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Minoto - Were Wolf is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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Ohhhh... Minoto. Brand new!!!

yay minoto HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

Yes, early Minoto.
Happy friday indeed amy86.

Minoto with an intro, that's new.

A very short and easy one this time... But nice as always!

lovely as usual wolf end only 1 method :)

Well maybe short and easy, but this was the weirdest Minoto I've ever seen.

The boy demonstrated wild power!

Yay - Happy Friday!!!

ROFL!! So cute! :P

So the girl was attacked by sheep.

And how about;

Ladder; Tool to set up the stairs in place where the stairs are necessary.

just joining - Minoto wow
we need Ellie for the injured child -lol-

That was so easy to do.

cute as always - nice way to start the weekend

Minoto! they are just too cute.

So...why the fat girl??

I think that's Juliet.
Minoto is now making continuations (just like the last time with Gulliver).
So now we could see where Romeo and Juliet went (under the ground to study).

       Anonymous  10/1/10, 8:47 AM  

whoa it has dialogue. Is that new? Lol nice MIB pretty funny! =)

@small-tool: That makes perfect sense (in a Minoto game, of course). They went down a hole to study, where there was a car tire on the air vent, so the bad guy with the gun could free the alien, who could uproot a pencil, that you fill with ink from a pipe.....ahhh Minoto!!!

Best Minoto EVER!
The werewolf bravely frightens away the marauding sheep.

Ha...Wild werewolf takes her to safe place.

Only in Minoto.

       Anonymous  10/1/10, 9:28 AM  

I loved the MIB fought of by an armed baby who then throws up a werewolf (Bat) signal that summons werewolf boy who saves the girl from killer sheep. WTF, Minoto!

       Anonymous  10/1/10, 9:53 AM  

♫Monday morning feels so bad,
Ev'rybody seems to nag me.
Coming Tuesday I feel better,
Even my old man looks good.
Wednesday just don't go,
Thursday goes too slow,
I've got Minoto on my mind.♫

Good one ! @full...

       Anonymous  10/1/10, 10:02 AM  

lol, i like the fact we need that alien to pick up the pen that is just there in front of our eyes behind the flowers, haha

This comment has been removed by the author.

My favorite part is "Miami Baby" taking on the "Men in Black" with machine guns!!!!...tooooo funny!

       Anonymous  10/1/10, 10:04 AM  

Zoz, you really rock!!!!!!!!!!

Oh! @zoz...another perfection!!!! Loved it!!!

full..fantastisch!!! What a voice ;-)!!!! and yep..minoto is a good start for the weekend :D

Oooops! @zoz... I guess you will re-post it...what happened?

lol..so..my posting is that slow..meanwhile zoz did her song too..

LOL @zoz !!!!! EXCELLENT and SOOOOOOOO FUNNY!! I laughed so much reading that (and singing along)

THANKS for making my day (again)!

more lol now..@zoz removed her post!!! ROFL..that is how I remembered the good old ZOZ!!!

Were Wolf SingALong

The girl who was playing together has been injured. The boy thought that he was not able to help by himself. He thought that help was necessary. I will carry her to a safe place.

"Cue Music and Sing Along to the Tune of Stayin' Alive by the BeeGees"
Well, you can tell by the way she’s lying there,
With her sweet blue dress and her yellow hair,
She needs help so we must go to get help for her
In Minoto.
And now it's all right. It's OK.
Sheep have come to save the day
We can go to find some aid
So we can save this lovely maid.

Let us grab a ladder and use it where we gather
That stairs are necessary
Put it by the building and then if you are willing
Climb to the top and do not stop
Un-til you can get the tile, the roof tile
Ah, ha, ha, now you can smi-i-i-i-i-ile

Well now, get that tile and take it to
The big machine so it can do
Some smashing and some bashing, too
(The Scientist has taught it to)
Get a magnet in it’s place
Then proceed at a fast pace
To the scene where Romeo
And Juliet live in a hole

Tie the magnet tightly and let it use it’s mighty
Magnetism, by attract iron
Take the wheel from the man who fishes from a high cloud and
Thank him so sincerely
Take that wheel and give it to the baby
Who will draw a gun and shoo-oot recklesslee-e-e-ee

At Sneaky Spy guys who have a green guy
Who is an alien
An alien who was captured out in space
With his machiiiiiine

Well, he can use his machine to pluck a pen
From the bamboo grass it was hiding in
But that green pen has no ink, hold on now,
Just stop and think

And now it's all right. It's OK.
Go and kick the pipe, and hey,
Dip the pen in the dark ink.
The ink is stained dark black (not pink!)

