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Silent Hill: Room 304 Walkthrough

Silent Hill: Room 304

[REPLAY] Silent Hill - Room 304 is another scary point and click adventure game. A lost soul searching for answers. A desperate man screaming for help. A haunted town full of secrets. Welcome to Silent Hill. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game may not be suitable for children, because of some scary scenes!

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Silent Hill: Room 304 Walkthrough
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first?? any1 else playing??

Hey Devillete..

i've wandered all over this creepy town.....nothing. what exactly are we supposed to do?

I found a key in the basement of the hotel, not sure what it opened.
And now I'm stuck.

hi all, found key in basement now talking to 'adrian'

I did that, too, but now, I'm wandering and not finding anything else, except a ghost in the hotel.

Adrian is very talkative. He finally shut up and now I'm off to find his family

ok, in school now

I made a mistake, it is not an hotel but an apartment building.
I found some kind of clue in the motel, but what for ?

i can't find the key. where is it?

nevermind....i found it

The key is hanging on a wire in the basement of the apartment building.

@devillete - how did you get into the school?

I cheated and found a walkthrough.
There is a key in a hole, in room 306 (the room full of trash).

thanks Pasacale!

There are numbers in the classroom, and maybe colour codes... stuck again.

once ur in the school, get a code from the wall displays in the classroom (can go left) there are symbols and numbers, symbols in order of numbers etc!!! get key for office from bloody toilet

I found a key in a bloody toilet bowl...

hmmm now i cant leave :/ cant get the puter to show anything but plain clips...

So, the password is
? = something and @ ?
I tried everything as the 3rd character, but nothing works.

password ?=:@ cant work out what to do tho

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok, watched one of the clips and scared the s**t outta me haha not sure which one it wont let me back, was one from the bathroom tho

The password is ? = : @ and I finally could enter after many trials.

ok, DONT go looking in the toilets after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go straight out, talk to adrian

Thank you, Devillete !
I can't find anything useful on the computer, it is always the same photos.

Well, there was something in the 17th Feb archive.

screen should flicker but keep watching! at the cabin, need a 4 digit code :s

Well, the key of the cabin is hidden SOMEWHERE in the woods ! Great ! lol

I got it...

ooh good u can help hehe cant find a code for safe upstairs.

anyone find the key to the cabin?

key is in the grass to the right of the crossroad - the cursor will turn into a hand

rightish corner i think jennifer

stuck with the box code

was scared by the 17th Feb -*-


bloody hell ....... looked in toilet and shiiiiiiiiiiiite myself... game over

Annaby, remember the hint of the motel. Just replace letters by numbers (a -> 1, etc)

Hi all, i just joined...i am in the school, looked at cameras, but i cannot leave the school anymore. What shall i do ?


@Zazie - you can't back up?

I am locked in the school and it says : I need to find out if Adrians family is here before i leave.

and out, creepy game

I do not know what to think of this game

zazie u need to watch 17th feb vid clip on the computor in the principals office

Zazie u have to see the video on comp 17 feb after u can leave

Ahh thx, i did not watch it long enough )

@Zazie - I don't know. Sounds like you've done everything. You've seen the video of the guy in the bathroom?

that was very strange.....odd ending

yes, strange game

Now i cannot find this key in the woods, which screen ist it please ?

at the crossroads - in the grass towards the right

wow....unexpected ending

I give up, cannot find this key :(

Zazie, have the same problem. Also cannot find the key in the grass.

I couldn't find cabin key anywhere.. I have been clicking everywhere. Ugh. Stupid game.

cursor will turn into hand for key

need code for safe in cabin attic. Anyone?

i know annaby, but the problem is that it isn't turning into a hand anywhere.

Had to talk to Adrian before i could find the key.

There you go

Still cant find the damn key at the cross roads and i have clicked every where.

Ah you have to talk to Adrian again before you can find the key in the grass, strange ending wasn't expecting that.

woah I was the game was longer lol

also was the guy we were playing making up the ghost in his head...

hate these games that make you do "A" before you can do "B".. key not in hole.. have to do something then poof key is in hole. WEAK!

drank wayyy to much coffee !!!!! almost s&!t my pants, good game !!

