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World of IQ - Intelligence Test Walkthrough

World of IQ - Intelligence Test

WIQ: World of IQ - Intelligence Test is a intelligence tests type brain teaser riddle game. "Solve our 10 Qualification Test which is same for everybody and gain access to the Main Test Area. Main Test Area have 60 levels which are random for each player. Each time you answer correctly you receive points and each time you answer incorrectly you lose points." Good luck and have fun!

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Different "game" but OK!

grrr.... gatekeeper question.

count the letters on the numbers he says.

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the 1111=4 question. i just dont get it.
tested the 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and didnt come up with a solution. any help there?

for that level you have to change (invert) the values of 2 and 3.

Can´t enter this site.
Tried IE,FF and Opera.
Is the another link?

I mean "Is there" another link?

Can anyone help me with: "The W B at 100 D C."

@Jen, how did you get past the level 4 that says Question 5?
"search for the question?"

As for yours, a hint:

I'm also stuck on the "search for the question".
The question can be found on the letters, but none of the answers I find is right.

@Edgar: look in the properties of the letterpictures, In one of the letters you will find a question. Forgot which one.

I already tried: "The Water Boil(s/ed) at 100 Degrees Celcius/Centigrade" but it didn't work...

@small-tool: The answer is in the question. ;)

Thanks @Jen, I started doing that but got too lazy to go on, LOL!

Thanks Jen.

Still don't have an answer... :(

No idea on 10 too.
Is the picture with "imagination" a hint?

Still don't have a question... :(

What letter was that?

@Edgar: It was in the word "search". I had to change browser to find it...

Edgar I think it was on the letter R from 'where' or around that one. Just keep the mouse on that letter. And it was also on one of the last letters.

No @Jen, POP was with me, lol! It was in my 'T' but you're right, idk why I could see it in Chrome and not in FF. Thanks anyway, you were very useful!

Yes of course 'search' (I remembered 'where is the question' instead of search the..)

@Edgar: Now you can help us with Q10! ;p

on my way, do not despair! :P

Hm, I had some troubles in question 8:

how to make 4 triangles with 6 matches... wouldn't "prism" be a better answer???

For 10,

2 3 5 7 11...

Think Egypt...

You made me fill in the wrong answers.
It's celsius not celcius.

Nvm last post. XD

Do we have the same question on 10?


S-t, for 10 mine was:

11 is the 5th P N

so maybe no :(

and sorry for the late reply, Q12 was a little time-taking to solve.

BTW Jen, I did answered "correctly" to that other question (thanks anyway). But don't those have a square base and prisms have it triangular?

Oh, oh. Then we're on our own now.
On 11 I have a lot of symbols I have to decode into letters. And I wonder if the first word of the sentence is 'every'.
Gonna play the new escape, come back after that.

I think both of them have different types.
There are also prisms with square bases (and even with only two triangles and three squares).

Similar to mine s-t, but this one started with _ _ E, so it was a bit easier for me to figure it out.

oh, ok. Then I was a bit confused. Well, I'm looking for dates now in lvl 13.

I realised it just when I clicked "post comment. Hence my "nvm last post"-post. :p There are also triangular pyramids. Which, to me, makes much more sense than a traingular prism is you look at the amount of matches available.

I have the same @Q11 as small-tool.

lol, so it is me on my own! hmm, well I'll ask anyway if i need it.

Finally back (a lot of live games came up) and I did 11 (for the answer it starts with 'every problem bears')
12 for me is the book with every page that says it lies.

12 was easy
13 for me was the calendar with dates in october, november and december (just mark the dates and see the letters.
Now on 14, a bookworm question.

14 was easy too, but I had some wrong answers because I was fooled by the picture (that show 4 books), so I forgot it was 15 books in the text.
15 for me is 5 signs (the last two arrows pointing up) and I have no idea at all what to do?

Nvm. It was easy after all (the signs are numbers, look close!)
Level 16 for me is "Extrapolation" with letters and a picture with touch and smell on it.

