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Find Dwarfs in Summer Walkthrough

Find Dwarfs in Summer

Find Dwarfs in Summer is another Japanese point and click type adventure game by Nekonote. In this game, you try to find 10 dwarfs at the beach by searching and using items. Use your point and click skills to search around and find dwarfs. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:24 AM  

Goodmorning.. :-)

let's go dwarf-hunting

goodmorning @Full

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:29 AM  

Looking for # 10, stiil have a stick unused

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:29 AM  

Hello Truus !

lol, trying to save the one from drowning....

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:31 AM  

Out, Yes!

where did you find the stick?

wow, you're fast!!!

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:32 AM  

To help the one from drowning you need the lifesaver thing from the left cupboard in the house. First find the lobster to cut the wire to open it

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:33 AM  

Don´t remeber the stick but i think it was to the right of the house?

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:33 AM  

I´ll start over again add see

o.k. thanks, *searching*

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:34 AM  

Oh nooo my little birdie is drowning. Must find lobster.. thanks for the hint, @Full!

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:34 AM  

No, stick isn´t at the right of the house

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:36 AM  

Help help have a piece of bent wire (?) and a drowning birdie. Where is that lobster? Can't find a stick either.

aha, found the string and got lobster now

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:38 AM  

ah POP is was a crab.. and the drownee gave me a stick. But have no idea what to do with it.

To get lobster use string in hole.
Didn't the stick came from the drowning bird?

LOL, used the stick too!!

yes, found all 10!!

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:40 AM  

I have used everything I can find and am still short of one dwarf. I broke the watermelon.

saved the little birdie - and out

almost a little Minoto!

thanks for the lobster Full

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:44 AM  

1 in iglo
1 behind painting in house
1 behind flag of iglo
1 on caracture in water melon scene
1 right of trash can ( after trowing away cans?)
1 at the word throw at the sign
1 on roof at the right of the house
1 in right bush front of house

after throwing away 3rd. can get string
use string on small hole in main scene to get lobster
use lobster at left cupboard to get life saver and:

1 in left cupboard

save caracture, get stick

use stick at animal in watermelon scene

use mouse to aim at water melon

1 in water melon


- next to the cage
- in iglo
- on the flag
- on the "o" on the sign (near trashcan)
- on the one with blindfolde
- on the roof (backside house)
- behind trashcan
- in left side cupboard
- in watermelon
- behind painting in house

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:49 AM  

Ah thank you @Full. I was missing the one behind the painting - I swear I clicked about ten times on that too!!
And finally I can say OUT :o)

Lol Truus,
The one you say that's next to the cage is only next to the cage in front of the house. It's the one that's behind the right bush in front of the house.

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:57 AM  

Crab, lobster... sorry for the misinderstanding.
Maybe it´s because i perfer Lobster a 1000 times more than Crab ( for dinner ofcourse )

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 2:15 AM  

Crab, Lobster - @Full, you told me that I had to find a crustacean which is just what I had to know :o).
They are both delicious and a lobster would have done just as well for snipping that wire!

thanks for the correction @small-tool, you are totally right!!

Nice and easy !

where is the third can?

where is the one with the blindfold? I cannot find it?

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 6:48 AM  

I also cannot find the one with the blindfolded chick...

the creature with the blindfold is in the scene with the trashcan and watermelon. click on the white thing just left of the cage to go there

- in ocean
- behind house (between the papers)
- scene right side of trashcan

10 out of 10... so easy this time! I always have problems in these :P

I agree @Edgar! I normally have trouble finding a few of these, but this time I got them all without help. Yay! :)

I am not finding the one on the chick with blindfold. Where is it? Every time I click on it, it just turns around.

