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Jinx and Minx's Tower Escape Walkthrough

Jinx and Minx's Tower Escape

Jinx & Minx: Tower Escape is another really cute and funny point and click adventure game from JMKit. It's Halloween, and the skeleton Jinx and Minx bunnies are trapped high in an abandonded tower, except this night they recieve a gift from a passing raven, a map that guides them to a hidden key to unlock their shackles and start there journy down the tower to escape and reunite!

It's up to you to guide them the rest of the way, through spooky coridors, haunted rooms, and puzzles, collect the keys and the candy and get the bunnies out of the castle and back together! Good luck and have fun!

Play Jinx and Minx's Tower Escape

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Hello? Anybody home?

Thought so. So what do I do? found 2 gold things and 1 skull? looks like something behind left curtain and spider runs away!!

cute little game. you need to find the puzzle rooms for the keys

very cute!

Out, eventually. Nice game, but time consuming

Out too but found it a bit picky to get thru doors. Cute but!

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I am with the first little bunny. I got the key after getting the puzzle pieces in their proper places. I have 2 candies, 2 skulls, and 4 candy corns. And now STUCK! What is with the curtains and the spider???

It is cute. Too bad I won't be able to finish it. So I won't rate it. I would have to give it a one star and I pretty sure that it deserves much more than that. :)

Cute game, but I'm stuck on the second puzzle, the spot the difference one... I need one more and I can't find it!

Okay, got it, just ended up clicking around a lot.

Fun game! Adorable animation!

Okay, just in case someone has a major brain fart like I did: To leave the top floor - just walk over to the door on the floor and suddenly it will have a check mark and the bunny opens it and ... that is it. I wandered all over looking for a place to get out and played with the spider and yanked the curtains and finally gave up. (sigh) I make things so hard sometimes.

Well now I think I found a bug. On the lowest floor with the bunny with the heart for one eye. The puzzle is some kind of pipe that a mouse goes through. I am on the third level of that puzzle and there is no way for the mouse to get out of this one. The mouse gets to some kind of peg with a an arrow line going around the peg. In the first two parts, this meant that you got to a screw driver that would make that part turn around but this peg is BEFORE you can get to a screw driver. I was so close and really starting to like this game.

That was cute. I don't know how I got through the pipe puzzle but I just kept charging at the peg and finally it let the mouse through. I tried to make it more difficult that it was. You cannot "die" in this game so walk towards and into everything and if it is important the game will let you know. I'm glad I got to finish this game. :)

um, does anyone know why i have a missing piece in the 1st puzzle room?? help!

My 5 year old completed in 1 hour 33 minutes. She is so proud.

Congrats onangelwings daughter,
I'm way older than 5 and it took me 1 hour and 48 minutes.

plz helppp :( i need ehlp on the part where its minx turn wht do u do when he gets out of the colldren paert after u hv done alll the doors whone of the game doors is broken then wht u do xxxxx

dosent matter i worked it lol xx

ugh this stinks
can someone tell me the differences on puzzle 2

Help I cant get out of the last floor for the boy!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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