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🖳 Gotmail - The Pool Escape Walkthrough

🖳 Gotmail - The Pool Escape

[REPLAY] Gotmail - The Pool is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you are locked in a room with a pool and you have to search the room for items and some clues to find the way of escape. Good luck and have fun!

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LOOOOOve gotmail!

       Anonymous  8/30/10, 11:56 PM  

Gotmail!!! that´s a long time ago

       Anonymous  8/30/10, 11:57 PM  

Hola Dideedi

       Anonymous  8/30/10, 11:59 PM  

to get into the gaem, register with this:

password: letmein

or this fake mail and password;

Good morning Full

joining you for half an hour!

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:01 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

if this takes half an hour to load I wont be playing much - lol

oh i love gotmail.shame i have to go to work soon

yes it works - but verrrry slow loading

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:03 AM  

lol Smalltool, aaa and aaa. Never tried that before
morning to you, morning swissmiss

17% zzzzz

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:04 AM  

Are you really all leaving?

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:04 AM  

24% zzzz

morning to all! 28% making progress

Found black thing near the red pole at the pool.

Another black thing behind right plant behind pool.

how does your game load so fast small -tool

I think I need a new compi

by the time my game has finishel loading - you are out -lol-

someone is standing on my line

Mine stopped at 75% and then I opened another one (didn't close the first one) and then the second one was there in no time.

Ans the third black thing from behind the statue (other view than the first view).

Colorcode on pillar and I opened a tap but norhing happened.

Plank from the wooden door.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:12 AM  

Small-tool, wait for us. Almost at 100%

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:12 AM  


Brown stick/spoon like thing from plant to the left of the statue.

hi full! ok. i have a stick from the plant, a key (used), a glass prism (used), a wooden plank, and red, green, white and blue marks on black glass. can see a mark behind one of the plants. various moving things. hmmmm

where is the key and the prism?

Oh and the blue marks?

use the stick in the pot of the statue to get the key

Ok key is in statue, use stick/spoon thing.

thanks bigtank, just popped it.

And key goes in green door and there is the prism.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:19 AM  

what´s that silver thing you get from the room next to the door?

key in statue vase. you have to get it using something. Then you use the key to get into somewhere to find the prism.

Where do you use the prism?

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:20 AM  

at the moment i found 4 of these black sheets with codes, guess we need 5 ?


Goodmorning small..swiss and full!

@di where did you use the prism

@full: it's the prism. it can be put into something. that's as far as i've come.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:21 AM  

did anyone notice that if you click at the flowers( behind the fountain) that the butterfly there changes position?

and morning dideedi :)

loading is done and now try to run...found 2 black sheets so far..

I only have three black sheets (red, green and white) where is the other one (blue) ?

nvm found the place but it doesn't do anything (yet)

Yay! I was waiting for them to release another!

Where is that place?

oh i think i killed the butterfly

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:25 AM  

Small, the blue one was just a little more to the right where the 3rd. one was

noticed there's also a rope and bucket in the pool, but can't get them.

oh it landed on the small trowel then there was i red key under it

@small-tool - on that funny fountain hidden behind the plant next to the exit door -where you can turn the water
- I think we need water first to fill in the tank

Hi Alkmar

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:26 AM  

Small, 4th card is between statue and chair underneth the right most plant

Wow, slow load this one.

Thanks Full.

my butterfly gone too! if you look at the valve at the back of the pedestal with the sword sticking out (behind one of the plants), it has little red lights moving clockwise.

Thanks SwissMiss.

strange - red key works on mini-bar - but it doesn't open

I'm in!

I am stuck - have used everything apart from card
my red key is gone - but the minibar doesn't open

red key? Where?
You all go so very fast.

excellent big tank! my butterfly landed on the red ball. so you may want to check on the watering can, the trowel or the ball for the red key. you must have to click on the butterfly until it disappears, then check one of these things.

Use board to get the bucket..

and thanks full!

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:31 AM  

Bigtank, where did the butterfly go? ( imean what is a trowel? )

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:32 AM  

NVM bigtank i found it, and i also learned that way what a trowel is, haha

@did.. thanks - forgot about the plank

got sword now out of fountain

how do u use board to get the bucket

ok..right..work is calling..I knew it isnt a game if you haven't got time...jammer..I love those games.