Where is the key in the trash room??

Hey Holly !!!!!! - if you're still playing, it's in a hole in the wall around the top left corner, just look around, it's not that easy to see ;D

The outside scenery reminds me of Twilight, I love it, good job!

Okay, so if you go to the cabin with the key, you find the woman and child dead. Then there's the safe in the attic, and a cassette deck in the back room. But I don't know what to do with either of them. If you try going back to Adrian it just says "I think I'll leave Adrian alone for awhile." I don't know what to do now...

read all the comments. someone said to go to the classroom and look at the colors and symbols on the wall, well i did that and don't understand it, can someone give me a hint or point me into the right direction plz

holy F^@%! I jumped and accidentally smacked my ear when going to talk to adrian the last time. Didn't expect anything in the hallway!

Oh, oh, I liked this game. :) Too short, hehehe... Game is pretty straight forward, but I wonder should I write a my-style walkthrough for this? It's been a long time since I wrote one! If anyone wants one, just shout. :)

All I can say is, once you've been into the principal's office and looked the video's through and chosen the second date - DO NOT ENTER THE BATHROOM AFTERWARDS!
I've had like 2 heartattacks now...

I just played this game. Didn't like it very much (and got scared a few times lol). I do know something that would make the game a lot better though - a WT from feline :) Please, write one if you have the time for it!

michelle - animallover, there are four zoom in views at the walls. You'll find a numbr from 1-4 in each one, that tells the order for the code. You'll also find four different clues for symbols,
?, :, AT, = (AT is @). Place them in the correct order (spoiler at 14:66, by pascale).


is any one stil here

Wawawawawait......did you just say SILENT HILL!? Oh I am not pressing the "Play This Game" Button! But thanks for the warning Yalçın.

guyssssssss any one there??????

I still need the safe code :((

Comment 9/8/10 15:17

got it :))) it is the hint of (C,E,A,I) letters .. converted them to No. :))

feline, can you plz write a walkthrough

Okay Feline, here's my shout: walk-through, walk-through, walk-through! lol, but really, I'd appreciate one...



OK, walkthrough coming. I warn all, though, it'll be longer than the game! In parts, Jack the Ripper style. :P I hope you enjoy! :)

Spoiler! Walkthrough! (My style of, hehehe... :P)

