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Treasure of Big Totem 13 Walkthrough

Treasure of Big Totem 13

Treasures of Big Totem 13 is the next episode of Treasure of Big Totem point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series.There are many secrets beyond the fountain of desires... You must reveal it to get the next scroll. Good luck and have fun!

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Hello? Anybody there to help?
I'm stuck...don't know how to get the snowball..

Did you make the hockey stick yet?

Just arriving now

Yes, I did...but it keeps landing on the girls head

and POP...I did it!

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I like these games, wish they were longer. :)

hi how did u get the snowball?pls

I'm out...it was okay, but this "follow the fire sparks" was a little bit annoying.

Click on the snowball, click the guy, use the hockey stick with the blond girl, then use only the hand on the dark haired girl

how do you make the hockey stick?

oh sorry, don't use the stick on the blond girl, use it on the snowball in front of the blond girl

For the stick:
there is a board by the tree and an arrow/spearhead on the floor to the left of the dark girl, combine them to get the stick

thank you George,

Following the sparckle was a bit boring.

I have the Coin of fire now..

Nobody there anymore? I have the honey and the mushroom, but the leave keeps flying away. Any help?

POP! Stick the honey into the hole to catch the leave.

POP.. Good game..

Naren, I have the blue coin and no idea how to proceed.

Ok, coin into the water and file in tree. Follow the sparks was indeed boring. But good game otherwise.

okay game not as good as the others!!

As usual, I don't understand anything at a Treasure of Big Totem game. I have a mortar and pestle, 2 stones, a mushroom and a feather (?). I read the recipe of incense, but the leaf keeps on flying and I can't do anything on the beehive.

same here @Pascale. You can take the leaf by combining the stick with the beehive and putting it in the little hole (left side by the pond) Can't find board(?) by tree to make hockey stick.

Pascale: Grind up the mushroom and leaf in the mortar

Get a stick at the top right, behind the tree

top left, sorry


Pick up 2 stones, mortar, pestle (left front in grass), mushroom and stick, read inscription on stone in front of the water.

Use stick 3 times to make beehive fall down, take beehive.

Combine 2 stones, combine stick and beehive

Put stick with honey in hole at the left of water

Press leaf 2 times to make it stick to honey.

combine leaf with mushroom

combine mortar with pestle

Grind up mushroom and leaf

combine red powder with stick

put stick in hole

use 2 stones on red stick

More follows.....


Pick up arrow, pick up wood, pick up feather

Combine wood and arrow

click on snowball
click on guy and quickly click on hockeystick and snowball, quickly click 'hand' and click the girl on the other side.

Get coin of fire, put it in the water

more follows....

Pick up file in hole in tree
combine file with stone

put powder on fire

Follow the sparks ,get coin, put in water


I quit this - the snowball bit was too annoying...don't like timed games!

I can't follow the sparks!

Thank you, Safi, my problem was to pick up the leaf. Now it is that I don't find any arrow !

@Pascale, the arrow is on the ground, between the pond and the stones to the left of the girl with blue top.

I didn't like this Totem game as much as I normally do. The timed snowball wasn't too fun, and I quit after trying to chase the sparks a few times. Not fun enough to struggle to hit the hotspots as quick as possible.

Looking forward to the next Totem, that is probably better.

Oh, now I understood the sparks! I thought I had to hit them quick where they showed. Instead I should wait until they finish, and hit the rocks in that sequence.

@ellie, I was inspired to try it again per your instructions but still couldn't finish this game!

I worked on this for 20 minutes...and I don't know if it a time delay or what...but I could not follow the sequence...I love these games but it was not possible to follow it cause they were all lighting at once or two or three at a time!

I guess I'll just have to wait for the next one...Oh, Well...

@nokra, I'm sorry about that. My sparkles showed one at a time, but very quick. That's why I gave up at first, trying to hit them immediately as they showed. I could however write down their sequence and hit the rocks that way as soon as I understood it was possible. Seems like a hard thing to do when they're showing at the same time. Better luck with the next game!

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