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PG Aurora Walkthrough

PG Aurora

[REPLAY] PG Aurora is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by PastelGames for GamesNitro. Take a journey into the old west and try to discover the mystery of Aurora. Use mouse to interact with scene objects and people. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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ohh another pastel game, hope this is a bit longer than the last

a lot of games today....

hi,joining in too

seems to be a bit buggy. matches disappear when talking to the guy again, money re-appears....

i am finding money all over the place,nice hugh?

anyone got further or can look at the timetable? you can get a look at the clock and move the hands...

go back to the train schedule, there's a hint

I cant look at the schedule...where to click?

I have a lot of things. Met a girl gave her my ticket that I bought at the station and now it seems that I am going to meet a scary Aurora that have been waiting for me for three weeks...

got money,matches,flyer,key sherrif badge,3 aces,2 piano tapes,went to the hotel but key doesnt fit any of the doors,stuck

This looks creepy. Bought a train ticket leaving in a month, zoomed out and the place is all abandoned! Hm...

ask for the key at the reception

got myself a gun. he, he, he ;)

played the piano tapes and got a book from a girl.

oty put each piano tapes in the piano and press the button

can t start the game!!! it doesn t load "completely"!!

Heading to the right of the station found a flier and more money.

pop!! lol

nothing works for me. I can buy a train ticket, pick up some matches and thats it. can't look at schedule (right of oven?) and when I talk to the attendant again, he just sells me another ticket...
think, I'll be back in a month

Found a gun at my hotelroom. Going t buy some bullets now

ok got loads of thing. know i need to get into shed, made a bomb but it says not enough power. need to help the guy in jail

Inside the saloon got an ace of spades, more money and talked to the bartender after using the piano. Now I have to collect some money for him.

ok used the bomb on jail door .

Miller, try zooming back and click on the street to the right. Lots of places to go, people to talk to and things to do there.

got it,thanks bigtank,got a book

@Miller It seems that things must happens in right order. Sorry I can´t help you more. For every thing you do there comes more views and things to do.

took anvelope with money from post man,he gave me a key

@Edgar: already tried that but he won't go there by saying: "train is the best way to leave this place"...

At the hotel, got Ace of Hearts, a gun and mo'money.

played cards with the gut in saloon but he did not give me any money , now can not get out

OK Miller, I bought the ticket, looked at the trains schedule, zoomed back and in again on the Aurora poster. Oh, and moved the clock hands to 1:45, maybe that?

have trolley wheels, now i have to figure out how to get into the shed

nope. still not working. I'll reload maybe that helps. but thanks for helping me.

At the Sheriff: badge, money and made a friend whom I have to help out of jail.

has anybody got the ace of diamonds,and if so where did you get it?

Spent all the money I had for more stuff, lol. I don't even know what I'll need. Only whiskey was left to buy for me.

oty you need to play cards in the saloon. look at the table to the left. make sure you have £30 dollars to but the shed key

bigtank do you remember where you got the ace of diamonds?

Got a telegram from Aurora and the bar guy's money from the post office.

oty you need 4 cards, did you get the one from the deposit box in the post office

Got the other hotel room key and the hint to escape on a trolley.

i cant play cards without my last ace and i cant find it

How to play cards in saloon. I can´t sit down to the table and the man wont talk to me

guy in the jail says to set all town clocks to *pm. got in the shed and fixed wheel but can not leave as it is not night, look all over for clocks. only found post office. shop. train station.

Have the envelope with money; but I can't get back upstairs at the Hotel???

Got the wheels by using the chest key now.

i dont have ace of diamonds. Where is it?

@Seawall, give the money to the guy in the Saloon.

Thanks for the ace of clubs bigtank!
Got now a tune #2 for the piano from the crying woman.

me neither maddle,so frustraded,looked everywhere
of it,if you find it please let me know

how did you made a bomb ?

And where did you guys found the ace of diamond ??

must have had them all. one on the piano, one in post office deposit, one in jail, and one was on the floor somewhere

Ofcourse oty. I´ll tell you.

Played the second tune and got Aurora's book from a lady at the Saloon.

made a bomb with gun powder, matches and something else i think, just try mixing all the things you have

I don´t even found the jail. I guess that´s where my ace is. Where is jail???

@bigtank: how did you got in the shed? have no key and no more powder

Start combining the flier (paper) with gunpowder... I'm making a bomb! Yeah!