Part 1
[The cursor turns into a hand at hot spots and gives you info about them, but... I would go back and check useless hot spots after doing things in the game. ;)]
Ooooohhh... It seems I've got amnesia... Stick to the road, I say? Yes, OK, sounds safer. I think...
(Just keep clicking the road end and enjoy what your character says. Hehehe...)
A dream or a nightmare? *Considers the creepy music and this being a scary game...* Yeah, a dream with fairies and pink bunnies, of course! :P
"Walking into a trap"? Oh, can I turn back and sit at the road side till someone comes rescue me? Please?! Hmmm, on second thought, maybe whoever comes is Jason or Freddy like, better not! Let's keep going!
You reach a crossroad. I advise to check the left branch (leading into a cabin) before going back and taking the right branch, since this game requires some things to be done before progressing. Plus, it is pretty nice to look at that cabin! (OK, I enjoy thrillers, so sue me, lol!)
Taking the right branch, you start to remember things... click forward and... ooohhh! This is Silent Hill! (I know, it's the game title, but... you are just regaining your memory, so don't be hard at yourself for not noticing that till now. :P)
Arriving at town, the apartment building doesn't look very inviting, so of course you are going in. Come on, create some courage in you, you can do it! :D
Wow, someone is trapped! Shall we be heroes and go rescue him?! No, no, no, don't turn your back and run! Get back here! *Throws lasso and gets you back.* Now, now, let's be good samaritans, yes?
If you search the apartments (up the stairs), you notice you have no key to the place where the man is trapped, but the key is lying about in this building somewhere... Go explore creepy places, yes? Hint: back at the entrance (facing the staircase), left door, leading to the basement... It's not a good idea to go down there, so of course you are going. :P
Oh, a key attached to the wire! I wonder should we touch a bare wire...? But of course, we like being shocked! Or we wouldn't be playing a scary game. :P OK, now you can go open the door of... Room 304! Of course. :P Go talk to the man trapped, yes? He really enjoys chatting! I don't think it matters much what you say, but you need to get information about his family and eventually promise to set off to look for them, so you need to pick the questions that lead to that info. :) And yes, the guy is not very brave, he looked for a place to hide. Lol!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Part 2
OK, having talked to Adrian, you need to go to the school, but... Do you want to save yourself some shoe soles? Go to the room full of trash (left of room 304) and take a second look at that hole in the wall. ;) Wow! This place is a mess! Any volunteers to help me tidy it up? *Hears crickets...* Hellooo? :P It's also pretty cool to take a look at the room next to it, with grass growing, nice views from the windows... Although I think it's not needed to progress in the game, I went there and relaxed a bit. :D
The school is to the west once you are at the streets again (facing apartment building). Check the right branch once you spot a building in the distance, hehehe... Dead end with a cemiterie behind it, ooooohhhh... scary! :P OK, get back and then go forward, to the school. Nice place to learn some things, uh? Not that most of us would remember it, who really paid attention to the teachers? :P (Maybe we should have?)
You might want to check the toilet out... Oh, oh, oh, is there someone in that stall?! Ahhhhh! Help!!! OK, no panic, let's all pretend we are courageous... :P One of the stalls is open and has a weird smell coming from it. Now don't think dirty! (Too late? :P) No, it's not someone's wind, and not something worse either. Ohhh, blood! So much for someone's intestines... And it's shiny too! What a diet the person must have had, lol! OK, wear rubber gloves and reach for the shiny thing. It's the principal's office key. You may take notes of the numbers + letters, but there's no need to waste your paper with that. ;)
If you go to the principal's office (forward in corridor, then left door) you'll notice a cell phone that doesn't work. (Did you really think you could call for help? No way! Mwahaha!) There is also a computer that requires a quite unusual password. Being this an escape game, we had better look for clues for that! So let's explore a bit further.
Try entering the kids' room. OK, now you have a view to the left as well (put cursor to the left of screen and notice arrow), which is important because of the clues on the blackboards. There are four blackboards to check, each has a number related to it and some very familiar symbols... Yes, that's right, we saw them on the computer! Notice 4 numbers, one for each of the 4 blackboards. OK, being addicted escapers, what does having numbers from 1 to 4 (IV is 4 in Roman numerals) tell us? Maybe we should try ordering the symbols from 1 to 4? Yes!!! If you still can't see what the ordered symbols are (password for computer), here they go:
1 is ? ( ? is circled in punctuation table, with a 1 to its bottom left side)
2 is = (2 is underlined and the only symbol you have here AND on the computer is the =)
3 is : (: is on the blue fish)
4 is @ (in English, @ is called AT)
The complete password is ?=:@

