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Dark Realm Walkthrough

Dark Realm

A Dark Realm is a new point and click escape game from Melting-Mindz. You were drawn into this wretched old place and you have no idea why. Upon entering through the front door, the front of the building collapses blocking the exit. Now you want to find out what brought you here and you must find a new way out.

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I'm in!

Can't get it to load?

I'm in too.

Aah, a game with a map. This may take a while......I'm sure work will interrupt me. ;(

yeah.. Tania

This game is a bit bigger than most of my games. It might take a bit to load. The game is almost 4MB

I really hope you all enjoy!!

hammer, 2 batteries, SD, grey and green key (used)

ok.. have 3 pieces of glass (blue, purple and green), a SD, hammer, flashlight, batteries and found 5 symbols ..

Hi Self, thx for the game, looks great !!!

Zazie where's grey key??

Found only green and black keys

Love these games, SD!!

Bunch of stuff, gotta figure out what to do with them:

hammer (used), flashlight with 2 batteries inserted, 3 pieces of glass, black key, silver key (used), screwdriver, binoculars (used, but not usefully), knife, 7 symbols found.

Is there room for me too?

allison wher'd u found silver key?

Before i even get started i've got to say THANK YOU @SelfDefiant for including a map!!!

I don´t remember, maybe in the gap in the wall in left room where i used hammer ?
I have no black key and only blue and green glass pieces.

And how do you go further in the room with the window in front ?

       Anonymous  10/29/10, 8:21 AM  

I think that the silver key was in the fire alarm (room 5 up 2 left). Has anyone found a number code or a red key?

Can't find the batteries?

Sheesh, I need to write down where I find these things. Sorry, don't remember where the silver key was.......

Maybe I'll copy the map and start taking notes.

Batteries in the back of the radio.

haha! found silver key!

Nvm. found the batteries in the clock thing (5 up one left).

Anyone know what we're looking at through the binoculars?

I think the black key was in the fire alarm room. Where's the silver key?

dont know the code to the cabinet in the room with the toliets bathroom kind of room

yes allison! its the order for clickin the books w/ symbols

small- tool is where pink symbol is.. behind plant

Ok stuck w/ 4 glass pieces,binoculars, sd, knife, flashlight and hammer

Nini, can you explain? All I see is some french doors.....I thought I'd be seeing colors.....

Thans Nini xD

Where are binoculars ?

Drat, work calls.

allison there's a spot left from the houses view where u can use binoculars and see the colors

5 pieces of glass now..

done lots but can't find code for cabinet in laundry room. Anyone?

evans me neither :P

6 pieces! found 1 behind peeling wallparer

haha got red key from cabinet! (code is found in one of the windows u can zoom w/ binoculars)

found where to put glass pieces...

Hi everyone! I'm out but will try and help if I can. Evans - look at the windows with your binoculars when your outside

       Anonymous  10/29/10, 8:37 AM  

... and out!

2212 clicks! lol

found the numbers for the cabinet in the laundry room

Strange, I had been to the laundry room but now I don't find it anymore. Tried the whole map so far (up to window room). Might this be a bug?

any idea were gold key ???????

I am missing one glass piece, in the upper right corner.

3468 code i think

Gold key is behind red key door, but where do I use the gold key and the pieces of glass?

Gold key is in the dark cave somewhere hanging from the ceiling, use knife on it.

s-t there is another door to open with gold key in the cave.

use gold key in dark cellar

Thanks Zazie.

Please where is upper right glass piece ?

I'm out with 1515 clicks, lol

Thank you again for very good game Self!!!!

Found it in the books...

Finally out !
Cool game as always !

If somebody thinks he is stuck in the room with the window and the red symbol: just click above the houses. It will tell you that you can't jump if you click too low. Just try higher. I am looking for the upper lef glass peace.

Oh, it was the first first glass peace from the box where the toilet is. I started over and forgot to take it.

Where are the binoculars?

POP found them after moving the ivy to get the silver key!

Out 971 clicks

       Anonymous  10/29/10, 9:43 AM  

I clicked on the games video walkthrough to find the last piece of glass and it TOOK MY GAME AWAY! ARGH I was almost finished...:(

How do I press the books in bookcase? I tried with order of colours/shapes found (i.e. cyan, yellow, red, orange, purple, green and pink) but nothing happened, at least nothing that I was aware of. I am still missing one piece of glass puzzle (upper right corner) so I am assuming it is in the bookcase. Not sure what else to do.

