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Escape from Strange Room Walkthrough

Escape from Strange Room

[REPLAY] YonaYona - Game 01: Escape from Strange Room is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Yona Yona. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. There are two endings, normal and happy end. Good luck and have fun!

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Escape from Strange Room Walkthrough

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Good luck all

anyone else here?

I'm in.. again!


*=2 under bin

Rope with water, a card, a SD and a "gateau". And some hints

I have a screw driver and a piece of cake and a lot of hint for clues...

handkerchief (?) right from pink cabinet.

Cutter on the stool foot.

Quick note: when putting the 3 digit code into the door, you have to back up to open the door... :)

found sd, found doll, took cake, took green map, got code, getting bubblegum machine but cant take it, stuck now

A cutter

stuck with 2 cards

Use the handkerchief in the glass with water to get it wet. Use it then on the window for another clue.

eat cake for coin

I have a little man made out of a playing card and some green card/wallet with a flower on it.

Use the cutter on the blue box in the green cupboard to get a fork.

Eat the cake with the fork to get a coin.

second card from cat

stuck at two cards now too...

Use the green book to give values to the symbols/colors. Open the safe and use the coin there for a ball.

Open the ball with the SD for a key.

yeah i am right where you are ... i did notice on the checkerboard on the wall that the middle brown square in the third column from left makes a noise when you click it

Key opens the pink cupboard and makes the cat give the second card.

@muhlisuh, I think it opened the ornament!

got key to open door, pushed button, got normal end...?

okay, out with normal end, going back in..

in, catching up

Cards are to use in the chessboard. 4th row from the start and then 3 to the right... makes a funny noise, hm...

and out

Sound in cheesboard when press a brown square

Ok, pressing the chessboard gives a key from the clock on the pink cabinet.

And out

For the second ending, open the door with the green key and look in the trash bin for another coin to use in the balls machine.

okay after opening door, notice the window got broken, look in trash, get new coin, go to gumball machine, get little egg guy from it.

that was a cute one, not too hard!

Nice one, yep @muhlisuh

A rush-through-one it was.
All I did was find things, looked at the comments (yes I learned to refresh) and saw they were already found. Went back in again, found new things, and guess what; already found. Went back in again and same procedure. And finally out when everybody was out already.

@small-tool, that's how I always play! Is there any other way?

Yep zoz, there's another way;
Not catching a live game, encounter it later;
Don't look at the comments, drink some wine, just click around a bit, think about it, don't worry about what is posted and don't worry about posting, go to the kitchen, take a snack, think it all over again, listen to some music or watch the tube, click around some more, take the dog out for a walk, find a new thing, sit back in your chair and chew it, make some notes, take another wine, relax, click around again, take a nap, have some great new ideas, click around again and somewhere in that procedure it's Eureka, and then go to bed and have sweet dreams.
But that's Utopia I guess.

Then there's my usual method:
Not catching a game live, encounter it later;
Click through all screens, find a few things, have no clue what to do with any of them, go back to comments page until you see what to do with something, go back to game and do that thing, get stuck again, go back to comments page to read some more, but you can't find the answer to the one step you are stuck on, read a bunch of spoilers while looking for that one thing to do, when you finally find the answer, you already know how to complete the rest of the game. :)

       Anonymous  9/16/10, 6:19 PM  

Edgar !!!!! genius, you're my idol ! lol

normal end

happy end

When Two People Travel The Stars, The Door Opens - Through

● Click on the trash bin to read a clue under it [✱ = 2].
● Turn left.

● Get the handkerchief from the right of the pink cabinet.
● Click on the green pot and see another clue [◇ = 5].
● Zoom in the table legs to collect a cutter.
● Go left.

● Take the cake from the table.
● Zoom in the glass on the table and dip the HANDKERCHIEF to get it wet.
● Zoom under the table to get the trump card doll with a red spear (additionally, you can zoom in the Japanese text on the wall to read a clue that says you need two of these dolls and “how to use them”).
● Finally, look at the picture on the wall and notice a color order from them: [yellow → red → blue]
● Move to the right.

● Zoom in the bottom right part of the window and use the WET HANDKERCHIEF to clean it; see the third clue [♪ = 8].
● Go two times to the left or the right.

● Get the screwdriver from the right of the green bookshelf.
● Use the CUTTER on the blue box to open it and to get the fork.
● Open the CAKE in [About Item] and use the FORK on it to get the coin.
● Click on the green book on the top shelf and “read” the equivalences of the 3 shapes in colors:
♪ = blue
◇ = yellow
✱ = red
● Combine the clues we’ve got (shapes, colors from the book and order from the pictures) to get a CODE.
● Zoom in the bottom drawer of the bookshelf, enter the code and click on ‘PUSH’; zoom out and click on the yellow handle to see a capsules machine; use the COIN on it to get the capsule.
● Open the CAPSULE in [About Item] and use the SCREWDRIVER to open it; get the pink key.
● Go two times to the left or the right.

● Use the pink KEY to open the door on the pink cabinet and click on the yellow ball (you should hear a beep).
● Zoom on the black cat to collect the trump card doll with a black spear
● Go two times to the left or the right.

● Zoom on the chessboard on the wall and use the 2 dolls to know which square to press (you should hear another beep).
Click on this blue text to see a screenshot of the chessboard.
● Go two times to the left or the right.

● Zoom in the (now opened) pocket watch on the top shelf and get the green key.
● Move to the right.

● Use the green KEY to open the door.

● Press the red button to open the trapdoor on the floor to escape.

● The opened door broke the mirror behind; zoom in the trash bin to get another coin. Go right.
● Open the door in the bookshelf and use this new COIN in the machine for another capsule. Open this new capsule with the SD to get the strap. Go left.
● Press the red button to open the trapdoor on the floor to escape WITH the strap.

Solution to the code
We have that ✱ = 2; ◇ = 5 and ♪ = 8.
From the green book we know that ♪ = blue; ◇ = yellow; ✱ = red.
Rearranging these shapes with the color order from the pictures we have:
[yellow = ◇ = 5] → [red = ✱ = 2] → [blue = ♪ = 8]
The code we need is then 528.

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