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Abandoned 3

Abandoned 3 is a new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz. You were told to never come to this abandoned place alone. Now something is keeping you from leaving. Find items and clues to help escape the dark abandoned place. Good luck and have fun!

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Looks like more Monday morning fun. Who's in?

Too many rooms. I'm totally lost.....

I'm in - was just playing an old SSSG

And now I'm stuck in a room I can't get out of....gotta re-start.

I got out of that room. But I'm so totally lost......all I have is a key, a map, have seen a note and a few symbols. A few doors I can't open. A fridge I can't get down/around. LOST!!! ;)

Hi a & a

just loading

did you close your inventory so you can see the arrows?
Map in far right room

Hi all, found key in wall picture, pincers (used on a grey locker) gave me mallet, a note with symbols.

Now looking where to use key and mallet.

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 7:39 AM  

I'm in ... late here, dunno if the brain is up to it :-)

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 7:39 AM  

I'm in...late here, let's see if my brain is up to it :-)

Found a bug. Picked up plyers, left room, came back, plyers there again. You can pick up a bunch of plyers if you want. ;)

There must be a bug, i have got the mallet twice, now i have 2 in inventory :)

hey, im a novice so might not be much help, lol

Found a mirror/dressing table that has a ruby necklace, but can't take it.

anyhelp on pincers and plyers please

Found a shovel, a green gem and a silver key in another grey locker.

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 7:45 AM  

I can pick up the same item multiple times...buggy

Pincers opens one of the grey lockers.

Gosh, so lost.

Got a shovel and green gem, but couldn't begin to tell you where. LOL!

Crowbar in another room.

Obviously i used a key on the dark brown door to get crowbar, navigation is hard.

Got yellow gem from using a crowbar.

If you look at the map, crowbar is in the right most room in the bottom row.

Map helps with navigation. Still difficult though.

For whoever else has the mallet -- we need to pound the posts on the box that has the 5 posts in it, I believe to match the picture on the wall in a room 2 to the right of it.

And if you can follow that, you deserve a prize.....sheesh....

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 7:53 AM  

@allison_g I'm with you. getting dizzy and lost lol

Got it. Blue gem now.

I used the first key and found a room where i moved a lever.(2nd room on the top)

allison, where did you use crowbar ?

Need 3 more gems.

@Zazie, let's see if I can describe it....

On the pole in the room with the blue picture with the posts in it.

On the map, it's the third row down, third room fro the left.

There is a code panel in the left most room in second row of map (it looks like a kitchen)

Yep, I changed things at the last minute and it messed the items up, It is fixed now! Sorry about that!

very buggy! gave up for now.

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 7:57 AM  

thanks @allison_g I'd forgotten about that pic!

Need the pattern for the white door in the room on the third row, first room.

And need a place to use a shovel. And need a bunch of keys.

@allison - I'm working on the posts now - I thought I had it matching the picture but not working

THX allison found yellow gem.

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 8:01 AM  

posts go down one lower than the pic shows if that's any help got blue gem

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Annaby -- the tallest posts are actually one hit down.

Hi self, shall i restart to avoid the bug ? I don't want to play again from the scratch. Or will my items be disappeared ?

Thought I should be able to use the shovel on the floor in that same room with the post and the blue picture, but can't. The dialogue box keeps getting in the way.

I can't play further; accidently picked up some items twice and now my inventory is full and the new ones wont't go on.
Do I have to start over now Selfdefiant or can I start the saved game?

finally - the blue gem!

@zazie, I'm going to just try plugging on, unless Self tells us it's better to re-start.

Ahh moving the lever removed the fridge...

from the order of greek alphabet,I think I'm missing a pink gem (already found another pink one,a green one,a yellow one,a blue one,an orange one,and set them into the necklace),and missing two keys,one for a dark brown door and one for the door with blue decorations... (sorry for my english!)

I tried pounding those posts
out/in/middle/out/in - but doesn't work

pulled lever lifts the fridge - room with necklace to put gems in

LOL s-t i put the same question

Not much lol Zazie, but I feel sorry for Selfdefiant this happened, he makes great games.

