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[REPLAY] Hilgreed - Camel Eye Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Hilgreed. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Camel Eye Escape Walkthrough

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       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:01 AM  

back from lunch... hello all!

Hey! Happy Bday, Full. Glad I caught u in a live one to say so! :)

It's your b'day @Full? Happy Birthday!

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:05 AM  

Thanks alot Millie ! :-)


Hi all

Is it your birthday today Full?
Then many happy returns and many successful games!

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:06 AM  

MMhh, refreshed after using the 2 cards to get the books and the puppet cause i couldn´t get out of the scene with the 3 names?

Have a marker, key card, some blue things, a note... no clue, as well. l;ol

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:08 AM  

Haha, use the marker from the drawers to paint the traffic sings, lol

Hmm stick things in puppet guy.. no clue why lol

Finally a live one :D
Happy B-day Full... read on the last game that it is today!

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:10 AM  

Millie, use first card on the books to take them as well as a second card, use second card at the puppet ( next to the books)to take it

I think it's a bug, but I can't get back from the names area... :(

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:11 AM  

you can take the 9 from the clock

Yeah, thanks Full- got that far and had puppet and all but then got stuck at names area... refreshing now.. booooo

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:11 AM  

And the six

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:13 AM  

I had the same thing Millie..

got red key - don't know where to use it yet

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:14 AM  

Code from traffic picture opens right code pad ( laser control)

on that piece of paper is a 6 and a 9 as well

How did you get the red key?

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:16 AM  

Swissmiss, use it at the right codepad combined with the code (5231) from the picture

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:17 AM  

Red key is next to the plant in the hallway

Thanks Full.

The blue things go inside puppet but how. maybe has to do with thing on wall by chairs??

How do i get the code from the escape cafe poster?

Vosje, use your marker (first open it) on the traffic sign on the picture. Then zoom out and zoom in again.

Ok, got puppet guy open... and a new hint..

thanks Full
now have blue key and second code from doll

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:20 AM  

Vosje, first use the red marker on it to get the key, than just turn aourn and go back to the picture and the code is there

and blue key..

oh - thanks - I didn't open my marker

@Millie... great find... it gives you a head and a code on the board

just green code to go - must to do with 6 and 9

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:22 AM  

How do you open the "puppetguy"?

Thanks Millie,
Have a new kind of key from the puppet now and numbers on the board.

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:22 AM  

Got it, lol

@Full... thanks, but my red marker doesnt work there... trying to reload now

Change 6 and 9 on clock

Put the blue things on the orange squares on the puppet (according to the orange board).

Onto green laser. :)

and than taking the cap of the marker :(
I feel so dumb

And the blue laser is out. Now just the green one.

if you put the 6 and 9 on the clock reversed it shows 13.40

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:25 AM  

Vosje, did you first take the tap of? in the about item view?

and pretty empty inventory by now... lol... of course.

Thanks cece, for the clock.

on that yellow cupboard with blue handels is another view - one gets doll and paper with green clue

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:27 AM  

Mmmhhh, i thought i got how to open the puppet but can´t get to isert the blue pins the right way

and I got the green key

How did u open that, Swiss... been trying!! :)

@Full, it looks like you need to turn it right but it is actually left, I believe. :)

it doesn't turn the way one thinks - see where the green is and go from there


use the front

Creepy! I never saw that view and I was creeped out when I saw that little doll kid... eek. lol

doll's hand not good for door

have not figured out green code yet

I've seen the green clues, but can't figure out the code.
And what to do with the new puppet.

Happy "your day" Full!! OWN IT!

Where's the green key?

Doll holds door oopen. :)

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:31 AM  

Gracias Swissmiss!!! got it

For the green we should use the vieuw in the mirror of the closeth i guess... there are lines on the door after using the paper with lines on it

there is a green code on the wall and now on the paper
we also have the clock giving now blue 8 and red 2

Did u put doll in front of door, Swiss?

can't find key.. :(

Great millie... than you can use the mirror in the door... and see the code


de nada Full

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:35 AM  

Thanks a lot MUSE :-)

the key is in the cupboard on a shelf

3751 doesn't work... not the code. or not all of it atleast...

oh... it are numbers on the mirror... but i cant figure out the code

@millie...the 5 is not a 5... look closer..

And now my game freezes!!!! Grrrrrr

oh duh!@ thanks

got all the lasers off, but need another code on the lock...

