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Pirates Cave Escape Walkthrough

Pirates Cave Escape

Rotuc Pirates Cave Escape is another point and click type escape game from Rotuc. This time you are stuck in the pirates cave, solve the great pirate mystery to escape the evil cave full of treasures but lack of air . Good luck and have fun!

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good morning

good afternoon annaby :)

morning! I have a pick ax, key, map, and something that looks like false teeth

ooh yay a live one!! :o)

and a shovel.... where to use this stuff? I gave a pirate and eye patch for the pick ax

I have the teeth thing (ammunition belt?), map and a ball on a rope. 2 alpha codes - one 4 letters, one 12 letters

der was trying to give the wrong pirate the eye patch lol

annaby, where did you find the codes? i missed those.

annaby - where did you find the codes?

Hi all, I only have the pick axe, teeth type things and map, where did you find the other stuff?? :o)

oh - it was an eye patch - thanks @miles1!

codes - one is on the large chest in the center, the other on the tall box behind the pinnk box

found a bottle which I gave to another pirate. he gave me a skull

use the teeth when zoomed in on the pedastle of the sarcophagus to get a puzzle.

@ Annaby, oh - I thought you found the solutions to the codes!!! Still on my first cup of coffee....

all i have is a key ammunition pick axe and a map where is shovel and ball and chain??

use pick, then shovel to right of box with portrait leaning against it. Got a gem

thanks @Trisana - that puzzle looks tough

this one live? Hope I can catch up

used key on the chest at the back and get a large puzzle/code to solve!?

@amy - all I remember was that the shovel was somewhere towards the back right corner

missed the key.

I think the eye patch was on top of the barrel

shovel is in view with the celtic cross - zoom on upper part of that grey thing in the middle back.

Thanks for the gem annaby! Finally got the puzzle - now have a telescope. I still haven't found the ball and chain though

pop, found the key. miles, you found a bottle?

miles - it's an eyepatch, and if you have the pickax you got it and used it.

@Trisana - where is the key?
bottle - click on back left side of cannon

@Trisana key is on the sarcophagus at the back (on one of the crossed arms)

annaby - the sarcophagus has it, along side the shepard's crook. :)

Lol! Thx Trisana! Has anyone found a place to use the telescope?

The gem goes in the eye of the skull (the down view)

found a clue for the chest puzzle - click top left

where is the telescope??

skull you get with bottle goes there too, small-tool

thanks @ollylolly and @Trisana

The bottle is on top of the canon.

olly - give the teeth to the chest by the feet of the sarcophagus, then solve that puzzle.

I need to go to class/catch a bus. Good luck, guys, if I get to campus early enough, i'll jump back on to see where you are.

Where is the bottle?
@ollylolly telescope from box behind sarcophagus

Where is the ball and chain?

Hello, i am trying to catch up, i am too late as always :)

@miles - any clue for solving the picture puzzle? I don't know where to begin!

@small-tool - it's actually an eye patch and I think it was on top of the barrel
Hi @Zazie!

I think I caught up now. :)

I can't find that clue. Where do I have to click top left?

Now I have a compass after giving parrot a hook

ty Trisana :o)

Use telescope top left for clue to chest :)
Thanks @miles

small-tool its a little to the right of the longest spike. on the back wall. I can't click on it again though - pixel hunt

annaby - did you get it?

hi, trying to catch up

Oh - I didn't realize I used the telescope!!! Time for a second cup of coffee

You need the telescope for code clue. Drag it right under where it is in your inventory :)

@miles1 - no, still trying

still live? just joining

ARRG...I accidentally closed my game lol.

1st row: cannon cannon grape guns sword sword cannon grape
2nd: cannon cannon sword grape sword sword cannon sword

       Anonymous  8/27/10, 6:42 AM  

Hi, me too, just starting. I like these games.

@ mgkanda - I hate it when I do that!
4th: sword gun sword grapes cannon grapes grapes grapes grapes
3rd was tricky: i think it was cannon gun sword cannon cannon sword sword

anyone used compass yet?

OK I need new glasses -I'm still stuck on picture puzzle lol!

can't find where to use the compass

finally got the telescope lol that puzzle fried my brains lol

Where did you get the small tool to give to the parrot?

@ Graham - from the puzzle in the chest

@miles1 lol...me too! All caught up again I think.
@ollylolly zoom out of puzzle and back in. The second box is in the right place already so line up the 1st one with it and then the 3rd and go line by line that way. :)

Bummer - I have to get the kids up for school. I'll check in later!

@ollylolly - I'm stuck with you on the picture puzzzle. All the pieces look alike to me, lol

@Graham give parrot the hook

@miles - thx - had missed the key

@Amy - please help. Is there any pattern to the puzzle?

@annaby see my post at 15:48
The second spot is already in place. :)

I caught up, uff have the compass now...

So the map told us where to dig and now I think the compass was actually the clue on where to use the telescope as it is pointing exactly there btwn N and NW. So I'm letting the compass go for now but, now what?

