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August 22, 2010

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The Legacy Walkthrough

The Legacy

The Legacy is another new point and click adventure game from Pixelatrix Games. In this game, you try to find some items and solve some puzzles to finish it. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:30 AM  

Goodmorning, anyone here?

am i on my own?

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:32 AM  

Looks promesing, thanks for posting Smilemaker...

Hi Full ;)

there is a key under the doormat

Good morning
just joining

Still live?

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:39 AM  

Lol Megi, found that already, where else do you hide the key for the masin door?? ROFL
Another key in the kitchen, wich is for the backyard

Hint: to use a key ( or item ) click the rucksack at the bottom left, than click and drag the item to the Yellow/Red arrow in the bottom right.
A little bit confusing but well

seems complicated - soo many doors

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:41 AM  

Lol Catalyste, This game is as fresh as recien cooked bread

Note: You have to drag the inventory item towards the arrow in order to use it.

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:42 AM  

So far: 2 keys 8 both used) Memo in kitchen, Letter in cupboard (Ground floor9 and visit card of taxi by the phone

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:45 AM  

some kind of green box with hole in wardrobe at 1st. floor

just met a spooky girl-ghost who told me to get out!

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:47 AM  

Graves outside with some names. "real" items found, just 2 keys, nothing else

there is a well outside the house - we need crowbar? hmmm

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:48 AM  

Ofcourse you didn´t listen to the girl Swissmiss? did you? LOL

Hi! I can only stay for 10 min, but I laughed at poor Jack and Bad Kitty's graves.

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:50 AM  

Yes megi, it´s tightly shut!

note in the kitchen: key in guest room but where?
I can't find it :(

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:51 AM  

Ellie, you are mean!!

of course not Full - I am female and Leo - so double not listening
green box in closet opens with coin from downstairs - gives another key
this inventory is boring - the game is just finding keys for doors!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I found a coin in a cupboard to the right inside the house. I want to stay and finish this game! I'm getting rich.

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:52 AM  

Lol megi, names or numbers at the doors would be very handy here

need to figure out how to get key from well

lol @Full, yes I am! And i just woke up (an explanation?)

lol @SwissMiss, being female and Leo I just ignored the ghost too.

aah, almost missed this while playing some old minotos.
navigation is a bit confusing..

The crowbar's in the basement

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:56 AM  

I am Male and Virgo but i double didn´t listen to the girl neither, does that make sence?

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:57 AM  

where´s the basement?

just woke up and joining.....
good morning!!!

found a note saying :
six books open the secret door
go through and see life no more

*gasp* You mean the legendary screwdriver is useless in this game!?!

What's the world coming to!!!

dayama... how did you get the crowbar
I keep falling over on those boxes


Full, the basement is the door to the right of the backdoor.

not sense Full, you are just naughty!

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 1:59 AM  

Ok, once you get inside ( first door) go right and see a dressoir in wich are some clues and items

Hi all, I'm stuck, having used the coin, crowbar & a bunch of keys. The only key I can find is in the well, but I can't seem to take it. Any clues?

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 2:00 AM  

Swissmiss you have to click them in the right order.

@swissmiss, you just have to work out right order for the boxes. I think it was some central ones first, then some to the right - then top left, but I may have forgotten some.

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 2:01 AM  

I don´t know why but suddenly i am able to go to different rooms now and the ground floor. got 1 item wich i think could be used in the box on the 1st. floor

I used coin on green box upstairs

yes Keeley - figured that out but after the 1st 3 I am stuck

Aaaw, why can't I take that sweet and lonely rubber duckie??

Wow got crowbar - must brush up my climbing abilities

or even take a bath

Haha, Ive been in the basement for a while and can only move one crate, no matter which one I click after that I keep falling. No crowbar. Well, I need to leave anyway. Don't get lost or killed!

Oh, the hint for the box is the picture above it! lol

Ellie second two crates were the ones under the first I think.

Oh geez...I'm slow today.

Hint for the box?

have only crowbar

where did you find keys?

