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August 20, 2010

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Treasure of Big Totem 12 Walkthrough

Treasure of Big Totem 12

Treasures of Big Totem 12 is the twelfth episode of Treasure of Big Totem point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this chapter you have to search for the next scroll hidden into the mystic old man 's store. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay I love this series!!

Early Saturday afternoon here in NZ, I must be the only one around .... ??

I am playing, have a bunch of things and am stuck trying to get something out of the barrel with my bowl.

Collected flowers and a can from outside. More cans inside the store. Opened a barrel and filled the cans. Got a bowl and bottle. filled glass with liquid from bottle. Went to the upper floor and collected more flowers and an egg. Now what do I do with all this stuff I wonder :)

What are all the brown c shaped things that we have?

Hi everyone -can't find the code to the safe - have the scales balanced ....

have the wood from the fence up top but where is the grey campfire??

tribble, I don't have any c- shaped things??? Would like to bonk the shop keeper over the head to get my coins


obviously we have to use the coloured flowers to change the colour of the lenses

aaah, filled my bowl with red sand

Hi all!

added to stick to make a pestle and mortar - ground each flower to make coloured powders

Mystris, I have 4 backwards and 1 regularwards brown c, flowers, a lens, a bowl and a cup with water and no idea what to do next

Hi Trisana & Jedi!! ;-)

Your "c's" might be the cans, go into the shop and fill them with rice and use them on the scales

I don't have a lens so u r one up on me ... hunting for it now

Thank you Mystris, I thought they were wood for the fire!

Still needing a coin. How to distract the old coot so I can loot the cash register.

no problem, still can't find that lens and I'm stuck - anybody got further?

The lens I found just by clicking around the telescope in the upper area

aha, good call on the motar/pestle,mystris. use colors on the two working telescopes to get numbers (blue/red on the one up top, green/grey on the one below, on the right), get numbers for the safe inside. (use the three messages for proper order.

peke - did you read the sleeping potion note?

You can stop looking for the lens, it's an egg, duh!!!

oh, i never found/used a lens . . .

hi everyone! how do you make the flowers into colored powder?

sara - combine the bowl and stick to get mortar/pestle, then join flower with mortar/pestle

I have missed that. Going to look for it.

thanks Trisana
it worked

peke - in front of the cash register, on the counter.

made the sleeping potion

used sleeping potion on man an got coins

i only have 2 clues, two 8's?

it wont let me use the color powder on the lens'

Thanks for the hint. I didn't first see that note but everything else was quite clear.

javiera - I didn't have 8's, let me run it again quickly, they may differ game to game.

they do change game to game. what colors did you use?

oh, sarah - do you have the coins? and which telescope are you trying it on?

i'm lost =(...
there's something blinking in tree house...

I can't get the glass of liquid to combine with the first 3 ingredients in the potion. Am I supposed to have a separate bottle of something first?

i have the coins and tried both telescopes but didnt work

lori - no, but you do need to grind them up into a powder first.

sarah . . . hmmm . .. red/blue go on the one up top. click around a bit.

Javiera - the blinking doesn't matter.

sry my english isn't very good, but i only have two 8, and the code is with 4 numbers...did you finish Trisana?

thanks Trisana
i was zooming in instead of being zoomed out

Did you use red and blue powders on the upper telescope and then green and gray powders on lower right telescope?

found a 1, two 7s, and a 9

Thanks Trisana. Got it now.

yes i did, and i only got two numbers xD...sorry

Hi...I somehow missed the to get to please?

Pop!...always works...LOL got it!

omg i don't know what i was thinking...i got stupid

Maybe you didn't just notice the other two numbers when moving the telescope. I suggest you try again and look carefully when moving the telescope view.

how many #s are there?

4, sarah.

i found four but cant figure out the code

Hi, I only see 2 numbers too, 0 n the top telescope and a 7 on the bottom one

bet, you move the view by clicking. the one in the sand is hard to see, and you need to find the firewood in the bottom one.

and on the bottom one I see a window that is shinning , does that mean anything?

no, it doesn't. or if it does, nothing I could tell it meant, anyway.

ok feeling really stupid here- im moving the telescope around but only see the 2 numbers aahhhh

and,,,OUT!Love these games more and more!

bet, remember the notes you read, they give you clues as to where to look.

I just found one color at a time in telescope look then add the other color it worked I'm out ...that was a fun one :)

bet-i think there is only 1 # per color and 2 # per telescope

cant figure out the order of the code

Follow the order of colors given in the 3 notes.

When the sky is blue and the sun turn the sand red..
.. the villagers leave their houses with green hope..
.. to get food for his gray campfire.

LOL Trisana, i can see the # on the sand by the monkey but that's it and on the bottom one I see the # on the roof of the house

ooohhh thank you sarah, dah (hit self on head - lol i was only using one color

i can't figure out how to make the potion. any hints?

and out!!!!!!! Thank you for all your help!!!!!

thanks Peke
i never though of that
i feel really stupid

out thanks everyone

jennifer, combine the first 3 ingridients and use them with the mortal to make them into powder then use the liquid in the cup with them

Jennifer, instructions are in front of the cash register

i have combined the leaf and egg, but it won't let me combine the cup of whatever that is.

Try selecting the '+' again and then combining.

did you use the scale first?

I used the scale with all the cans filled with rice, and then it left me with one

Oh my goodness I was at work trying to play this and I was getting so mad cause my buckets o rice was disappearing then when I figured that part out I couldn't get the bottle to add for the potion

Goodness gracious after restarting so many times I figured it out lol ok for the ones whom was stuck like myself I will be kind to write a walkthrough thanks to all the hints that was provided


First screen grab the can on the rock under window
Grab green plant next to guys knee and grey plant above the right telescope and blue flower on left side of store notice then green leafs on the top left of the mountain that you can't grab yet
Zoom in on the top telscope get the red flower and the stick on the right side of the pole next to the telescope. Also a egg from the nest
Go into store click on note next to register back up and click the green leaf from the left side of the mountain
Go back in the store grab the bowl on the floor the right bottle on the counter and the four can on the top shelf.
Click the barrel in front of you and fill the cans with the rice place the biggest one on the scale it says its only a quarter.
Click on the note for the directions to make the sleeping potion combine the items in that order until you get to the liquid part.
Combine the stick and bowl crush the items you combined add the liquid to the cup on the counter grab the cup combine the mixture with the cup give it to the man click register for coins
Combine the flowers with the bowl and make colored dust go out to the telescopes click the blue then the telescope it says its tinted go back to the hand in order to look around find a number zoom out do it again with the red
Zoom out and use the telescope on the right the left is broken use the grey then the green the same way go into the store and use the numbers on the safe

I forgot where all the notes where so the order of the numbers goes like this thanks to the hint from Peke

When the sky is blue and the sun turn the sand red..
.. the villagers leave their houses with green hope..
.. to get food for his gray campfire.

The numbers change each game

thanks for the walkthrough @Kymmie, I always need one on these games!

       Anonymous  8/21/10, 5:45 PM  

i'm outtt thank you all for the help

out! It took me a while to find that darn sleeping potion note. It was in front of the cash register on the counter. The rest was easy.

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