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Underworld Army Episode 1 Walkthrough

Underworld Army Episode 1

[REPLAY] CoolBuddy - Underworld Army Episode 1: Professor Pain's Evil Experiment is another point and click escape game developed by Cool Buddy. In this game, you need to find the secret lift and secret train to get to the army. Deactivate Professor Pain robotic army and save the world. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Underworld Army 1 Walkthrough

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they are coming fast and furious this afternoon

lets see

Hi again @SwissMiss!
I found a screwdriver in the garage to open the front door.
Pressed a button inside the house to move the fan and got a key.

Inside the house now.

Good (insert time here) gamers, brand new game.

o.k. no worries, I'm here now... LOL

Solved the locktrigger in the hall to open a new door. The puzzles aren't that hard yet.

The doortrigger gave me a fuse from a locker.
Pressed the lamp on the desk for a 4-digit code. Going back to the garage.

Great @Truus! I was worried for a while, but now I'm calm!
The 4 digit code gave me the second fuse in the garage.

solved the fuse-puzzle and have the red gate open now

the light puzzle is a bit more difficult

Same place as I am @SwissMiss :)

Good morning all!

The inventory is annoying, keeps popping up!! lol. Turn fan on to get green key :)

The puzzle for the bow and arrow was a bit tricky. If anyone needs it: a screenshot: Click here.

Defrosted the freezer to get a puzzle from the lamp in Dining room.

got a finger print viewer from the toilet

got an arm and a leg and fingerprinting glasses and green card

I'm bad at the lamp puzzle!!

Finally solved it and got left arm!

Hi everyone - lamp puzzle is tough!

fingerprint in bathroom.
use filter

Light puzzle----I have the solution saved as a pic, but dont know how to publish, if anyone wants it tell me how to publish photos :)

How do yu get a finger print viewer from the toilet?

@small-tool, you need to take the lid off the water tank. I just clicked a lot.

I can't see any fingerprints in there though.

@Millie, you need to upload the picture with for example the program ImaageShack.

it's actually in the water tank @small-tool

Thanks Ellie. I didn't know how! :)

Got the right leg from a TV puzzle (cartoon) upstairs.

Thanks Ellie, and Truus.
Ellie, fingerprint is in bathroom upstairs, right wall.
Where is that lamp puzzle?

@Ellie - thanks for the bow and arrow screenshot!

Nvm, had to defrost the freezer.

any help with the lamp puzzle please

just which signs have to be where is a start

Aha! I see the fingerprint in the bathroom UPSTAIRS!

Found a paper for the body arrangements under the bed pillow, but it's not very helpful this far.

lamp puzzle is giving me a hard time

@SwissMiss, I'm so sorry, but I don't remember the order I had for them. I think the "diamond" was last, and maybe the # was first. Try to make the upper row first, then the middle and last the bottom row.

lamp puzzle is killing me

Lamp puzzle is something like a rubics cube, but it's hard to give directions how to do it.

I won the dice game (by pure luck) and got right hand.

I think the order is not important, Jut the same symbols in a column.

Only missing left leg now?

finally solved the lamp puzzle

Any ideas where the left leg could be?
Thought I had done all the puzzles.

cant get the lamp thing

@small-tool, isnt the left leg on the toy already?

Ah thanks Ellie, so it is.

Got into secret area. now need to find fingerprint using glasses. So do I need tape etc?

Michael no tape needed, just the fingerprint from the bathroom upstairs.

In the secret area too, after heating the green paper on the stove forever.

FINALLY got the stupid lamp puzzle. ughhh so rick needs to be at 70 degrees?? hmm

Got it!! How big is this house anyway?

Don't know how to get in the electrical room?

trying to figure out right position for arms and legs now

I'm in big need of a nuclear cell!

thanks Ellie - but by the time I understand that site the game is long over -lol - more like :((

Got fuse from robot (use screwdriver on his arm).

Whos on the voltage, fuel, temp puzzle? lol... I am bruting this, I hate math!

Got a fuse from the 10-bulbs robot (using screwdriver). Now, i'll go and use it to open the door to electricals (place the two buttons in the middle of the door panel to see a screw - use sd there too).

any help on the 70 degrees hint? I don't get it

@Truus, you need the green paper from the bed and heat it on the stove.

@SwissMiss, I'm sorry! I wish there was an easy way to explain how to do it. Just try one row at a time, upper, middle and lower. Change the positions and try again if the first attempt isn't successful.

Ah thanks for using the screwdriver.

That site worked for me! Thanks Ellie!

