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Escape the Bedroom Walkthrough

Escape the Bedroom

Escape from the Bedroom is another point and click room escape game created by Fitri Nurrahmi for EscapeGames24. In this game, you have to escape from the bedroom by finding, combining items, and figure out some codes. Can you able to escape the bedroom? Good luck and have fun!

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Oh thank goodness, I thought I was the only one here haha

       Anonymous  10/16/10, 2:45 PM  

Hi Elizabeth and everyone else too!
Signed in with my sons Google account OOPS.

Never alone on the net!! So wot progress? Have phone, phonebook, cutter and tape. But wot to do?

       Anonymous  10/16/10, 2:49 PM  

Not a clue except I used cutter for the tape.

How do the stars work? probably very simple and opens the brown case?

Cutter for the tape ? How ?

       Anonymous  10/16/10, 2:53 PM  

I can't figure that out either.

Yeah tape!! How? Cutter highlights and I have dragged tape all over it. No joy.

HI all,
Indeed, how to combine? Where's the about item?
I had the phone big once but don't know how I did that?

The same here :(

       Anonymous  10/16/10, 2:55 PM  

Open the tape in your inventory and drag cutter to it. I had to click outside the tape but still inside the frame.

Click on the grey bit surrounding the tape in your inventory, so it highlights. Then click directly on the cutter to select it and drag it over the tape.

Ok found out again. Somehow click the edge of the inventory.

Upps my phone is big now, no idea why or how and it wants a number....

Thx Elizabeth !!

Hi all, looks like Im late... good to see you all... here's to a big GONGTATs. ;)

Tried to call brain* but nothing.

Got it all Thanks. Still wondering about stars as the number colors are all different. Also tried keypad method for phonebook/note but no go.

Can't figure out the phone number of briefcase code at all....hmmm

I also tried brain* in different ways on phone (cellphone keyboard, alphabet order etc) nothing.

just opened up the tape from inventory by the yellow door and got a ladder mended with the tape

Hi all. Any idea on the phone. I see "brain*" but when I enter that number and hit the green button it says "error"

ahh it disappeared

Tried 215 on suitcase (because yellow star is 1 and yellow number is 2, red star is 2 and red number is 1 etc.) but no go.

Stars are 1 (black in yellow star), 2 (white in red star) and 3 (blue in white star). So no blue/black on case and no white/black on phone (top 4 buttons)
Hope I got that right!!!

Great Kitty.

combine the two codes and use them on the phone

Ladder in front of window.

Ah it's in front of the window lol

How to combine lasers?

Have a key from window now.

Wot a letdown!! Out.

I'm out with the key???
Never used phone or suitcase. Are there more endings?

small-tool: 272416*215#

Still dont the code for case or wot use the effin phone is so might try again!!

Didn't use the phone or open the briefcase, but I'm out. Must be more than one ending...

       Anonymous  10/16/10, 3:11 PM  

Put ladder in front of window and got a key used key on yellow door and out.

And out without doing the phone or briefcase hmmm

Thanks lasers.

I don´t get it. My tape is cut (with cutter) how can i get a ladder by yellow door ?

@Lasers pow pow pow now where would you get numbers like that????

Upps, suddenly i have the ladder, strange...

The ladder you get by using the cut tape on the orange door.

michael: use the letters brain* on your cellphole and 215# from the suitcase

27246 I get that's 'brain' but where did 272416 come from?

whoops, typo. 27246 is correct ofcourse

I am out somehow, but no idea how. Really a strange game. I never used the numbers on phone.

So now I have two keys. One to get out, but where does the other go?

you can combine the hockeystick with the ladder

@laser Now I understand as I started thinking that way but * is a separate button on keypad (or multiplier) and didnt put it together! So was that a typo with 272416? Just looking at smalltools comment.

Ok other door, to get in the bathroom. And there I found the ladder again and the same key as the one from the window?????

When you enter the code 27246*215# it sends a key under the brown door. Use it to open the brown door and go into another room.

ok, after i got the key I went in the other room and found the ladder and another key, which which opened the cabinet, giving me a golf-club/stick, which i placed on the ladder and mended with tape.
Is this buggy or what?

