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Cemetery Escape Walkthrough

Cemetery Escape

Cemetery Escape is a new point and click type escape game from Wild Harmony Studio. In this game, you must find to Mark Smith. Can you do that? Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all

No much time to play now, but will give it a try.

6 stones and a walking stick

Hi! 8 stones and no walking stick.

My stones:
1 in the main view
3 at the graveyard
2 at the house
1 zoomed on door

Missing the one with the skull and bones and no walking stick here.

hi all

I found stones in these views:
1 stone: gate
2 stones: house zoomed once
3 stones: graves
1 stone: door, zoomed
1 stone: house seen from a distance

Sorry, I skipped another stone in the back view (the gate). That makes my 8 stones.

7 stones,one is missing, no use for the stick

Missing the skull and bone stone too.
Where is the walking stick?

Hellloooo together

missing the one with the skull too

POP! Found a view to the left of the house with the last stone and the stick!

Aha! Stick is in a view left of the house. Going to poke around now :)

@Edgar and @SwissMiss, click the left side of the zoomed out house.

have all stones, now need 4 digit code

LOL Ellie! :)
Hi SwissMiss!! :D

Oh, and the 9th stones is also in that left view!

I'm inside the house now.

walking stick is on the ground in the view left of the house

Need the code inside the house... going back to the graves.

for code sum 1st numbers of jack & mary

thanks Ellie

Thanks @Miller! I was adding things, but not those.

Finally have all stones too

The hint is in the wall outside the house. Good one @Miller! Thanks!!

Now I have a shovel combined! Muahhhhahaha, digging out a friend now.

Now, where to poke and dig?
Graves doesn't seem to work.

spooky - released the ghost of Mark

Hey! Where are you all digging?? I can't (don't want to??) find the place.

grave works Ellie - combine stick and shovel first

grave of Mark

combine stick with shovel. now have scythe...

Ellie, combine the shovel with the stick first!

and out. pretty easy, but nice graphics

well I am out - that was fast

I'm out!
Use the scythe left of the house to escape.

LOL, thanks @SwissMiss @Miller and @Edgar! Combined now, and dug the grave :D

use scythe on left of house

out.verry easy

I wanted a nice loooooong game :((

Out too! Thanks for the help!

Ellie I can see you are better with the living then the dead -lol-

out, short game, but not bad

The code was quite disaponting tho :(

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This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Crap, I see you're all finished, missed another live one.

A word to the wise...Don't be drinking coffee when you solve the game.LOL

i cant find the witches hat stone

POP found it

Hi. Anybody here? I'm looking for the stone with the bat. Can somebody help me please?

POP! Found it.

Where is the pumpkin stone?

POP! got it

POP! <------- That is NOT amusing.

I can't find the pumpkin stone either. POP!

Ok - Here is a POP that will help someone....

The pumpkin stone is in the first scene. I don't know if it not available until the others are found or not. It is next to the "down" directional arrow. I clicked that thing lots of times but it didn't pick up until I had placed the other eight stones in the door.


Oh Wow! Be careful about the volume on your speakers. Yikes.

Click on the texts in blue if you need to see a snapshot of the scene with the stones location.

Take 1 stone from the bottom.
Turn around.

Take 1 stone from the right.
Turn around and zoom in the graves.

Take 3 stones from different locations.
Go back and zoom in the left of the house.

Take 1 stone (from the bottom left) and the walking stick.
Go back and zoom in the house.

Take 2 stones from the top left and bottom right.
Zoom in the door.

Take the last stone from the top.
Notice the Mary + Jack drawing by the door.
Put all of the 9 stones on the door to open it and get inside.

Open the bottom drawer by entering the 4-digit code from using the hint by the door; get the blade.

Combine the STICK and the BLADE in the inventory to have a shovel.
Use the SHOVEL on Mark’s grave to free his soul and to take the scythe.

Use the SCYTHE on the middle bush to escape.

Solution to the 4-digit code
As seen on the drawing right of the door, you need to add up Mary + Jack, so go to the graves and use both their birth dates to sum.
NOTE: The years change in every game.

Edgar !
has left a stone in the house, I cannot take it, or using a stick!


Edgar, is on the right side of the house, with medium zoom, I can not get

@Babalu, do you mean something under the swinging chair? That's not a stone to get. Check the pictures I posted in the WT. You take the stones only by clicking on them, no stick or anything else is necessary.

ok. out.
stone in the right medio zoom in box I did not. found in the missing somewhere else!

omg! Edgar, who were not seen photos! found by brute force! : Lol:


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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