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Modern Room Escape Walkthrough

Modern Room Escape

Modern Room Escape is another point and click room escape games. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Thanks Shuchun... will try this one :)

OK, so far, got a knife from behind the couch.
Found a colors clue on the back of a couch (same one? not sure) and used the knife on the blue square (black in the one from the couch) to get a wire.

Key in the pot (same colored pic view)

Used the key to open the fridge; got a chicken leg.

Used chicken on the (not zoomed) microwave oven.

Took the magnet from the fridge and combined it with my wire.

Gave the chicken to the dog in exchange of a toothpaste tube (?)

Hmm, stuck now... is anyone here to help?

Are you all alone? I'm just starting. I'll try to catch up. I must warn you, I've had 3 margaritas. :s

just joined - what do you use the knife on?

There a dot code to enter on an end of the... banister? handrail? not sure about the word.

nvm, pop, got wire

Its happy hour @mgkanda! :)
Glad to see you joining.

OK, that code on the stairs? Just used the time from the microwave to crack it... got a key.

solved dot code, opened hole on the end of banister

I did not get a key, though

we are on the same place now @may

pop, used nmg wire to get key

key goes in the exit door keyhole, but still need a pw to go out.

Just about caught up!

need door code and that's it?

anyone used toothpaste/glue?

thats the only thing left in my inventory @may, no idea where to use it.

Nope! All in the same spot. We haven't done anything with the sink or the blue pic in the kitchen either.

and you can look under the table in front of couch

or the tv.

@mgkanda, theres also a couple of view under the coffee table and above the fridge, but no luck there either.

lots of hotspots

use the powder

tried giving toothpaste to dog to freshen breath after eating meat, but no luck

So its all about finding the right spot for the toothpaste... not too good.

lol @may

say again @jkk?

use the toothpaste AND the powder in the sink

We know we have to use that, the point here is WHERE?

powder? Where?

Oh... and powder is...?

we have no powder

the powder is on top of the cuppards

@mayberry LOL! Dirty dog mouth

put both in the sink and you will get the code to exit the door

lol @jkk, the only view the rest of us never found.
Thank you!

Well, that last code was hard to see. Just in case:

excessive clicking usually works out better than thinking for me

Okay, how the heck do you look on top of the cupboards. My clicking finger is getting weak.

There's a small pile of dirt on top of the cupboards above microwave (click on left side near fridge). Throw this in sink in 1st view and then toothpaste for code. But where is the door?!

i still havent found that view

wood door is on the left in the first view

omg, that was hard to find!

zoomed out from the sink

Oops! Click at top of middle cupboard door for top of cupboards! @ :->

You're right @jkk, and in many of these kind of games a skillful clicking with not too much brain involved is all it takes. Thanks again buddy, you've saved our butts here.

np, off to the next one

@mayberry I'm with you. I'm laughing at myself trying to find this pile of dirt. Is this getting back at me for the Dassyutu thing? We all know there's no SD in Dassyutu!

@mgkanda, the view on top of the cupboards is not hard to get. Click the most up possible, just below the inventory boxes... you ARE in the cupboards view, aren't you???

lol@mgkanda, yeah but it was fun pretending that we had random unnecessary objects

the inventory was kind of in the way on this one

omg I found it! I don't know how but I did! Yay!

@Edgar I don't know where I am but, I'm not in the kitchen anymore. :) Yay! Off to bed for me. Escaping under the influence is not the smartest idea I've ever had.

Thank you all for the help! See you in the morning!

see you @mgkanda! Have a nice rest... and about not finding the right spot? Blame the margaritas!

G'night @Edgar! :)

Thank jjk4567 for the powder!!
And thank you Edgar for the numbers!! I couldn't read them.

I mean jkk4567:0

Wow! Thank you so much for always being so helpful, I never would have found that powder without you guys (first comment ever...first time I've ever played and it ended up being live...I didn't even realize until just now lol)

what do i do with the magnet and ware?? i have them combines but cant find anywhere to use it

There Was No POWDER of Posting - Through

WARNING: Do not play this game under the margaritas influence.

● Go twice to the right. Zoom on the left end of the couch to see a 4x4 colors grid. Notice the position of the black square. Zoom out.
● Go right. Zoom on the left top of the couch to find a knife hidden behind. Zoom out.
● Go right. Zoom on the colored picture on the wall and use the KNIFE on the same square where black was… in case you don’t remember which one was, you could go back and check or you could try the knife in all of them! What the heck! Get a wire. Zoom out.
● Same view, zoom in the plant on the table and grab the silver key. Zoom out.
● Go right. Get the magnet from the fridge; combine the WIRE with the MAGNET. Now you have a magnet combined with a wire… go figure!
● Same view. Use the silver key on the padlock and click on it to open the fridge. Take the chicken leg from inside. Zoom out.
● Same view. Use the chicken on the microwave oven. Now you have a microwaved chicken leg… hmm.
● Same view. Zoom on the micro and notice the time… Oh, I spoke too soon. The inventory gets on the way, and NOW there’s a chicken leg blocking too! Well, I’ll tell you here: Its 22:18. Zoom out.
● Same view. Zoom on top (or the most possible) of the cupboard and get the &%$@§¤ powder. Zoom out.

● Go left once. Zoom on the left end of the banister and use the time (numbers) from the microwave oven for the ‘dice dots’ to open the hole in the middle. Use the magnet/wire combo to get a gold key from it. Zoom out.
● Go left three times. Give the CHICKEN leg to the dog and now you’re able to get the toothpaste from its legs.
● Go left. Zoom in the sink and use the POWDER and the TOOTHPASTE (in that order) in the water to see the hard-to-see FINAL CODE. Zoom out.
● Same view. Zoom in left part of the wooden door. Use the KEY and enter the numbers you’ve got from the sink. Push the ‘push’ button [:P] and you’re out now [:D]

Good game!
Thanks for the WT Edgar - I would never found the powder without you!!!!

A lovely walk through, thank you Edgar .. and thanks to all for the hints .. but I am stymied by being too dumb to work out the 'dice' code for the end of the bannister. I know you use 22.18 - but don't know HOW to use it. If anyone's still around please help!

Nice walktrough Edgar.especially for the explanation what to do with magnet&wire.
MaryD Click around vase and table and you can see something like box with spots.Click on spots---first square make 2 spots,second 2 etc.and use the magnet with wire.you will get the golden key

Mary, its 2213, not 18. :)

In mine I only had to change the first three because the last was already on 8...then use magnet/wire on the hole

can't find the knive

Mine was 2218.
@shelly click top of couch on the left side in second couch view (the one with no window) for knife. :)

out with help with the location of the powder (thanks jkk4567) and the location to enter the microwave code (thanks Edgar)

I don't like it when you are supposed to access views and read things under inventories.

And I don't appreciate games where you can't read the code numbers. Why make it so hard to see when the purpose of most of the game was to find the code?

ROFL @Edgar! Great WT!!
I guess sober the "&%$@§¤ powder" is more accurate. Under the influence of the margaritas (which you state clearly NEVER to try) I think it was more like the *&%$%# *&$&?%*ing *&^$^%$ *&^#@^*%$!!!! piece of *&%^ &^#$^*ing &%$^*)%%!!!! powder". Ya, I think that was it. XD

@kkf yes, veeery irritating.

it would be nice to be able to tell what those things are... >.<

never would have found the knife myself and could just barely make out only 3 numbers of the code.
Irritating game.

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