Take the pen to Romeo doing his research you know
Underground with Juliet
Use the pen to write the result of his enlightened
Independent study then
Take that book to Scientist and insist
That he read it to get a bright idee-e-e-a

Steal the bright lamp that hovers overhead
And put it in the spot
By Baby’s car where, the gunfight rages on
What a spotliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
The light is so bright it makes the moon light
And you know what that means
It means the boy will turn into a werewolf
He was transfoooooooormed
Because of moonlight that shined in the night
There in Minoto-land
The sheep are scared by the wolf-boy and they run
They’re stayin’ aliiiiiiiiiiive!
Boy demonstrated, because of moonlight,
Wild power so he could
Carry the girl to a safe place in the sun
For the Wolf Ennnnnnnnnd!

Hey..where'd it go?? zoz's post was removed....

i messed up the link on the first posting, then i couldn't find it! but it's working now.

Ahhh the music link!!! even better!!!

Oh...there it is

yesss..there is @zoz!!!! GREATTTTTTTT :))))

when we will hear you singing alive, zoz :P

lol, @alkmar you don't want to hear me singing, trust me on that!

@Full, I love "Minoto on my mind"!

       Anonymous  10/1/10, 10:22 AM  

Wow, realy feel watching "Saturday Night Fever" again, think i´´m gonna download it right now.
Thanks a lot Zoz, ;-)

Quick and easy!

Intro text! That's new!

And I see the Blue princess has been rescued. Finish that catapult, Workers! We need to get her back! Is the Priest upgraded yet? Assemble the Rangers! Capture that outpost!

I do it all by my self without any help Ya era hora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and never too late.

Return of the Lycans Walkthrough:

Okay...this episode opens with an unconscious little girl lying helplessly on the ground whilst the little miscreant who knocked her out is standing over her thinking *I must carry her to a safe place*...what is wrong with you?! Well, this is Minoto so...on with the show. The young lad exits stage right and suddenly *eerie music begins in background* a pack of sheep ... SHEEP...sheesh!... descend upon the poor unconscious girl and circle the wagons! Meanwhile, OMG...our two young lovers *I use the term loosely* are seated in a hole ... well Juliet created this abyss... and they are studying? Now you are just messing with my head!! Actually, Romeo is really faking it because he hasn't opened his book, so you might as well do it for him...gah!! Back in the open air, a ladder that is actually a tool to set up stairs where convenient is conveniently lying in the grass so guess you should pick that up...go back to the *Sheep* scene and use the stairs tool as a ladder...duh! Hmmm...a tile used as a roof...*I think I will need the tequila again*...

Alright...moving on...oh for crying out loud...a frantic professor with a ? for a brain...what..okay, at the moment the one-armed machine with a magnet? hanging from its flopping out of control appendage will be used to break the tile in half and of course, drop the magnet. Back to school...oh look...an animal in a cloud with a fishing line...of course the magnet is attached and now we have a wheel that was used as a manhole...

Okay...these freaky looking men in black have an alien which is anyone's guess as to where *it* came from...where these ominous looking characters came from is a mystery but here they are so we have to do something...well there is a car missing one wheel so might as well....OMG...I have just stepped into a Mel Brooks movie...I don't suppose anyone noticed that the line of fire isn't working here...the men in black are shooting at each other and the baby with the cool dude shades is shooting a wall to death...

Return of the Lycan Walkthrough
Part 2

We have rescued the little green man and scurry away to avoid getting shot, although as stated above... that would really be a long *shot*..so to speak. I don't want to go back to those sheep...they are freaking me out...but unfortunately, that is where Mr. Alien's spaceship is *parked*...Minoto...I don't know what you are smoking but... Oh look...a spaceship that picks up a pen without ink...now what good is that going to do me...time to go visit that weird professor...

Yes...he is still running to and fro without a clue..but, touching the pipe causes some brownish liquid to spill onto the floor...dip the pen into the glob of brown and now you have a pen with what I can only hope is ink...

Carrying the pen filled with *ink* you find that Romeo is still just sitting like a bump on a log, open book beside him so you might as well write something...or you could ask for an autograph... The end result, however, is a book where independent study was recorded...don't ask! Needing to put the poor professor out of his manic misery...I hand him the book and *EUREKA*...a lightbulb finally comes on...whew! that was a chore...

As unlikely as this seems...we are going to do it anyway...the *EUREKA* light is taken to the *shooting* melee and plugged in and....YIKES!!!!! This snotty nose kid just basked in the light of the moon and has morphed into a werewolf *werewolf...there wolf*.... *another shot down the hatch*

Meanwhile...the idiots in black are still shooting at each other...the alien is just hangin loose in his spaceship and the psycho sheep are still creeping me out...time to end this little adventure.