Thanks @dayamayii! I had to zoom out and in again for it to work. Got the crowbar but still leaving (a bit happier though - got tired of falling)!

oh boy, I'm going around in circles here.....

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 2:10 AM  

In the room that opened with the key from the colored box you can get a have to untangle it first.

I just meant the various keys I'd had to that point. Finally got the bent hook - another guess the order puzzle.

george which room please

has anyone used the crowbar yet?

Sorry if i got your hopes up, Swissmiss!

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 2:13 AM  

( need to go now and then, i´m at work) made it to the basement in the meanwhile

I got all hopeful that the bent hook would get the key from the well, but I must need some longer thread. Where?

@swissmiss, use crowbar on well outside the back door. Then you can see a key down there, but you cant reach it..

@Swissmiss the crowbar opens the well out the back

Crowbar is used on Well in the backyard.

I have a hooked needle, but I'm trying to find something to attach it to or something as I'm sure we're either supposed to use it for the key in the well...or just to pick a lock.

cant find needle.. which room?

Attach needle to crowbar at well.

Catalyste, what did you mean about a hint in a picture for a box?

thanks for well

George in which room is needle??

Thanks Catalyste! Feel silly now when that crowbar was sitting there so prominently!

well, I can't find a thing.
I'll call myself a taxi cab, go home and have some breakfast first, hope the phone works....
good luck all!

I find this a bit boring - going for a run instead
good luck everybody

how do you untangle the nnedle?


       Anonymous  8/22/10, 2:21 AM  

The needle is in the second room to the right in the hallway behind the table with the golden vase.

The key from the well opens the heartbox in the living room

@daf_chon you have to pull the threads around the outside in the right order. (by guesswork) I think the first was lower or middle right, 2nd was lower left, then top...

daya, I meant that it followed the general rule when it came to the order of a rainbow(the picture above the box was that of a rainbow).

Have I missed a door? What does the key from Liesl's heart box open?

@george, my door is locked, where did you get key for it?

I returned for a short moment. To open the room with the needle you need the key from the colored box. That box is in a room with couches and the heart box, turn left. A picture with a rainbow above it - clue.

Ah, Catalyste, thanks. I'd done that but forgotten about it.

nvm. put the nnedle on the crowbar and take the key from well

thank you @ellie :)

Yes, I'd missed a door with that key. Found the dining room.

Lol, key is in envelope in the liqueur cabinet. Click after reading "key to chapel"

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 2:30 AM  

Key from the heartbox opens the dining room, you'll find the key for the chapel in the cupboard

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 2:31 AM  

And there is a star on the left chair..

The chapel is in the garnden outside, but i need a clue for an order of pressing bricks. There is also holy water.

This game is sneaky... you think you look all over in the room and leave through the door, but there is one view left so you need to go a whole lap (maybe as games normally are, but I keep forgetting).
I just have a star in my inventory from that chair and now I really need to leave.

Homer, Dickens, and Shakespere so far.

found note with hint for picture upstairs... after get key from face password... hint: rock, wood, mountain top, snow, leaf, water deep but can't figure which button click on picture :/

@ares, key from face password?

got 8 clickable boxes in the chapel. any idea of the order?

Guy look in bible... verset...

AreS, thanks for the hint!

Submachine24 sorry i meant facial expresion password box ;P

Anyone know where key from chapel goes?

@ares, where was that box? :p cant remember a facial expression box..

yeah, got key from picture... little hint: 'rock' is on the bottom left

The facial expression box is in one of the upstairs rooms, opened with the chapel key.

Submachine it was upstairs in view of three doors, first door from left

ah, just got into the room with the face box, lol. Thanks for bible hint @ares!

thanks AreS

@ares, have you figured out the clue for it?

Happy, Surprise, Sorrow, Disgust, Fear, Anger.

This is written on the note found in the box in the Dining Room. (I'm basically writing this as a note to myself actually. lol )

This comment has been removed by the author.

with chapel key, I`ve opened the chapel, now have only a star and no keys..

