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Ice Stone Escape Walkthrough

Ice Stone Escape

[REPLAY] StrawberryCafe - Hyouseki: Ice Stone Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Strawberry Cafe. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Ice Stone Escape Walkthrough

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Spoiler:   Use This:


these are usually good...hope this one is!

one last geme before the trick or treaters start coming

make that: game

Got always:

"403 Forbidden"

yay! finnaly got out of animals room and now I'm joinin in this! Hi all!

sorry Stu.
I have 3 unidentified objects

I have a crystal, telescope, a sugar cube from the garlic thing...

the white cube goes on the red square on the cabinet. don't know yet what it does

argggh it's 4pm here and i haven't had breakfast yet!

a telescope - I thought that might be it. Thanks Nokra

stuck with the color code

A telescope, crystal and 2 prisms.. (green and red)..

I haven't use anything yet!...aaah

oh no! restarted my game and now it wont load!

on top of the big cactus there's a cross in the window

pheew it loaded!

probably hve to ring the bells in the right order to get the key

use red film on chair

@Sabine - saw that - thought the telescope might work there but no

and how can we get the key in the first view at these thing?

@annaby , i tried telescope there too... lol

Doodle .. red film?

What red film, @ DoodleBird?...where?

red film?

let me start over, I forgot where I got it

code for square-moon-circle


the red film comes from the cabinet with the 3 digit code.
Then you get a key with the film
the color code cabinet uses the clue you get with the key
once the color code cab is open, flip the switch and put the sugar cube on the square above


code for shape drawer is 951, get red film

ok got key

thingy that looks like a crown can be combined with telescope. works now on the x on ceiling

@miller: where did you count that? i only see 1 moon and a lot of circles

prisms go in thing you get from sugar cube code. We need more!

Finally, the door with circle, square, moon shape code is to count the cacti within!..got red film and a crown!!!

thanks but where does that code come from?

Hmm.. now I have where to place prisms

Got box and hammer

i counted the cacti (5 in moon, 1 in circle, and last one bruteforced)

Key from film on chair gives a cherry prism and a paper clue!

got Ivory prism now..

I must be really dumb but what does the paper with the shapes mean?

Easy game after Sue animal. Out myself

Doodle look at the cactus pots

got Aqua prism.. missin 1!

whats the 3 digit code or clue for safe on ground?

@DoodleBird, look at the color of each container and use in that order for the color code.
use telescope clue to get key

got lavender prism!

@Nini where is Ivory prism?
@Miller, that code comes from the sugar cube.

got five colours now

zoz break crystal w/ hammer u get from entering color code (i think) xD

ivory prism in box with x and circles on it, look at cactus on green plate

LOL the sugar cube is a light!

lol yeah I told u wrong.. solve box :D

@bigtank, that box gave me the aqua prism

hmm, my sugar cube ist just white and seems to ignoring my urges...

ah, smash the big prism with hammer for ivory

I got the colors but dont get the order???

oh sry hit the prism with the hammer

where is the lavendaar one

Where is the L prism? Garlic is clue for colour order.

@miller after you open a cabinet, you flip a switch and then put the sugar cube on the red square on top of the cabinet.

need two more prisms and the color order

NVM. It's on the side of the tower that rises with the 3 digit floor code. Grr.

L prism is left where prismes go

Is that scissors i see behind the chair leg you can zoom in on?

How does the X in the ceiling above the cactus work? Is it to get the key on the table?

Zoz, color code was GARLIC

have all the prisms but what order?

@cece - thanks!!

seems i lost all my energy to the animals. can't find a switch nor i understand how a color code can be garlic...

can I just get a spoiler for the dumb color code 4 drawer ahhhhh!

       Anonymous  10/31/10, 1:32 PM  

Argh! Can someone help me with colour code? I'm colour blind and too many of them look the same to me!

out! I had somehow missed the red one in the cactus

and out!


green, aqua, red, lilac, ivory, cherry

DoodleBird - 4 color code is yellow,white,red,green

as i recall, the star is yellow, the circle is white, the moon is red, and the square is green. but i don't know how many clicks that takes @waiporiti

@Miller, solving the animals was probably enough for one day!

       Anonymous  10/31/10, 1:36 PM  

Thanks zoz - I was way off kilter even on those! I'll give it a go.

@May, yes, click on the pink bells in the order shown by the X when viewed thru the telescope

       Anonymous  10/31/10, 1:37 PM  

Got it - now I'm back on track! Thank you!

annaby you're AWESOME!

Beautiful game!!!! Got Happy End...are there other ends?

@waiporiti, I went back to the game... Yellow is one click, white is two clicks, red is 6 clicks, and green is three clicks

Thanx, @zoz!