@Truus, put paper on stove to get real hint. ;)

OK so the
temp goes 11,22,33, etc
voltage 13,26,39,etc
fuel goes(and this is the ratio i dont get)17,34,51,etc

Found an empty nuclear cell using the ladder (clue from child room for the F's) in electricity room.

@Truus, go to the kitchen, turn the right hotplate on and place the paper there. It will get stuck for a while before you see the clue.

Wow I'm glad I wrote those symbols down.
For anyone who didn't;
First F is upside down, second is normal and 3 and 4 are sideways.

Thanks @Ellie!!!
oh lol, I was trying to position the arms and legs in a 70 degree angle, duh!

shoot anyone remember those F's on the wall in kids room? should have written them down...

@Millie, the numbers are
SPOILER336534SPOILER, but you need the nuclear cell too.

Thanks S-T

@Millie, the F's are:
upside down,
lying "face down"
lying "face down"

Thanks, ellie. Damn, that's too bad because now I have to hunt down the lights code. I usually write everything down. One time I don't and it's a super long game with tons of navigation. lol

sorry, I didn't see that s-t already posted that.

F's Yeah all the way back up the lift and back again. Dont go lower as you need two more passcards!

@Millie, I'm trying to find a hint for the 7 red lamps on the power generator.

me too, I am sure we passed it upstairs... lol

LOL @Michael, I just tried that too.

@SwissMiss - I'm still struggling with the lamp puzzle too.

Could the red "Kill"-letters be a hint? In that case I don't get it.

hmm didnt see it upstairs...

The doorway to the left of the balloon/lights puzzle has a patter similar above it, but doesn't work, so I may be grasping at straws. lol

I tried to count colored bottles in the kitchen, but that didn't help.
Lots of doors to run through!

POP! Charge it in the nuclear room, then put in robot for code! Ugh, we were backwards!!

sorry, should have said Thanks to @Millie too earlier!
did you all figure out how to light the 10 lamps on robot yet?

I am trying to find that pattern too Ellie - has anyone gotten past this point?

But no clue on lights password. lol. nevermind. but do that, too. lol

@Millie, how did you charge it?

Got to station but no power!! Now which level? Must be that bloody barcode!! Another trip to all corners of the house I guess?

Having a hard time on the robot lights.

Aha!! LOL! I never pressed the button on that machine :)

How do you get close to the lamp puzzle?

Ellie, you gave the spoiler yourself to charge it, didn't you.

No worries, Truus. :)

the robot is tricky... still on him. :)

Out at last, that was a lenghty one

Got the blue access card from the 10 bulbs on the robot :)

LOL, yeah, she did. :) I didn't realize it either,... shows how smart WE are. haha

me too @Millie, it's giving me a headache

@Michael, open the freezer and defrost to see a button to press and the lamp will get closer.

@small-tool, I know I had to charge it, but not where and how lol.

For the robot, try to make 4 lights on in a row, then move them to the far right side, and press the button to make the rest turn on.

Thanks, Ellie. I pushed the button many times, but didn't wait long enough!

@Ellie Got that long ago. I was talking about the station power in electrical. Lol almost beat you all out of here!!

Finally the robot lights. Took me a long time to get 4 burning ones together.

Sorry @Michael, I didn't get your question.

@Ellie just realised there is another Michael on site!! Confusion reigns! Guess I might rename myself>

Where do I go with my blue card?

Made myself a weapon and some ammo now. Going to get the last (?) key card.

Oh no! I dont' have a trigger lol.

@small-tool, use the elevator. One more floor down.

Any hint for barcode?

Thanks Ellie.

LOL... The trigger was in the middle of the room :D

I'm looking again for that bar code. Really need some power for my train.

@Ellie will change my profile to GaminLeroy so this confusion doesnt happen again. Now just have to work out how to do that? By the way the barcode? Cant be bothered looking in every corner of that bldg for the clue.

Ohh! I see the barcode now :) It's on the train, inside the locker on the right side of it.

So all I have now is that weapon. Stuck.

@small-tool, did you make ammo for the weapon?
After that, zoom in the middle of the room where you can shoot the key card, and place the gun there to shoot.

I mean: put the weapon on the weapons test platform.
The code for the ammo you get from the same note as the code for the gun. Look how the other codes are made, there is a pattern.

TVM Ellie for barcode. Out!

Do you mean the train with the dice game. Don't see anything there?

found the train, but there's no power....

