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Romeo and Juliet Walkthrough

Romeo and Juliet

Minoto - Romeo and Juliet is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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Morning Minoto!

hi @ Catalyste

have a pan and a match stick.

Stuck with match (lightened), cleaner and fish

Hey Zania! :)

I'm stuck with the same, Zazie.

@Zazie, put the fish on the ground at the last scene and the chopper lands...

Thank you Zania !!! :)

have a coin and a net(used)!

Good Morning...Yea!

and out!

And out :)

LMAO!!!! Spray
It drove recklessly!

Thanks Zania! Out! :)

as always, i loved it. especially the 'tiny cat' coming out of muffin. typical minoto!

welcome @Catalyste. ; )

Two of the Romeo und Julia has disappeared. Where did two people go?It lives happily surely somewhere.

Two of the Romeo und Julia?

It lives happily surely somewhere!
And so do I ....lol

       Anonymous  9/25/10, 5:32 AM  

ROFL at the ending.

zoz where are you? cant wait to read this weeks minoto song!
i am waiting here and counting,

minoto 1, minoto 2, minoto 3,....

I dont have a coin and cant figure out what to do next :(

POP :)

Out! Cute and funny as always!
Btw, I'd like to here that song too lol.

hi @ all :D finally minoto and it was soooo cute... funny that juliet was sooo fat, so they can't join up :-P flying high... lol

At long last! Hello all

at last - Minoto

this is the fattest Juliet I have ever seen!!

Yay - my week is now complete!! Love minoto. This was cute and odd as usual! Romeo and Julia (not Juliette) disappear down a hole! They live happily underground!

What I've learned today;
- A match can be used.
- A pan is a tool used for cooking.
- Spray drives recklessly.
- Blackmouth goosefish can be used to land aeroplanes.
- Traffic signs can be changed into insect nets.
- If you pump a balloon and step on it, it becomes a coin.
- Cat's are kept in little balls in vending machines.
- If you cook bird poo it becomes a sponge in a just good condition grilled up, so a fat girl can jump on it.

Hole end.

By the way, this is a;

Blackmouth Goosefish

@small_tool: wow - scary fish! But...the mouth doesn't look black to me. Why the name blackmouth? And, it certainly doesn't look like a goose!! Lol!!

Whoa - had one of those for lunch!

Don't know why they are called liked that, but found this;
The goosefish, the largest angler, reaches 4 ft (120 cm) and 50 lb (23 kg) and is capable of swallowing fish as big as itself.

Found a lot of ways to cook goosefish as well.

Yikes @small-tool! Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing that!! Poor thing..

Romeo and Juliet Sing-A-Long
to the tune of A Wonderful Guy, from South Pacific
Click here for a Sing-A-Long video

I expect everyone of my crowd to make fun
Of my proud protestations of faith in this game
And they’ll say I’m naïve as a babe to believe
That Minoto is real. No they’ll say that it’s lame.

Fearlessly I’ll face them and argue their doubts away,
Loudly I’ll sing about Tools for Cooking,
I’ll take my stance about Ponies who prance and say
Minoto is such a beautiful thing!
I’m not ashamed to reveal
How happy this game makes me feel

When the sailboat arrives at the dock and
The rope that Gulliver used is in hand
And I can choose the match that can be used
I know I've found a Minoto game

Penguins flying in planes with propellers
Bonfires burning along the roadway
Water that steams, oh it’s all like a dream
When I find a Minoto and play

Rope the Pony so Romeo hops on and goes
To the castle to get
(As the mouse flits around
And Thing bobs up and down)
His true love Juliet

When the blackmouth goosefish’s head lantern
Shines like a beacon so penguin can land
Take the propeller and create a fan
That will blow the football
To the net that is tall
And will catch the Mouse buzzing around

Dance Interlude (keep singing!)

When I'm down and confused and I'm feeling
Like I need something that's happy and gay
I know that I can always go and find
A Minoto to brighten my day

Spray (it drove recklessly) blows a ball up so we
Can make Gulliver’s shoes
Make a coin we can use
Like a driver that screws
To free Green Kitteh who

Eats the food of the thing that was bobbing
Knocking it down so the Powder pours out

Making a Sponge in a good condition
So the Pink
Arrow can

Show where fat
Girl should land

Where did two
People go?

Julia and

In thin air

And live hap-
py somewhere

In this Land that is called Minotooooooooh!

       Anonymous  9/25/10, 10:12 AM  

Thanks Zoz, we missed you already!!!

       Anonymous  9/25/10, 10:13 AM  

I’m not ashamed to reveal
How happy this game makes me feel

@zoz, now this game is complete!!!

Barking mad but entertaining!

@zoz - just wonderful!

Yea,I just told my daughter"today would be a great B-day if I could play a new Minoto".The escape gods must have heard me!

Happy Birthday @carrieg! I hope all of your dreams come true :D

love minoto! very funny but one of his more "illogical" ones lol!

o.O hahah in a way, minotos are hard cuz they make no sense! :)

I was not expecting that ending...makes me want to start playing Fat Princess again.

Cutest. cat. ever.

