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Old Clock Room Escape Walkthrough

Old Clock Room Escape

Old Clock Room Escape is a new point and click escape the room game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Im in! Hi ppl!

All alone again :(

I'm coming as well, @Nicéli! PT will have to wait for a while...

ya new game

Well, I'm here.
Not so good at these games, though.

- remote from the window.
A code that needs 9 digits, but found 4 underlined in the newspaper.

there are underlined numbers on the newspaper.
but what's the order and how to put on coffee machine?

Hi @Edgar!!!!! Nice to see u!
I have: a mag. glass, a radio, some numbers highlighted on the newspaper, and a solding machine already plugged in

- headphones under a chair.
- radio on shelves.

the fireplace needs a 3-digit code as well!

A wire behind a sofa

Where's the glass?
remote control under a window, behind radiator.

Combine wire and headphones

@Felipe, magnifying glass is under the coffee machine table.

Oooohh THAT glass.
I feel stupid. got it earlier.

@Nicelli, I cant find the wire... or any view under any sofa, help?

POP! For Wire:
zoom on the top left corner of sofa in fireplace view.

@Edgar in the view of fireplace click left side of sofa (near wall)

Where to plug the soldering thing?

@Edgar .. right side of cupboard

on the cabinet.
Right bottom door (you almost can't see it)

Thanks for wire anyway Nicelli :D

Np @Edgar :D

Stuck w/ remote, m. glass, headphones+wire and radio

were is the MAG and GlASS

LOL @Felipe, lots of views easy to miss! Thanks!

Fatima, its actually a MAGNIFYING GLASS only!

Fatima m. glass below the table w/ the coffee machine on it

The MAG is glass.
under the coffee maker stand

ok, thanks ,, and i just found it !!! lol ,, now were to use it?

hm, wish i knew...

Hi Guys!

Hm.... found something interesting... coffee maker takes 4 dig while fireplace takes 3.. so.. the newspaper clue must be for the coffee maker!

@Hi, Duscharoo, welcome to the fun (if getting stuck sounds fun to you, lol)
Yep @Nicéli, but the order is not clear... and I wouldn't like to brutforce the thing unless there's no real clue for it.

ok, I have a stupid question,, is there a web site that will tell you dif combo of numbers ?

Well caught up to you all and just as stuck on the codes!

You don't need that @fatima, I guess paper and pencil would do faster.

hey all! i've tried just about every combo of the numbers from the newspaper on the coffee maker..anyone figure that one out yet?

Dammit - just started playing with the remote (thinking I could use it to input code) and it disappeared!!

There are 4 undelined numbers, Hi all, not much help sorry

No @Lindsay we're all stuck!

I was thinking the remote was a clue for the order of numbers but 2580 didnt work :(

has anyone figured out whats with the radio? u can't pick it up or zoom in on it like the remote!

why cant i zoom on the labtop ?

Maybe the remote needs batteries first?

And other than the 9-digits pad appearing in all (or almost) the views, Duscharoo's disappearing one seems like another glitch to me :(

ok, this is crazzy,,,,,,,,

Its a little buggy, I can't get the soldering iron back nothing works on it so we need those codes to progress....001 002 003

I wondered if the clock has something to do with the codes (since they both have arrow signs)

LOL @jolive good luck bruteforcing!

ok,when is fathers day,, and flag day?

father's day changes every year and in every country
flag day of course its different as well
any ideas with that @fatima?

every time i find a live game its one like this that doesn't seem to work right :(

I looken in 3 empty cups, nothing, and looked behind both peonies, nothing.

anyone know whats with the purple brick in the fireplace?

I dont know,, the news paper !!! just a dream i guess LOL

Blame Murphy, @Jennifer lol!

anybody find were to use the MGglass?

or just my crappy luck lol

Aw, gtg guys! Gl to u all!

I am slowly going crazzy 1 2 3 4 5 6 switch
crazzy going slowly am I 6 5 4 3 2 1 switch,,,,,

i am really starting to think this is going to end up like the library fiasco :-|

Same here @Jen... now I'm just waiting for the brute-forcers to do the job.

guess i'll come back later after all you smarties get this figured out :-P

Ahh I got out, just click white X in red box in top right corner of browser window....

Alright then, I was in the middle of something before this crappy game. I might come back to it later on to check if any progress has been made... good luck everyone!

haha @ jolive

ok, i cant get it,,, mabey its broken !!!

I restarted the game and still the same

fire place thers some swerly marks on both side on the wood,, mabey somthing to do with the iron

ok, please tell me im not the only one in here !!!~

theres also a purple brick in the fireplace that i assume has some meaning

No, you're not the only one... I was watching all the comments but I can't help anyone..sorry..

well it looks like its me and you Jen,,, i think im gonna jump out the window

I think the game is F*&%ed,,,,

well we all have the same stuff,,, but we are missing 2 things,, to fill all the boxes above

i have clicked like crazy every were,, i am STUCK

There is a glitch in the game. You need to use the remote when you are facing the cupboard. A TV will appear...