@Marcy, you need to give it a stick (that you get from rescuing the duck from drowning).

weird, I replayed and this time I found one under the cupboard, with 2 mice eating cheese.
don't remember that one before!!

don't think I used the string on the hole to get a dwarf before either....
and in the house there's one ON the painting now, instead of behind it.

hmmm, I'm missing something then. Here are mine:
(in no particular order)
watermelon (after stick)
behind trash can
under cabinet in house
behind sign in house
in right bush
on right roof
in igloo doorway
behind igloo flag

What am I missing?

you can use the string on the little hole again, and one dwarf comes out

Oh no @Truus...! Don't come here and tell that they made the game easier (I'm still proud to have found them all)!

@Marcy, use the string in the hole where you found the crab (lobster or whatever...).

no @Ellie not easier, much harder!!! You should be proud :)

Rofl @Truus! If you say so... I'm not gonna doubt it ;)

There is no dwarf on the bird with the blindfold. When I click him, he just turns around and covers his face. After I do the watermelon stunt (and get the dwarf from the watermelon), there isn't one on him either. Where is this elusive tenth dwarf?

Oh my gosh. In all the comments, it was in the crab hole. Didn't see that in any of the walkthrough posts. Weird...

@Andrew, when we first played the game this morning, there was a dwarf on the bird. It looks like the game was changed later, because now there's also one UNDER the cabinet while this morning it was INSIDE the cabinet.
Don't know why they changed it though.

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 1:38 PM  

Just got back to the comments before i go to sleep and see that it seems the makers touched the game and changed things?
Don´t understand very well why they would do that while a game is being played, it makes it very confusing. Guess they should leave it as it is, or maybe make some kind of remake for another day.

Just my opinion, goodnight all, sweet dreams

Well @Full, I played the "fixed" version of this game, as I can now read from the comments, and I have to agree with you... and again, back to the polemic discussion about the makers releasing a buggy game or the not definitive version of it. Why do they do this?? and being forced to do the (sometimes not so) necessary changes on the run? I can't really complain about the remakes of a game in order to improve them (?) as we've seen in the Asha's series. Sometimes the corrections turn a good and decent game into a bad and even absolutely unplayable one, as it happened in the (former) great Detective Conan game.

Well, the only thing we can expect is them (the game makers) to listen to our cries of (fair) complaints and to make something (hopefully good) about it.

Goodnight pal, sleep tight.

Good As Long As The Makers Don’t Make Another Change a.k.a. These Are Not The Chicks I Had In Mind For A Summer Day On The Beach • Through

• Take the can 1/3 from the sea.
• Click on the chick on the door of the igloo-like house to find the dwarf #1.
Dwarf #2 is in the back of the flag on top of this little house.
• Zoom in the yellow house (top right) and take the dwarf #3 from behind the right bushes.
• Go to the right of the house and get dwarf #4 from the roof (bottom right corner of it) and the can 2/3; go back.
• Zoom in the house again and enter in it by clicking on the door knob.
• Click on the right side of the picture on the wall (to move it) and find dwarf #5 on the 4th Japanese character.
• Zoom in under the cabinet and make the mice eat the cheese; get dwarf #6 and go out.
• Zoom in on the bottom right part of the game screen and get the dwarf #7 from the sign (it’s the O in ‘throw’).
• Zoom in on the right of the trash can to get dwarf #8 and can 3/3.
• Put the 3 cans in the trash can (one at a time) and get the string from left of it.
• Now one of the chicks is drowning and you should rescue it... use the STRING in the hole on the beach to make the crab come out and take it.
• Go inside the house again and use the CRAB to cut the wire(?) keeping you from opening the left door of the cabinet; take the lifesaver and go out.
• Use the lifesaver on the drowning chick to bring it back on shore, along with a stick.
• Zoom in again on the bottom right part of the screen and give the STICK to the blindfolded chick… now you should direct it with the left button of your mouse to cut the watermelon. Take the dwarf #9 from inside the fruit and go back.
• Finally, use the STRING in the hole on the beach to take the dwarf #10.
• Exit…

I got them all on my own, yay!

@Edgar, I love the chicks walkthrough lol

got thema all!

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