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Cipher - Crack the Code Walkthrough

Cipher - Crack the Code

Cipher: Crack the Code is another new challenging brain teaser intricate and art-intensive online riddle game created and subbed by Benjamin Gabbay. "Cipher is an online riddle. Its name, according to the dictionary, means "a message in code." An online riddle is a kind of puzzle that requires a wide range of skills in order to advance through a series of HTML pages or "levels." Other kinds of games in this genre include NotPr0n (the creator of the genre), Neutral Riddle, Clever Waste of Time, and many others." Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Benjamin]

Update: New levels are added!

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Can we give straight answers here to help each other or only hints?
Normally with these kind of games they say;
Please do not post direct answers.
But I can't see that here?

       Anonymous  9/19/10, 10:07 AM  

need help with level 3

view->page source

ok. got to level 3 but now i'm stuck.

This a common thing in riddle games.
You have to go (on your toolbar) to 'view' and there you can click 'source' to see some programming and sometimes the answer like now.

braggart.htm doesn't load for me...

       Anonymous  9/19/10, 10:13 AM  

and then do what?

@small-tool you are playing these kind of games?

       Anonymous  9/19/10, 10:13 AM  

and then do what?

Egle, not that much, but there are no other games right now.

razelberrie, the answer is in green. Copy that word and put it in the web-adress bar on the place of level 2.

I don't see a green answer. My words are red, brown and blue

Any help with lvl 8? I changed the image but I don't know what to search for. Tried the numbers in Google but I got nothing special.

       Anonymous  9/19/10, 10:19 AM  

thanks small-tool. but now what about level 4. lol

a hint on level 4 please?

Are you on level 3? There is in line 8 in the source the answer in green.

@small-tool ahh i asked, cause i am playing one online team riddling game. One riddle per week, i just love it, quite different from this one though. http://invasion.cleverwasteoftime.com/contact/index.php?action=forum if u are interested :)

Stuck on level 4 too.

Which one was the lvl 4?

@Lia, level 4 was "Computer Talk".

Ah found level 4.
You need to translate that binary number in text.

pop, thanks @small-tool.

I am still at lvl 8, if anyone gets there and can give me a hint.

@Lia, I think we need your hints first then, lol. What to do in level 5, "Come to the dark side..."?

       Anonymous  9/19/10, 10:27 AM  

stuck on 5. i suck at this. lol

Well Lia,
You could give me a hint for level 5 (brick wall) with the two lamps on the wall.

@razelberrie, you are not the only one! :)

In the source there is; we hold the answer.

If i remember right, at lvl 5 you have to get rid of the pic first. Go to the htm that is around the pic. (view source)

I still don't find the answer for level 4. Where are the separators ? We need them to translate the binary code.

Give me the url of lvl 5 so i can go with you step by step

lvl 5, look for a hidden text below the image. drag your mouse.

pop! find the #.htm in "source", and when you have a blank page, find the #.htm from "source" there to get too the next level.

Thanks Sean.

http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/PlayGround/Binary_Conversion/Binary_To_Text.asp for lvl 4

yw peewee

Pascale, you can just copy the code in binary field of http://home2.paulschou.net/tools/xlate/ and press decode.

and now stuck on level 6. Moving ahead with babysteps, lol.

Thank you, Lia. I still don't understand why the good old http://www.dcode.fr/ didn't give any valid answer.

For lvl 6 view image name, then check the source for hint

I was so blind with lvl 8. I am on lvl 9 now.

seems i cant illuminate the darkness, duuh, i litteraly tried to do it

oh i am blind, the answer is here

finally got it, thanks for the hint @egle :)

I am stuck at lvl 10 now.

I dont know why, concidering I am stuck yet again, but I really like this game :)

Letter W of the word "ANSWER" on lvl 10 has a bit different color of the rest letters? Or just my screen needs to be cleaned? :p

I went trhough all the images on 6 and don't get it. The last one says what do you want now I gave you the answer...;)


submachine, where are you stuck now?

small-toll, use all these letters in this order to make the word

@small-tool the letters of pics makes the answer, how you get to the end

i am stuck on lvl 9 now

@Lia, on level 7, "Illuminate the darkness". I truly am bad at these things.

I'm asking the same question as Submachine : how do you illuminate the darkness in level 7 ?

@submachine24 just look closely the answer is there, no need to think, need to look

Sub, i think you have to look down and right on the image (if this was the lvl 7)

Wow thanks Lia, you're really good.

I still need help in lvl 10 if someone gets there.

hmm, cant see anything on the bottom right of the picture.

i am still working on lvl9

When I click somewhere bottom right on 7 I get a white vertical line next to the picture, that's all.

@Submachine: Then, maybe it was not the lvl 7 the one i remember. :/

its really here on pic 7, maybe try to download it and zoom in bottom right corner

@small-tool: If the lvl 7 is the one i think it is, you don't have to click, you just have to look.

anyone can give me a hint on lvl9?

egle, what have you done in lvl 9 so far?