The boy has been infused with *wild* power .... I think our Romeo should have been the one in the moonlight...but I digress...our little werewolf rushes to the unconscious girl...frightens the bejesus out of the sheep and they haul *you know what* out of there and *drum roll*...girl is carried to safety, although I have to wonder exactly where in this scenario would be considered safe...if one listens, one can hear the young boy singing in the distance *oh I'm a Lycan and it's okay...I'm a beast by night and a geek by day*....

@Zoz...funny and brilliant as always ;) I now have that song in my head...lol!!! Minoto started out as a fun, whimsical, sometimes disturbing game and has evolved into quite the event. Thank you for making it so much fun each week! *salutes*

great game! I think Minoto is infecting my brain because this one actually made a some sense in the order you do things. Not nearly as much random clicking. The plot was as Minoto as ever.

lol @Full, @zoz, and @irish -- the creative genius is catching. You all are fantastic!!! Hopefully, some day, I will be infected as well.

@kitkat..lol..I thaught you were already infected :)))

@irish...I loooved your WT, but isnt it a short one? :P

@irish: BRILLIANT!! Very funny! You and zoz have such amazing talent!!!


haha @alkmar...alright, I confess to being a bit *verbose*....muwhaaa!!!! Thank you...I'm glad you had fun with it ;) cheese!!!

@kitkat...you definitely are infected...with talent, that is ;) you write some amazing walkthroughs :D

thank you @zoe :) Minoto always has such good fodder....lol!

@irish, seems I wasn't the only one to think that Romeo and Juliet were being a bit more, erm, chaste than one would expect. Thanks for the great "As Seen Through The Eyes of An IrishEnigma - Through" that only you could do. It was great!

The only interesting thing in Minoto games is... the walkthroughs posted here ! Because I must admit that I'm really fed up with the nonsense of Minoto games. Trying each object on each hotspot is quite boring, IMHO.

Sorry you feel that way, Pascale, because IMHO, I think Minoto games are hilarious! It's the philosophy behind them that make them so interesting. The comments are great, too, but I just wanted to say I LOVE ALL the Minoto games!!!

@Pascale the sad thing is I found this one less nonsensical than many of the others. I can understand the frustration, though.

@Zoz...thank you...I was laughing at the prim and prudish depiction of Romeo and Juliet considering that in Shakespeare they both died for love...lol!!!

@Pascale...the fun thing about Minoto is that it is so nonsensical yet has a chaotic harmony to it...one could analyze the various components of the games for hours...at least I would have fun doing so ;) Actually, Zoz presented a fantastic dissertation on the Freudian possibilites inherent in these games...lol!!! It all comes down to allowing your imagination to have fun with the wild and ludicrous situations in Minoto instead of just clicking on areas to find the correct spot...this of course comes from someone whose imagination tends to work in overdrive at times, along with my *wordiness* ;) If for nothing else Pascale...have fun with the songs and walkthroughs :)

one last comment...with regard to the songs...if anyone has ever watched Monty Python and heard the song *oh I'm a lumberjack and it's okay..*, that is the inspiration for our young lad's parting song...lol!!! I couldn't resist...sorry ;)

lmao @Irish - I didn't get the Monty Python reference at first, but now that you point it out, it's perfect!

       Anonymous  10/3/10, 11:17 PM  

The Lumberjack song:

Oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK,
I sleep all night and I work all day.

Oh, he's a lumberjack and he's OK,
He sleeps all night and he works all day.

I cut down trees, I eat my lunch,
I go to the lavatory.
On Wednesdays I go shopping,
And have buttered scones for tea.

He cuts down trees, he eats his lunch,
He goes to the lavatory.
On Wednesdays he goes shopping,
And has buttered scones for tea.

Oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK,
I sleep all night and I work all day.

I cut down trees, I skip and jump,
I like to press wild flowers.
I put on women's clothing,
And hang around in bars.

He cuts down trees, he skips and jump,
He likes to press wild flowers.
He puts on women's clothing...
And hangs around in bars?!

Oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK,
I sleep all night and I work all day.

I cut down trees, I wear high heels,
Suspenders and a bra.
I wish I'd been a girlie,
Just like my dear Papa.

He cuts down trees, he wears high heels...
Suspenders? And a bra?

Oh, he's a lumberjack and he's OK...
He sleeps all night and he works all day

rofl @Full....perfect!!!!! Thank you...I still laugh because I visualize the Mounties, especially with the last few verses, looking at each other with puzzled horrified expressions...lolol!!!!!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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