search around for all these 6 symbols and find the object related to it.
See above for all the codes/objects you needed to remember.
From left to right, change them to:
5, 5, Dice 6, Red X, Pink Circle, Yellow Pack-Man

If correct, you will get the key-hole:

Use the key on the keyhole!
You have escaped the Ladies Room!
Hope you found my walkthrough helpful.

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