Part 1

and so we open with:
*oh dear..oh no...which way do I go...which way do I go...who's on first...who cares...no, he is on third...then who is on second...I can't think ...what do I do...oh...oh...oh*

a pony who has obviously had too many double espressos at Starbucks is in the midst of a caffeine meltdown while the young boy is *hanging loose* in a comatose, zombie-like state....well...this is normal in MonotoVille but even here...someone needs to give this pony a handful of Valium, or give me the Valium! Okay...shall we see what the next scene brings...lol!

Well...somehow Gulliver escaped from the pages of his classic book and is standing in the *almost-docked* ship...touch his boat and magically it comes to port and ties itself up...don't you just love Minoto...lol! take the *rope that Gulliver used* and pick up the cooking tool before you continue on to find a fox that kicks a soccer ball...kicks a soccer ball...kicks a soccer...okay...*blame it on the pony*

speaking of the pony, take Gulliver's rope and finally get this poor frenzied animal harnassed...suddenly the boy comes to life, jumps on the pony and rides into another scene that only Minoto would think of...it seems you have arrived at a *sort of* castle and a young girl is peeking over the wall...a garbage can with a long neck and head is ... yes, you guessed it...performing the same action to distraction and, a spray can is wildly buzzing around the boy's head and it would appear that a mouse is at the controls.... *takes another shot of tequila* it helps...believe me.... before you leave this scene take the *cleaner that is left behind* and grab the match....

Part 2

hop into the scene with Gulliver and notice that even in Minotoland...spills exist and require clean-up, so....use the cleaner that was thrown away and what the....a blackmouth goosefish sporting the latest head gear...*the lantern of the head shines*...I don't even want to ask....well, I do but the answer will reveal itself soon enough...alright...onward!

just walk by the fox for now and notice that there is a plane hovering above a runway/highway...this must be the Minoto Harrier Jet...but I digress...light the match in the fire and then light the rest of the fire pits lining the runway; now, because this makes no sense at all we are going to do it...lol! place the goosefish to the left of the first fire pit and the hovering pilot is now able to land...but oops!!! one of the propellers just fell off...workmanship just isn't what it used to be...take the propeller and, before you leave the pilot...place the cooking tool over the fire.

now let us see Mr. Fox...take that propeller and place it in the object the soccer ball was bouncing off of and...a fan! make the fox kick the ball again and this time it ricochets into the *sign* and turns into a net to catch insects...lol! *and my computer doubles for an ATM...haha!* alright...back to the business at hand.

remember that irritating buzzing can...let's use the net to capture the can, thus eliminating one more frenetic, frantic object!!! now take the can to Gulliver and attach it on the end of the rope on the dock...a puff of *something* comes out and Gulliver then proceeds to stomp on what turns out to be a coin...*another shot of tequila...really starting to make sense now*... take this newly stomped coin and insert it into the machine *fox view* and out pops an egg with a small green cat...whoohooo!!! I think the cat should help the garbage can eat the *mystery* food on its plate...wow...garbage can just tipped over and out spills a powder containing various ingredients...ummmmm...nope, I do not want to know!

take the *icky* powder to the cooking tool and pour it in...*a sponge in a just good condition grilled up*....what?! *hello...my name is Alice and I just fell down a funny looking hole...* I am in Minoto...I am in Minoto...okay, take the grilled sponge and place it in front of the castle wall...the large, conspicuous pink arrow tells you where...lol!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Juliet jumps over wall on sponge and crushes poor boring Romeo and both disappear into large hole where apparently they are living happily *somewhere*.... *takes a double shot of tequila*.... And this, as they say, is the end!

@Zoz...thank you again for your fun and clever sing-a-long with Minoto-through :) You have such a creative imagination and possess a huge talent for the written word :D Your Minoto songs are the highlight of my week!

I hope you don't mind that I added my a capella WT :) something about that pony...I saw it and became possessed...lol!!! Thank you again for sharing your creative genius with all of us :)

@irishenigma, ROTFLMAO!!! If you haven't had too much Valium and Tequila to read this (:oD) I want you to know that your WT made my day!
The garbage can is "performing the same action to distraction"???
"workmanship just isn't what it used to be" (you're preaching to the choir, sister!)
"hello... my name is Alice and I just fell down a funny looking hole"

Talk about a creative imagination and talent for the written word! You ROCK!!!

aw thank you Zoz...lol!!!!! you make my day often so I am happy I was able to return the laughter :) it has been awhile since I have written a WT but I do have fun with them when I actually take the time to do it ;)

LOL zoz and irishenigma!!! What fun you are! I had a great laugh with both of your WT's! THANKS! So incredible creative and clever you both are!

Ps...what is Gulliver doing in Romeo and Juliet??? Oh, I forgot - it's Minoto!!

Thanks @zoz and @irish!!! It's wonderful to have people like you around, brightening up the days for so many of us :D

LMAO @zoz/irish!!

I know bread girl won´t mind me saying that I love you both! :D


*blushing along with Zoz* ...almost sounds like a song ;) Thank you :D

I know bread girl won't mind, Edgar :) Love you too!

I don't see any bread girl minding anything around here :D

"♪Love is in the air...♪♫"

I'm no competition for someone who can make musical notes appear!

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