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Lindsay Lohan Prison Escape Walkthrough

Lindsay Lohan Prison Escape

[REPLAY] Lindsay Lohan Prison Escape is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. The famous and rebel actress Lindsay Lohan has been sent to the Beverly Hills prison for her bad behavior. Help her escape so she can keep filming her funny movies! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Lindsay Lohan Prison Escape

Lindsay Lohan Prison Escape Walkthrough
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Goooood morning
a live one on a sunday
anyone playing

I am.
Hi SwissMiss.

Good morning @SwissMiss :)!!
I just escaped this game.
Shorter than usual, but still so funny!

Some hints:
Soap is slippery.
Numbers in mirrors.
Hide under the table.
Give the dog some things to make it fall asleep.
A bed cover can be scary if you paint it first.
The chair will help you to get a great weapon.
Use the saw and three other items to build a slingshot.
To escape with the car you need a roof.

I am here too.
First question is, of course, do I really want to help Lindsay Logan escape from prison?

Wow Ellie - that was fast
good morning by the way
which side of the world are you in??

How do you do things in the 15 sec
I always get cought
perhaps my lack of coffee yet??

@SwissMiss, It's quite short... and I'm at the best side of the world ;)
But leaving way too soon (on monday).

Hi Small-tool - sorry just saw your hello

Hey @SwissMiss :-)
Didn't want to miss the chance to say hi to you... and goodnight!

@SwissMiss, you only need to get one item from the bathroom. Then go back to bed. Use that item to make the guard fall and you'll have more time after that.

blast - enjoy the seconds - what are you doing playing games??????
be in touch when you are back home

Do one thing every time and go back to bed.

Hi Edgar too

have a good time (stupid thing to say really)
and good night :))))

wish I could do that in real live lol

LOL @SwissMiss!! :P

You know, you actually need the soap from the bathroom... after using it the game won't be timed.

Bedtime now!!! Say nite ladies!

Rofl @SwissMiss!! That would be an ideal way to live ;)! Now... time for bed :)
Good luck in there!

meant: ONLY the soap.

and meant: ladies = E & SM

and should say: goodnight all :)

How do we prepare the clothes hanger?

@small-tool, you need a saw to use on it. You can only get the saw after you knock down the guard lady in the TV room.

Ah thanks Ellie.

Well, that was fun.
But didn't use the comb, the towel and the dog plate.

Hey everyone, insomnia here. Question where do you put the soap to make the guard fall? thanks

hi Audrey

on the floor, near bars

Aha, thank you Meg, you're a lifesaver. :)

You have to stand close to the bars to use the soap. And then on the floor a bit right of the middle.

Thanks small-tool, I wasn't using the right place.

can not get passed the camera, tried towel and sheet and can not get under the table

This comment has been removed by the author.

you must hide under the table
when camera will move up go to the panel

Bigtank, goodmorning. Don't use anything but just hide under the table. when the camera moves up, move quickly to the keypad and insert the code from the mirrors (6893)

I'm with you bigtank. Still under the table.

You don't need towel and sheet.
Click under the table to hide and when the camera is up. Do the code and go out very quickly.

Code is different every game.

POP, lol Megi.

maybe you could help me passing the cameralady? don't know what to use there

Think i got it, forgot to scare the sleeping guard first

Grr...I'm not fast enough to pass the camera. The door is opened to.

Haha, if you go back i realize that eveyone on the way out is asleep. Exactly what Lindsay Lohan does to me too in real life

Got it, now have to figure out how to prepare the hanger!

Hi Full
I started the game and had to leave for a while
now give it another try

Stuck in the end with the car, no idea what to do or use

Good morning to you Swissmiss!

you need something from the ceiling in the kitchen - use chair to take it

Full, you need the roof of the dog house.

same place as you full

Thanks smalltool, gonna go for the roof..

I cannot get the passcode right
whichever way I put the numbers it is wrong
have 7246

ok and out thanks for your help. never used the comb, towel or dog bowl

Well, got the roof but still....

You have to use the roof to jump over the wall with the car.

OUT! Thanks everyone for the hints! By the way I'm Audrey, long time player second time poster.

finally - I am as dumb as LL

Well, welcome Audrey.
I'm a long time player too, and only started posting the last months.

Out, thanks all.... that was a funny game.

