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Three Bears Walkthrough

Three Bears

Minoto - Three Bears is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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second !! hooray

Yay!! We love Minoto games...!!

got 2 shell fish (used, pencil sharpener, test tube, and packet. am now stuck...lol

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 9:37 AM  

love these games!

got stick of ice, still stuck

stick of ice -> sharperner.
when get all 3 shells -> floor.
pink screwdriver -> cart.

Yayyyyy...a live Minoto for me! Happy Day! :D

Woo Hoo, Minoto.

yay minoto

Yay!! that was cute..
thanks for the help

SPOILERthespottoplacetireisbetweenthesandand2ndpinktireSPOILER - was hard to find.

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 9:45 AM  

yay all done!

cute and fun as always

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 9:52 AM  

just joining.. I am looking forward to this one.. good luck all!! :)

yay out liked it :)

Better late than never! Going in now :D

Begging to differ...especially abnormality IS found. I are stuck! :(

The tire's in the water, the spigot's on, and the boa constrictor is threatening Goldilocks!

I can still freeze the water in my test tube, but can no longer make...what were they? Shavings? Shatterings?

I could still starve a plant, but I can't seem to sharpen my scissors.


Looks like Goldielocks is a Sumo wrestler.LOL

Oh no, I've missed a live Minoto :(

Still, I'm going in right now : )

Got it, Yaya! My foot slided off the roof onto the three bears. But...I LIKED it in there! :D

LOL cute! It was worth waiting for :P

Oh wow! I played it "live" after all it seems!
Hi DonnnaLou, Knotaklu & Rambler!!! Hope you're having a great day today!

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 10:08 AM  

YAY !!! Finally Minoto! So happy now!! :D

She fell for the anaconda in the chimney! The oldest trick in the book!

Yay, once I realised I had to sharpen the ice stick it was straight forward.

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 10:15 AM  

where's the first shell - the one that looks like a jar to put on the wall?

@Tabby, lol. You're right it's up there with the oldest hahaha

@ Zoe, you get it when you hang the bell and ring it...

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 10:18 AM  

pop..found it

Well done : )

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 10:19 AM  

Thank's Rambler

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 10:25 AM  

Herpestidae - now there's a pet name!!

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 10:27 AM  

Sigh...now have to wait another week for the next one. These are so cute. Not always very easy, either.

Same time, different Minoto, next week, right? See ya Rambler, Zoe, Tabby, Everybody Else, and Edgar!

Of course I was too late to catch it live... but this isn't really a game to play live anyway. Going in now to enjoy "crazy Minoto world" of this week :)

Great as usual!! I was stuck for a while, running around with the screwdriver, but finally got out :D

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 11:08 AM  

Yeah, the screwdriver was tricky. Not really noticeable where to use it.

So just plain (sea) water is turned into icecream by just clicking a freezer.
A girl has Agricultural chemicals under her table and a big snake in her chimney that's easily scared by a little dog named Herpes Idea and then 3 bears come falling out of nowhere.


@small-tool. That's life in the Wonderful World of Minoto : )

PS, let's see what Lady zoz makes of it. I bet she'll do a great somethingthrough lol

PPS, lol at Incognito for the first comment : )

I know Rambler, that's Minoto.
And by the way the dog wasn't called Herpes Idea of course(that was my poor way of kidding) but Herpestidae and that's a real animal that can attack snakes.

Leaving this comment here for anyone who creates games. Someone should make an escape game based on the movie The Goonies (80's film). If I had half the talent most of you did I would certainly do it myself. But I only know html. It's just an idea I had :)

all on my own LOL

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 12:19 PM  

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now I am happy - I have had my fix of surreality for the weekend :o))).


as always very cute.....

Would someone please post a WT?

The Three bears...(and Goldilocks?)

First scene:
Pick up the empty package from floor

Go right...
Pick up test tube from floor

Go right...
Pick up shellfish from ground

Go right...
Pick up another shell and the sharpener, and while you are there, turn on the faucet and fill the test tube with water

Go left...
Open freezer and put test tube in to instant freeze it!...then view the tube and click it to remove the ice...then view the sharpener and put in ice to make "Powder of Ice"(it shattered when the stick was planed)

Go left twice and put ice in bowl
Pick up Gas under table and while you are there, put the shells in the wall
Go right twice, and use gas on the grass to fill it(it is used to starve a plant) Take scissors...View the package and use the scissors on it to get a bell

Go left...
Put bell on stand and ring it and pick up the shellfish that falls

Go left...
Put last shellfish in wall...then click the X on the floor...Get the Screwdriver

Go right twice...
use SD on the back wheel to get tube

Go right...
Put tube in water and arrange it so the tire is between the other one and the shore...
Click the Mongoose! Click again to get him...

Go left twice and put Mongoose on snake

Watch the Excitement that ensues!!!!

You Are OUT!


Take the
"Confectionery of Package. There are no contents."
from the floor.

