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Amber Escape

Amber Escape is another point and click type room escape games by Coolbuddy. In this game, you try to escape the mysterious Amber Room by solving riddles and puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Morning all. USA is up and ready to go! :)

Halfway in the afternoon here (Netherlands). Time for a game break.

Have two chesspieces, opened the desk, three roman numerals.

a IX, a III a IV, a tower and a queen, a chess play in the drawer with a king on it…

opened desk how? There is a safe behind the 9 picture. :) Also open the smoke detector. :)

USA here as well - good morning Millie, good afternoon Christina

ARg a slider puzzle! Suck!! :*(

and hi everybody
afternoon, too

opened safe, have small key now.

and a safe behind the boat painting

Slider puzzle pic is a windmill Millie not to bad. Have keycard from small drawer in desk. Have no clue on the chessboard yet.

Hello, two chess figurines, freed myself with knife from vent, opened wall safe behind picture, a card, a rope and a slider to do now.

Haha got desk open. duh. ;) I didnt even think of picking the lock. DOH!

easiest slider puzzle in history!

Thanks Christina, I got it but I was panicked when I first saw it. I can't do them in real life! lol. But it was really easy, luckily.

Hi Zazie. How are you doing today? :)

opened TV panel

You can fix the smokedetector using the knife and the wire that held you.

Oh nooooo will be here forever going round and round with slider puzzle - I can see what it should be but can't get there...

aha, trap the king. Know I have a small gold key to open the keyboardcompartment.

I assume we must do the chess properly to get a keyboard for the computer... I am stuck now.

How, Christina? I hate chess.. the king wants to be free. lol

Oh POP, again. I am making everything harder than it needs to be today. Maybe I should not play the lottery today!

is there a way to look at the paper from the drawer ?

I have got a pice of paper and a card from the drawer, but can't see how to view them - any hints please?

I think when you have the keyboard you will look at the paper automaticly. I'm fretting about username and password, have tried so many combinations allready.

just joined, how to open the drawer?

you can view them once you use the gold key inside the tv panel

When the computer is open, you can see these papaers.

You must click on the words from the postcard and then the enter button on keyboard. I don't know what the answer is yet, though. :)

Hi Millie thx i am fine.

I just opened the PC panel...i have 2 chess figures, do you have got some more ?

Where to use the second key?

Christina, can you type on the keyboard?

Where is gold key ?

what is the safe code?

The chessboard is easy, put your figures on two sides next to the king

I cannot type but you can click some words and then use the green highlighted enter on the keyboard.

I cut the lamp off and repared it now.

Keyboard? Am I missing a view here?

This comment has been removed by the author.

safe code was 349 i think

Doh.. and POP - just found the place to use that car (it was SO well hidden..LOL)


what are the username and pw?

Permission denied, i need to activate the lamp on ceiling now.

finally got it. You need to click login first, then father and daugther. Now make a fire.

phew, out. I'll stick around for a few minutes.

got username and password

Thank you, @Christina - was running out of choices! So now the door is unlocked and have to make a fire, I assume. Onward...

and out

what's with the lamp?

and stuck.. how do I make a fire? Can't seem to get anything useful, like the book or the broom :o(

What have i to do after PC says "Hello Rick" ??

@Mary Go back to the keyboard and take a look on the right side Mary.

@Shaheen Nothing's with the lamp, you need to fix the smokedetector, not a lamp.

ok just use the lighter in the smoke detector and out.

One of the instructions on the big paper @Zazie, cannot remember third or fourth. Click it and enter.

ok just use the lighter in the smoke detector and out.

Oh.. thanks @Christina - thought that was a mouse LOL. I should read the words that keep descending from above, but keep forgetting to look!

That was my first thought to Mary, we are children of the computer age :-). Although years ago I would have thought it was my pack of cigarettes :-S

And finally out - although I still spent an embarrassingly long time trying to set something on fire LOL. Thanks for all the help!

Hmm i have no lighter.

Zazie - it's next to the keyboard.

Oh i am out too, i did not see the lighter in inventory lol, where did it come from ?