Got the first 2 letters of Q13, but I really can't figure out what the third is supposed to be...

16 done (look at the picture and see what sense is missing; take those letters away from your letters. The remaining letters are an anagram; just that anagram as answer).

Level 17 for me is troll troll (how many cakes).

If the first two are H and O then you're on the right track (third should be U). That's if we have the same dates.

I have R and N...:(

Really R and N? Then it's different. But I can't imagine that's gonna be a word (thought it was not an anagram).
What I did was making a screenshot and then make a dot on every date to see the letters.
Anyway, if it's the same after all, my word was;


Wow, 17 (the trolls toll) was sneaky.
The answer is very simple (if you start counting back then you realize it's the same amount for every bridge).

I didn't realize it was 1 letter per line of dates. xp My word turned out to be Torn.

Completely stuck on 18 (keyboard picture and numbers)???

I'm stuck with the bookworm.

Think where the first page of the first book would be if that's the book on the left. And where would the last page of the last book be if that book is on the right of the row of books.

Don't know what I'm doing wrong:

14 books; each 5 cm thick of which 0,25cm for each cover. That means 14*5=70. The worm starts eating its way from the first page of volume 1 and stops at the last page of the last volume. That means -0,5cm for 2 covers. So the answer should be 69,5?

I thought mine was with 15 books and 7cm, but the worm only eats 1 cover (no pages) of the first and the last book. So 13x7=91 plus 2x0,25=0,5 and that's 91,5. Anyway the method is the same but I think you don't write 91,5 but 91.5

Forgot the way the books are placed. I'm now at 18.

Great, congrats.
I'm very stuck there. Trying to count all the letters (and spaces) but it doesn't make sense.

I'm gonna take a break because my bubblewrap is all done and Louis Theroux is on TV.

thanks edgar for the solution on the number code. figured it out when i went back to test all the numbers again :)

does anyone know about the symbol decoding?
mine starts with "this is the a.s.e." and im totally stuck there ;)

@djgfsh, mine wasn't anything like that. you should know that the riddles, even when following the same rule, change the data or the info in them. Why don't you try with "this is the answer..."?

No luck still for level 18 anyone? Keep checking the level and the comments every now and then...

Finally solved level 18.
Will post shortly how I did in the problem I got.

For level 18, I got this:

[232] 263939313995 171172 57232618399526

Used the [232] to divide the numbers into sets of 2,3,2 numbers each… got this:

26 39 39 31 39 95 – 171 172 – 57 23 26 18 39 95 26

Divided the text in rows of 10 characters each (this for me to count better), like this:


Notice that I included an asterisk [*] in the spaces between the words, EXCEPT in those at the end of a line and the beginning of the next one, as the hint suggests.
Now, counting characters (spaces included), replaced my numbers (26=s; 39=e; 31=k; and so on) and then my
26 39 39 31 39 95 – 171 172 – 57 23 26 18 39 95 26 became

For the second part of this riddle, you will use the arrows as directions and the other symbols as they are represented in a computer keyboard, this is:
^ = end
? = home
{ = delete
Every symbol or arrow should perform their respective actions the number of times shown BEFORE; if there’s no number, then make it 1 “as default”

My symbols were:
[Beginning] → 5 { ^ 2 ← 2 { ? → 4 { 2 → 2 {

And applied it to my SEEKER*OF*ANSWERS text, it goes:
• Start at the BEGINNING.
• Move 1 to the right (no number before →, so it’s 1)
• Delete 5 characters “5{“ [S*OF*ANSWERS]
• Go to the end “^”
• Move 2 characters to the left “2←”
• Delete 2 characters “2{“ [S*OF*ANSWE]
• Go to the beginning (home) “?”
• Move to the right (1 -available- character only again) “→”
• Delete 4 characters “4{“ [SANSWE]
• Move 2 to the right “→2” (from past the first S to past N).
• Delete 2 characters “2{“ [SANE]

My answer to get past this level was then SANE

Thanks @Edgar! You are brilliant!! It worked perfect :D

       Anonymous  11/2/10, 12:54 PM  

I don't remember level 18. Describe - I'll help.