I have tried to zoom as far as I can with my tiny 13" monitor, but still cant see anything.

Good tip Egle.
With downloading I could see it.


@lia well i decided that its 9th beethoven symphony, ode to joy, and now trying to play it on virtual keyboard, but failing and dont now which part should i play, so i am nowhere i guess

Thank you @s-t.
Couldnt see anything while downloaded either.. Will go back and see later if i can find it.

Egle, first of all, view the name of the image and change it to something else, cause there is a mistake there.

oh nice, thanks @lia

In 8 I changed the image in a gif file, but I can't see anything?

now on lvl 10 and the answe for 9 was funny btw :D

@small-tool dont u see any blinking numbers? maybe try to download this one too?

Egle, i am stuck at lvl 10, too. So, if you make any progress with this one, share a hint. ;)

I dont see any blinking numbers, have downloaded the image in .gif and .jpg.

someone still hear? i can't do level 2. were can i write and what is the page titel?

Although the letters of the url-word of lvl 10 can be used as hex (cause letter f is max there), it's not the answer...

And btw, i have to ask again, the letter W in the word ANSWER has a little-bit different color than the other letters or it's just my screen?

Replace the word before the .htm in the url address.

The blinking numbers:


@lia yes, its a little bit different for me too

ok, i have an idea then. let's try it..

It didn't work :/ I tried to find the hex color of the W (which finally is aaaaaa) but it's not the answer.

Thanks Lia, this game is hard for me I hope I can pass the levels.

got it :)

Tried to google all the numbers together, and then I get a lot of articles on weight loss? Maybe Im not on the right path, lol!

Don't google the numbers. Use the numbers by the title.

@lia its about colors, right?

@submachine24 havent u noticed the page name: ASCII? :)

I'm so not good at these games.
Thanks for the numbers Lia but still stuck.
Has it got something to do with body, some kind of size?

Hi all,
I don't even know how to do level 2.....

Thanks Lia and Egle.

@Egle, yes but not only for W.

I have to go for a while, will finish later :) Good luck to you guys :)

I need help with 11 now.

For 11: Maybe something with Roman Numerals?

i still cant get 10, different pages gives me different codes

but i dont know how to use it at the moment.

Aah got it!!

the other letters not W are white?

@egle, i used colorpicker from photoshop, so i can't suggest you a page. But trust the one that gives you #aaaaaa for W.

@egle, no they are not white.

@small-tool where are you now? which lvl?

Lia, still at 9
Looked at night of doom, 9th of doom, but nothing?

true they are not white, its killing me!!

Have you changed the image name?

aaargh, everything i try on lvl ten takes me back to lvl 8!

@Lia, what did you do?

I don't know how to change the image name. Do I have to download it?

Find the hex of each color of the numbers. E.g. For letter W is #aaaaaa, so you get ***A**.

i get cebade, which is apparently not correct for 10

Evening all, I love riddles :o)

Got to level 8, but I can only come up with GAY LIT which I'm sure is not right lol

@small, just type the image name as you do with the htm and then change it

Ok I found out (with properties), but now I have a picture of notes. Do I have to play those?

@Egle, 4 letters are right and 2 are wrong.

@small-tool if u dont play any instruments keep in mind that: do re mi fa sol la si = c d e f g a b

@small, no you have to find out which notes are they and convert them to letters

A found out 9. It's the names (letters) of the notes.

Ahh sneeky, there were two 105's on L8.

Thanks girls, but just had a tiny little bright moment and found it already.

Any ideas for 11?
So far I have thought of:

oh yeah, i am color blind perhaps :D

Well on 11 now!

@Lia, thanks :)
still can't make out which letters they are supposed to represent, tho...
is it a proper word?

Level 9 there is a letter missing on the p** f*l*, but when I add it in the URL it disappears! Hmmm

lvl 12 finally :)

@rambler also the number is wrong, isnt it?

Hi Egle, I got the egg (music page), but the letter 't' is missing from the URL!!

caught up as much as I could, and finally on level 10!

in level 9, the only thing you have to change is the number. At least that got me through :)

ah! finally. a proper word *phew*
now next level!

Level 8 and its blinking numbers...?

btw, is there supposed to be music on this? anyone hear anything?

@rambler yeah, its missing, but i didnt fixed that, just the number. U got music page? u mean u can hear the music?

@lia i tried to convert 9,554 into roman numbers, am i on right track?

gonna need some help with level 10, probably not suprising, lol. I have absolutely no clue what to do!

oh there are more numbers heh

@egle, yes for roman but no for 9,554

Need help on 10 as well.
All the other letters (except the W) are white aren't they?