Thx Mray, obviously i picked it up without seing it :)


where is the chessboard?

Good Afternoon, just starting.
lol, "free yourslef"

Oops, just went too find the toilet ( in another game ) and now there´s already 65+ comments in this new one

Finally, I freed "myslef" in 36:34

Good afternoon everybody
is this still live??

going to start the game...

just read Truus comment
just too late

posting from sunny holidays in South Africa watching the whales

brb...need a pee first ;-)

Now I'm jealous @SwissMiss!!

Truus..I'll come to pick you up!! lets go to visit swiss!!! :)))

lol, @alkmar, according to @Full you should be in another game for that :)

yep plenty room your are welcome
lets party on the beach

oops, this makes no sense now. I was referring to the pee, lol.
please pick me up, let's go and visit Swiss!!


have to check the dinner...brb...kids got training..we have to eat.. =)

i dont like the fact that this game doesnt give you a description of the items youve picked up. i have something in my inventory i dont even know what it is. great brain creator (being sarcastic)

ok eet smakelijk Alkmar!
Have to help my son with his German test for tomorrow now.

Enjoy your holiday @Swiss!!

lol..I came back..food is almost ready ( boerenkoolstamp met lekkere sudderlapjes) I need the keyboard..

Wish your son good luck for the test!! ( tentamens? )

i dont like this game weird

I have no idea HOW to login on the computer.. I have been getting "command error" for 10 minutes!!!
Anyone still there?

POP always works!

Ha! it says I finished in 14:36...I feel like I was in this game much longer...LOL

I found a 3 and a 4. I suppose that they are hints to open the safe, but I can't see any other number. And what about the chess ?!

And a 9, now.

What Lighter?

Well, just smoke me - it is right beside the keyboard and looks like the mouse.

Password is rick sue


• Click anywhere on the screen to get past the initial captions.
• Click on the hole on the vent – read the letter.
• Take the knife and use it on the string tying up your hands – stand up.
• Take the chess rook from the bowl on the table and the string from the floor.
• Go right.

• Notice the Roman numeral Ⅸ (9) on the picture on the wall.
• Go right.

• Read the fire safety guidelines on the wall to know how to open the steel grates.
• Use the knife to open the smoke detector on the ceiling.
• Click on the smoke detector to have it in an enlarged view and use the knife again on the red wires; use the string now to attach both red wires and close the view.
• Take the chess queen from behind the broom.
• Go right.

• Notice the Ⅲ (3) on the picture on the wall.
• Use the knife to force the upper lock on the desk and see click on the chessboard to have a close look of it.
• Place both the queen and the rook on the chessboard to checkmate the black king and to get the yellow key from the compartment that opens; close the view.
Just place the queen and the rook on opposite sides of the king, vertically or horizontally (not diagonal) and right next to it.
• Click on the frame on the desk to see the roman number Ⅳ (4) on its back.
• Go right two times.

• Click on the picture on the wall (with the Ⅸ on it) to put it aside and to reveal a hidden safe behind.
• Click on the keypad and press the 3 numbers you’ve seen around; once the safe is open take the postcard and click on the box on the top shelf.
• Solve the slider puzzle to get the silver key.
Click this link to see the solved slider puzzle
• Close the view and go two times to the right.

• Back at the desk, use the silver key to open the little drawer under the chessboard and get the paper with computer commands and the keycard.
• Go right.

• Use the keycard on the slot to discover a modern computer.
• Use the yellow key on the bottom left keyhole on the computer to have the keyboard.
• Click on the computer screen (the commands paper and the postcard will be visible for you to help).
• Login by clicking on this command on the paper; click on the info on the postcard to insert name and password and click on the [enter] key on the keyboard.
• Click on the [unlock door] command on the paper and on the [enter] key again; the door is opened now.
• Click anywhere outside the computer to close the view.
• Take the lighter next to the keyboard (it really looks like a mouse) and go to the right two times.

• Use the lighter on the smoke detector to open the steel grates.
• Click on the door to escape… Congrats!!

Anyone wanna tell me how to get past the stupid slider puzzle?
I freakin' hate them, I can never figure them out..

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