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Sandy Room Escape Walkthrough

Sandy Room Escape

Sandy Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by IchWillSpielen. In this game, you try to find items and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

Play Sandy Room Escape

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What to do with sliced watermelon?

am I playing alone tonight?

Don't know yet, Meg. I've tried everywhere to no avail

I still haven't figured it out. @Philomena, any luck with the code under the chair?

Nope. At th moment I'm stuck with a square, a circle, and a pentagram

HI - use the watermelon on the shapes after adding sand. Still can't find the star

Where the star? Zoom the aquarium to fill the shapes with sand

You have to do lots to the shapes before they work ..good game but I didn't really understand it but you don't die trying things so it's good!

No clue what to do with the watermelon... Have 4 shapes. Star is behind empty aquarium.

I thought the code might be 40355 based on the shapes on top of the shelf, but it doesn't work

same, only I have a triangle too. I got it under the shelves(bookcase?)

aw :( nice guess though!

star was behind the aquarium ;)

Use the shapes under the lamp after filling them with sand and watermelon.

Found the star by accident -- was trying to dig in the aquarium lol

OH!! thank you @Wendy!!

After sand use the watermelon on shapes then one more step and you can place them

triangle is bottom left corner of shelves in green chair view

Out! Use heat to harden the sand.

heat the shapes on the light after zooming lamp, then you can use them to get the code

Out! Thanks for all the help everyone!

Square - under the table with the lamp.
Circle - in the shoe.
Pentagon - in the cup.
Triangle - under empty shelves.
Star - behind the aquarium.
Knife - under table with plant.
Watermelon - behind the left chair.

the code is...


cant find the sand. help please

Where can I put the code???????????????? Please!!!

NVM I found it .

Oh sorry, the sand is in the aquarium.

Clicked everywhere - especially on and around the door. Is the game buggy or did I miss something? Want to put the code and get out. :-(

@sue27 Put the code in under the left chair

Thanx a lot, sherry12! I really missed that. Pooh ...

@sue27 yw

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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