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:39 AM  

Green is 3791, still no idea for the blue code

Yeah and why can we zoom on top of new bookcase?

if I try the doll on the looked door which needs the handprint
I get crosses with the two misters but with the Major ist stays neutral
is the doll Major whatitsname??

I did something. not sure what! (with puppet dude)

Now the lasers are gone and I did put the books back.

Full how did you get 3791

the blue one - check the board on the wall after you put the blue pegs into the doll

yeah... got out of the hallway... crawled under the stairs

Help.. placed the doll at the bottom of the door. now see the green lines on the wall, I put the transparent paper up by the lines, but I am not seeing any code on a mirror?

SH************T I got stuck at names again. Really?! Ugh.. all that hard work.. well finish without me I guess.. I can help up to a point. :)

@swissmiss... open the yellow door... click the paper with green stripes on the mirror en look in the mirror... don't forget to put the puppet in front of the door

@small-tool... you have to turn the bookcase first... see whats in your inventory and use that

Vosje, how did you crawl out.
My stairs went up after I put the books in, but I can't go down?

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 7:46 AM  

Lol millie and i refreshed the game instead of the comments once more
Can´t they just invent some sort of toolbar where the tabs and the refresh icon or miles away from each other)) just a question

@enjoy... first open the yellow door (don't know how i did that anymore)... than click the mirro on the inside of the door... and put the paper with the green lines on it

Ah thanks Vosje,
I used the puppet key to turn the book case.

got it.. wasn't opening the yellow cupboard to see the mirror!

what's with the stairs

@small-tool... see my last comment about turning the bookcase... get the books out first

oh wow. a whole other room in the basement. Almost like starting over in the same game!

I need a new key in the next room, the basement... so stuck right now

Vosje.. thank you. where do you get the key for the laser control, used the code, but don't have the key!

my puppet doesn't want to sit anywhere

and also stuck at bookcase - if I put books in I am trapped behind

Got another key from the machine in the basement.

What? There's more... I guess I'll go back in. No other new ones anyway.. what a sucker. lol

thanks - got the stairs

didnt use the clock code with the 8 and 2 yet... maybe we need that somewhere... and didnt use the major nyaa thing

Using that key I got a battery or something like that.

pop.. got it.. in the cupboard!

also a compass downstairs

@Swiss. keep your books and look at the top of the bookcase. you have to turn the bookcase using something in your inventory first then go downstairs and put the books back in

@swissmiss... use your puppethead on top of the bookcase

@small tool... where did you find the key from what machine?

Ah turn the battery around and put it back and then you see a code.

Nope. Now wont load. Enjoy the game, y'all... lol

Meet in Locked forever when you finish. lol

In the basement go left and then zoom in on the middle machine, there's the key.

now where you are... note that the needles on the compass are also red and bleu, just like the clock

where to use the NXEX... code?

awww Millie and you were so much help before. Sad for you now.

I am downstairs - what I meant is that I have not found the code for the green key - just used your hints - but thanks anyway

I can't find the compass??

It wouldn't even load when I tried to get back in. What's better is the next game is really lame. I liked this one. ;) Hope it is a good ending!

Full - I put the battery back in the other way but no code - and I cannot take it out again!!

beats me too. Don't see a place to input a code anymore.

found the key, the compass and the code... now what?

@Fan... it's on the same machine as where you put in the key, but on the other side of the machine.. in the left side is also a hotspot

Thanks so much Vosje

The compass is in the corner of the machine with the code on it.

Can anyone help me with the blue code?

we have to type a code upstairs but it says that we dont know the numbers...

on top of that machine are letters - if you leave out the X's you get NWSWN (north, west,...)
so where do we click ?? going upstairs to try the clock


i combined the NXEX... code with the clock and found a new code with numbers... but still nowhere to use it...

Go back upstairs, take the books back and the push thing is unlocked. New room now.

gonna check upstairs...

out! :)

the clock didn't work but the blue is on 8 and according the compass this is North so I would get
8 11 2 5 8

Need a 4 digit code now?

got a 5 digit code... not a 4 digit one...
thought N=12, E=3 etc... and than multiplying it

How did you get the code?

the code is north x south etc... maybe the clock numbers?

the X between the letters in important...