Thanks, @Edgar, back at the Hotel and have the trolley wheels from the room next to mine. Now, where is the Ace of Diamonds?

Cotton thread then.

madde the first door on the left where the shop and po is, click the door at the back

Put the bomb on the jail padlock, add matches = KAPUT!

And inside the jail IS ace of diamonds!

taking a break back in ten

Buy thread, then you can finish the bomb, @Edgar.

Played cards and won, but wheres my earnings??

Getting the guy out of jail with the bomb leads to the elusive Ace of diamonds.

finaly bombed tha jail lock and got my ace,

Please, a hint on how to get in the shed. I have no clue

I think the game is glitched. I didn't get ANY money after playing cards and now I need it to buy the shed's key!!

TRY NOT TO EXPEND ALL OF YOUR MONEY (maybe that triggers the bug) Will restart now.

Oh, and @Madde:
Turn left, enter the Sheriff's (rightmost door) and then enter the door on the left... jail is there.

Adryanna, just buy the key.

@Adryanna - after you play cards, a guy will appear at the door; have a conversation with him.


finaly out

Auch! thank you, both. I think I have to restart. Got no more money :(

Set the station's clock to eight; in the shed and have the wheels on the trolley. Stuck...

Oty where is trolley and shed?

seawall you need to set all the cloks to eight to get out

@Madde - click on the building to the left of the train station.

shed is left of train station,not zoomed

you need to set all the clocks in the town but i iam still stuck

POP! Found shed and trolley left of station after set clock to 8 pm. Put on the wheels and nothing happend??

oty i though i had set all the clocks, one in p/o , one in shop and one in train station. what am i missing

after you set the clocks,go back into the shed and click the exit,not the trolly to get out

think there where 4 or 5 clocks.

thanks, @oty; out of town now. I didn't have my screen scrolled down enough to catch all of the clocks! Good game!

bigtank did you set the one above the piano in the saloon?

thanks oty that did it

OK, this game was a nice one, like Pastel Games usually are. Thanks all!

i agree edgar,verry good game

@edgar: did you notice we shouldn't restart? we could've return all those thing and get the money back :P


I didn't notice it, hahaha. Well, good to know anyway!

It was a great game !

When you set the clocks, make sure you hear each one chime. Sometimes you have to move a hand juuuust a little. Also, did anyone else notice the bank clock was reversed? You still set it as if it were "normal" but the numbers are the wrong way around. LOL

Good game.

I just looove Skutnik games...they always give you the feeling that you've been in a completely different world for a while. Just awesome!

See ya ;-)

So we escape by never seeing Aurora???

       Anonymous  11/27/10, 5:26 AM  

I made a bomb tried to place it on the jail lock and light it with matches,,nothing,,,help please

       Anonymous  11/27/10, 5:27 AM  

POP! zoom ON the lock

       Anonymous  11/27/10, 5:35 AM  

can someone please tell me how to get the piano tapes???

       Anonymous  11/27/10, 5:37 AM  

I removed the first tape..where is the second???

@Candibar, if I remember correct you need to give your train ticket to the crying girl and you'll get it from her.

       Anonymous  11/27/10, 9:35 AM  

I did't find the crying girl...thanks for answering Ellie (hugs) can u tell me how to find her?

Crying girl is in the leftmost door on the right side of the street. I think next to the hotel if I remember correctly.

       Anonymous  11/27/10, 9:41 AM  

Taz posted this walk through!!!! Thank you and by the way..the small town "Albion" in the book..is the name of the small town I live in lol

One of the best escape games!! Only help I needed was making the bomb. For once I found all the rooms! Anyone find use for pick, whiskey, badge, or rope? Was sending postcard necessary?

       Anonymous  12/1/10, 3:32 AM  

The best grafic for me.
I love Skutnik games.
Try Fog Fall or Submachine or others..

Great game! I had a lot of fun in that eerie little town!

where is the gun powder for the bomb..?

ok,found it :)

where is the jail?

will someone please tell me where the jail is? cant find it:(

Comments tell at 11/26/10 12:34 PM

I don't get the clock in the shop to be on 8 o clock! Does anybody has an idea?

       Anonymous  8/26/18, 11:35 PM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Mateusz ☺

navigation is a mess; after visiting 5 rooms and found nothing to do there I got bored (won´t finish this game)

This is one of the best game creators.

Thanks a lot for this super game.

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