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The Amazing Fix - The Veteran's House Walkthrough

The Amazing Fix - The Veteran's House

The Amazing Fix - The Veteran's House is another free online point and click hidden object game developed by Avallon Alliance for Avaloid. "Big houses have big problems! Every room is filled with broken junk, burst pipes, smashed furniture and wild, crazy animals. The bear in the kitchen and the snakes in the living room could give you a big headache, if the exploding oven and flooded basement don’t get you first." Good luck and have fun!

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its actually fun once u figure how to play correctly

Hi Lauren - better than most hidden object games!

I don't understand the aim of this game, and it looks so interesting... :(

Iche, the aim is to get as much points ( $ ) as posible but from the beginning you only have 50 clicks. Some items ( tools) can be used to urn points and they also help you to release other items without you having to click on them.
You can see what the items are and what they serve for if you hoover over them.
Jewelery are worth many points and Rubys give you extra clicks

Thanks Full, it was more or less what I had understood. But as the game is over faster, the aim was not very clear for me.
I've been playing on this website for four years, and I'm not an active poster person, but if I'm not wrong, you are from Barcelona, isn't it? Anyway, kisses from Valencia. Thanks for your help, es todo un honor! jajaja ;D

This game is awesome!

Additionally to the previous info given by Full, I could add this:
- finish one category (junk, gems, art, etc) and you'll be rewarded with 25 extra clicks.
- finding/fixing similar items in the same category in a certain amount of times in a row with no misclicks (say all the roof, the plumbing, etc.) unlocks other animals or characters to be found in further games (the category 'characters' will be available even with only one of them unlocked)
- going for the items in the bottom right of the game screen (an item with a [+25] on the left that continuously will increase till [+1000] as long as you don't miss) it's the best and fastest way to earn the most points. This can be hard from the start, but until having most (or at least enough) of the items visible. If you do it, keep always an eye to the number of clicks left to know when to stop and go for the items in the category you have the least to find. This way you won't run out of clicks... and when you have some more clicks to use, go again for the bonus items!

Lol Edgar ( Hai...) It actually is a nice game, different than the usual "hidden object" games.
Thanks for adding the rest of what to do, i obviously didn´t get that far to find out. ;-)

Hola @Iche, espero que continuas jugando y comentando aqui con nosotros, te lo pasaras
muy bien, ya veras.
Besos de (efectivamente) Barcelona :-)

Completed in expert mode
75 475

Wow Tosca, i had something like 20.000 and i thought that was a lóóóóót. lol

replayable! like when waiting for a good new room escape!

The game is rather addictive. I've gotten several scores in the top 20 (under "PG")

Anyone have a clue what the deal is with the tools? I do not see any.

This game is totally addictive!
Played it last night before bed.
Getting ready to play it again.
this game...

I'm the developer of this game and I really enjoy reading your comments. I really appreciate your post.

If this game is a success, I will post new house to fix. I will also note your comment and try to improve the overall gameplay.

To answer William, the tools are only available in the expert mode. They will target for destruction a special object (just look at the description when you over a tool with your cursor). If this special category of objects does not exist in your game anymore, it will destroy another random object.


great game!
i add it to my bookmarks

I won't lie, I played this all day yesterday! :) I got to rank 7! EDGAR, you were whipping butt, though, as per usual. Anyone who likes to strategize will love this game. :)

I loved it. I'll probably end up playing again today if we don't get some new escape games in here soon!!

Thanks for the 411, LancelotBlue. Love the game, played till I literally had to take my contacts out. Sitting at #25 on the leaderboard (using the initials PG)

thanks for to explain the game, I start to like it much!!!!actually, I love it!!

@Lancelotblue...thanks !!!!!

started with the easy one..going now for the normal..maybe i will have a better score ( dont laugh..11,750) hahahahahahaaa

This is one of the best games ever :) Like others, I've played this over and over again. It's magic does not fade :D So, I'd also like to thank LancelotBleu! The game looks pretty, it's fun to play and not impossible to beat - so a very, very good one :)

I love this game! I don't think I've ever played a game on this site as many times as I've played this one. In expert mode, it has the right mix of challenge and frustration to be completely addictive! Whenever I don't win, I HAVE to play again!

Thank you katak and all for the good comments. I really appreciated it.

I spent almost a year developping it part time with Karl (the artist doing all the art direction). It was designed so that each game was completely different despite the fact that it was using the same basic house background. Our girlfriends where our first fan and they helped us a lot to find what was fun.

