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EGL Relax Friday Escape Walkthrough

EGL Relax Friday Escape

EGL Relax Friday Escape is another point and click room escape game from Escape Games Land. You Feel that weekend is coming and you want to relax. But first you have to escape the room. Find items and solve puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay, work over for the week and a new game to play live :oD


Have 2 keys cup, hammer, pole, and symbol thing

hello everyone

Got a blue key (used), a yellow key, hammer, a grey shape, two grey rods and a circular disc.

Hi annaby, Graham and michelle....

hi, so far 2 keys (used), cd, 2 sticks, gray thing,cup, hammer, symbol thing and something i dont know'what it is (sort of rope)

Yellow key opens kitchen cupboard for another grey rod.

3rd rod from microwave

Hmm, I wonder where the CD goes?

Yvon, where did you find the cord? I think it attaches behind white part of kitchen cabinet

I think I am at the same place as everyone, except haven't figured out the mircowave code

i think it was on the ground below the big screen

thanks yvon, but it doesn't go where I thought it would

@Jo-Ann, use the pattern from the sofa on the m/wave buttons.

need a SD

Thanks Rambler, forgot about those! Off to the living room!

am i actually catching this one live???

I think i almost caught up. Got three rods and placed them above the stove. Solved the fridge for a wrench. Use zodiacs and earth air fire water.

Gah, the rope thingy is stuck to my curser :o(

whatever that cord is, it wants to stay with my cursor

I dont know where to use my cd, wrench, grey blob, cup, hammer, round thing or bent rod.

Do the lights come on or is my comp just dark??

Placed the grey blob on the stove.

@annaby. SNAP : )

has anyone figure out the mirror with earth, air, fire and water on it

Used hammer on the blob on the stove and got red key.

Let me take that back. My red key is too hot to pick up. I want water in my cup!

@Ellie, that blob looks like Australia. Coincidence?

@michelle, the zodiac signs on the fridge corresponds to the earth air fire and water. They are taurus, gemini, aries and pisces.

Got my curser back, just click on another item...

lol @Rambler!
Use the hammer on it and Australia is gone.

For the zodiacs:
First is round with a "U" on top.
Second is like II
Third is like an Y
Fourth is like a H

Alright, can't get the microwave code to work. Have dots from couch... missing something simple

thank you ellie

Combine wrench and buggy "wire".

@Jo-Ann, start with the bottom one and the rest should be obvious (hopefully).

@Ellie and then put it behind white part of cabinet

Put the wrench/wire on the view to the right of the microwave.

Got water in my cup and put it on the red key but it's steamy!

Acckk! Steam!

thank you ellie for the frig code now have wrench

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok, thought I had tried that on the mircowave, oh well, got it now!

Yw @michelle!

I need the last rod to take the steam away!

tried combining cd with metal circle and now the metal circle is hidden underneath grrrrr

still need a sd

I think the cd goes in the compartment above the couch but need a sd to open it

finally got the two items in my inventory apart whew!

Hm... maybe we have clues to solve at least one of the 5-digits codes? Looking around...

Anybody found a screwdriver for the plate on the ceiling in the livingroom?

is the frog on the table a clue for one of the codes?

Hello All, notice the dots on the frog by the fruit bowl?? Out of room

Got sd! Count dots on the frog from up to down.

got the sd! clue is the frog!

Yes @jo-ann... it was!

I got one rod to go in the air filter, but the others refuse...

and out :)

And last rod from the other 5-digit code.
Use sd, insert cd, then the round grid on front side of it.

@rambler, they have to go in a certain postion

i guess it's not my day. first the wrench disappeared from my inventory then I clicked an ad. Starting over, left behind in the dust!

@rambler, just keep trying different rods in different holes.

hi .. joining in... waiting for Small-Tool to solve the code in the children room escape! Everyone in there is stuck!

Aww @zoz! We all have our "just cant stop hitting the ads days". Better luck next try!

Yay, got S/D, thanks you two :o)

Frog dots for first code:

Got the screen on. Strange place to keep a CD player lol

Argghhh, missing a rod!!! Gonna have a new search.

Im all steamed up. lol

Aha, got it and OUT :o)

Thanks for the help all, and thanks to Shuchun for posting the game. I enjoyed that :o)

Rude of us to leave the water running... ;)

Where is this grey blob and red key?

how do you use SD on projector?

nvm, pop, found other view

@Graham, grey blob was in dirt of plant use it to make the key

i'm out - btw, that has to be the skinniest exterior door on a house ever!

@mayberry, use it on the ceiling in the first scene, if you look at the top left of the screen you can see a vague whitish shape, click on that and use the s/d.

Ah, well done...

Thx Jo-Ann! Don't know how I missed that!

btw, I got a new phone system but I can't set up the voicemail because I don't know the password the company set. Anybody got any ideas???? If anyone can solve a code, it's Escapers!