@Simona, help with the orange and pink gems?

I am so sorry about the items. I don't usually change things like that. If you have too many, then unfortunately yes you must restart. :(

@Swiss -- pound once on the first post, 3 times on the second, 2 times on the third, one time on the 4th, and 3 times on the fifth.

Alrighty, restarting......great game tho, Self!

the left on just one time, the second one all the way in, third one not sure, fourth one just once and fifth all the way in.

@allison:I don't remember where I got them,but I accidentally clicked an add,so I have to restart...
oh,the orange gem is in the courtyard,you have to use the shovel on the bottom part!

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 8:09 AM  

can anyone remember which room the lever is in pls?

cannot find room again with pounding box
any help please

and the pink one maybe in the room with grey drawers where you found silver key:use crowbar on the bottom green drawer...(I think!)

car look at my post at 16:54

THX Simona for the orange gem !!!

Where was the lever to move the fridge?

SwissMiss, box in 4th row ..first room

@Simona - I was just in the courtyard with the shovel! Thanks for the exact location - I'll go back

small-tool, the lever is in room where you have to use first key. (second row, second room)

I read that before and I clicked something on the right side in that room and it said; something has moved, but in the other room the fridge is still there!?

@Simona, thanks. Got the Orange. Now just gotta find those drawers again.

Still can't find the pink, or the code with the arrows, or several keys.....

@ST, sounds like what you did SHOULD have moved the fridge.

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 8:23 AM  

Thanks for the help but giving up for now...full inventory and have a map stuck in my hand so can't pick up any other items :(

missing purple stone - Zazie have you got that and where did you find it

have all the others

btw thanks for the pounding box - found it in the mt

Need to somehow move the rubble where the fridge was also.....

I did not find anything more in the drawer (in both rooms with drawers) hmmm.

small-tool, when i moved the lever the fridge was gone.

soooooo stuck!can't go any further...stillmissing the same things:keys,second pink gem and...something has moved but what?!?

@Swiss, did you find the pink?

Allison for pink one
second row from bottom rightmost room
one drawer is jammed bottom left

I only have yellow, green, blue and orange gem !

Nope my fridge just won't move, my lever just doesn't do the trick.
Gonna give up, good luck all.

ST and Allison
lever for the fridge 2nd row from top, right room

ST fridge is the one blocking the topmost room!

still can't find the lever and have only found the silver key. Even with drawing a map with notes, I'm lost :(

small-tool don't give up

there are two fridges - do you have the right one?
where the rubble is - 2nd row from top left room

Thx SwissMiss, found pink gem finally !

@Swiss -- all my drawers open, and no pink. ;(

Ups two fridges ? I even did not recognize this :)

NVM. Couldn't see get the right hot spot for the drawer. Have it now. Thanks!

lever is 2nd row from top right room
go up the steps (middle row)straight again, then right and up

allison in bottom left dark corner of the room, i did not see it as well.

Allison - there is on the very left bottom half hidden a jammed drawer - use the crowbar on it

Zazie - there was an open fridge amongst the jung somewhere (or it looked like a fridge anyway) lol

have you found the purple diamond yet?

Are we all stuck with 5 gems, and no purple?

the pink one - hint came from Simona! can't bask in foreign glory - lol -

purble diamond anyone???

my typos !!! this junk not jung and purple not purble - sorrrrrryyy

For purple gem:

It's in the leftmost room of them all (third row from top)
Rachel, Dan, Levi & Ursula ARE DIRECTIONS.

Sorry for my typos - fingers faster than brain!

@Edgar, excellent!

Yes i found the pink gem, missing one now.

Did anybody use the hammer and where ?

Hi Edgar
thanks for hint - this is the kitchen room - but how can you go RLUDetc there???

Darn it. Didn't write the colors of the greek letters down. Shoot.

@SwissMiss, the clue is under the crank room.

@SwissMiss - I don't have a key to get there

green,blue,orange,pink, purple, yellow

And how to move the arrows on the box ?
Maybe last gem is inside ?

OH @SwissMiss, you mean where to use them? Look at the cupboards.

