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Gazzyboy Horror House Escape Walkthrough

Gazzyboy Horror House Escape

Gazzyboy Horror House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Gazzyboy. I trust that you are wondering where you are right now you have arrived in a deadly place from where you can't move out, since all your friends are trapped in a dangerous trap and the door is locked. The only way to overcome it and walk out the door with your friends is to find a key. Several objects are hidden around this house; make use of them to unearth the keys. Better hurry up else the trap may slay your friends. Good luck and have fun!

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Let's go.. who's joining?

im joining

please no bugs!!!

Kinda bloody! Have a knife; used on the sheet covering the body.

oohh new game, lets see whats this is all about, hope it's not bugy

this is tasteless.. I have a knife and a hairpin

eew got a hairpin from cutting person with knife

Knife, hairpin, hammer...

used knife again on body and it fell of the table

@EnJoy - where was the hammer?

There is a broken glass piece in the box the body was sitting on.

ok now have nail and broken glass piece, where is the hammer?

Cassette tape.. used

Hammer in safe.. look for code on the body where you used the knife

thanks Enjoy have hammer now

Thanks for the hammer clue!

Stuck now; still looking for the cassette tape..

use hammer on bricks by fire to get cassette tape

Ok Enjoy need your help again lol, where is the cassette tape please

trying to catch up

ha ha guess you read my mind, saw your commet after asking, thanks

I am stuck now. Cassette (used) not sure where to put the hint.. didn't work on door. Nail, hammer, hairpin and knife still in inventory

Thanks, EnJoy - now what to do with the clue from the tape?

and broken glass

Hey all just starting hope im not too late

use hammer on tv to get a bulb

enjoy im stuck same place as you!!

got a broken glass from the chest (where the body was lying down)

what's the code for the hammer? can't see anything on the body?

use bulb un yellow machine to open cell

oh pop got it..

Use the bulb on the yellow machine in the last room on the left to open the cell door.

@marit escape

use bulb on yellow machine.

The code unlocks the head contraption...

thx amy, now i have a hacksaw and blood.. and accidentally used one of my 3 chances to save him..

restarting just killed the guy in 3rd cell lol

geez I step away from my desk for twenty minutes and miss two live games grrr oh well I'm starting now

haha same here Kymmie, but you can catch up!

oh oh.. man in middle cell died.. did not free him fast enough

Used the pin on the shackles on the guy in the third cell, but he's still firmly implanted in the chair...

nearly freed the guy how to take bag off head??

use saw on 2nd cell on left

oh no i killed him too Enjoy, i cut the ropes off his feet but then they were cut off because i didn't use a code :P

use saw on first cell, then hammer

use the ladders in room 4 to get the guy down, found that out after i had killed him

use hammer on brown stuff on the right in first cell

How do you get the bag from the guys head?

restarted again dont know if i want to go in cell 2 now i freed 1st guy lol

ok starting over i lost

tv code horror 666 use ???

Wheres the saw?

glass used in the seated man and free

oh noo shockwave problem, my game's gone.. well gotta go eat dinner anyway, good luck everybody

chainsaw on the door where you use the stairs

Ok my guy died the one with the gun in front of him I used the hack saw and hammer to open the cell and grabbed the screwdriver and ladder couldn't figure out how to get the rope off the trigger and he died

cant seem to get the bag from the guys head have got the rope, shackles and head thing from him

then use the hammer to saw the door of the scene of the stairs, take the stairs, key, and get SD

I think these guys would have lived a lot longer if I would have left them alone! :)

babalu, what stairs?

break with the hammer in the dark right at the bottom of the cell and free

almost got one guy free.. how to get bag off of head?

mazoni, There is a cell with a ladder inside

sorry, i got it, thought you meant actual stairs, not the ladder.

how do you save the man infront of the gun keep killing him first

Still can't get the bag off the guy's head...

thanks babalu. Already killed 2 men.

put the ladder on the right side of the man arrested in high-use SD and get the rope

@enjoy i dont think the bags matter you should have a tick top left of screen on the man

stopped the chain saw one, but then killed him when i took the shackles off

do not know how to loosen the shackles of man arrested by the hands

put pipe with oxygen then lit in the fire, still killed the gut chained up with shackles on his feet

trying to catch up...
where exactlydid you use the nife again on the dead body for him falling down the table?

bigtank when i stopped chainsaw with the nail it still came down on guys head???

amy hammer nail in too

tried to use the blow torch on the handcuffs and it did nothing and disappeared.

ok so my guy is still stuck in the chair with the bag on his head and I keep killing the gun with the gun any hints on how to free him


ok so killed 2 guys and save 2 guys now i cant get in the cell with the man and the electricity

took a sliver at the table where this man stood and joined with a rope

@muse just click the man and he should fall off the chest

use the blow torch at the top of each chain,

You just touch him....YOU DON'T USE THE KNIFE

ok.. i am done with this one. Going to wait for a walkthrough.. this is just too frustrating!

not managed to free anyone yet

cant see code on body ???????? help

This comment has been removed by the author.

daz, it's 'escape'

I lost, I used the razor on the strings of the man arrested with current, accurate code

how do you save the guy with the gun???

