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Naked King Walkthrough

Naked King

Minoto - Naked King is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  9/9/10, 10:45 PM  

Hello Minoto!

       Anonymous  9/9/10, 10:46 PM  

Hint - colour of capsule and water from taps

Hi all!

nekkid minoto on a sleepy evening lol

Hello all!

i think we have to stole the picture but how?

       Anonymous  9/9/10, 10:53 PM  

the hint to turn the power box off to take the painting is on the $10000 sign in the first scene

found combo on switches! :)

ty car-54, didn't see that, i've forced it... XD

I used the decolorant on the dog hair and it disappeared. Now what?

       Anonymous  9/9/10, 11:00 PM  

No probs Chiara :-)...stuck with decolorant and a mouse with a sewing machine....

give it to the mouse, it only become transparent (sorry for english)

and out :) I am tired and the laser pattern took me a while to notice.

Click through your inventory to find the invisible items. Tricky!

out, only one way, difficult to find decolorated objects in inventory but funny!

       Anonymous  9/9/10, 11:06 PM  

aaargh! clicked on an ad and have to restart. Thanks for the tip :-)

-change the left circle's color to yellow and the right circle to pink.
-go right and get cut capsule on the ground.
-go right and get comb.
-go left twice and use comb on dog to get the fur.
-use the broken capsule in the orange water.
-go right twice and give capsule to crab.take walnut.
-go left and give walnut to bird.get the seed.
-go right twice and give seed to chicks.take the screwdriver(weighing scale)
-go left and use screwdriver on the screw on the bottom of the ladder.click ladder.
-go left and use screwdriver on panel.click the panel door twice.
-solve the puzzle (SPOILER:up down up up)
-click the up arrow and go left.get painting.
-go right 3x and use painting on elephant's stand.get the decolorant (tube of toothpaste)
-inspect the dog hair and use decolorizer on it.
-go left and enter the door.
-click the space on the second bottom and use it on mouse.
-go out and right and click the bottom space and use it on nude king.

A big shout of joy went up in whole town. The king was carried up. Transparent clothes were announced. However, it was found by the policeman. The tag of the king and the policeman started.

king end only one method.

thanks for all the hints,i couldn't have wrote this walkthrough without your help!

that was a bit hard early on friday morning
to look for invisible things is a new one

anyway always brings a smile on my face - Minoto

let's see what zoz makes of it -lol- looking forward already

That was a nice and cute one...again..:))

@princess..you wrote a wonderfull WT!!

*waves to alkmar and swissmiss and now heads to bed* YAWN -__-

Well, that was a funny version of the Empire's New Clothes.
And of course the walkthrough for a game with a king has to be written by a princess.

@small..I always love your comments :)) and lol..written by a princess..you really are wake up this morning!!!

oh..kitkat...WAveSSS!! sleep well..nice dreams ;)

       Anonymous  9/10/10, 2:15 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

@full...je mag gerust iets opschrijven hoor..niet bang zijn :P

Another fun one! I was super stuck on the invisible clothes bit so I needed the help! Thanks for the WT @princess! :)

       Anonymous  9/10/10, 5:18 AM  

LOL(lig) @Alkmar.. It´s just that i made the most stupid comment ever made at this site, so i quickly deleted it myself after i realised how dumb it looked after i posted it.. :-)

In case zoz really wants a day off;
Here's a substitute (but only once, it's very hard to do this)
It's on the music of Dancing Queen from Abba.
But zoz, please feel free to do another (better) one if you want to

Nicking the Naked King

Ooh you go right, look around, taking the cans off the ground.
Ooh you go right, take that comb, combing the dog at home.

Yellow tap and the other pink,
Place the cans in the orange sink.
Give the crab the cans, used it, getting in the air,
You grab the nut right there.
Any birdie could crush that nut,
Chicks to feed, now that nut is cut.
With a click the strange driver, openening the box.
You're in the box with knobs,
And with your money dots...

You take the painting quick, lasers gone, only button trick,
Elephant, do your thing, take decolorant, oh yeah.
Doggy's hair, you can make, not to be seen but not fake.,
Oooh, driver thing, use it cool, screwing the ladder tool.

Use a ladder, you turn 'em on,
Click that entry and then you're done.
Looking out for an item, empty one will do.
Giving the mouse that string,
And when you give the king...

He is the naked king, old and mean, almost see his thing.
Naked king, feel the beat from the cop his swing, oh yeah.
You got beat, You did crime, sitting the rest of your time.
Oooh, see that king, see his thing, nicking the naked king.

Nicking the naked king.

I loved it @small-tool!!
"Almost see his thing" very funny !

Very disappointed. I thought that I was going to hear Full singing the Minoto version of Dancing Queen.

@Full!!!!Your new avatar is amazing!!!!LOL
Loved it @small-tool!!!!Thanks for the laugh!

great great great fantastisch!! you deserve a special award @small!!

Lol..I checked the avatar from Full...Nokra noticed it...and yes...I have to say: Prachtig!!! we all can use it in the games.. :))


and @small-tool -> awesome!!))) wow, really) very amusing, well done!)

@small-tool, thank you for the great "Dancing Queen/Naked King" -through! That was very clever (and I, for one, am thankful we could not "see his thing" lol!)

and @Full, you've done it again; put a song in my head that will stay all week! (btw, I totally covet your avatar ;o}

@Full love the avatar. You are ready for anything!

and @smalltool WOW!!! What a fantastic walkthrough. You and zoz can do a duet lol :D

neither of you guys can explain how to solve this, -click the space on the second bottom and use it on mouse. what does this mean anyways?
princess "yea right"

second bottom of what, the mouse? the tube? the room? WHAT???? this tells me absolutly NADA.

@AzianSpirit77 the second space from the bottom is your seemingly empty inventory. There is an invisible object there.

@small-tool congrats to a wonderful WT
you and zoz are amazing

@Full - I take it it is a Swiss-knive -lol-!!

@small_tool - great WT! I agree about the duet!! You write one verse, zoz the other!!

@Full: You could probably build a house with that thing!!

Excellent songthrough @small-tool!! I'll try to ignore your "but only once" - part of it, hoping for more :)

Thanks @Full for adding the music!

Thanks @nokra for making me look closer at Full's avatar... I thought it was an extremely hairy larvae lol. Now i see it's something with a much greater use here!

@Ellie "an extremely hairy larvae" lmao! I guess that would only be for "buggy" games (Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)

@small-tool - fantastic sing-through - loved it!
lol @Ellie & @zoz!

Lol, I thought this was glitching at first. Turns out there are invisible items! lol

Oh! So those are the clothes only the smart can see! Just kidding.

LMAO @hot_shot !

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