@Pascale, have you got L8 yet, if not
is very useful :o)

@lia yeah, i am on 12 now

@small-tool sadly not, they are not white

purple hell is usefull for lvl 11 as well :)

@Egle, lol no, I can see it though but it makes no sense to me, I can't read music. Gonna have to google some music note names I think...

still need help with level 10. A hint please?

@rambler yeah u need to know what notes there is and then convert them to letters

I need help with level 6 please.

hmm...american keys...

@submachine i used this page http://www.dusek.ch/utilities/colors/AAAAAA

@עליזה what is lvl6 about? i cant remember it now

Finally found 10.

Submachine, the letters are not just letters but make a real word too.

Level 6.
You have to see all the images and remember what letters. Start with screen6a (or screen 6b, don't remember)

Yay, got L9 \o/. I hate the stuff too...

Egle, level 6 is a pic. the titel is letters and in the source it say why 'a? why not something else?

hmm, still dont get 10. Which letters do you mean small?

@עליזה oh small-tool just answered for u at 19/9/10 21:37

Small-Tool, were are all the images? i have only one and i can't see the other.


Paste the pic file name into the URL and do the change....

completely stuck on lvl 12.

I am in 12 too

First put in screen6b then it's not found but gives you the adress for a picture that picture gives an other picture etc.

The colors of the letters are different. You have to find the HEX colorcodes for every letter.

are these american type keys, bank box; post box? or are they referring to places like florida keys? i'm clueless! lol

Thanks Rambler I'll try it later. this game tired me.

Stuck on level 11. What number do I have to convert?
2912 and 9554 are not the ones.

i've even tried alicia keys!

look for a number that is very big ...

Ahh, thank you so much small-tool! Think I got the word, but only get the message "Change folder to .../pippity/decade.htm. Tried to put in "pippity/decade.htm", but that doesnt work.

i just solved lvl 12 in a crazy way, using http://www.purplehell.com/riddletools/
i copy pasted the code we found in source to all the converters and than to decyphering programs, the answer that "cryptogram solver" gave me was correct. I got no idea, how it is meant to be done

oh, pop. got it!

Thanks Nan.

That should work.

lvl 13 was quite easy, on lvl 14 now

Now stumped on 11.

Hmm, got an egg on Level 11 telling me I have the right idea but the wrong number!!!!

Yep lvl 13 was easy.

There is a very big 4 digit number in the picture, convert it (roman numerals).

well, good game, but i need to leave u guys, good luck, have fun :)

What to do with the months we got on 13?

oh, did not see that number, lol. Thanks again small-tool.

@Egle: what? lol
do you mean the ioxc?

First letters of all those months make a word.

i tried 050712050811 but didn't work. i think my brain got tired lol

On 14 do I have to record that and reverse it and play it faster?
I don't know how to record that with what?

I have to leave, planned to be awake at school tomorrow, lol. Good luck all :)

Anybody still here?

still here
still stuck on 12
cant solve it:(
any hints?

I am s-t, but I'm gonna take a wee break. Back in about 30 mins.

12 was solved by Egle by putting the word from the source in a cryptogram solver and since we don't know how it makes sense I can give you the answer I think


thank you!!
it was driving me mad!
how on earth is that the right answer?
well, if it works... :)

Got to Lvl 10 but this game is giving me a serious headache! Not my thing at all. Thanks for everyone's help - sorry I've been lurking but not able to offer any help whatsoever! Good luck all.

Hey all, I'm back and I've got an evil green-eyed cat staring at me (shudder)

Rambler that's level 13 right?
That's not hard, look at the source.

Very stuck at level 15 now.

uhm, cannot see a picture on lvl 15...

I am on 15 too

       Anonymous  9/19/10, 2:06 PM  

can somebody please give me the url for number 5

So far on 15: I got the code SPOILERBASE64SPOILER from the picture, i converted the txt code (using the 'spoiler' format) and then i tried to save it as jpg, gif, png, but none of them worked. :/

@s-t, yes I got the SC clue, but that cat is definitely evil!!!!

Lia, I have, converting from wingdings, the same word but I can't use it?

what was 5 again?

I remember now. That screen you can scroll down and at the very bottom middle you can select some hidden text. Anyway, the word is; hollow.

Any help with 15?

I used the decoder/encoder from the wingdings word on all those letters but how can you make that into a picture?

@Lia, You don't need text for level 15, try an image file.

Thanks for the help guys, I'm off to bed now.

I don't know if we can do it at all. I just noticed that if I open the jpg with a text editor (i use notepad++) I see something equal to the decoded text I got. So that made me think of saving the text i got as jpg but it didn't work. :/

Rambler, you mean the screenthe15th.jpg? i got the word by using the webdings but then what?

Lia I finally found a decoder that works;


Use the URL in the source as it is ... don't change it to .jpg & then you'll find what you need to decode using what the pic told you :)

Thank you small for the decoder. I have done all this before but i couldnt get a picture with the decoder i used.

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