It's inspired from the renovation experience I had with my duplex, it was a real nigthmare.

Do you have ideas for some interesting settings for a sequel? Please, share me your ideas.

now it won't open from the site or my bookmark...sob

This game has become my favourite one! hahaha

Some ideas for a sequel:

* medieval castle being built
* market square under construction, getting ready for a new day, cars around etc. - lots to do
* farm house

Lol-- tornado clean up- it could be in a caravan. lol

Tornado and Castle sounds cool.

What about a pirate boat attacked by a giant octupus? The pirates could be figthing it. You will need to clean the pirates, the octopus, fix the boat, clean the mess, remove the water, etc.

LancelotBleu, I'm taking myself the chance to tell "personally" how much I enjoyed your game. Definitively the best hidden objects game I've ever played. I know your next will be a great success as this one is.
The ideas you've got so far sound great to me and I really can't come up with anything so far (at least better than the ones mentioned above) but what I think I can do is a little suggestion... maybe?
You see, in order to achieve the best scores and to play with the best strategy possible, I usually go for the bonus objects the most I can until I almost run out of clicks, or at least to have enough to finish one of the categories to have 25 more click to use for some more bonuses... and that not always works, lol. Aaaaanyway, if I have 1 click left and use it to get the last object in a category, I get my 25 extra clicks without any problem, BUT if I use that last click to get a MAGNIFIER or BINOCULARS (tools that get me the 3-clicks-giving gems) I lose! And in the final (game over) scene I still can see my 3 extra points added (way too late) because of the time the tool takes to reach the gem that would give me those clicks!
Well, that's the only thing I could say in order to help you improve any sequel of this EXCELLENT little thing you've made, lol. Could you please fix that?
Thanks in advance (and hurry up! I can't wait to play Amazing Fix 2!!!) :D

i love this game. It´s not so difficult, when we use the tools and gems first.

Thank you Edgar and speedy for your comments. I really appreciate.

Edgar, the behavior your are reporting with the tools seem's to be a bug. I will do my best to fix it for the next version. Since we are two to develop the game in our basement and that our testers are our girlfriends, I'm surprised there was no more bugs in the version.

I would like to publish a lot of games around the amazing fix concept, but I am constraint with my day job (and money). My ultimate dream will be to have a site dedicated to those games and publish a new one each month or so. I'm also considering to release weekly or daily "mini" version. All these takes me a lot of time. Do you think you will be interested to play mini version (lighter versions)?


Great game! I've completed all the Achievements except One of Each. It sounds simple but I can't figure it out. Help!

To complete the "One of each" achievement, you must click on an item of each category.

But there is a catch : You must finish the sequence with a tool since it will trigger an other category of objects.

I have to say, that as much as I like this game, one thing really irritates me: when the thing to find is hidden behind several others. This shouldn't be the case. At least a part of the item to search should be visible.

I play this game almost every day 2-3 times to make a break and my best score was smth about 177.000. But when i look into LeaderBoard i see 800.000 and even 10.000.000. HOW??? Were these guys cheating?

MElena, I have the same question. I tried best for times but my highest score was not more than 120000. Those extremely high record are not believable.

Brisk, i even tried to calculate:
for extreme mode and all achievements opened there is about 400 items. taking into account that gems don't increase the score and treasure and people give 1000 points and that you can get bonus points for finding bonus items let's just multiply 400 by 1000. It's only 400.000, more is impossible.

I absolutely love this game..are there any similar hidden object games out there like this. This game is different from other hidden object games that I have played..LancelotBleu please make a sequel !!!!

This is the best hidden object game, ever!! I would love to see a fix the hotel version and thanks to Lancelotbleu and your girlfriend :-)

Hi @LancelotBleu! What about the sequel?? :)

Agreed! Love this game, still playing multiple times daily. Love Evillemon. But, this game is fabulous. Hope you can put together your planned sequel soon. :) Cheers!

I just love this game. It's new every time I play and I enjoy setting self challenges to increase the difficulty. I have seen screen shots of the game with the categories on the side rather than below. That would be a great layout for the widescreen. Please make another soon LancelotBleu!

I need help with the electrician in the hardware category?
I can not tell the difference?

Here I am, a few years after all the other comments, and I've been completely hooked on The Amazing Fix for two weeks! Congrats on making an excellent recreation, and thanks for creating it. P.S. Still trying to break 70,000...

hi, how do you recognize a bonus object?thanks..

hi, how do you recognize a bonus object?thanks..

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