April how
I can only figure out more than 4digit codes from NESWN

Thanks swissmiss... that worked... combine my last post with your numbers for NESW

ah - it's a handprint

And out!!! Yeah
i'll stick around for a bit

and out!

you have tu multiply the numbers

Vosje - pls help - I am overthinking

loved this game... all the way you thought you were out... and we could start all over again... GREAT!!!

ah got it

I think I have 8x2x11x5 but that's not working!?

@swiss...NXEXSXWXN=8X11X2X5X8= code

smalltool you miss one 8

and out too
thanks for your help - never placed that doll on the floor - lol -

and a very special evening to you Full

@small... use the last N too

And out, very good, good game!

Thanks all,
forgot that last N.

Have a great evening Full... Also Proost (cheers) from Holland


Woot! Thanks guys that was fun. And you were all so much help.

gonna play Locked forever now...

Great game, great teamwork.

Great game.. thanks for the help everyone!

Thank You Annaby!! Though I needed 4 numbers!

       Anonymous  9/17/10, 8:22 AM  

Thanks a lot all of you for the nice words!!

Instead of the comments i refreshed the game page not once, not twice, but thrice !! And after that FF went down. Today should be my lucky day, no?

I´ll try and play again, i like this game, lol

dont get blue laser code :(

sue - read the comments - all codes are mentioned - the blue one fairly recently (3digits)

pop...was searching for a 4th number, not my day 2day

Good luck to you,Full.

i placed the books on the bookshelf and then used the put and inserted it into a hole abive the bookshelf and the bookshelf turned!!cant go down now......the stairs are raised

out. great game... but couldn solve the green laser code, had now view to place doll. where did you put it.?? and
@ harsh..take books out... and place only the puppethead key on shelf. it will turn. then go down wwhere the car parking picture is and tur to the bookshelg with puppet key. place THERE your books...

Where do you enter the final code?

@ twassel in room upstairs... you have to push the unlock button on wall new room will open

Sue: DOH! I forgot about that button!

I never did figure out the green code. Couldn't put the doll down anywhere. Thanks to all for the help.

replayed and could find where to click for placing doll ( open door to hallway and then click in middle of door to get down view)
still have space left for 2 items
liked this game

That was a great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your hints!

VERY entertaining game! Loved this!! More!

I still don't have the code for the green lasers. I used the green pattern on the mirror but I can't put back the doorstop doll to let the door opened !

Zoom in on the door to the hall, open it but don't go in. Click the bottom of the door to see a view of the bottom where you can put that doll.


- Zoom in on the chairs and take the GREEN CARD from the red chair.
- Zoom in on the glass-box in the back and use that card to open it (put in and click box). Take the BOOKS and the BLUE CARD (in the back).
- Zoom in on the first glass-box and use the blue card to open it and take DOLL #1.
- Go left

- Zoom in on the bottom of the cupboard for another view. Take DOLL #2 and take NOTE #1 (left of the cupboard).
- Open the cupboard, zoom in on the top shelf and take the GREEN KEY.
- Go right

- Zoom in on the door, open the door, go in and go right.

- Zoom in on the cabinet, open the top drawer and take the MARKER, open the middle drawer and take the BOX, open the bottom drawer and take NOTE #2.
- In the inventory; open the books and see the traffic signs. Open the marker and take the top off so you can use it.
- Zoom in on the picture and use the marker on the traffic sign to make it a no-parking sign. Zoom out and zoom in again and see the car is gone and now you can see the red number 5231.
- If you paid attention you also saw something falling so zoom in on the cabinet again and take the RED KEY (next to the plant).
- Go all the way out, back to the...

- Zoom in on the picture in the back to see the orange, green and blue.
- In the inventory; open the box and open it and take the 3 BLUE TIES. Open doll #1 and see it has orange and green too, now put the ties on the same place on the doll as where blue is on the picture. If done correctly the head of the doll comes off. Take that DOLL HEAD KEY. Click the grey part of it to open it and take the BLUE KEY and see there are now 3 numbers with arrows on the picture, so the blue number is 536.
- Zoom in on the door and open the door. Don't go in but zoom in on the bottom part of the door for another view. Put doll #2 there to hold the door open.
- Zoom all the way out and go left.