Go right and take the
"Test tube. Test tube used to experiment."
from the floor.

Go right and take the
"Shellfish. Shell picked up." #1
from the ground.

Go right and take the
"Pencil sharpener. Manual pencil sharpener."
and the
"Shellfish. Shell picked up." #2
from the ground.
Open the tap and use the tube on it.
"Test tube. Water was put in."

Go left and open the freezer and put the test tube with water in.
"Test tube. Water has frozen."
In your inventory;
About item the test tube and click it and you have
"Stick of ice. It's cold."

Go left (2x)
In your inventory;
About item the pencil sharpener and put the ice in it and you have
"Powder of ice. It shattered when the stick was planed."
Put the powder of ice in the bowl and take the
"Agricultural chemicals. It is used to starve a plant."
from under the chair.

Go right (2x)
Use the Agricultural chemicals (the gas cylinder) on the grass and take the
"Scissors. It is sharp."

Go left
In your inventory;
About item the package and use the scissors on it and you have
"Bellmark. It existed in the package."
Hang the bell on the standing thing in front of the window and click it.
Take the
"Shellfish. Shell picked up." #3
that fell on the ground after you clicked the hanging bell.

Go left
Put all three shells in the wall.
Click the black stripes in the floor (on the left) and take the
"Driver. Especially, abnormality is not found."

Go right (2x)
Use the screwdriver on the left wheel and take the
"Tube. It is a strong tire tube."

Go right.
Put the tube in the water and click it once.
Click the middle (pink) tube once and click the animal on the island and it runs to the beach.
Take the
"Herpestidae. The tide was filled. It was left for the rock."

Go left (2x)
Put the Herpestidae in front of the snake and...
"Girl who has strayed off bear's house. It enjoyed it in the house. The bear came back. It tried to go outside. The foot was slided with the roof, and it fell to ground. It was helped by three bears."

Sorry Nokra,
didn't refresh,
hope you do not mind.

LOL Correction: when you use the gas on the grass...you Kill it ,not fill it...LOL

I hope this helps...

Oh well, let’s have three normal WT’s here.
Anyone else want to join?

Nothing But A Normal Plain WALKTHROUGH
Pick up confectionery of Package (There are no contents) from the floor.
Move right.
Pick up Test tube (used to experiment) from the floor.
Move right.
Pick up Shellfish from the ground.
Move right.
Pick up another Shellfish and a Manual Pencil sharpener.
Turn on the water in the tap.
Place the test tube under the tap to put Water in.
Move left.
Open the freezer on the Match Company wagon.
Put the Test tube with Water inside the freezer.
Water has frozen.
Highlight the test tube and click on the question mark to view it.
Click on it again to get the Stick of ice (It is cold).
View the manual pencil sharpener.
Use the cold stick of ice on it.
Get Powder of ice (It shattered when the stick was planed).
Move left twice.
Put powder of ice in the blue bowl.
It became Ice cream, and the girl ate it.
Take Agricultural chemicals from under the chair (It is used to starve a plant. ).
Move right twice (don’t mind the sleeping girl and the bear).
Use Agricultural chemicals on the plant that the rabbit frenetically cuts.
Get Scissors (It is sharp).
Open to view confectionery of Package.
Use scissors on it to get Bellmark (It existed in the package).
Move left.
Put Bellmark on the metal “rack” next to the bear.
Click on it.
Watch the Surprise Snake show up.
Get a Shellfish that fell from the lamp.
Move left.
Place the three Shellfish in the wall.
Click on the crack in the floor to the left.
Get a pink Driver (Especially, abnormality is not found).
Move right twice.
Use Driver on the left wheel of the Match Company wagon.
Get Tube (It is a strong tire tube).
Move right.
Put Tube in the water.
Click on it once to move it to the left.
Click on the left pink tube once to move it to the middle position (it can be at three different locations).
Click on the rodent on the island to make it jump.
Pick him up and see that it is a Herpestidae (The tide was filled. It was left for the rock.).
Move left twice.
Place the Herpestidae on the snake.
Enjoy the ending.

Girl who has strayed off bear's house.
It enjoyed it in the house.
The bear came back. It tried to go outside.
The foot was slided with the roof, and it fell to ground.
It was helped by three bears.

bear end
only one method

Oh, Hi @Small-tool!
Of course! The more the merrier!
I was just responding to the request by @cyberjar88, as were you I am sure...I was waiting for @ZOZ...wherever she may be...LOL

@Cyberjar88, I hope you got out :)

It seems like we need another game now... lol

Oh, How Funny!!!! Please, somebody else!!! Let's see how many W/T we can do for one game! LMAO!!!

nokra is asking for more.
Well here is one more;