If @edgar calls it a crappy game...IT IS!!!
I have never heard him criticize anything!
So, I'll pass...lol

...then use the magnifier on the TV...

@george,, what do you mean,, so I cant play,, I have wasted lots of time on this stupid game !!!! time for a new one

@Fatima, just restart the game...it'll work

It's really easy to get out after that..

ok, i will but i did before and nothin was better but one more time

so what do i do first

I can't get the remote thing to work.

Face the cupboard, click on the remote, press the numbers (8250) from the newspaper and click enter on the remote, the remote will be gone and the TV will appear.

my remote disappears but no tv. tried it twice! should i be zoomed in on the top middle of the cupboard?

nevermind. POP.

Got it! Thanks @george.

I didn't zoom anywhere...just faced the cupboard

How do you get the last three digits for the door code?

clicking romote doesn't work for me either :(

the coffeemaker gives you a hint after putting the code from the TV in

I used the hint from the coffee maker in the fireplace though. Do I convert it to numbers or something?

@abbazabba34, just look at the numbers..15 (x2) 30 (x2) 60 (x2)...

I got 1586 and put it in coffee maker and nothing happens.

Oh duh. Thanks @george. I kept looking at it as two three digit numbers.

I jumped a little ahead...do you have the radio code, abbazabba34?

You need to press the button at the bottom right of the coffeemaker, jillydoc

how do you get the code to work for the fireplace?

@Jennifer, it's just a follow up. ABC... means you need to use the next 3 letters

Thanks George, I got ABC and don't know how to get hint from radio, I combined the wire with earphones and cannot connect them to anything.

i cant get the tv to appear

thanks george

Out, thanks George!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Use magnet on pendulum to get tin

combine tin with headphones

wow. That took a LOT of tries with the remote before the TV would appear. Thanks to George for the instructions to be stubborn.

terrible game. No clues to how to use the remote and glitches when you do.

Soder together. After about 3 hours trying to get started, once you get going, it's over quick!

zoom in on the paper on the table. Note the underlined numbers
Click the radiator under the window. Get the remote
Turn left
Face the tall cabinet, but don't zoom in. Now click the remote in your inventory for the about item view.
Enter the code from the paper and hit enter on the remote. It is the bottom left button.
(The first time I tried this, it didn't work at all. I refreshed, and it worked after a ton of tries. When doing the walkthrough, it worked on the first try.)
Hinttoptobottom, lefttorightHINT
Click the cabinet door under the TV. Get the radio
Click behind the plant in the corner and get the soldering iron
Click the bottom right cabinet doors (behind the chair) to find an outlet. Plug in the soldering iron.
Click the seat of the nearest chair to see under the table. Get the broken headphones
Turn left
Click the corner of the room over the left top part of the couch. Get the wire
In your inventory, combine the wire with headphones
Zoom in on the fire. Note that below the fire is a place for a 3 digit code
Turn left
Zoom under the coffee pot table. Get the magnifying glass
Note the coffee pot needs a code
Turn 2 times to the TV
Use the magnifying glass on the screen
See the code
Turn 2 times to the coffee pot
Enter the code and hit the button in the bottom right corner of the coffee machine
See the hint for a new code
Turn right
Zoom on the fire and enter the code (click between the arrows and type)
Click the left purple brick for the magnet
Turn 2 times and zoom in on the clock
Use the magnet on the pendulum for the tin
In your inventory, use the tin on the headphones
Go left
Zoom on the bottom right doors of the cabinet for the soldering iron
Use the headphones on it to repair them
Use the fixed headphones on the radio for part of the door code (hover your mouse over the radio/headphones to see the code)
Turn right
Click the door handle for the place to enter the code
You only know part, so you will have to figure out the rest
Click Done to escape!

Hi there everyone, and @george! You did it again! WTG :)

Unfortunately there's no TV for me yet even after restarting several times... well, the game is not only crappy, but resentful!! LOL

Better will come I guess.

@Edgar I just kept retrying and retrying (without refreshing), and it finally worked. No idea why.

Out! Thanks @george for the TV! I got it on my second try with the remote. After that I only needed help for where to use the magnifying glass. Thanks for the WT @kitkatfox!

it seems to be a cheat protection - you cannot enter the code for the remote if you havent been in the newspaper view

kitkatfox thank you very much as I could not have done it without you!!

we were playing this stupid game for hours last night and nothing,, dont like this game,, escaped today only with help,,dont play this game, it will make you crazy

Soldering Iron didn't show up until later for me, must be a trigger somewhere for that as well (I just hate that!) In real life don't you tin the soldering gun, then apply to wire?

So annoying. I keep clicking on the purple brick, but nothing happens... I'm not giving up!
Oh, and thanks for helping ;)

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