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 7:35 AM  

HAHAHA, LOL Great, this game is hilarious

No @small-tool, there is a bigger train that you'll see on the lowest floor (station), but you need the keycard from using the gun first.

@Truus, click the "window" on the right side of the train to see the barcode clue, and the place for a battery.

I'll make some virus now, made a neuro-toxin first.

thanks for poiting out code in locker @Ellie, going back up again.
Hi @Full, this is indeed a great game, lots of puzzles to solve

Thanks Ellie, will go there now.
By the way this turns out to be a real good game.
At the start it seems it would be a childish 5-minutes game, but not at all.

I saved the earth :D Nice game!!

Hi @Full! Welcome to the confusing maze of rooms and puzzles! Indeed a hilarious game!

Is there even an end to this game..?? lol

Very good game!

I did it, I saved the Earth!!
What a great game!!

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 7:47 AM  

Hallo :-)

Can´t seem to find where to use the fingerprint and where is the lamp puzzle ( well, i know it´s at the ceiling in the room with the fridge but i can´t seem to reach it)

@Full, I think it comes down after defrosting the fridge

Yep really, really great game.
All different kinds of puzzles and rooms.
The only things I didn't like is that you couldn't use the elevator to go directly to a floor and the note (about the bar code) saying 'where did I see this before' while we hadn't seen it yet.
But besides that Kudos.

sorry have to leave, my son just came home from school, soaking wet...

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 7:50 AM  

Thank you Truus, now i also know where i had to use the green paper, lol

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 7:50 AM  

ááánd the lamp comes down, lol Thank you!

Shoot, I had to skype my folks and missed the remainder. You'll be happy to know I finally did my robot. :) Sad I missed the rest of the live. Gongtats, all!

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 7:55 AM  

That lamp puzzle was so easy, why did it take you all so long?

Gongtats to you too Millie.
And for me the robot was the hardest part as well.

By the way did you all see "to be continued". So there will be another great one. Can't wait to play it. Missed 2 live games (including Sakura) while playing this but it was worth it.

Anyway thanks all for all the help.

@Full - please tell me you're joking!

Best game in a while! :-D

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 8:03 AM  

Annaby, i´ll tell you if you let me know where i can find the nuclear card. Deal?

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 8:04 AM  

LOL, i´m stuck in this game but i don´t want to find a way out, it´s too amusing. probably the nicest game i played in a long time :-)

@Full - Hah! I couldn't get the damn puzzle so left for a while. Sorry, can't help you!!

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 8:06 AM  


FUNNY!..can't wait for part 2.

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 8:08 AM  

Well actually, i need to go as well for a while to pick up my son from the village. Back in an hour orso.

C.U later :-)

I just found out that if you click "PDA" you'll see a link to an excellent WALKTHROUGH telling how to solve the lamp puzzle.

omg, 142 comments, that's even funnier.

THANK YOU @Ellie - I was looking for a WT and totally missed that

and finally out! Whew - couldn't have done it without the WT

Really liked this one! Thanks, Y!

i absolutely can NOT do slider puzzles. Really bummed I can't get past the lamp puzzle. :(

The lamp puzzle is too difficult for me, I'm giving up.

@Trish and @Pascale - if you come back, the pda has a walkthrough button - very helpful. (thanks to Ellie for finding that)

oh my goodness. thank you Ellie!!!

nice puzzles! just wish it didn't take so long to get from floor to floor :(

       Anonymous  10/16/10, 4:43 AM  

Stuck on lamp puzzle too...

       Anonymous  10/16/10, 8:23 AM  

You need to turn on all the 4 lamps, by bringing similar symbols on a single column. Solve the puzzle as follows:

Click RESET button once
Click column 4, down button once
Click row 2, right button twice
Click column 4, Up button once
Click row 2, left button once
Click column 4, Up button once
Click row 2, left button once
The box will open, pick up the hand, and fix it on the Rick’s body.

(Taken from the game´s walkthrough page)

What a fabulous game, solveable puzzles which get you thinking. More of this please!

that was such a brilliant game... i'd love go solve more like this... it takes a long time, but i solved it all by myself... thanks very much for this game :D

Great game, eagerly awaiting a sequel!

I thought this was a great game!!

Loved this game. Are there more of the same type?

This is the first time I've played this one, and it was pretty darn good! Puzzles are relatively easy and the game is pretty long.

I just checked, the designer has just published a sequel, says it is coming out soon!

That was fun! Nedded only 2 hints - 10 lights on robot and code for ammo. Logic puzzles and a straight story! 5 stars (maybe 6 ;o))



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