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Bad Memory Escape 3 Walkthrough

Bad Memory Escape 3

Bad Memory Escape 3 is another point and click room escape game by Ainars. Third part of bad memory point and click room escape type game, where your task is to collect hidden numbers, find key from car, and enter numbers in to a code panel to escape from room. Good luck and have fun!

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What? First? Woot!!! =)

I'm here!
Good morning!
So far: 3 keys, 3 notes and a gem (?).

Need one more key and one more note

Three keys, eight notes, bottles(?) and hit all switches...
Good afternoon... My first live one, nevermind being first heh... Red letter day...

Hi all, missing green key and the last note!!

And out - nice little game!

green key is on bed (left side on iron)

Hi Stu, where is last key, please!

Missing green key, too... Any hints, Stu...

Cheers =)

Hi Stu thnx, had to zoom to see it.

Out... Nice...

Last key is behind the door :)

Aha, congtats.. nice car!!!

Aaah... I was looking for the pink key for a long time before I decided to try the numbers on the door :)
Nice game as always, thanks @Ainars!

Where is purple key?

@Cyberjar, look in the shelf below the TV, right side.

- Red key: right pink chair, upper corner between seat and backrest.
- Green key: on bed, left side on a grey diagonal bar.
- Purple key: shelf below TV, right side.
- Blue key: blue couch, right armrest.
- Pink key: outside the door, roof of car.

Sorry, need to leave. I'm trying to do some work while playing ;)

Out with red car.
Easy this time

Zoom in on right chair – take code paper (1) and red key
Zoom in on left chair – take round object
Go right (bed)
Take code paper (2) on floor
Turn switch to the right
Zoom under bed – turn wheel – take code paper (3) – install red key – turn switch
Zoom on bed – take code paper (4) and round object and green key
Go right (tv)
Turn switch on the left
Zoom on sofa – take code paper (5) and blue key
Zoom on TV – turn switch and take code paper (6) and purple key
Click on painting – insert the two round objects – take code paper (7)
Go left (bed)
Turn wheel – take code paper (8) – take big bag
Go right twice (door)
Click painting – turn wheel
Install purple key in box – take small bag
Go right (two chairs)
Install green key – take code paper (9)
Install blue key – turn wheel
Put the two bags in the niches to the left – take the code paper (10)
Go right (bed)
Zoom on left chair – take code paper (11)
Go left (door)
Write the numbers on the lock (first number is position, secondi s the number)
Go outside
Take pink key from car roof
Go inside and right
Zoom in on right chair – use pink key – take car keys
Go outside – use car keys on car

Nice one - I like these, they are simple enough for my simple mind :o)). Thank you for the walkthrough, @marius - I had actually forgotten about that pink lock, and was a bit baffled by the pink key! D'OH

Nice game, but what was it called?

Hello! I amlooking for the paper with number 11.

in and out! fun one, thank you!

ha ha @Full

I love these escape games but this one was way too easy!

lol..that was fast @mgkanda! think I wont be that fast :DD

lol..not that fast..but ..out!!!

cant find the green key, I clicked all over grey diagonal nothing. help

The green key is zoomed in at the top of the bed, next to where the pillows are, at the gray head of the bed

( top left of the screen, more or less)

@full thank you so much finally


Love these because I don't feel stupid playing them but they are a little bit of a challenge and not so short! Out on my own...GONGTATS! to me...YEA!

LOL @nokra! I sometimes get more stuck in these! :P

I spent a long time looking for my last bit of paper.. never realized I still had one spinning wheel unclicked!

and Gongtats to me too! :D

PS @Full, I think this time I'll keep the car ;)

Take the car Edgar, i have one already. It´s GOLD i need. ;-)

Thanks @Ainars, I really love your games!

thanks Ainars!

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