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Mechanism 3 Walkthrough

Mechanism 3

Mechanism 3 is the third episode of Mechanism unique physics based puzzle game sponsored by Coolbuddy! Figure out how to get the clock mechanism to the goal by cutting wires and other objects. Features easy and hard puzzles.Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  8/14/10, 7:33 AM  

Happy Saturday!

       Anonymous  8/14/10, 7:35 AM  

slow loading...

       Anonymous  8/14/10, 7:37 AM  

I have no idea what to do...help!

hi zoe just loading

       Anonymous  8/14/10, 7:39 AM  

Oh..it's one of those skill games. Get the wheel to the goal..not my style.

Where's Minoto :(

what difficulty setting you playing on zoe

We need Minoto lol

       Anonymous  8/14/10, 7:42 AM  

Hi Amy 86. I'm terrible at these. Won't last too long here.

       Anonymous  8/14/10, 7:45 AM  

Easy...and I still can't do level 4.

im playing easy on level 6 now

       Anonymous  8/14/10, 7:47 AM  

Oops, I didn't choose easy, I chose medium. I can't get past level 6, and I'm too frustrated anyway. I'm going to play something else.

Good Luck, Amy!!

level 9 now

       Anonymous  8/14/10, 7:53 AM  

I went back to easy and am at level 10 now.

       Anonymous  8/14/10, 7:55 AM  

Can't figure out 10. Did you get past 9 yet?

no stuck at 9 no what to do but arent quick enough

       Anonymous  8/14/10, 7:58 AM  

I don't even know what to do on 10...

yeah on 10 now brb going to try the replays

       Anonymous  8/14/10, 8:01 AM  

I'm quitting this one now. Good Luck

level 12 is giving me head ache lol

stuck on level 16

Easy #11 is impossible for me...any hints?

hang on nokra i will go back

11 cut the edge of the box the balls on then the top left blue line then quickly the bottom right blue line

still stuck on 16 if u catch up nokra

Did it...cut one side on bottom...wait for thing to fall ...cut left of top thing at the correct time...and then the bottom one to deflect...

TY @amy86...I'll try to catch up...lol

still stuck lol

have you done it yet nokra

Dang! How to activate the antigravity?

the ball activates it

I cut the very top of both then they are hanging low...cut the bottom bar to expose the antigravity... let them stop bouncing...then cut them both...still don't have it just right but I thing if I keep trying it will do it...Is that where you are?

feel like giving up

yeah nokra thats where i am stuck

Yea!!! Did it!

I meant ...is that what you had done so far? do you understand how I did it?

that works nokra but cant get it quite right

yeah i understand but they dont hit the balls when they rise up

It took a couple of tries but that worked for me...wait just till they stop moving...and see if that does it...

yay thank u nokra lol but i got thru with only 1ball hitting the portal how bout you???

17 was easy compared to 16 lol

Really stuck on 18...

Yes, I don't even know how I did 17...lol

yeah i really stuck on 18 too lol

If I cut the right top one then the bottom, it does nothing...if I cut the left , it is too high and both makes it too fast...?

nokra where are you from??

POP...finally got it by cutting top left first and the bottom one at the bottom

yay done it all i did was ignore the blue lines and cut diagonally on the pole top right hope that makes sense

guess we both did it different ways lol

I was wrong...It activated those portals but didn't go in...still trying...LOL...and drat!

Oh, thanks...I'll try that...

i really stuck

have you done it nokra???

OMG...finally, after over 30 some retries...lol
Your version worked for me ...TY

lol now need you to work out 19 lol no pressure

Next one is a killer...any progress?

nope and i only have bout half an hour before i have to go

still no minoto!!!!!!

Yes, me too...actually have things to do...I know that the game auto saves...just click continue!
see you later...but if you get it leave clues, please!!!LOL

any luck???

I got somewhere...cut the weight above the bomb...then the bomb right away and it swings left, blows up and the watch swings around and over...the weight under it swings and cut it in time to activate anti-gravity...then I am lost after that....

I can only get one or the other but not both ...still trying...

same here nokra can get the one on the right but not left

im going now will try another day if i get any further will post how

Got 19...have to cut the thing on the left to activate the blue goals...on to #20

Gees...that one only took 2 cuts and 5 seconds...

Same with 21...1 cut...5 seconds...

Stuck in 22....may never get out...

This is how I solved Level 19.
Even if there might be other solutions and mine is not very accurate or precise, it's the easiest way I found to solve it... and yet, it might take several tries. Good luck!

Click here to see how I solved level 19

Thanks @edgar...I understand what you mean but I don't see the first cut in the photo...no dotted yellow line...please explain the first cut...

Now, what's the deal with level 6, Medium???
Is it broken or what?

@nokra, sorry for that. I thought it wouldn't be necessary since I assumed the missing part could be easily noticed, but now I see it might not be.

Here you go

POP...got it! The first part anyway...waiting to get the right moment for the rest...LOL TY @edgar

It was the one on the same side as the longer one...I got it trial and error...still waiting to finish this one...I keep screwing up the other two somehow.lol...I hope all the rest are a little easier...my patience is running out!lol

Hehe, that WAS silly. Level 6 Medium is tricky. I thought both balls were out, but noooo. You have to push the left one :P

I need a break from this game for the day. Level 24 Medium is my next so far.

Level 24: Cut the ball loose as it swings to the right, cut short piece off bottom of right "leg", cut about 80% of left "leg" close to the top. Cut string holding legs, cut watch.

Level 27: Really nasty ! Cut the top section off before it falls down. Stack stabilises. Cut the three right hand strings one at time from the top downwards. Clock gets hit, bounces throught portal, hits bomb, back through portal and a win. 1 cut left. This might take a few attempts.

@amy86...I was so intent on the game I missed your question...sorry ...I live in Miami Beach...

And I officially give up on #22!!!!
I can get the first part....with mucho paciencia!!

But the other two always miss the mark!

A big G O N G T A T S!!!!! to @edgar for finishing easy and medium!!!!!!
But for me....NO MAS!!!!!!LMAO

@nokra... AND hard too! I didn't stay awake until 3:00a.m. last night for nothing! LOL ;)

thanx to edgar for getting me past level 19

level 23 is making me want to give up

done it stuck on 24 now lol

done it 25 now

26 has me stumped if any1 can help

nvm done it stuck on the last level number 27

yay done it submited my score im 11th lol

if any1 can post a picture for level 6 on coolbuddy wud be gr8 thanx

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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