Edgar, Kitkatfox, where are you??

ny1 no how to stop the gun shooting the man??

amy86, use the hammer on the bottom of the cell, in the dark

grr I get sooo close then they still die and I keep haveing to restart and it gets glitchy on the body when I click to move it off the table it goes really slow or stops ugh

did anybody use the rope with the stick?

@babalu i used it to go into next room but still dont know how to stop the gun shooting the man HELP

i give up ill try again later its just annoying me now lol

still need to stop the gun ne1??

you dont need to get the head thing off, it gives you a checkmark anyways!

Has anyone figured it out yet I keep killing two guys the one with the saw and the one with the gun

the saw guy zoom on saw open panel use nail in cogs then hammer the nail in. stops the saw from killing him but havent freed him completely yet!!

dont know how to free gun guy gonna try again tomoz had enough of it now

found axe on wall cupboard, use on electric gate, rope with wood on switches, out.

where is this wallcupboard?

i have three saved, one with gun got shot and cannot get into electric cell.

rectangle behind one of the prisoners, its got a hotspot.

thanks pointblue, but i have clicked every rectangle box behind the prisoners and cannot find anything new.

Ughhhh i cant figure out how to do this..... I have a hammer, a pin, a nail and a knife idk what 2 do now and they gonna die...

Oh yay i got the first man free.... Now to move on to the rest....

Finally freed the man with saw hanging above him.

@peke well by all means let us know how you freed him we're all waiting

Finally back here, real life demanded attention :)

In the cell with the blood pack there is a hotspot between the stand and box behind the shackled man. Zoom to that and use blood on the wall.. second code appears(676). Other steps can be found in previous posts.
(Stopping the saw with nail and hammer, Oxygen + pipe to make a torch to cut chains and knife used to cut legs free)

Anybody figure out how to stop the gun?

Managed to save 4 but cant get out must need to save them all but cant figure out how to save the guy with the gun

Where is the pipe?

nm, pop strikes again

I found the axe first time playing... then restarted and now cant find it again. And how! do you save the guy in front of the damned gun :(

how do you save the guy in the room next to the gun? the one on the stool? nothing is working to pick the lock on the handcuffs

axe in box behind hanging guy

How did you get into the box with the axe?

To stop the gun from shooting, take the left chain from the room with the saw, and wedge it under the trigger.

A:get knife behind bin (nxt to dead body) stab body get pin
B: tap body til falls off, get nail and glass in the box
1:code in safe (escape) get hammer
2:hammer behind fire fore tape
3:tape in tv, then hammer tv for bulb
4:bulb into yellow machine 3rd cell, enter 666 into head vice, use pin on feet shackles and glass on ropes
5:get saw, blood (splat blood on wall space next to it)
6:go to 1st cell on left, saw gate then hammer, pick up key,, ladder and SD
7:hammer dark patch in corner, pick up stick and place ladder
8:use SD then get rope and hammer the shackles
9: click behind hung person for a cabinet get the axe
10: 4th room (electric) axe the green wire, combine stick and rope for the switches.
11: go to 2nd room with chainsaw, use nail then hammer into the cogs, use code in blood (676) on foot code, then razor(nxt to bath) on the ropes.
12: oxygen can +pipe from bath combined, then use fire to set aflame to burn the metal chains.
13:get left chain
14: wedge under gun
15: type HORROR into the door

Nevermind. It slides open from right to left. Axe inside.

How did you figure out the password was horror?

only other word shown in the game on the tv above 666

remember to unlock the cage with the key to free them completely in room 5

Nice. Well done!

that was a fun 2 and half hours spent in d middle of the night haha

put escape in safe, then what? hit enter or just turn the handles

nvm gotta when typed but nothing showed

wow thats crazy all that stubborn work today and I still saved the guy with the gun even though he was red on the top left of the screen and the weird thing was you didn't get the shackles off the hanging guy and was still able to escape very weird

you dont actually have to save them all to escape, but if u tick them all off you get more points and more satisfaction of actually completing the game

I have not anymore patien.This game is like a slow motion picture,with refreshing anytime after 5 min.That is enought for me .I quit,I lost more than 3h.

Sorry about my english

I know the feeling @bubesk, but I only gave about 20 minutes to this one. I lost after saving(?) only one guy, and that's it.
You won't get a second try from me @gazzy!

Edgar like I said,I`m not very with english and I don`know how to understand this.If you say i positive sense,I accept.But if you mean in negative sence,there are so many games from diferent authors.

I miss "not very good" with my english.

@bubesk, I'm sorry if you felt my comment was kind of a negative one to you. It was definitively NOT the case.
I could have spent more time figuring out this gazzyboy, but my patience with them runs out quite too fast lately, and that's because of a personal annoyance with gazzyboy itself, making us "die" or making our time runs out way too often to force us restarting their games over and over, and making them richer in the process.
When I said "I know the feeling" I meant, like you, I also lost my patience and thought the time I spent in this game was also enough for me.

Your English is not too bad if I may say, and I hope to see you around again... maybe in a live game? who knows!


dead body next to bin? you mean the flaming bin?

It might be up here somewhere already... But I can't get my dead body to fall off the 'table'?

Never mind, he's down there now...

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