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🖳 Escape from Room with 7 Boxes Walkthrough

🖳 Escape from Room with 7 Boxes

[REPLAY] YonaYona Escape from Room with 7 Boxes is a new point and click room escape game by YonaYona. Your task is to escape the room by finding and using items. There are two endings - normal and happy end. Good luck and have fun!

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So many games today!!!WOW!

joining in now... it looks like all the hints are in japanese

I'm in!

Had to use "about item" to find the #'s on poster...

Hm.. seems I'll need to call my bro for some translation work

used stool in closet

oops...not a closet...another room...LOL

Have a key chain and a white paper unused

how did you get in closet @nokra?

Scisors now!

POP, got card key from top box

Out with normal end, going back in.

got remote

use the triangle, square, star, brown stensil on the poster...and get the #'s for the same box...

Got key .. but dont wanna leave! Gotta find the happy end

cannot find the triangle shape for the green box...anyone?

nuts and colored balls from inside dolls

in the flower pot nokra

Need triangel for shape box....

nokra use scisors on pillow and spade on plant

In pot ? But how to get it out ?

Ok so i need scissors and spade :)

what is the clue for the colour box, see it on tv but not sure what to do

Zazie u need the spade from inside red pillow (use scisors)

out very easy

bigtank look at the colors of the one inside another boxes and follow the order given

For scissors use keychain man on left most box.

at least we didn't have to find batteries for the remote!

Happy End anyone?!!!! Got only the Push and Hints papers and a star key

Ty @bigtank...how to get it?

Yay, happy end! Just have to open all the dolls and take the one in the left cabinet under the TV.

Thank you Nini, got spade and cleaned triangle.

YAY! Out w/ HAPPY END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And w/ no help! xD

How do you open the dolls ?

Where are the scissors?

Got it! TY for scissors, @zazie!

Zazie click the middle of their ribbons

Happy End! But that was one scary babushka with the light streaming from her eyes!

YW @nokra !

@small-tool, scissors are in the lower left box. You have to put humpty dumpty on top.

Ah thanks for the scissors Zazie.

Nini it does not work, do i need a special tool ?
All i have is orange papers and a key.

and @small-tool, you can either zoom on the box or zoom in on the box. Either way, it works, lol!

And thanks zoz too.

Ahh i got it, forgot to open box with key, how stupid i am :)

@Zazie, did you get the paper with the sillouette of the doll on it and a red dot?

Zazie open the color-code box to get the paper that allows u to click there

Opppss.. box w/ key lol! (Fail)

Happy End...TY for help everyone!

I am out too, thx zoz and Nini....i just found it out after posting the question, as always POP works fine :)

Cool game !!

Finally, happy end.
Thanks all.

Now i will play studio escape...

out with happy end! All by myself! Rarely can I say that. Great game! :)

Can't open my dolls...

Hi just.joan. Did you get the clue of where to click them? I think you need to do the one by the boxes first, then the one it points to (with eyes) then the others, then go back to the first one and open it to get a doll for happy end.

Nvm, sorry. Don't try and open the eyes one. Once they're opened you can open left door under tv for doll. woops. :)

mgkanda, can't open color box... tried gray-blue-green and green-blue-gray...

duh! green-gray-blue!

Yay, Happy end! Thanks, mgkanda!

Room With 7 Boxes Walkthrough

First...skip all dialogue...It is not necessary but would probably be helpful to those that understand it!

Go left, pick up stool and paper under #'s poster

Go left and see all the BOXES!
Get 2nd paper from top shelf(we need 6)
Zoom on tissue box, get a tissue
Click on and open white box, get stencil
Click grey box and open for a color clue...rest of clue comes later
The others need some clues, so let's keep looking

Go left and zoom planter, we need something to get the lump from the soil

Go left 2x's and view the stencil...
You have 3 #'s and 3 shapes...

Go left and zoom red box...put in code
(solution follows)
Open box and get card key

Go left, use card key on door to open
Place stool under shelves
Get paper #3, and the "egg man ornament"

Go left, get shape from drawer, and paper #4 from right door

Go left and get round shape from lamp

Go left and get paper #5 from behind doughnuts
Zoom below sofa for paper #6

(The completed book could be good clues?)

Go right and forward to the other room

Go left and put egg guy on the bottom left cyan box, get scissors

Go left and forward to other room, right and use scissors on the right pillow, get spade

Go right , through door, right 2x's, zoom planter, get triangle with spade

Go right and zoom green box
Place the shapes, but you have to clean the triangle first...(use tissue)
Get remote...complete with batteries!

Go left, through to other room again, left, and use remote on TV for the other clue to the three nesting boxes

Go left, forward, left...put colors on correct place in Brown box(solution follows)
Get pink key to use on pink box, get clue for nesting dolls...

Zoom doll on shelf and press neck button

Go left, through, left, zoom doll, click neck button....Get Star key!!!

Let's try the other dolls to see what else we can find...

There is one next to sofa, one on the shelf and the left door under TV has one as well...

Get it, and go left, forward, right and use key on door...OUT with Happy End!!!

# Box...834
Colors Box...green grey cyan

Good one nokra.

For fun you can click the button on the doll in the inventory too. It shows you a heart.

@small-tool I think that's the actual "happy end". I got the doll a few other times without clicking it and got normal end.

@just.joan YW! and gongtats!

Also, great WT nokra! :D

       Anonymous  10/7/10, 1:54 PM  

omg! I opened all the dolls, not against the doll with the key in the neck!

This comment has been removed by the author.

if anyone cares, the text for the note cards is about the dolls. the first card says there are five sisters. Then we get:
1 - something about eyes and stars
2 - likes to eat something?
3 - likes enclosed places (the cupboard)
4 - apparently always has difficulty with everything. . .
5 - something about being sweet and men and approval. . . I'm not very sure.

But don't click the button on the orange (cupboard) doll before you get the key, you WILL get locked inside.

Thanks @Trisana, I was wondering what was on the notes.
Not really sure what you meant about the orange doll though. I went inside again, got everything except the key, and pushed the button on the orange doll. The heart appeared, but I didn't get locked inside. Was that suppose to happen?

@Mgkanda, I think you're right, you only get the Happy End when clicking the doll from the cupboard and see the heart.

Nice game. I didn't get locked inside either

Still a cute game 9 years later. Thanks for finding it, Peke.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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