I got the work-schedule with Rachel, etc.
but there is nothing in the kitchen to work with

And out. Thanks Edgar!

I don't recognize the orange greek letter for the gem order... I could use some help now!!

1318 clicks, but that's with restarting.

@Edgar, doesn't really matter -- I don't think it's a greek letter. For the order of the gems, need the colors from the letter strewn about the house + the note on the Patient Form.

missed that - thanks - got a rusty key now

LOL, thanks SwissMiss for gem order. OUT!!

I am stuck, missing the key...

thx @ Edgar!!!now I'm out!!!

Staying for a few to help......

You're right @allison, I over-thought that last clue!

Edgar - purple stone????
rusty key opened door above kitchen - but found no stone there!!

@Zaz, which key do you need? One comes from the cabinet after you do the arrow code, the other comes from putting the gems in the right order.

@Zazie, which room is still close for you?

@Swiss, the stone is in there. I think I just clicked around until it fell out.

@SwissMiss, the purple stone is in the leftmost room!

Help with the purple stone please - still groping in trash - here

is it the kitchen or in the newly opened room one up from the kitchen
I want my purple stone....

Oh, I'm confused. Sorry SwissMiss! The cupboard with arrows gives you the key to an upper room. The gem is on the right of the room, somewhere...

Need key for 2nd room, 5th row and for 4th row, 1st room.
I have no arrow code, nor did i use hammer.

ahhhh found it

and out - thanks for your help

need one more key and the purple gem

hammer (mallet) use 3row from bottom - leftmost room

(bang 1,3,2,1,3 times)

cupboard with arrows? don't remember seeing this

annaby - use workschedule (Rachel, Dan, etc. in kitchencupboard (3rd row, 2nd left)

gives you key for room north of kitchen for purple diamond

@Zazie, hmm... 1st room 4th row (from bottom?)??
That room doesn't need a key... does it?

@annaby, your missing key leads you to the purple gem. Follow my comments above (leftmost room).

This is the room with box with logs, i cannot find any place where to use mallet.
I am lost :(

@Zazie, the mallet is ONLY used on that box. There's no other use for it as I can remember.

@Zaz, pound on the logs with the mallet. Use # of pounds from Swissmiss hint above.

Ohh my, i thought i have to use mallet elsewhere as well, stupid me !! But i still need the rusty key

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think i am missing this Rachel hint, i did not see it anywhere, because i cannot move the arrows of the box.

@Zazie, that hint is a schedule paper under the crank room.

make a note of the names
go back to the kitchen (3rd row, leftish room) use DRU, etc. on kitchencupboard

@Annaby, click around/just below the cabinets toward the right of the screen. You'll have a door open up with the arrows.

@Zazie, the Rachel, etc hint is on the treatment form. I think it was in a room all the way to the right, maybe near or same room as where you found the plyers?

@Zazie you don't move the arrows.. you click them as note says ;)

I can't move the box arrow either

ah - thanks @Chimaera!

Np annaby :)

Now if I only hadn't been so lazy and would've written those symbols and their colors down :D

Oh well I'll wait that someone posts them here :P

@Chimaera, SwissMiss did that already:

Order for gems is

finally the purple gem - pretty well hidden

and out with a mere 2932 clicks! thanks everyone - I was ready to give up many times but your help just kept coming :D

Thank you Chimaera,allison and Edgar, found note finally, now off to the arrows.

Ahh thx @edgar... seems that I was lazy reading the posts as well :D

out finally!

Found the purple gem ufff

have to dash - Zazie you should not have any more problems now

cu all some other time - was fun playing with you

And out !!

I have no idea what i would have done with all your help !!
Thanks so much everybody !!!

With 1942 clicks lol..

Thx to Self for another great game !!!!

Great game - thanks a lot Selfdefiant!!!!!

Too bad I missed this live! I love your games @Selfdefiant! Going in to try on my own now :)

I don't find the lever to lift the fridge ! I've searched all the rooms of the second row from the top, I don't see any lever.

Have you used the key from the blue blank picture (right from start scene)?

Thank you for your answer, Stu. I found only one key, the silver one, but I don't remember where. I have a crowbar, pincers, a map, a mallet and 4 gems (green, orange, yellow, blue).