I put batteries in the flashlight but it is still dark when I use it...is there a way to turn it on?
What am I missing?

       Anonymous  10/29/10, 9:46 AM  

hmmm...i am stuck. Where is red door. I can't find it! And where to use glass pieces? Anybody?

Maybe the order was wrong with the yellow and pink symbol, they look alike. That's what happened to me the first time I tried.

       Anonymous  10/29/10, 9:48 AM  


You need to use binoculars in the outdie view on windos to get color order and also to get code for cabinet in laundry room.

       Anonymous  10/29/10, 9:50 AM  

My color order was:

nokra, I think I did the flahlight on the screen and then I coould move around (still a bit dark though).

Hey Holly,
I thought the red key door was somewhere bottom right, but can't remember. Just use the map and go to all the rooms.

       Anonymous  10/29/10, 9:52 AM  

Yay! I found the red door. It's right of the cafeteria. Derp.

NVM...I just groped around in the dark and got the gold key..apparently it is still dark WITH the flashlight...

TY @small-tool....now, could you please direct me to the place to use the white key?
I am too tired to remember or to go hunting again. LOL

       Anonymous  10/29/10, 9:58 AM  

White key on gate. It's way to the left in cellar

I'm sorry, but I haven't got the game open now and no time the play again and can't remember.
But others are playing right now, I'm sure they will help.

Ohhh, Ty @Hey holly!
i left the cellar, thinking it was back in the other rooms.

Hey Holly, thank you very much, I managed to do book puzzle. I had no idea there was a colour code on a window, thought the colours were as we encountered them. I am done now and very relieved. Not too keen on places where I have to come and go a lot to achieve something.

@heyholly, you used the map well, only 863 clicks...You are on top of leaderboard!!!
I used 1404...I really was lost...LOL

ok i thought it was just me,until i read the other comments. my game is taking long to load.

Aargh! Have got this far on my own (great game!), but am at the end and missing just one glass piece! It's a largeish purple/blue piece on the right of the flower in the middle. Anyone any idea where they found this one? Thanks :o)

I have found and used the green, black, silver, red and golden keys, a knife, a screwdriver, binoculars, a hammer, a flashlight... but I'm still missing 3 pieces of glass, the upper right one and two from the middle of the picture.
I have seen 7 symbols, but I don't know how to click on the books : where do you find the order of the colours/symbols/books ?

out with 1450. I used the map and made notes but, I couldn't find that last piece of glass. I think I can safely say that accounted for about 300 clicks lol. Thank you @SelfDefiant! Great game as always!!! :D

@Pascale there is a room with windows you can look out of at a building across the way. Use binoculars for color code (lower left window) and cabinet code (middle top of right windows)

@Divinyl I think that one was one of the 1st I got. I'll go back in and look.

Thanks mgkanda :o)

Pascale...the window you can look out of is at the top of the map...gives you the colour order for the symbols and the books.

I used the binoculars again and found the colour order. Now I have the upper right piece of glass, but I have no idea for the remaining two in the middle.

Did you get the one under the peeling wallpaper Pascale?

Back in and found 2 purples so far. On map it's A)2nd row from top-last room on the right-use SD on tile and B)3rd row from top - 1st room (where you look out the windows) behind peeling paint. You can drag a paint panel on the lower left. Hope that helps.

There is another purple piece of glass on some stairs. On map: 5 rows down-1st room. Where the red symbol is there is a piece of wood in the corner on the lower right that you can drag.

Got it! It was on the stairs. I had clicked on the thing it was under, but hadn't thought to try to move it! And out!!

745 clicks, which seems kind of amazing, given the amount of running around I did trying to find that last piece!

gongtats, Divinyl! :)

lol...that time through I did it in 408 clicks. That's about 1000 less LOL! Well it should be considering I'd already done the whole thing. :D

having a problem finding the glass piece behind the peeling paint, help anyone?

@Jennifer It's in the room where you can look out the windows. On the bottom of the left wall (left of where it says "the paint is peeling) there is a rectangular panel of paint that's a hotspot. Just drag it away. :)

On the map it's the first room 3 rows from the top.

thank you! i was in a completely different room... oops! lol

@Divinyl and @mgkanda, thank you. No, I have not not the piece of glass from under the wallpaper. I'm going to use your hints ! (-:

931 clicks ;) Fun game. I love these, SelfDefiant! :)

I LOVE these!!!! Thank you SelfDefiant!!! Keep 'em coming!