@Catalyste.. what was the clue for the dining room box?

Key from Emotion (face) puzzle opens upstairs door (make a right and its the one on the left).

ty @catalyste! :)

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 2:57 AM  

@daf_schon, use the hint from the bible under the madonna and you'll get the next key

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 2:58 AM  

Any ideas for the box with the stars?

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 2:59 AM  

POP...just press from biggest to smallest

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:00 AM  

key from star box opens round box besides the puppets

what to find or do in the attic?

daf, just light the buttons in a certain order. Start from the bottom-right.

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:08 AM  

There is a knife in a box in the attic...
and there is a box with records (must have something to do with the cassette in the playroom)...
and a box with numbers on it...

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:10 AM  

aha...use the hint from the cassette with the song numbers to open the box

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:12 AM  

Where did you find Cervantes?
There was also Dickens and Homer

ah, I missed a view. but still cant find the knife tho..

Andersen, Homer, Dickens, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Dante... I miss something?

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:14 AM  

POP...found him in the library

dont understand how to use hint from cassette player (1 red, 3 green, 6 blue) with records. And @george, where was the knife? I swear I have clicked all over the place, but still cant find it.

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:18 AM  

I don't think so @AreS...I read somewhere about 6 books...can't find a hint for the order, though...
What to do with the knife?

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:20 AM  

1 - My Lou
2 - Tijuana Christmas
3 - Jolly good company
4 - motorbike song

Look at the records and find the song numbers on them

The knife (the sword i think) was in an oval shaped box in the first view of the attic

alphabetical order by author

got it... from A to S

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:22 AM  

the knife is in a box in the first view of the attic behind the 2 picture frames

dipped sword in holy water but now need another code behind bookshelf. any ideas?

ah, since I didnt open that box yet it makes sense that I dont have the knife (or sword), lol.

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:25 AM  

there was a book somewhere with the hint for the family crest

thanks a lot for cassette hint @george!

Guy I'm in the same... can't figure where is hint for I think last code :/

its the Tzaveshi crest but its says "i dont the code for this". have i missed something.

seen any roman numerals anywhere?

Where was Cervantes?

All you need is 6, AreS.

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:29 AM  

whilst looking for the crest book (forgot which room) I found another box I haven't opened yet...the one in front of the butterfly...anybody else opened it?

are you guys stuck on book code too, or have you gotten further?

Oh, found him!

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:31 AM  

Cervantes is in a box in the bureau

do you remember where the note about the sword was?

Found crest book, its in the first room to the left, upstairs in view with three doors.

i'm lookin for this note ...

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:35 AM  

Help, please! I can't find the crest book again...

The note for the sword is in the butterfly box...I just opened it.

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:35 AM  

thx @Sub!

which book code submarine24 - the authors or family crest images?

but how to use the crest book?


and OUT!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:39 AM  

Opened secret door:
Crown, sword, helmet, star, fleur de lis, middle dragon

look up the tzaveshi family crest then just write down the symbols in order then click on them in that order

good job ares - roman numeral hint please

go to sleep, and look at oujii :)

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:41 AM  

Great AreS! Sleeping did help!

Going nuts trying to find the crowbar in the basement...keep falling...anyone a useful hint?

@guy, the book code in the first room to the right in hallway behind the golden vase.

Bah! Ugly face!

out. thanks AreS

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:44 AM  

That was a great game! Thx for all the help!

@ginger 1: the upper middle box
2, 3: The two boxes below the first one
4: The upper right box
5: The box to the left (or maybe the one to the right, not sure) under nr 4.
6: The box to the right (or maybe left, lol) under nr 4.
7: Now click box nr 4 again
8: Click the box on the very top.

I think that was the order..

Is there an end scene for this? Or am I meant to just wander the house now that the evil is gone?

Is there a sword I'm supposed to have???

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:50 AM  

@dayamayii, call a cab.

Yes Catalyste, the sword was in the oval box in the 1st view in the attic (what people were calling the knife). It needs to be "consecrated" before you use it.

now im totally lost, where do I put in the crest-book hint?