Stu, there is definitely a POP : I tried several times to get something from this blue frame, and finally, I have now a small old key.

Finally, I lifted the fridge and found a necklace, but I'm stuck again !

Hi, all!! Where are the pincers???

Found them! I was missing a couple rooms. Pincers are in the 4th row (bottom to top), 6th column (left to right)

Wow, are people still playing this? I tried earlier but, I couldn't find the pink gems so I left.

back in (ty for autosave Selfdefiant!)
Can someone help me find second pink gem? I have all but one. Got the one from the jammed drawer.

I am still playing, mgkanda, but I'm still missing 2 gems !

have all but one gem in necklace. Still have crowbar and mallet. oh and map, obviously. Need many keys.

What jammed drawer, mgkanda ?

Which ones? and hi!

on your map 2nd row from bottom far right room. the jammed drawer is the bottom green one to the left of the grey ones.

dude...I'm so stuck. I don't know where to click anymore. Going to sift through the comments again and see if I can find what I'm missing.

I guess what I'm missing is the purple one. I thought I saw two pink symbols lol. I know where it is but, Edgar's clue earlier isn't helping me.

nvm...got it! The key was a few comments further in. Thanks @Edgar!

Woohoo! out! Very fun, thanks @Selfdefiant!

@Pascale Still here?

Still can't open the cabinet with the arrows code. Help, please!

Still can´t find purple gem. Any help?

arrows order:
right, down, left, up, right, down, up

Thanks, Edgar for the arrows cabinet hint!!!

Thank you too, Roberto :D

@roberto use key from arrow cabinet in door (I think it was in a hallway and you had to go forward, sorry if that's wrong) In the room it says you moved some trash around and didn't find anything. There is, what looks like to me, a radiant heater on the right. It's in there. Click around and it'll fall out.

@Roberta The clue for the arrows code is in the room with the note on the door to the right. The first letters of all the employees.

I had to leave the game bu got back to it and finished. Needed help with the pink gem. Thanks @Simona! And I was way overthinking the order lol. It took me a while to realise it was just there on the note :)
Great game! Thanks!!

Someone could tell me where is the purple gem pls?

So I am missing the pink one cause I have the one from heater already. It looks like pink, not purple.

@roberto, the pink gem is in the room with lots of empty drawers. You got a key from one of the drawers earlier. Now you need to use your crowbar in the lower left corner of the room (outside the big drawers).

Oh! Thanks Ellie. I could not see that drawer. It´s so dark! I read the posts telling about the drawer, but I guesses I ever had all of them opened already. Thanks so much!

@roberto: 2nd row from bottom, 3rd column from right room, bottom left most drawer is jammed, use the crowbar

Lol! 6.397 click.
Selfdefiant owes me a new mouse.

Thank you, Ellie!!!

Yw @roberto! I didn't see it either and had to go to the comments for help. Once I knew where to look, I smashed everything with that crowbar and got a lucky hit lol.

Yw @Roberta as well!

This comment has been removed by the author.

So, I totally missed the green gem. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

nvm...found it!! somehow I missed a room before.

And...out! 1831 clicks. Thanks to everyone for all the hints and clues. :)

Green gem;
Go down the stairs, Go left, Go up and then it's under the papers (or bags, don't lnow what they are).

Well, played this game earlier while at work (ahem) and I have to say I used some help from Simona/SwissMiss to find my pink gem... and eventually for the gems order (still digesting that 'duh!' moment)
Thanks!! It was great to have played it 'semi-live' :)

Thank you, mgkanda, I hope I'll be able to finish the game tomorrow.

When you pick an item up, you need to place it in your inventory. Click on the word “Items” in lower right corner of the screen to open the inventory. Click on “Close” to close it again to see all of your navigation arrows.
If you played for a while but keep getting lost, and want to know in what room items are: click here for a spoiler where to find gems, symbols and items. But warning! It’s a big spoiler.

Turn right.
Click on the blue painting in the back wall.
Click twice in the lower right corner to get an Old Small Key.
Turn right.
Note the orange symbol.
Pick up the map from the floor to the left.
The map is to help you navigate – it’s easy to get lost!

