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Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy Walkthrough

Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy

Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy is a horror new point and click adventure type room escape game from Game Pirate. A strange mansion wont discourage him, after all Rupert is the best postman in town! He must find a way to deliver his package! Maybe Rupert shouldnt be so punctual and just run.. this house is pretty weird and where exactly is this 'Earl Grey' guy? Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by small-tool]

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Yay new one

I'm in, not like I'll be of any help. I've been clueless on all games today!

OOps. blew up the lab!

In this game, you can do different things (or see different things) with your glasses on or off)!!!

All this slow conversation slows this WAY down.....

Why can't I grab the vial in the lab?

Uh oh, I'm stuck. can't move. Might have to re-start.

Restarting. Can't believe I have to listen to all the talk again....

In the book there are options to make the conversation go quicker.
Sometimes it looks like you're stuck, because you're behind or next to something; walk around it then.

Hard game to get a hang of, but I think I am....

So if I kill the ghost by putting the ingredients in the wrong order, do I have to start over?

I'll try this again later. Gotta get ready for my kids to come home....hope others get further than me.

No, go out the lab and back in again.
Talk to the ghost for the correct order.

hmmm how to get rid of dog and how to get bone..

You can change text speed ;)

Slow game and to much bla, bla...

Millie, talk to the mummy with glasses on and then with glasses off you can take the bone.

if you take off the glasses the bone turns to a key.

Yep josh,
that's the fishbone, but you can take another bone (for the ghost dog) in the library.

ok have tablecloth now... but it wont tie

Millie, you need a part of the curtain and a bar of gold too.

oh, take glasses off again. the junk in library is gold.

Im now looking for explosives :)

you need a weapon from the knight to find that in the floor.

It says I don't need a flail :(

Millie, then you have to do other things first (probably in the bedroom; like drawning on the mirror and breaking the bed down).

That is whewre I am stuck, I cant find his bedroom... I dunno, I tried to go left and right and I can't. :(

Ugh I found it. The feet show up BELOW the balcony... kinda frustrating.

Found Earl Grey!

Upstairs you can go left!

I guess I got whooped back in time - over.

Congrats Graham,
And now you're send back in time so you actually didn't do anything at all. So did we finish or are we in an endless loop.

Lol. Funny ending :)

Gongtats, guys!

Good question small-tool!

so far this game bites. 3rd time starting over. Each time I get stuck in the lab and can't move around.

Giving up I cant get him to walk around with or without glasses on.

how the hell do i get the curtain rod and curtain??

You have to put the broom in the case in the hallway and it changes into a sword.

too buggy for me.
dont forget to put mint in the ol' lady's tea :)

Lol...that game was cute...and easy!

how do i put the rope to get upstairs

You need the table cloth, a part of the curtains and a bar of gold.
Combine those things and then you can throw it up.

oh nevamind i find the spot

haha I thought the ending was clever (:

First of all click the book in the bottom right and click options and change the text speed into 'instant' to speed up things a bit. Click the book again to close it.

- Go in the door on the left.

- Click the laboratory equipment on the table and it blows up. (Dialogue and then close the book).
- Click the ghost to see/hear/read the color order for the potion (RGB).
- Take the CROWBAR (bottom right on the floor) and the VIAL (on the left desk/cabinet).
- Use the vial (in the right color order) on the red stuff (behind the left chair), on the green stuff (under the ghost) and on the blue stuff (on the left desk/cabinet). The potion glows now.
- Give the potion to the ghost. (Dialogue and then close the book).
- Go out.

- Click the stairs. It falls down.
- Go right

- Use the crowbar on the left door.

- Take the PEPPER from the floor (on the left).
- Take the BREAD from the table.
- Click the fishbone and then take of your glasses (click glasses in the inventory) and take the KEY that was a fishbone before.
- Go out and use the key on the right door.

- Take the BROOM (to the right of the door).
- Use the bread on the chair.
- Take the red book from the top of the bookcase and you get a CHEST KEY.
- Use the chest key on the chest and take the GOLD (only works with your glasses off), (close the book).
- Put your glasses on and open the sarcophagus. Put your glasses off and take a BONE from the mummy.
- Go out.

- Put the broom in the display case and take the SWORD (close the book).
- Go in the the door on the left.

- Put your glasses on and give the ghost dog the bone (close the book).
- Use the sword on the curtains and take the CURTAIN and combine it with the table cloth and the gold.
- Go out.

- Throw your gold/cloth/curtain above the rope and go up.


- go left (click somewhere in the bottom left of the screen)

- Talk to grandma ghost (with your glasses on), she wants mint tea (but don't care about the mint).
- Go in the door on the left.

- Talk to the ghost in front of the mirror. He wants a drawning on the mirror (but don't care about the fact he wants it to look like the painting on the 1st floor).
- Take the GEL in front of the mirror.
- Click the bed and use the pepper on yourself or the bed to break the bed. Take the PIECE of WOOD that has fallen down.
- Go out

- Take a look at the painting above the table (and now we can draw on the mirror.
- Go back to the ...

- Use the gel on the mirror. (close the book).
- Go out, go right, go down and go in the left door


- Use the piece of wood in the fire and now you have a TORCH. (close the book).
- Take the CUP from the table and use it on the teapot and now you have TEA.
- Go out, go up, go left.


- Give grandma ghost the tea. (close the book).
- Go back to the...

- Click the lighter square in the floor.
- Go out, go right.

- Take the WEAPON from the knight.
- Go back to the...

- Use the weapon on the lighter square in the floor, put your glasses off and take the BOMBS. (close the book).
- Go out, go right and in the open door to the..

- Put the bombs in front of the closed door and use the torch on it and you're out (and back in again).

Note: If you want to put the mint leaves in the tea, first you need to hold the cup of tea in the fireplace to heat it up. Then use the cup of tea on the mint plant.

The picture you draw on the mirror will depend on which picture you look at--the one on the first floor gives you a pretty girl, the one on the second floor gives you an ugly one.

In this game you can please the ghosts, or piss them off, but the ending will be the same.

note: even if you know you're right about what is supposed to come next, don't do it until it's obviously stated... I tried to "jump ahead" and froze up three times, finally just quit... I know I could have solved it, but it was too slow

silly little game. It is slow, but I like that you can help or harm the ghosts.

I enjoyed this game because it made sense. I thought I froze at one point in the dining room when I couldn't move so I went to the home page via the controls and then resumed playing the game (did not choose new game!) and that sorted the problem out. If anyone plays with a delay, I hope this bit of info will be useful.

thats a wired ending he brings u back to were u started. i wasted my time on that.!!!!!!!

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