I've seen your postings small-tool, you and edgar have been the most helpful these past few months, so thanks. :)

that was really funny, once I cracked that stupid door

Very funny! I had trouble with the camera/door, too, but finally got thru. I got caught 3 times...cute game!

My very old computer doesn't respond quickly enough to play this game successfully...But...
I truly enjoyed the Video Walkthrough @Full!!!
Especially the music choice! Would you care to share?...I don't recognize it, but love it!!!

Hey Nokra, saw your comment just now, sorry.

The song i used for the video is called "Fantasy Passages" by John Serrie from the album "And The Stars Go With You"
Type in his name at Youtube, you'll find some music from him there. ( if you like his music you might like Medwyn Goodall as well, he's one of my favorite artist in this branch of music)

ok, i have ti ask the obvious question: Why would I want to help Lindsay Lohan get out of prison???? I mean, can't we just leave her there?

@Full you've done it again! And I agree with nokra, the music choice is perfect!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Zoz..
Like Megipoland said in the description for the game: we have to help her escape so she can keep filming her funny movies! R.A.O.T.F.L.O.L

Why would I want to help Lindsay Lohan get out of prison??? - Through

• When the guard lady falls asleep, get up from bed, enter to the other room, take ONLY the liquid soap and go back to “sleep”.
• Next time lady guard goes asleep, use the liquid SOAP on the floor outside the cell (below the right bed leg) to make her fall down and go back to bed.
 Can you go to pick the soap up, use it on the floor and go back to bed in a single getting up? It’s possible if you move fast… you should try it, LOL.
• Get up from bed again, take the key from the fallen guard and (with all the time in the world) go back to the other room to SEE the rightmost mirror for the first (mirrored) numbers; SEE now the second ones in the left mirror and get out.
 Towel and comb are unnecessary to get.
• From the bed, take ONLY the sheet; open the cell with the KEY and go forward to the right.
  The pillow is unnecessary to take.
• Click under the table to make L.L. hide and to avoid the security camera; once the camera turns up, get up and use the keypad next to the door with the numbers you saw in the mirrors (the order is as you saw them: the ones in the right mirror first, the ones in the left mirror after). Once the door is open, move forward.
 Numbers for the keypad code change in every game.
• Open the locker and get a clothes hanger, a belt, a pill and a crayon.
• Enter the kitchen and take the potato from the shelves and a sausage from behind the stove.
 Notice the rolling pin on the top right of the front wall, which you can’t take yet.
• Leave the kitchen and move forward.
• Combine the PILL with the SAUSAGE and give it to the dog.
 The other way around (sausage to the pill) won’t work.
• Take the roof from the doghouse and go forward.
  The dog bowl is unnecessary to take.
• In inventory, take the CRAYON to the SHEET to make a ghost costume.
 Again, combining the sheet to the crayon won’t work.
• Click on the costume and select ‘use’ to make her wear it.
• Click on the sleepy guard and TALK to her to scare the $ж#☠% out of her.
• Click on the costume (in inventory) and select ‘remove’ to… well, yes.
• Take the chair and go back to the kitchen.
• Put the chair on the right corner and USE it to go up; take the rolling pin, get down and move forward until the scene with the TV room and the door to the outside.
• Enter the TV room and attack the guard in the monitor with the ROLLING PIN.
• Take the saw from behind the right cabinet (below the fire extinguisher), leave the room and go outside.
• In inventory, combine the SAW with the clothes HANGER; then the BELT with this sawed HANGER, and finally the POTATO with the home-made SLINGSHOT.
• Use the LOADED SLINGSHOT with the guard to knock her out.
• Place the ROOF on the right part of the yard and USE Herbie to escape.

Finally, out! At last!

Man, I wish I threw the saw on the guard standing on front of the gate.

Everybody´s out, good! But it seems that Lindsay Lohan herself is out as well ( out of jail that is) I just saw on the news that she got out of jail yesterday, the same day this game was released. So we all played for nothing...!!!!

@Full... we helped her get out, or she'd still be in there. We never play for nothing!! ;)

Lol Ellie, it´s because of all of us she´s free now than? Man, we are good....
Maybe they could release a new game called "get Lindsay Lohan back in jail A.S.A.P." :-)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Please help!!!!! Code for door por favor!!!

How do you use the liquid soap??? I tried near the bars but it's not there!

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