Anybody help with 31.
Have read and decipher everything, but nothing works. The main question, how to transform birthday to meters %)

Yep, thanks very much Edgar, worked for me too.
But how did you figure out about delete, home and end. On my keyboard ^ ? { haven't got anyhting to do with end home and delete?

Oh by the way (maybe for others with the same letters);

I had;
2, 2, 3 with the numbers (already divided in sets)
20, 95, 39, 57, 55, 65, 95
65, 48
194, 157, 172, 123

And that makes CREATOR OF LIFE

Oh, and now I forgot what my symbols were and I can't go back. Anyway then the word was REAL.

Only 8 out of 10 correct on the memory test, that's bad. And forgot about the apple of course, bad as well.

Now on level 21, for me that's the one about planet eria.

@s-t, in reply to your question about the ^ ? {

take a look here

Ah thanks Edgar, that's why it didn't make sense to me. My keyboard is (above the arrows) like this (4 rows with 2 columns);


(One delete, but a big key).

By the way; stuck on 21.
Seems to me I'm missing the date when they start building the dam.

@small-tool, I didnt like lvl 21 very much. It felt like we missed some info, but I can tell you they built the dam the same year as is mentioned in the first row.

Ah thanks Ellie,
Gonna finish my Excel sheet with all the information now and tomorrow I'm gonna do the math with that.
Btw, some things are hard but I really like this game and it will surely keep me busy for a couple of weeks.

This comment has been removed by the author.

For 21, consider the following:

The dam doubles its capacity every 6 hours.
The ambassador arrives when the dam is half full.
The day is 4 hours long.

Ah thanks Edgar, that's a good tip about doubling and thus he arrives one day before. But where does the day of 4 hours come from. In my question a day is 6 hours. Do we have different questions or is there something I'm missing about the 4 hours?

On 23 now, more than 2 IP points less than you guys.

On 24 now.
Tip for 23;
The first number series are consonants (think of how you make sms text)
The second number series are consonants (the ones you already have) and the missing vowels.

On 25 now (finally).
Tip 24;
It's about the parts (of the watch) that are not displayed.

On 26 now.
In the end it was easy, but lost some points with wrong answers
Tip 25;
Again about missing parts (look only at two letters at a time).

Stuck on 26.
I think I figured out what to do (connect the dots, which colors to use is from the sentence above the table with numbers), but it doesn't look like anything. So maybe that's not the method and there's another problem; I have two yellow fives and don't see the difference between red, violet and indigo in the dots picture.

@s-t, I'm not really sure what your problem is. As far as I can read in your post, you are doing good, and by connecting the dots you should see something (real) but again, it would be much better to actually see your table and your "constellation."
Blind shot: do you realize each word on the text stands for one color, and that they entitle each column in the table?
Say, if you have 2 under "Richard" and 6 under "gave" (both in the same row) it's telling you to connect the RED 2 with the GREEN 6.

Now, do you really have 2 yellow fives? I think i had non in my "stars" but if you do have them, maybe you won't need them? IDK. Check your table and see if there's any 5 under the "York" column. And maybe your "violet" and "indigo" numbers are actually blue? (I didn't have to use those colors, only Red, Green, Blue and Yellow)

Thanks for the reply. Here's a picture with my stars/dots and table and what I connected:

Here's my stars picture

Hmm, you're right... there's 2 yellow fives in it, but i think you connected fine. You know, my table was way larger, and my drawing gave me an igloo, so IGLOO was my answer. Now, I do see something in your drawing, but it's for you to enter what you see.

And thanks again for the reply.
Being right about the first part was a little victory already. So now I'm gonna throw in some words like EYE, EYEBROW and @ or maybe 'C*NT', 'M**H*RF****R or 'S*N of a B***H' till I got the right answer.
I don't care anymore about those points just wanna finish.
And don't take this serious (except for the thanks) 'cause it's friday again.