I try to be back soon ( I know..I am not helpfull) ;-)

trowel is a little scoop Full and when the butterfly is gone, there is a red key under it.

got bucket from pool

now got sword!

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:35 AM  

i can´t seem to get the bucket. do you use the plank from the door? it´s not working for me

Got plank, backstracher, key, and 2 transparencies.

use plank to click the rope of the bucket

@bigtank - click the bucket line a few times with the plank highlighted
then fill it with water and fill the tank above the foundain next to exit door

How do you get the bucket, mine only moves.

got the prism back out of the sword

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:37 AM  

Ah, the bucket from the pool!! i was trying the other one, lol :-)

keep clicking small tool, and you will eventually get it


Use plank on bucket, it should turn, and then click its string.

ty got it now wrong bucket

Ah, the bucket in the pool.

Try to catch up
Have so far found:
wooden stick (used), wood from wooden door, gold key (used), red key (used), prism (used) and 4 black notes with colours.

@small-tool see my comment 9.36

has anyone opened the minibar with the red key?

Ah - got the bucket from pool!

filled bucket, 3 transparencies.

ok got to go now, can't use playing gotmail as an excuse for being late for work. have fun guys, will try not to look at walkthrough when i get home

Filled basin.

Filled bucket with water and filled it in the white bassin.

Got sword.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:41 AM  

Yes Swiss, i tried the key at the minibar and now the key´s gone and the minibar is still closedÇ!

Used bucket in pool again, got second prism.

I turn fontain on, tried to fill the bucket again and got a second prism (used it behind plant)

I somehow got a green prism while trying to fill the bucket a second time.

How do you get the third prism?
I have one from the water with the bucket and the old one back from the sword.

don't know where to use sword or prism
bucket and plank still usable!

has anyone noticed the hotspot where the red ball is one can turn up and there is a small statue with a crack

Need to find 2 more prisms.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:43 AM  

How do you take the sword? mine is stuck. i did use the prism there though

Bucket is not usable anymore for me after filling it again to get the second prism?

4 transparencies

how did you fill bucket again - where - I only have the prism from the sword again

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:45 AM  

Strange, now i could suddenly take the sword

Now I can take the sword (after clicking a million time, lol)

got it - small-tool - fill the bucket on the right side pool in exitdoor view

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:46 AM  

me too Swissmiss. just one

Stu, where did you use the green prism?

SwissMiss, I filled the bucket at the same place as the first time and then I got the green prism.

the prism go on the plinth with colours on need 4

I clicked on the prism behind plant and the statue changed - a lot of water!!!!
Pool is empty now

This comment has been removed by the author.

what red ball

use prism behind the plant (in scene with table, click on left plant)

I have to dash - good luck - shall finish later

got there with u stu

Got sword from fauntain and another gem from pool...

ok got a mirror now

Thanks Stu, never saw that view.

Ok mirror and two prisms and plank still usable.

and sword still not used.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:52 AM  

Thanks Stu!! that was a nice scene with that fireman, got some kind of mirror now

I got a smexy fireman!

Why did they make that plant hard to click?

My two prisms are on the pillar now, but don't know what to do with mirror, plank and sword.

Ok now left in inv:
planck, sword, mirror (?) and 5 black notes

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 12:57 AM  

that´s what we all need Stu, the 5th. black note. where didi you find it?

Stu, you have 5 black notes!? How? I only have red, green, white and blue?

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:00 AM  

Place the mirror on the tea table

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:01 AM  

And than open the minibar

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:01 AM  

in the mini bar you need the 5 cards, still just have 4

Find the key. My butterfly goes to liitle water-pot and now find yhe key. Zoom on water-pot.

put mirror on table.

Great find Full.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:04 AM  

well minibar... i exepted another thing when i opened it, lol

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:04 AM  

Stu, come back and tell us where the 5th. card is please!!!!

Thank you Full!!!
Find my 5th note behind table, zoom in and click upper right side above table

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:07 AM  

thanks a million Stu, found it!!1


Zoom in on the brick water fountain and click to your left. Its on the red ball.

Thanks Stu.

Damn....more safes and codes....

Thanks for that 5th, Stu!