I still can't find the last glas piece. Somebody mentioned "in the books" but where........
Please help.
Missing the upper right one!

Nevermind.... went back and checked everything again.... finally saw order of colored signs (for books) on window with binoculars.

Great game...

missing lower left glass piece .. could someone hint as to where it might be?

rows from bottom to top, rooms from the left to right.

- Go left
- Take HAMMER.
- Go right (2x)
- Use hammer on crack on the wall. Take GREEN KEY.
- Go left, go up, use green key.

- Go up.

- Go up

- Drag fallen wall piece in the corner and take GLASS PIECE #1.
- Go left (under the window).

- Go left.
- Zoom in on the radio, click it to see the back and take the BATTERIES.
- Go left.
- Zoom in on the fire alarm and take the BLACK KEY.
- Go in the dark open door.
- Take the SCREWDRIVER from the floor.
-Go down, go right (2x), go up, go left.

- Take the KNIFE (right side of the screen).
- Go right, go up, go right.

- Use the screwdriver on the tile and take GLASS PIECE #2.
- Go left, go up.

- See the PINK SYMBOL.
- Drag the bottom right leafs in the window and take SILVER KEY.
- Go down (3x), go right (use the silver key).


- Take the BIONOCULARS (bottom right of the screen).
- Go left, Go up, Go left, Go up.

- Drag the bottom left piece of wallpaper and take GLASS PIECE #3
- Zoom in on the windows to look out.

- There are two rows with 5 windows you can use your binoculars on.
- Use the binoculars on the top row and window 2 from the right and see 3468.
- Use the binoculars on the bottom row and window 2 from the left and see the color order BLUE, YELLOW, RED, ORANGE, PINK, GREEN, PURPLE.
- Go down (2x), go right, go up, go left, go up (use the black key).

- Zoom in on the safe above the washing machine and use the numbers you saw outside (3468) and take the RED KEY.
- Go down, go right, go down (2x), Go right, go right through the door in the back.

- Take PIECE OF GLASS #4 from the window.
- Go left (2x), go down (2x), go right (2x).

- Take the FLASHLIGHT from the right bookcase.
- Zoom in on the books in the right bookcase and use the colors from the symbols and the color order you saw outside to click the books.
- So click the symbol books in this order (from left to right) 4, 7, 2, 5, 3, 6, 1 and take PIECE OF GLASS #5.
- Go left (2x), go down, go left.

- Use the screwdriver on the panel/picture above the sink and take PIECE OF GLASS #6.
- Go right, go up, go right, go up.

- Go right and use the red key to go in.

- In the inventory put the batteries in the flashlight and use it on the screen so you can go to other rooms.
- Go up, go left (2x), go up and use the knife to get the GOLDEN KEY.
- Go down, go right (2x), go up, go right (2x) and take PIECE OF GLASS # 7.
- Go left, go up and use the golden key to go in.
- Zoom in on the stained glass window and put all 7 pieces of glass in and take the WHITE KEY.
- Zoom out, go down (2x), go left, go down, go left (2x), go up, use the white key on the gate and go out.
go out.

2250 clicks!! but im out!! tks for your help!!

1292 clicks. Had to read the WT to find glass piece #4...

Thanks Selfdefiant - GREAT game, as usual!!!

Love all your games!

out without help - took 785 clicks though.
Loved the game. Thanks @Selfdefiant!

That wa awesome.And I did it myself. Thanks so much for another great game.

Out with 4066 clicks. Was a great game and did most of it on my own (not much of an advertisement!)Many thanks and looking forward to the next one already.

3380 click and out, got stuck on the last piece of glass

done 331 clicks no help

Done, thanks to small-tool. 309 clicks to get out using the walkthrough! Nice job! Thanks for the help.

       Anonymous  12/2/10, 7:50 PM  

<3 it!!!! 258 clicks and out!!!! :-D

1401 Clicks im out :D

       Anonymous  8/21/11, 10:18 PM  

i got it in 886 clicks

757 clicks :) this was a really fun game

What's with the ghost lady? I think I'll call her Spirit Queen.

working link: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/552198

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