Sorry...I read and reread and reread your hints for level 4, the one with the "Search the question", but....I still don't get it....can you help me?

@Shikumi, you need to have a look at each letter of s e a r c h t h e q u e s t i o n. Right click with your mouse on them and view the info. Or save them on your computer, right click on the saved pic and view the info. Somewhere, in a letter you'll find the answer (if I remember correct - can't go back to it to have a look).

I'm working on lvl 50 right now, and have trouble with one of the many things to solve.
What's the full answer for:
(and I don't think it's just about multiplication).

Maybe not many people read this anymore or play this game, but i could use a hint if anyone does.

       Anonymous  11/10/10, 4:23 AM  

Trying to pass lvl 31.

Problem is in meters to dig, I think.
I've got some date for birthday. (For example, November 13 - not to give spoiler here). How can I make meters to dig? 13? 11/13? 0,85?
I don't understand.
May be the problem is in language? English is not my native...
Help! More then week on that level!

@tikitavi, you should only enter the digits for the date = meters to dig. If you have November 13, write it as 13 only.

Then... don't forget to involve bigfoot! His steps are long.

I managed to get past lvl 50. The numbers I asked about in my previous comment should be seen as:
Then, x1 is 0.93 and x2 is 78.08.
Some more googling gave the answer.

       Anonymous  11/12/10, 7:46 AM  

No, it doesn't work. I've tried all the variants, I think...
Where is my mistake?! My answers are:
SPOILER22(23 too)!6!8!31!0018SPOILER

@tikitavi, the code for the chest is correct and also the date and 23 (since the code tells you to take a step back), but after the first turn..
keep moving with bigfoots steps!! Change 6 and 8.

       Anonymous  11/13/10, 4:23 AM  

Thank you!!!!
You've saved me some nerves!!!

You're welcome @tikitavi! I'm glad you solved it.
I've been stuck at lvl 51 for days now.
I found a picture, did some convertions binary - decimal numbers, and there I am. Stuck with 4 numbers that I don't know how to use. I can't just convert them to letters.

give me the answer to demo questin 7 my numbers r 3 7 9 8=?

The answer is 26.

And here's how you get the answer;

1+1+1+1=4 so 1=1

1+2+1+2=8 and 1=1 so 2=3

Forget about 3434=12 (don't need it)

With 1=1 and 2=3 and 1231=7 You find out 3=2

Now the 7, 9 and 8;
5555=20 so 5=5

Change that into;

A+5+B+C=27 ==> A+B+C=22
2C+2D=30 ==> C+D=15
2D+2A=34 ==> D+A=17
2C+2B=26 ==> C+B=13

C+D=15 ==> C=15-D
D+A=17 ==> D=17-A
Now put that D in C=15-D and you get
C=15-(17+A) ==> C=-2+A ==> A=C+2
Now put that A in A+B+C=22 and you get
C+2+B+C=22 ==> 2C+B=20 ==> B=20-2C
Now put that B in C+B=13 and you get
C+20-2C=13 ==> -C+20=13 ==> -C=-7 ==> C=7

C+B=13 and C=7, so B=6

A+B+C=22 and C=7 and B=6 so A=9

D+A=17 and A=9 so D=8

And that was a lot of work to find out 7=7, 9=9 and 8=8 (but we had to be sure) and in fact all that was different is the 3=2 (and 2=3 to find that out)
So for the final answer '3+7+9+8=?' has to be converted to '2+7+9+8=?' and that's 26.

A bicycle wheel has 10 spokes. How many spaces are between them?

demo question 10
Demo Question 10: "Code Breaking" answer

Your Master asked you to go up the highest peak of Mount Haku in order to prove your strength. But he wants that you ascend only during the day and if you have not reached the top you have to descend during the night half of what you ascended during the day.
You start the climb and you realize that you can only ascend 700 m a day.
If the mountain is 4810 m tall in how may days can you reach the top?

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