Part 3 (last one, I promise!)
OK, now we have the complete password for the computer, so back to the principal's office. Use the password, note the current date and check out some videos... (Under "ARCHIVE" menu.) Once you click on a video date, you'll have "Next Camera" on the bottom right of the monitor, so just click on it to check out different surveillance footages. Adrian said he had been locked up for over 2 days, so... If you watch the toilet video from 2005.02.17 long enough... Hehehe! OK, it's an old trick, but if you say you didn't at least move in your seat, you'll be lying!
OK, now for some fun, why don't you try going to the toilet again? Oh, my! Something is forcing you to stay! What now? Hmmm... Mess around a bit, enter the open stall, try the closed one, try the open stall again and... AAAHHHHH!!! Mwahaha! Lol! You're dead and toasted! No worries, click try again and you are back at the principal's office door.
Now, if you want to save yourself another pair of shoes, head back to town but before talking to Adrian again, head towards the eastern part of town (road right of apartment building). Enter the sleazy motel and notice the clue on the paper (on counter). No place to use that clue on. Yet. ;) Please don't check in, the beds must be full of ticks! So, back to talk to the chatty lad. :P He'll eventually tell you to look for a spare key to his cabin (aren't you glad I made you check that cabin out?), hidden at the crossroad. So, click the back arrow till you reach the crossroad. The cursor turns into a hand on hotspots, remember? So, time to search for a new hotspot on this scene! (Shouldn't be so hard after searching for nearly invisible lollipops. :P) For the lazy ones (sowwwy! :P): align your cursor with the letter "h" from the scene title (The Woods) and slide it down till where the grass meets the dirt (just before getting to the road). OK, cabin key!
Enter the cabin and take a look at the attic. Oh, yes, now you've got a place where to use your motel clue! Haven't figured it out yet? Oh, come on! It's a 4-digit code... The letters in bold from the motel clue: c, e, a and i... How to turn these into numbers, uh? *Waits...* OK, sparing you some brain cells: c is 3... e is 5... a is 1 and i is? (Am! Lol!) i is 9, of course! Total spoiler: the code is 3519. Oh, a cassette tape! Isn't technology awesome?! Lol! Back to exploring the rest of the cabin. And, no, you can't have a drink. Boohoo!
Explore (click the doors in your way) and find... well, you'll see. ;) After you recover from the sad discovery, prepare yourself to be even more shocked. In the next room there is a cassette deck. (In perfect condition! Can we sell it on ebay? :P) Play your tape. Find out the terrible truth. Time to set things straight! After Adrian we go! In the apartment building, up the steps and... holy cow!!! (Don't lie now, you HAVE jumped!) Go into room 304 once more. Maybe, once and for all... Maybe. ;)
[The End] Of the walkthrough, at least. :P

Sorry for the removed posts, the first part didn't show up at first (I had a "too long post" warning of some sort, do you believe it?! :P), but when I got back to the game page it was there, 3 times!
It was fun writing, I hope you enjoy reading it. :)

OMFGG THATT CRAPPED THE LIFE OUT OF ME ,, IM DOING IT OVER AGAIN AND GOING INTO THE TOILETS AFTER :):):)):):):):) and her cusionnn well at one poin she threww the lappy at me :(
We cried practically when we saw the next scary thing in the apartments :L:L:LLLLL

Ahhhh i fell like a puss i stoped playing the game i didnt want to get scared after watching the video this is a game u play with a wimp friend lol :)

this is scary

Freaky ass mother effing game! lol. the ending freaked me out i was like what the fuck?
but wait then who was the character (me) talking to behind the door. or was he talking to himself? GAH im so confused. Great game tho scared the hell outta me in a couple parts

first password is ?,=,:,@


i don't know how I missed this game way back when. Great game true silent hill style. could of been longer but not complaining.

Is anyone else having trouble leaving the school? I watched the 2/17 video for a VERY long time...none of the videos are moving or showing anything.

Sigh.. I chickened out before the nasty toilet scene. The movie gave me enough nightmares, I don't know why I bothered starting this.

Doubt anyone will read this, but I've been playing on escapegames24 a lot, and I quite like it. But this seems like a slightly morally stilted disrespect to a genre that continues to move forward. Also, it wasn't too bad.

My name is Clown Barb, what?? I had to load my Google account to post, and I honestly can't remember coming up with this name.


I can't find the key to the cabin. I keep hovering and nothing! Someone please help me. I read all the comments and im still getting nothing.

I can't find the key to the cabin. I keep hovering and nothing! Someone please help me. I read all the comments and im still getting nothing.

can someone tell me where all the keys are ??

What a weird endingg

What a weird endingg

2 Minutes and done.........I't could've been nice if it was a bit longer

I'm watching clip 17th and nothing is happening?

the game at the start scared me so much because the sound of the door opening was terrifying anyways i found the key and open up everything lol then later in the game it said don't go in the bathroom but knowing me i go in and this lady appears i was about to cry thats how scared i was and also i was playing in the dark. the guy that was locked killed his family and this is weird we were that guy and thats how the game ended there was like 3 or 4 kind of jump scares

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