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Hidden Gemstones: Puzzle Rooms Walkthrough

Hidden Gemstones: Puzzle Rooms

Hidden Gemstones: Puzzle Rooms is another point and click hidden object type room escape game created by Ainars. This game is a mix of hidden object and escape game, in order to open door and escape you need to find 30 hidden gemstones. Game contains 10 rooms, each room contains 3 gems, some of the rooms contains puzzles that you need to solve in order to get gemstone or object, this game is timed and you have 300 seconds to finish it or it will end. Try to find all gemstones as fast as you can in order to finish game and receive better score! Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Arggg time limited :(((
I hate this !
I only have got 24 gems and then time was over....

25 and about a minute left, but I simply couldn't find the other 5.

Have someone the password for over the bed?

27 now and I give up, can't find a hint for the letter code and there is one panel (next to the clock in the living) that I can't open.
By the way the codes don't change so to win time you can use the codes without looking for the papers.

just 21, give it another go ( although it´s time-limited, wich i don´t like neither )

I have now 29 - need only the bed code

I brute forced the bed code, wanna have it?

24 this time, and no idea for the green blocks in the kitchen, number code, and letter code

Full, the middle block in the picture turns if it can't go in it's direction. Turn in so that it goes down.

Yes please :)


Alternative spoiler (every letter is one letter up in the alphabet so if I say D it is C)


Thanks a lot small-tool!!!!
My score: 165 (ani)

So to thank me you beat my second place, well you're welcome.

I'm so sorry small-tool, lol

Took me 3 tries to find where to use the screwdriver, lol!
Morning everyone! :)

I found all 30, but I just got lucky with the letters by the bed as well as the green and brown squares. My triangle fit into the wall before I found the second part (or did I find the first part again?). I need to play this again to find out what I just did in there lol.

26 but couldn't get my pieces in the triangle, don't know how ya'll figured out the bed code, and couldn't move the piece by the clock, stuck on the last one. hmm...

yay, out. randomly got the letters for bed.

@Ellie - 66 seconds???????? Your mouse hand is FAST

I have always liked the "congtats" games very much, but I hate it when I have a time limit. I started this one three times, and could never finish it...

Got out first try...300 seconds? was that all I had? even though the timed games aren't my favorite...I do like these!

Lol @zoz! I have no idea what happened there... I tried to beat that score several times just now, and I wasn't closer than 78 seconds. No way I can be that fast again lol.

why oh why must these be timed? They're so much fun when they're not

This ST might be very messy, but it might help someone anyway :)
I’m moving right from the start scene. Click on “picture” to see spoilers for where to click. I still have no idea how to solve the letter code. I got it from brute force, so I’ll be happy if anyone knows why the solution is like this.

Scene 1: Get 2 diamonds and a tile. Picture.
Scene 2: Get 2 diamonds. Picture.
Scene 3: Get 2 diamonds. Picture.
Scene 4: Get 3 diamonds and a number hint (solve the green and brown buttons).
Spoiler for the buttons: press the middle lower green, click twice on the upper brown to turn it around and click on it once more to move it. Picture.
Scene 5: Get 2 diamonds and a screwdriver. Picture.
Scene 6: Get 3 diamonds, a tile and a color hint. Picture.
Scene 7: Get 3 diamonds (one from solving the letter code). Picture.
Scene 8: Get 3 diamonds (one from solving the color buttons and press enter) and a blue key. Get the hint for the color code in scene 6. Picture.
Scene 9: Get 3 diamonds, a tile and part of a triangle (from solving the bars). Picture.
Scene 10: Get 3 diamonds (one from using the key from scene 8) and part of a triangle. Picture.

You should have 26 diamonds now. To get the last four (pictures above):
- Go to Scene 1 and place your tiles (from scene 1, 6 and 9).
- Go to Scene 2 and use your screwdriver (from scene 5).
- Go to Scene 3 and use your number hint (from scene 4).
- Go to Scene 5 and place your triangle (combine the parts from scene 9 and 10 in the inventory first).


wow that time was fast for this game. Out after "dying" twice. The bed code I got by randomly clicking words (I was trying for maze) and the kitchen puzzle was challenging when you don't have time to play with it.

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