Oh sorry wasn't the same key. Was the key to open the cupboard door.

been hoping for a new game all day, but not this one!

That's where the ladder actually is. Click on the blocks which I think is actually a tiled bathtub. There's another key in there.

Yep zoz buggy.
We weren't suppose to find the ladder already and weren't suppose to repair it without the stick I guess.

But without the bug of getting and using the ladder too soon. It wasn't a bad game.
I liked the way how the suitcase shouldn't be openend but was just a hint for the phone code.
Congrats on (and thanks for) that lasers pew pew pew.

@zoz, same here, the game is only troubling, no real logic....i won´t restart to find this obscure bathroom. Waiting for another game tomorrow.
N8 n8 everybody !!!
Hugs to you all !

btw @small-tool, I cannot get that Napolean IV song out of my head. Soon they'll be coming to take me away!

g'night @Zazie, and hugz back at you!

Thank you zoz :)

Sorry for that zoz.
But then again I guess you can have fun too on the funny farm with beautiful flowers and chirping birds.

Thanks for the phone clue @lasers! I can repair the ladder and place it in front of the window then zoom in at the top. Get stuck after that. Anyone else have this?

@Cindy, look on the right for a blue key, which opens the main door.

geez, was about to go to bed, and a new escape game ...

Got it--thanks!

argh, not sure I should have stayed awake for this ...

I don't like this. I keep putting 27246*215# in my stupid phone and nothing happens. Twice my ladder got stuck to my curser. A ladder, I may note, that just appeared with a hockey stick out of nowhere. This is for the birds. I'm taking my blue key that I'm not supposed to have yet and getting the heck out of this crazy room. :D

- Take the KNIFE from the floor.
- Zoom in on the bed and see the WHITE star with a 3. Zoom in on the long vertical pillow in the middle and click it again and take the NOTE.
- Go left

- Open the curtains and see the YELLOW star with a 2.
- Go left

- See the RED star with a 2.
- Open the top right door of the cupboard and take the PHONE.
- Zoom in on the suitcase and see 1=Red, 2=Yellow, 3=Purple, 4=Orange, 5=White and the #.
- In the inventory (click the bottom right of the box of an item); look at the note and see brain*.
- Now combine the stars with the suitcase;
1 was a yellow star and yellow on the suitcase was 2.
2 was a red star and red on the suitcase was 1.
3 was a white star and white on the suitcase was 5.
And on the suitcase was a # as well. So one part of the code is 215#
- On the note was brain* and if you use sms on your phone then those letters (brain) are 27246 and with the * you have another part of the code; 27246*
- In the inventory; put in 27246*215# (the combination of those two parts, thanks again lasers pew pew pew) and click the green button and now a key is send.
- Go left.

- Open the top drawer and take the TAPE.
- Go left.

- Take the BROWN KEY that's now on the floor (it was send).
- Go left (2x)

- Open the green door with the brown key and take the BROKEN LADDER.
- Zoom in on the bathtub and take the ORANGE KEY.
- Go out and left.

- Open the door of the cupboard with the orange key and take the STICK.
- Go left (2x)

- In the inventory; open the tape and use the knife on it and now you have a PIECE of TAPE. Open the ladder and use the stick and then the piece of tape on it and now you have a REPAIRED LADDER.
- Put the ladder in front of the window and go up (click the top part of the ladder) and take the BLUE KEY (right in the grate).
- Go right

- Use the blue key on the door and out.

It looks like they fixed the bugs. I went through again and everything worked perfectly! Fun now! :D

out with help with the code. Thanks small-tool and laser!

sorry for the bug, everyone.
bug now fixed.
thanks for playing :)

Fitri Nurrahmi,
Thanks for the game.
Especially liked the code with the suitcase that looks like it should be opened but turned out to be a clue.
Hope to see more games from you.

Yeah they fixed it, but reading from the top i didn't know that and looked for that ladder for an eternity.

       Anonymous  6/16/11, 11:41 AM  

what is this game it doesnt even give the walkthrough

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