Pfff...finally got the &^% crowbar...first remove the middle three crates, then the three crates on the right (top, left, right), and finally top left crate (not completely sure)...

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:50 AM  

Just came back to see and some are already out. Gongtats!! I will play later today, first i´m going to have lunch. Anyone wants to join me for lunch? I´m having "Surströmming", i invite !

Thanks George!

Submachine, thanx, but I already figured it out ;-)

@full, if you have "surströmming" I will join for sure, lol!

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:53 AM  

@Full, Thx...ROFL...need to find a clothespin first :)

Submachine, the crest book hint is near near the end game, behind the bookcase in the library.

Used behind the bookcase, I mean

Thanks daya!

I was so happy to call that cab and end this game!


@dayamayii, care to give me a hint about the bookcase?

Full, keep your rutten fish! lol Anything a Viking eats might not exactly be good for your health. :P

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 3:56 AM  

Dont worry George, If you come with me and eat a can of "Sorströmming" i promise that i give you not just one but a box full of clothespins



Sure, what is it you need, Submachine? For the books or the heraldry?

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 4:01 AM  

Book order:
Andersen - The little match girl
Cervantes - Don Quixote
Dante - Inferno
Dickens - Bleak house
Homer - The Odyssee
Shakespeare - Macbeth

@submachine24. you should have homer, dickens, shakespeare, dante, anderson and cervantes. you need to know which books each wrote then just click on the books in alphabetical author order.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@dayamayii, if you are still here, how do you "consencrate(?)" the sword?

nvm, got it :)

How did we know it was the Tsaveshi crest (or however it was spelt)? Where was the clue for that? Have understood everything else so far on my own, but don't know where that info came from...hmmm.

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 6:06 AM  

Back from lunch now, i´m gonna start all over

I tried a dozen times to make the key work, but after I drag it, the arrow backs me out of the scene and the key disappears back into inventory before I can use it!!!!
Maybe someone said how to remedy that problem but I don't want to read all the hints before I even open the first door!
anyone still here????

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 6:18 AM  

@nokra, click on your bag, left-click the key, drag it down to the arrow sign (bag will close), drag it to the lock and drop it.

Thank You! @george!...I was dragging it to the bottom and letting go, don't ask me why...
Now I can play!

Kinda annoying , this navigation...I took forever to find that little arrow in the middle of the stairs to go back down...and I agree with @swiss miss's early comment...too many locked doors and keys to find...a little boring!

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 6:52 AM  

I´ll be $%&%$%, made it all the way to the star box in the attic, and now i see in the comments that i need a to use a star from the chapel there, GGRRR

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 6:56 AM  

doesn´t seem to be in the chapel. Where can i find the star? N.E.1 ?

Lol @full...I am giving up already...the game is moving too slowly for me ...takes to long to get from one place to another ...Just my computer I suppose, but I have lost interest!...see ya later!

No the star is in an armchair

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 7:01 AM  

True Nokra, it´s a little slow because of all of the (locked) doors. And if you go through the wrong door, you´ll end up at the gate again, i´ve been through that gate a thousand times already.

Don´t wanna give up now though, if someone gives me a hint where to find the star for the box in the children´s room i might finish...

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 7:02 AM  

Thanks TarantinoFan, but what chair? what floor?

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 7:05 AM  

POP, got it!!! thank you @TarantinoFan!

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 7:06 AM  

In the "star" box is another key.. what a pleasant surprise

haha Full. Glad you found it because I'm still turning circles in all these doors. No idea what floor or what room I just knew I got it from an Armchair. I'm in the library at the moment and from the posts I think I might be near the end

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 7:21 AM  

Lol TarantinoFan, just made it to the library as well!

       Anonymous  8/22/10, 7:24 AM  

found the secret door, thank you for the book order George

and out. Thanks to the many posts here.

I made it until the secret door, but only with a lot of help from all the comments. Thanks everybody !!!

But now i am stuck at the panel with roman numbers. What is the code ?

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