Go left three times (corridor).
Note the blue symbol.
Go left – you need something to remove a rusty wire from a locker.
Back right to the corridor.
Go down (stairs).
Go down again.
Note the green symbol.
Go left and pick up a shovel.
Go up (locker with “Schedule 1”).
Move the left paper on the desk and get a GREEN GEM.
Go down again.
If you click down once more, there is a locked door – the Exit door.
Go right twice (narrow corridor).
Move up from there (drawers).
Open the drawer in second row from top, third column.
Get an Old Silver Key.
In the lower left corner is a dark drawer that is jammed.
Go back down then right.
A locked door.
Use your Old Silver Key to unlock it.
Now you can go right and pick up a crowbar.
Nothing else there.
Go back left then up, to the drawers.
Use your crowbar in the dark lower left corner, on the jammed drawer, outside of the lighter drawers.
Move some papers and get a PINK GEM (thanks @Simona!).

Go down, left, up the stairs and up once more.
(back in the corridor with blue symbol)
Go right to the courtyard.
Use the shovel in the dirt in the lower part of the screen.
Go left and up (still in the corridor).
Move up once more and see a fridge blocking the way.
Go back down.
Move right and click to read the note with names on the right wall.
Remember them for later.
Go right again.
See a pink symbol.
Pick up some pliers from the floor to the left.
Go back left, then up.
A closed door.
Use your Old Small Key to unlock the door.
Go up into the unlocked room.
Click on the crank in the middle of the room to move it.
(This lifts the fridge you saw earlier)
Go down and left (in corridor now).
Go up and see that the fridge is gone.
Note a yellow symbol.
If you move forward you’ll find a necklace with place for six gems.
You need to find more gems, and the order of them.

Go down, down and left (now in a room with a blue painting).
Click on the painting to have a closer look.
To the right is a pillar with an arrow and a grey square.
Use the crowbar on the square and get a YELLOW GEM.
Move left twice from here.
There is a note with symbols on the floor.
Read and remember.
Click on the upper right cupboard.
It needs an arrow code.
Use a clue you have already seen.
Get an Old Rusty Key #1.
Solution below.

Go right, then up.
A locked door.
Use the Old Rusty Key to unlock it.
Move forward.
Not much in this room, except for a big radiator.
One part of it is darker grey (9th bar from right).
Click on it to get a PURPLE GEM.

Go down, right, right (into the corridor).
Go down (to the blue symbol).
Turn left.
Use the pliers to unlock the locker in the left column (third row).
Get a mallet.
Go right (blue symbol in corridor).
Go up, then left twice.
Go down into a room with a big chest in lower left corner.
Click on the chest.
Use the mallet to hammer the posts down.
When in correct position, click the round button below the middle post.
Solution below.
Also, note the purple symbol.

You have all of your gems, and you have see the clue for the order.
Move up, right, right (main corridor), up (yellow symbol), up.
Click on the necklace.
Place your gems on their correct positions.
Solution below.
Get another Old Rusty Key.
Move all the way down (to the green symbol).
Turn left and click down.
A locked door.
Use your Old Rusty Key in the door and you’re out.

Arrow locker
Use the first letters in the names from the treatment form:
Rachel = R
Dan = D
Levi = L
Ursula = U
Randal = R
David = D
Ursula = U
R=right, D=down, L=left, U=up
Press the arrows pointing like this: RDLURDU
Last, press the button to the right of the arrows.

Chest with posts
Use the blue painting as a clue how many times to hit them.
You need to hit all of them at least once.
Counting from left to right, hit them these number of times:
1, 3, 2, 1, 3
Click here for a picture of the hammered posts.

Order of gems
You have seen the colored symbols all over the house.
You have also seen a patient form with the symbols written in black.
Click here for a picture of the colors and symbols.
Use the order of the note, and the colors you have seen.
Up on the note is left in the necklace.
Order: green, blue, orange, pink, purple, yellow
Click here for a picture of the placed gems.

Great WT @Ellie!

Thanks @annaby!

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