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Arise 3 Walkthrough

Arise 3

Arise Volume 3 is the third episode of Arise, scary point and click type room escape game from MoFunZone. You were captured as you went through the woods. Try to get out and escape using tools and clues in this point-and-click game. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game is scary and there are some blood scenes!

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What the hell ....?
Can't do a thing!

Found petri dish and put it on table.

Found a tube but can't put it anywhere ...

Aaaa noooo a timed game - and I was pleased to get in on a live one. I'm no good at these :o(

Me neither!
I am playing it for the second time but no luck!

Noes I died. Got stuck with a crowbar that I couldnt use anywhere. :(

Dont like games with time limit.
Found lots of stuff, opened lab and died.

Tell us more Liat, what did you find?
Where is crowbar?

Dont like time limits either. No clue on the second code. Just says get up.. but I couldnt climb on the tresor. There is a letter/number code in the hidden compartment in the wall (when you solve tree thing puzzle) but dont know what to do with it. Think Ill try another game tbh. Dont like scary games anyway. xD

I'm about to die too.... :(
Found a few clues though
- the new door code is the old one in reverse
- the color balls go like this:
green on top
blue left side
yellow right side
red on bottom
crowbar opens broken wood cupboard

Crowbar is in one of the locked draawers - you find two keys in the lab. Look at the note pinned on the wall for clue to lab door code - easy clue!
But I died. Will try once more....

what is a tresor?

@truus - I couldn't get the balls to stick once I zoomed out from them (but I can't remember if I got right order.. am going to try again!)

can't find the flask
2 keys in new room

For the crowbar you need the key from the second room. To enter second room; password reversed.

Really should learn to refresh.

Hm tried again too am still stuck at same spot with crowbar. What broken cupboard? :O I tried the darn thing on anything.. all 8 walls. Nothing.

Oh and I meant a safe. xD

Ugh I can't find the last key. I am guessing a syringe or something is in there so that you can inject yourself.

I nutrilised the viruses under the microscope by clicking them??

Found the cupboard but stuck again. How did you get all the parts for the experiment? Cant open lockers and dont understand code for safe. @_@

Can't find the place to use to crowbar neither?

I nutrilised the viruses .. now what?
Time is ticking!!!

died again.
I don't understand the safe code, do we get it from the paper in the wall (from coloured balls)?

DEAD again ....

Crowbar is used on a sort of low wooden box cupboard - it flashes that it's broken when you click on it. I found burner behind lab door, and it lit when put in place - but never found the flask before I died again.

Use the colored balls to get the clue for the safe code. It has to do with what is written right next to it

Where is that flask??? Please!

Hm ok got everything now but seem to miss the syringe or whatever to inject as well. How do you get the key for the darn lockers? :(

And yes safe opens with the letter/number code in regards to what is written on the wall by the safe. You need to solve the puzzle with the colored beads first tho.

safe code is "GET UP" in numbers!!
got flask now

What to do when you neutralized the viruses?

How frustrating! I can't find anything else after I make the formula

I bet the syringe is in middle locker, need key

I need a syringe or I am gonna die again ... and again .... and again ... and again ... pfff

All I did was neutralize the viruses bu cutting them. Then took the petri dish back, turned on the burner with a flask on it and the temperature rises and that's all!??
What do I have to do after that?

I am alive!!!
I found the syringe!!

where ZA ??????

Sadly I have to leave now. Good luck all with the lockers. Hope you find the key. Darn I would really like to know where it is!!! Argh. :)

@small, you need a syringe and inject the serum with temps between 80-100 degrees

bye @wotcruella, sorry you have to leave

Look closely behind the door near the lockers; where you found the flask ... the key is hanging there.

ok thanks @Za
feel like a zombie now, going in again...

Thanks ZA! I was going crazy looking for it!


After your antidote, you'll feel reborn ;-)
It was a tricky place for the key ... but fun.

Thanks ZA,
Out too now, just in time.

Thanks @ZA, you're a real life saver!!!!!
I'm out and alive this time!

I want to thank all escapers for the tips =) You guys/girls are sooo smart..thanks thanks thanks....and again thanks ;-)

Thanks @ZA!! I didn't see the key either. Died three times, but feel alive again :)

Read the upper left note on the wall.
Find out the new password from this letter.
Open the top right drawer to read “down is red”.
Get a petri dish from the shelf in upper left corner.
Look at the colors of the flasks in the same corner.
Turn left.
Read the note in the upper right corner.
It tells you how to make a cure.
- put antidotes in a flask
- neutralize some bacteria and add them to the flask
- heat it to 80-100 degrees.
- inject it
Fine, lets do that!
Turn right.
Take a green test tube from above the lockers.
Zoom on the code panel and enter the correct code.
SPOILER3903739351SPOILER (from the first note you read – the old password backwards).

Enter the next room.
Get a red test tube from the table in front of you.
Turn right.
Take a key and a blue test tube from the top shelf.
Turn right.
Get a burner from the right side of the door.
Take the key that hangs on the upper part of the back side of the door (thanks @ZA!).
Turn right.
Open the middle drawer to read “top is green”.
Open the lower drawer to get a key.
Zoom on the “tree”.
Drag the colored balls into the bowled shaped ends of the “arms” of the tree.
You know that: top is green and down is red. For blue and yellow I’m not sure there is a clue, or do as I did and use the flasks from the first view: blue left and yellow right.
blue, yellow
Zoom out and find key codes in the wall to the right of the tree.

Go back to the first room.
Use one key to open the lower left drawer and get some bacteria.
Turn right.
Use another key to open the lower drawer and get a crowbar.
Turn right twice.
Zoom on the safe on the wall.
Enter the correct numbers to open it.
Use the key codes from the other room, and the text next to the safe.
The letters “get up” give the code: 10 40 86 16 93
Get a flask from the safe.
Use the crowbar on the lower left side of the broken wood in the safe view.
Get some parts for a microscope.
Turn right twice.
Place the petri dish, flask and burner on the table.
Put the bacteria in the petri dish and take it back.
Place the parts for the microscope on the microscope, and put the full petri dish there.
Click with the red cross on the “bacteria” that appears. After a (long) while you’re done and they are neutralized.
Take the petri dish back.
Add the green, blue and red samples from the test tubes to the flask.
Add the bacteria from the petri dish too.
Take the flask and put it above the burner.
Turn right.
Use your last key on the middle locker to get a syringe.
Go back left.
Click the burner to turn it on.
Zoom above the flask to see the temperature.
When between 80 – 100 degrees, zoom out and use the end of the syringe on the flask.
This might take a few trials before you manage to get it at the right temperature (you can turn the burner off to let it cool down again).
Inject the cure at the red cross.
Congratulations! You’ll live a long and happy life!

Holy sh*t!
They actually made a part 3 of Arise? Gotta play it NAOW!!

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