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:10 AM  

now we need a good code breaker, i can´t seem to get the calender or the clock code.
in the calender you can see highlighted the blue 3, blue 3, orange 0, blue 2 and again a blue 3

Got the lion mask and the yellow prism from the bottom safe, still working on the middle safe.

find the missing month [random] and then
year month

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:13 AM  

how the heck did you open it Saradin?

hey wat sword can't find no sword..ive used 2 prism.. dint find sword:(

Crap...I didn't count the colors on the transparencies before putting them in the slots! lol NOOOOOO!!!

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:14 AM  

Lol shuchun, thanks so much... nice you´re there at the background1 Hugs

ok got it from the fountain... :D

yw,full. great game to play and not an easy one.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:17 AM  

No, i still don´t get it . what´s the formula for the bottom safe'

When you keep pressing the yellow button on the first safe, more color shapes related to the transparencies come up.

I think they're supposed to make a number?

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:17 AM  

Still can´t open anything at the "minibar"

You have to press and hold the button.

Thank you Shuchun!!!
Used mask on fontain

I've put the sword in the space in the wall and using it like a lever, but nothing happens when I pull it and it keeps reseting.

Wait...nevermind. It's just showing me what's on the transparencies....


for example:april is missing in my calender so
0904 is the pw for the bottom safe

@ Full:
missing year/month in calender

This game is Time Capsule ep 2,it is not diffcult

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:22 AM  

Thanks again Shuchun, that helped. it was 0909 in my case

Saradin, what space in what wall?

Placed Lion's head on brick fountain.

Once you open both safes, you can start the flow of water in the fountain, get the relief and put it in the indentation in the wall, that opens up the space where you put the sword in.

I haven't found where to use the yellow prism yet, so I think I need to find that and then the sword-lever will work.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:26 AM  

Small-tool, first get the yellow prism out of the mask´s eye, than place it at the hook

I think the colourd signs build the digital number:
49379 - but don't work

Full I already placed the mask, but don't know where to use the sword?

Oh no - number is 49376!!!!
and got a "wheel"

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:29 AM  

Ah ok small-tool. in that case i can´t help you, i´m at the same place,lol

how can you open or get a clue to open the middle safe?

Fontain with lion mask is on and the little fontain behind to. Got a "stone" from it

Thanks Stu.

Wheel goes behind green door.

I put stone in wall and used sword as lever!

Little stone goes in corner behind bucket and then you can place the sword.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:34 AM  

i´m starting to get a little nervous here now. where in heavens name do you put the wheel?

Thanks Stu! I've only gotten the first 9 right! lol

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:35 AM  

Behind green door, thanks small-tool

Ok now where is the red prism?
Left in inv: only the planck

Ah, you need to replace the blue prism back inside the sword to make it work as a lever.

plant on the desk...

What to do with the plank and can we use the yellow prism somewhere?
Sword doesn't seem to do anyhting at all.

Full, the wheel goes in that room where you used the first key and got the Blue prism.

Thanks Saradin.

Got piece from miniature behind Lion fountain.

Cant read Jap Isn't there an Englisch version?

Wow great game, thanks for all the help.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:39 AM  

Thanks Catalyste, i found it but now i can´t see what the lever does when you pull it down

Ah found it by reset all prism!!!

Use piece from miniature on wall to open slot. Use sword there.

So we didn't had to use the plank anymore.

And out - what a great game!!!

Thanks for all your help!!!!!

Me neither Full. That's what I'm looking for.

Red prism is on the flower on the table.

I'd love to join you all on this one, but after half an hour loading, it's still only at 47%

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:43 AM  

Stu, what does the lever do ( that rimes, lol)

Yep Stu, gotmail is great again.

Lol, thanks Saradin!

Full, you have to zoom out, so the lever is up and then zoom in and put the blue prism in it. Then it works and then the red prism is in the plant on the table.

Put the blue prism back in sword and us it as lever, the ceiling opens and give light to the flower on the table. There you can find the red prism.

And out! :)

Nice game!

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:47 AM  

Oh dear, thank you small...

That first combination was hard! Thanks for reminding me about the blue prism going back into the sword, Saradin.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 1:48 AM  

Darn, tipical me again. why doesn´t the password work on my door???

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