- Open the cupboard and zoom in on the mirror on the left. Now you can see the doll and the green stripes in the other room.
- Put note #1 (has also green stripes on it) on the green stripes and see it makes the green numbers; 3791.
- Go right

- All the keys are there and all the codes so zoom in on the chairs.
- Use the blue code (536) on the table in front of the blue chair and click set and put the blue key in.
- Use the green code (3791) on the table in front of the green chair and click set and put the green key in.
- Use the red code (5231) on the table in front of the red chair and click set and put the red key in.
- All the lasers in the hall are out now.
- Go through the door to the hall.


- Go right.
- Go up the stairs.
- Zoom in on the button and then you can go right to look behind (or actually at the front side of) the book case.
- Zoom in on top of the bookcase and put the doll head key on the square hole and the top part of the bookcase turns around.
- Go down, down the stairs again and zoom from this side in on the top of the bookcase and put the books in and the stairs go up.
- Go down and go under the stairs to the...

- Go left and zoom in on the middle machine behind the green bar.
- The top part of one of the grey vertical bars is a key. Take that GREY/RED KEY. Zoom out (2x) to go back to the first view of the basement.
- Zoom in on the big machine on the right. Zoom in on the corner of the desk part of the machine and take the COMPASS. Zoom out (1x) and zoom in on the blue part on the right. Use the key to open it and take the BATTERY. In your inventory; turn the battery over. Put the battery back in and zoom out (1x) and now you can see a code on the white panel. Zoom in to see it better, it's NxExSxWxN.
- Zoom all the way out and go back to the 3-chairs-view and go right (2x)

- In the inventory; open note #2 and see 6 is left and up and 9 is lower and right.
- Zoom in on the clock and take the 9 and the 6 and put the 6 on the place of the 9 and vice versa. See the clock hands move. The blue one is now on 8 and the red one on 2.
- In the inventory; open the compass and see blue is North and red is South. So north is 8 and south is 2, which means 11 is east and 5 is west. Now combine this with the code from the basement;
- NxExSxWxN is 8x11x2x5x8 and that is 7040.
- Go back to the ...

- Zoom in on top of the bookcase and take the books out to let the stairs go down.
- Go up the stairs, zoom in on the button and see it's unlocked now, so click 'push'.
- Go down, go left and in the...

- Zoom in on the code panel and put in 7040. Zoom out (1x), click the glass and take the HAND SHAPE.
- Zoom all the way out and go back to the 3-chairs-view and go right.

- Zoom in on the panel next to the door, zoom in on the middle name (didn't see a hint why that name, but that's the only one that works) and click the button. Zoom out (1x) and put the hand shape on the hand. Zoom out, open the door and go out.

Thanks a lot, small-tool ! You saved me once again ! Now I'm going to read again the messages in order to understand what to do after putting the books into the bookshelf...

Major Nyaa is written on the hand shape if you turn it around !

Great WT small-tool !!!

Awesome game! Other than the doll to hold the other door open I did it all on my own! That almost never happens. :)

Thanks for clarifying the name thing.
Now the game is truely solved and it makes the game really perfect;
- Challenging, but logical codes with challenging hints and how to find them (the car thing with traffic sign was excellent and so was the clock, basement code and compass).
- Great graphics.
- Sneaky views
- Using items on items in the inventory with the turning around trick and the multiple ways to use the same item.
- Quite long and the sneaky trick with the bookcase.
- Etc. etc.

KUDOS Hilgreed, hope to see much more games from you.

Clever Golden Eye takeoff! The highlight was
so funny!

as for Major Nyaa - that is the sound a cat makes in Japanese (meow). Hence his handprint is...a pawprint! Now finally we know the name of Blofeld's cat ;)

Question - is there a second ending??

Perhaps there is another ending. I noticed two spaces were still left vacant in the inventory at the end.

this is just a rubish game i cant get the doll to hold the door back! grrrrrrrrr

2 hints:

1) The Major Nyaa hint is on the back of the hand thing

2) When you exit the room through the Major Nyaa door, look up and click! Mataasobo ending!

Sm where is the first cupboard i can not find it.

is locked yellow door?

ok it took me 3 days but i got it thank to ST

I had a hard time with the toy swords and the first doll, thinking I was turning it right, when I was turning it left. When the doll is facing you, those are the two columns to use.

       Anonymous  6/4/18, 12:28 PM  

caught this one while searching for games worth a replay

but couldn't play, as links are broken...
(didn't find another alternative link)

A very rare 5 stars from me.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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