@zoz have you tried 1234 (or however many numbers there are)

@zoz, hahaha. Is it a Japanese phone? Perhaps Xenon can help ;o)

lol@Rambler, that reminds me; i was in physical therapy for my hand this morning and they told me to outline the alphabet in the air. I said kanji, katakana, greek? They just rolled their eyes.

@zoz, it gets to you doesn't it.
I remember as a kid that after playing Tomb Raider and I was out and about, I would 'spot' good hand-holds on walls that I could safely leap and grab in order to scale walls etc....

Hi Put wrench+wire behind microwave Get water
Can't get microwave code Help

@dd, look at the left sofa in the first scene and make a note of what you see. Use that code on the m/w.
Good luck, gonna take the puppy for a walk now...

Missed this live, because I was in the Children Room Escape, but this was easy.
And hold your horses; easy compared to the other game where I was really stuck till Car and Chris started posting.
Anyway, good game too.

And out with help for putting the blob on the stove. Thanks Ellie!

where to use the three sticks ashes?

O U T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can someone please post a visual of the microwave answer?

Thank you Edgar.

Nice! I really liked this one! Thanks Shuchun!

Zoom on the left purple chair, get a hammer under it.
Zoom on top of the fireplace, get a rod #1 (the darker grey rectangle above the two long bars in the middle of the view).
Zoom on the right purple chair, get a mug.
Zoom on the couch pillows close to the window, get a blue key.
Zoom on the thing in the ceiling, to the left, to see it’s a projector. Go up once more to see a place to use a screwdriver.
Click on the couch pillow to the far left to see dots clue in the cushion.

Turn left or right (free choice).
Zoom on the floor to the far left and get a tube.
The drawers need a 5-digit code.

Click in the door opening.
Turn right.
Take the yellow key from the cupboard.
The cupboard needs a 5-digit code.
Zoom on the mirror and read four words: earth, water, air, fire.
Zoom on the thing on the right wall, get a round grid.

Turn right.
Zoom on the microwave.
Click on the correct buttons to the right to open it.
Solution below.
*Hint – couch – Hint*
Get a rod #2.
Click on the cupboard below the microwave, use the blue key and get a CD.
Click on the stove, and then go up once.
There are four blue buttons.
Add your rods to make them black.
Each rod goes into a specific place – keep trying them all.
You need two more rods (if following this wt).
Zoom on the fridge to see a 4-symbol code.
Solve it and get a wrench.
Solution below.
*Hint – use the words on the mirror and zodiacs – Hint*
Click on the white thing to the right of the microwave to see that you need to add something there.
Click on the sink to have a look – no water yet.

Turn right.
Zoom on the table and look for clues.
Zoom on the wall cupboard, use your yellow key and get rod #3.
Zoom on the cactus put and get a ”grey blob”.

Turn right, click on the door opening and turn left twice.
Zoom on the drawers and enter the code.
Solution below.
*Hint – frog – Hint*
Get a screwdriver.

Turn right.
Zoom on the projector to the left in the ceiling.
Go up once more.
Use the screwdriver.
Insert the CD.
Zoom on the projector again.
Put your round grid on the lamp.

Turn right.
Zoom on the white screen.
See some lines.
Go to the cupboard below the red flowers.
Enter the code.
Solution below.
Get rod #4.

Go to the kitchen.
Zoom on the white thing to the right of the microwave.
Combine the wrench and the tube in inventory.
Put them behind the white things.
The water is running in the sink.
Fill your cup with water.
Zoom on the stove.
Put the “grey blob” on the big plate.
Use the hammer to make a key.
Pour your water on it.
Too much steam to take it.
Go up.
Put your rods in the blue holes.
(Keep trying different holes to make them stick there).
Take the key from the plate.

Click on the door opening.
Turn left.
Use the key in the door and escape.

Press the buttons to make the two patterns on the cushions of the left couch in the living room.
(+=press this button)

Here is a screenshot of the solution, made by Edgar (thanks!):
Click here for the microwave solution.

The symbols are zodiacs.
You can choose between: libra, Taurus, Gemini, pisces and aries.
Look at the mirror words from left to right (don’t mind the two rows): earth, air, fire and water.
Each sign belongs to an element:
earth = taurus
air = gemini and libra
fire = aries
water = pisces
Libra doesn’t work in the code, so make them look like: taurus, gemini, aries and piesces.
That is almost like:
1) “O with a U on top”,
2) Roman number II,
3) Y,
4) H

Click here for a picture of the solution.

Drawers, 5-digit code
Count dots on the frog on the table.
Eyes: 2
Upper part of shirt: 5
Lower part of shirt: 2
Between feet: 1
Plate he stands on: 5
Code: 25215

Cupboard with red plant
Count lines on the white screen.
Code: 22341.

A really good one !
Thanks Ellie for the WT, I tried to enter "frog Code" in the drawer with red plant ;)

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