@annaby i dont know i how i did it sorry was tring for about 20 mins lol

Trying to figure out alpha codes. The 4 letter one shouldn't be too hard as the letter choices are limited. hmm..

got the code in front box! use hint from plate thingy in back for it

@annaby, match the tiles that the round forms are sticking together without a line between...i cannot explain better, sorry.

       Anonymous  8/27/10, 7:00 AM  

A screenshot of the coin puzzle would probably help. I don't know how to do that. Does anyone who's finished it know how?

@annaby zoom out of it to reset it and start at first box and third box b/c second box is already correct and go from there.

Solved also the 4 letter box

Don't know the 4 letter code. On the plate thing I think I see N W N and O, but what order?

@Miller I'm not seeing it. I see a W at the top and possible Us on either side...help?

for the puzzle it helps to increase your screen pixels to 200

after you put the 4 letter code in follow the numbers and put the directions (initials) in the long code

4 letter box code



now working on 12 letter code on left box. "SNEWNSWENWES" doesnt work...

I gave the bottle to the pirate right of taller box and got a scull.

Thanks Zazie and Thanks Keldos.

ah! good job on the codes, guys. Got the 2nd ruby, i'm out. Nice to come back, look, and see hints as to what i was supposed to do. :)

Scull goes on door where face is

Miller, at the end it's SE

12 letter code:


It worked with SNEWNSWENWSE got another gem and now out

Okay, best I can do for coin puzzle. Zoom out and back in to reset it and turn squares this many times

2 0 3 1
3 1 2 0
0 3 1 2
2 3 0 1

Sorry, I don't know how to make a screenshot.

I am out too :)
Great game !!

OMG finally finished the picture puzzle lol I now have compass and am waaay behind the rest of you lol! TY mgkanda and annaby :o)

out too, thanks yvon!

Great game, thanks for all the help.

thanks @mgkanda - finally got it. Just could not see how pieces matched up.

wow out finally! thanks all good game :o)

My 3 yr old decided to put an entire roll of TP in the toilet while I was gaming. Serves me right I guess lol. Now I'm back and out! Thanks for all the help! :D

and out thanx so much guys

       Anonymous  8/27/10, 7:18 AM  

@mgkanda - Thank you SO much!! I will be forever grateful to you for that!!! Got the scope.

Where does the skull & the gems go?

       Anonymous  8/27/10, 7:19 AM  

lol...the TP in the toilet trick! So cute!!

@Zoe lol...cute and messy!
@Graham there is a view behind you. Put them there. :D

Ahhh - forgot about that - OUT! Thanks mgkanda!

still trying to catch up - very dark down there
where do I use the shovel?

for those who do not get the puzzle next to sarcophagus or symbol order in box, look here [url]http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=rlm8hx&s=4[/url]
for puzzle you can also look at mgkanda's comment at 16:09

@Swiss In the back on the left there is a crate with a portrait leaning against it. 1st use pick axe then shovel.

stupit me - I have already used it for the gem!!

@Swiss just in case you get the pick ax after giving eye patch to pirate in the back. :)

for 12 letter code - the first are OK - one follows the clue from the 4letter-box - but how do you get to the NWSE at the end?

thanks mgkanda for help

took a break then came back to finish with everyone's help. Thanks you all!

You get NWSE at the end in the same way as the other letters; Looking where the numbers are according to a compass.
7 is North-West and 8 is South-East so it's NWSE.

thanks small-tool - I only looked for N,W,S,E and not the mixture
learning all the time!!!

I can't find where to use the pickaxe and I don't find the shovel.

This comment has been removed by the author.


• Zoom in the barrel; take the patch.
• Zoom in the base of the stone cross; give the patch to the pirate; get the pickaxe.
• Zoom in the stone cross; take the shovel.
• Zoom in the gold chest on the right; take the map.
• Zoom in the crate in the back left (as the cross in the map shows); use the PICKAXE on the right spot (marked on the map), then the SHOVEL and get the gem.

• Zoom in the shield and take the teeth.
• Zoom in the base of the sarcophagus; put the TEETH on the skull chest to open it; solve the puzzle and get the telescope.
• Use the TELESCOPE on the back wall to see the shapes clue.
• Zoom in the sarcophagus; take the key.
• Zoom in the treasure chest and open it with the KEY; use the clue on the wall to solve this puzzle and get the hook.
• Zoom in the pink box on the left; give the HOOK to the parrot and get the compass.

• Zoom in the back of the cannon; take the bottle.
• Zoom in the Aztec Calendar in the back and see the trunk clue.
• Zoom in the big trunk in front; click on the middle of it and enter the CODE from the Aztec Calendar to see the compass clue.
• Zoom in the middle crate on the left; give the bottle to the pirate and get your price. Still zoomed here, click on the box and see a 12-letters code to be entered; use the COMPASS CLUE and the COMPASS in your inventory to figure out the CARDINAL POINTS (and their order) to be used for this code and get your price. Now you have the skull and the other gem.

• Click on the down bar to go to the back view; place the SKULL and both your GEMS to escape.

       Anonymous  8/30/10, 12:48 AM  

LOL Edgar, love your "READ • LOOK • PLAY • ESCAPE… AGAIN • THROUGH" :-)

Un abrazo mi amigo!

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