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OzRiddle Escape from the Room Walkthrough

OzRiddle Escape from the Room

[REPLAY] OzRiddle - Escape from the Room is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Oz-Riddle. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


hello. Let's hope there's no dying and that it's finished hmm? Bad luck with games today.

lol! drawer is sticking it's tongue out at me!

you can drag things around to move them out of your way. Got pickaxe and note

oh boy im alone?

Im here

i should refresh before i post.lol
i have a pick ax, and 2 notes decoded the morse code one..
would love to look where it says look! but its too small for me to look at!
and stuck

lol...used pickaxe on mean drawer and now I can move chair for key. Got morse code memo in bin next to desk.
Where is everybody?

oh i used the pick ax and now the brown cabinet is gone.


got 2 papers and pick axe

got the grey key used it and got magnifying glass and found... half a code?

that drawer stole my pickaxe!

A hint behind sofa. Use MG

now got grey key

Hi all! Yay people! Anyway, got magnifier from desk and looked at wall note that says "look". So green note says square=5 so we need to make #s out of this?

Got glue?

Used the magnifier on the 'look' hint behind the couch. Translated it into numbers to open the safe... got a blue key.

im bad with codes

Hi! Loading...


LOL @cece, yep... i think it's glue the thing from the blue drawer.

Anyone have any clue on the safe #s? Can't figure out how to make #s out of wall clue. So the morse code is SOS right? Is that then our clue for the safe since it needs 3 #s not four like the wall clue?

Now I opened the safe behind the panda calendar with the clues with morse code:

...---... is SOS
In numbers for the safe that's SPOILER505SPOILER

Got red key.

got the red key

And SOS for red key

Okay, explain to me how you translated that.

Got the handle for the door from the red drawer.

Put glue on the handle and out! :D

And congratulations!

SOS = 505

glued handle to door and out! Thanks for codes help. Still don't get the 4 digit one.

and out.


The note says 'square' = 5

The square is the middle number in the codepad (5) Use the rest of the 'shapes' to know what numbers they are inside the same codepad.

and out.. fun game!

that was uctually easy when you've got smart people playing

@Edgar Ohhhh...I get it. Thank you for answering. I can't stand it when I don't get it.

lol @kara. I think I'm ditching that other replay for good. Hoping for better games later.
Bye all! :D

@mgkanda im gonna go try but we'll see lol

wow, seven minutes late and everyone's out! We really are like a bunch of vultures, lol. Cute game all the same.

*nyuk nyuk!* :P

cute game. It was fun, and must be easy since I had no trouble :P

Simply Good!

Oh no, an "easy" game? That means I'll probbably get stuck for a really long time. Going in to try!

...especially if trash bins are involved ;-)

Oh, well... that didn't take such a long time lol. Nice game! But, what kind of creature did I kill with the pickaxe? The soul of the drawers?

Lol @Edgar! I managed to find the note in the bin this time :)

wow that was EASY... and fun!

Finally!!! A game I did all by myself!!!
gongtats! To me...LOL

Turn left.
Zoom on the trashbin, get a note.
Look at the note with “about item” to see dots and lines.
Drag the calendar aside to see a safe.
Turn left.
Drag the “no smoking” sign aside to see another safe.
Drag the couch to the left and get a pickaxe.
Drag the couch to the right to see writings on the wall.
Lift the cactus (by dragging) and click the pot to get another note.
Look at the note with “about item”. Square=5.
Click on the note to see another symbol “#”.
Turn left.
Zoom on the paper on the wall.
Morse code.
Translate the first note:
Three dots=S
Three lines=O
Note: SOS
Click the top drawer to open and see a… creature.
Use the pickaxe to get rid of the whole furniture.
Drag the chair to the right and get the grey key from the ceiling.
Turn left twice.
Use the grey key in the left drawer and get a magnifier.
Turn left.
Make sure the couch is dragged to the right.
Use the magnifier on the red writings on the wall.
Read: “CLOU”
Solve this, using the hint note with number 5.
Enter the four digits in the wall safe to get a blue key.
Solution below.
Turn right.
Use the blue key in top right drawer and get glue.
Solve the 3-digit wall safe to get a red key.
Solution below.
Use the red key in the lower right drawer to get a handle.
Open the handle with “about item” and put glue on it.
Turn right, put the glued handle on the blue door.
Drag the door to the right.
Click to escape!

Number pad safe
The “square=5 note” tells you that the middle number in a code pad (like the one you see when you click the note again) is 5.
Placed the numbers inside this code pad, like on the safe:
The “CLOU”-hint tells the positions of four numbers in such a pad.
Code: 6352

3-digit safe
Use the hint “SOS” that you get from the trashbin note and morse code paper.
SOS written in a more “digital” way looks like 505.
Code: 505

Nice and easy game !

When I played this game earlier today, I thought it was an old one or a replay, since the room decoration was very familiar to me, but I was wrong.
However, it's the same author's, using the same room frames of an older and way longer previous game from him/her.
Found it just out of nostalgia:
I had the luck of playing live this long (and very recommendable) game along with great escapers, like @zilifool, who wrote the wt for it... and now I'm wondering about him/her. Where would he/she be? Why did he/she stop playing? One of the greatest I've played with.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing zilifool... Cheers!!

Short and fun!

       Anonymous  10/5/10, 4:40 PM  

Edgar, please I do not understand C = 6 L = 3 ( O = 5 I understand, is the middle of the keyboard) = U 2 ????? Help

Give me a minute Babalu.

       Anonymous  10/5/10, 4:50 PM  

omg! get it! puts up the numbers in the #

       Anonymous  10/5/10, 4:55 PM  

Edgar, tks, delayed to understand! lol

I added green lines to the code pad, thinking it might be the better way for you to understand how to get the numbers:

Visual solution to the CLOU CLUE

Oh, well. Glad you made it :)

I Liked that one just hard enough, with puzzles I could solve. Thanks

Out by lonesome!

I thought that # sign and square = 5 clue were interesting. And then I ran into the magnify glass and saw more green clues.

Took me a bit to piece that together, but it's pretty easy once you see it. All you do is look at the square bit in the # sign and remember that it equals 5. From there it should make sense to start numbering the spaces from 1 - 9. After that assign the shapes to their respective number. And there you have the code.


But the hardest part was actually figuring out to use the pickaxe on the drawer monster.

Clever little game.

Fun game. Made it to the end but the blue door was a dead zone. The glue was applied to the door handle but it won't "stick" to the door. So I can't get out. The puzzles were fun though.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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