In the opening scene we see a silly spoiled brat sitting in the house of the three bears. A PACKAGE is on the floor, let's take it RIGHT away.
In the next scene; An empty bedroom and a TEST TUBE on the floor, let's take it RIGHT away.
Followed by a scene with a matchstick girl, an energizer bunny and a SHELL on the ground, let's take it RIGHT away.
Then the last scene (no more money for more sceneries); A stuck critter on an island and a PENCIL SHARPENER and a SHELL on the ground, let's take it. Let's turn on the tap and then fill the test tube so it's a TEST TUBE WITH WATER, but the critter is LEFT there.
Let's open that freezer and freeze the water in our tube so it's a STICK OF ICE. The energizer bunny is LEFT there and the matchstick girl is LEFT there too.
The STICK OF ICE goes into the PENCIL SHARPENER to make POWDER OF ICE that we feed to the spoiled brat so she becomes hyper and runs away. And that's our chance to take the GAS CYLINDER. That was the RIGHT thing to do, RIGHT ? yes.
The energizer bunny makes a lot of fuzz but gets nothing done, so we use the GAS on the GRASS. That works and now we can take the SCISSORS and finally open that PACKAGE to get a BELL. Meanwhile the bunny has LEFT and the spoiled brat fell asleep on the bed. Let's wake her just for fun. So hang the BELL on the stand and ring it. Well, that created a lot of activity but in the end taking the THIRD SHELL is all that's LEFT to do.
The wall looks like it can use some SHELLS so why not hang them there and maybe, just maybe, a mouse will come out of the floor if we click the crack in that floor. And yes it does, but who cares about that mouse because there is also every escapers dream object; a SCREWDRIVER to take. That's far more important, RIGHT ? RIGHT !
Now that we have a SCREWDRIVER taking away the WHEEL from the wagon of that matchstick girl seems the RIGHT thing to do.
But it's just a wheel, let's throw it in the water and poke it once. Well it moves that's all. Let's poke that pink one once as well. Ok it moves too, so what, that's no fun. Let's poke that critter and yes finally some action. It runs to the beach so we can catch that CRITTER. But now it seems there's nothing LEFT to do here anymore. No nothing LEFT to do here.
Let's see if the CRITTER get's eaten by the snake when we give it to her. Well, that was unexpected. The snake is scared, the spoiled brat goes through to the chimney and then... strangely enough the bears help her back on her feet while that juvenile delinquent broke into their house, ate all their food, slept in their beds and did who knows what criminal things more.
Well, we knew it before, it only could end like this, because there is always only one method end.

LOL @small-tool!!
My favourite part: "...and maybe, just maybe, a mouse will come out of the floor if we click the crack in that floor. And yes it does, but who cares about that mouse because there is also every escapers dream object; a SCREWDRIVER to take."

Thank you for writing a "TTBFBMFSBWFZWT", it's great :D

Loved it!

       Anonymous  8/7/10, 7:35 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.


Somewhere over the rainbow
I will go,
To a land that I heard of
The land of Minoto.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.

Someday I'll play a game online
And wake up where the clouds are far
Behind me.

Where troubles melt like lemon drops
And Three Bears pause for photo-ops
That's where you'll find me.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Test tubes freeze.
And Miami Mom Blesses You
Whenever you sneeze.

Frozen water from test tube
Can be laid
Into the sharpener so
Ice Cream can then be made

I'll pick up sea-shells one - two - three
And put them on the wall where the
Girl's waiting

I'll put the ice cream in her cup
And watch her as she eats it up
And starts somnambulating

Wake the blue mouse from sleeping
So he can
Grab the pink Screwdriver
and place it into our hand

Then a plethora of events unfolds
Herpestidae aka mongooses
Show us they're bold

The mongoose kills the Freudian Snake
And that's about all that it takes
The Girl goes

Up the chimney and then she falls
To earth where she's greeted by all
Her Bear Amigos

Somewhere over Minoto
Bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over Minoto.
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Around Minoto
Why, oh why can't I?

apologies to Harold Arlen (music) and Yip Harburg (lyrics) and also to all the munchkins and the Scarecrow and the TinMan and the Cowardly Lion and, of course, Dorothy and Toto, too!

Great, great, great

thanks all for your funny WT's

Only could play this morning so missed the live fun but Zoz has done it again

this is another one for Ellie's blog

PS zoz could you pls give a video -link to the instrumental music so I can hear the song when I read your WT's ??
We could all sing-a-long your WT in front of our PC's - lol -

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 4:43 AM  

@zoz: Hilarious and clever at the same time,as usual. You make Minoto so much fun with your ST's (SongThroughs) !! Thanks for all the enjoyment!

4 WTs and a zoz song - this must be a record!
Thanks @small-tool for your succeeding-spectacularly-at-being-funny WT - :D

Wonderful @zoz!! Thank you for bringing happiness to us once again!

@swissmiss, here is a karaoke version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOJvBpKjpZ4&feature=related.
Let's all sing together!

       Anonymous  8/8/10, 7:16 PM  

Haha! Such great/ funny WT's!

fun game as always. And like always, the comments make it even better.

Great song through, zoz!!!

this is soooooooooooooooooou esey :P

good game

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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