Now I'm looking for the missing crystals...

Im missin the lilac stone thing

thanks everyone! finally out. see you next time

@moono1uk: look at cece's comment from 1:28 PM

       Anonymous  10/31/10, 1:48 PM  

And out! Thanks for help with that stoopid colour code - I managed the rest OK! Cheers all!

Thanx everyone for helping!!

Thanks miller im out

Where is clue for 3 didget code on stone by garlic

Nice game

@J - that clue comes from the sugar cube. Once you solve the 4 color code drawer, click the switch, then put the cube on the red square on top of the cabinet.

Screen was too bright TY

where is the red prism??? you lot seem to have found that one first thing, lol

@saintj - I think the red one was in the crescent-shaped cactus dish

OMG, Thank you Anaby!!! I really missed that one, lol :o)

yw :)

stu, are u from sg?

I'm just now getting to this one but, I wanted to take a moment to say, thank you, Yalcin!! I love love love Strawberry Cafe games! :D

and out! Thanks again for another great game :)

out by myself! I love strawberry cafe games! :)

Ice Stone - Through

• Zoom on the TABLE and notice there’s a key you can’t take from the thing with bells you can ring; zoom out.
• Go left.

• Zoom in the SMALL CUPBOARD and open the right locker to get the big crystal; zoom out.
• Zoom on top of the cabinet and notice the number AND distribution of the cactus on the squared tray; zoom out.
• Zoom now on the cactus left from the cabinet and get the Green crystal; zoom out.
• Go left.

• Notice the PLATFORM in front needs a 3-digit code.
• Zoom in the sign on the left and take the sugar cube; remember the word on the sign for later [GARLIC] and zoom out.
• Go left.

• Zoom on top of the BIG CUPBOARD and take the Red crystal from the moon-shaped pot; count cactus in this view too and place the sugar cube on the red (empty) square; zoom back.
• Zoom in the cupboards lockers and, out of the ones you can open, take the telescope from the top left one.
• Click on the bottom middle (square-moon-circle) locker and enter the 3-digit code to open it (click on it after inputting the code) and get the lenses and the red sheet; read the “chair ↑” hint and zoom out.
 Solution at the end of the Walkthrough
• Go left.

• Zoom on the right chair in the TABLE view and use the (translucent and kind of magical) red sheet on it (as the hint suggested) to find (and to take) the key #1 (I love to do this, btw).
• Go left (yes, this).

• Zoom again in the SMALL CUPBOARD and use the key #1 to open the left locker; get the Cherry crystal and a note with a hint to open the top right locker on the other cupboard; zoom out.
• Zoom on top of this cupboard again and start looking at colors… on the star pot and on the square tray; zoom out.
• Open the telescope in About Item and add the lenses so you can use it on the X on top of the screen, and to see the bells hint; zoom out.
• Go right.

• Zoom on the bells thing on the TABLE and ring on them in the order seen with the telescope to get the trapped key #2.
• Go right.

• Start by zooming on the top of this BIG CUPBOARD to see the rest of the colors you need; zoom out.
• Zoom now on the lockers and again on the top right one; open it with the correct colors (click on it after inputting the code) and click on the switch inside; zoom out.
 Solution at the end of the Walkthrough
• Use the key #2 on the bottom left locker to get a hammer and a box; zoom out.
• Zoom again on the top of the cupboard and on the sugar cube to see another code [708]; zoom out.
• Go right.

• You’re facing the PLATFORM now.
• Open the box in About Item and click on the buttons to see you need a pattern based on X’s and O’s. Where have you seen something like that? Enter the correct pattern, click on the left button to open the box and to get the Aqua crystal.
• Open now the big crystal in About Item and smash it with the hammer to get the Ivory crystal
• Zoom on the platform, enter the code you saw on the sugar cube and click on the button to make a pillar to rise up.
• Zoom to the left of the pillar to find the Lavender crystal; zoom out.
• Zoom in the middle of the pillar and insert the 6 crystals in the correct order, starting from the top and going clockwise, to finally escape… congrats!!
 Solution at the end of the Walkthrough

Ice Stone – Solutions and Spoilers

Solution to the □☽○ locker
Use the number of little cactus on these shapes:
There are 9 on the square on the small cupboard; 5 in the moon-shaped pot and only one on the round pot.
The code is then: 951.

Solution to the colors locker
As seen in the note, use the color yellow (from the star pot), white (from the round pot), red (from the moon pot) and green (from the squared tray):

Solution to the crystals order
The order for the crystals is given in the word written on the sign (left of the platform/pillar) Garlic:

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