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Cryptex is another brain teaser and challenging riddle game developed by March Ahead. "A treasure hunt is an activity which is dedicated to testing not only general knowledge, but also your lateral thinking skills. And, in its inimitable style, we have got together to bring you a series of question designed to tickle your grey cells and make u pull your hair out in frustration. But there is also a reward at the end of it all." Good luck and have fun!

Note: Registration is necessary, but you do not have to fill in address and phone number etc, just email and a username with a password. Or enter random number and address.

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tried to register but it needs ph number and address, not wanting to add all of that info

Same here, not gonna do that, but thanks anyway Jon.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Just leave those blank. You only need username, password and email.

@vkacademy, I tried that and I got a pop up box saying I needed those fields filled in

ok, works now going in to check it out

Hmmm, don't get level 1 found a hidden phrase but it doesn't work?

they are asking for these details because there is a prize...I don't know what the prize is though....you only need to give email, user and password.

I am still stuck on lvl 6....

However, I hate these types of "guess how my brain works!" so-called riddles.

remember, Jo-Ann, no capitals, no spaces.

no spaces....grrrr gets me everytime

a hint posted for level 6 said....'if you aren't Indian, it's hard for you to get it'

great! :(

I can only come up with P***l as the asnwer....but no go... :(

for lvl 2 (Edgar, S-T) ignore the flag you see and add a whole lot of stars.......like...maybe 49

@Edgar....think....name any music festival....

@jon, I'm making my way through the levels, I'm on level 4 now and feeling confident so far... and I see you've been monitoring my progress, LOL!

@Edgar...this is a tough game....I want to beat it and need the help of my EG24 friends :)

@jon, I'm back to play and maybe to help. I'm thinking of a movie character when they say I'm looking for a husband there... will start my search.

Well, level 5 was ingenious... for a name sake!

Meant lvl 4, oops!

not the movie star...perhaps an English girl with a famous author husband....name in full

ARRRRGHHHH level 6 is hellish! Got the answer with a lot of help......feel quite angry!! :P

@jon, i could use some as well. I have the tree(s) but, how to "link" them?

@edgar...due to my frustration, I will give you a massive spoiler....the tree is spelled many ways but pronounced only one way P**p*e...connecting P*o*l*...is a slogan of a worldwide company...

@jon, idk what you think, but for me this riddle is way too illogical and vague. Except from level 4, all the rest have been like that. Anyway, onto level 7. Thanks so much!

@Edgar, I am hating it...that does not stop me from playing though...I am an addict...meet me at 9

I'm on 10 now @jon,
for 9, we bloggers have a day!

at 10 too Edgar

hahaha...Edgar, you are above me on the leaderboard... :)

Not for too long @jon, I'm sure. Solved level 10 with a bit of guessing... maybe time zones are the thing there, but not sure.

at 10....A*********n, C****, I****...that's all I have so far.... *scratches head*

@Edgar, well I looked at making a circle with a map, tried that country, then had a few guesses in the local area...still nothing, what am I missing?

@jon, for level 10,

I went back to it, and I'm still not sure if what I've got is the logical solution, but it might be about the Silk Road...?

how about a first letter? logic left the building a while ago....

here jon,


need help with 6 please!!!

@Tiffany...what do you have so far...I posted a major spoiler earlier, did you see what I was aiming at?

@edgar....I don't understand why that was the answer....still scratching my head...but, onwards and upwards

@Tiffany, it's a bit hard to help if not being more specific on the help needed... do you know what is the tree? Found the name (or one of its many names) and say it aloud to come up with another word.
Now, @jonthewatch's hint at 11/12/10 2:30 PM was bigger than anything, almost a spoiler for it!

ive searched and searched and havent come up with the name for the tree. I know it starts with a P. i have searched indian tree, gautam buddha tree and havent come up with anything.

ok, got the tree, now i need the middle word...

@Tiffany, this might help you out:


took your hint from earlier and tried the slogan i found (con****ingp***le) but it didnt work... i was also trying it with the p word twice but thgat didnt work either... am i close?

wow... tried the dumbest answer i could think of and it worked... i was going in the wrong direction completly.... thanks

now stuck on 9... not even sure where to start

@Tiffany, start by identifying the woman in the picture, then search for an homage to her. What you look for is a date.

level 12, the source code clue I could not relate to the answer and for level 13, I used tineye to feed me answers and the results were Cyprus and Alcatraz....this is a very frustrating game....I wonder if I will finish it....

Hey Guys,

Moderator Cryptex here!

Good to see that u guys enjoin CRYPTEX!

You can further discuss clues @ FB http://www.facebook.com/CRYPTEX2010

Cheers :)


@jon, haven't had the chance to play much lately, and right now I'm way stuck in 12. I've been at amazon and zazzle. I'm overthinking it, I know. Could you give a pointer? Thanks.

@Edgar, another very frustrating level I'm afraid....How you doin' is a line often quoted by a TV character.....the name of the level is misleading (it should be I('ll)BTFY), 'it's a miracle' was a quote by the character in the TV show. A particular episode saw someTHING dying and coming back to life....that is the miracle....if this doesn't make sense, drop me a line in FB

Thanks @jon, not sure if going on with this one... so unpleasant riddle this one!

Now for 13,
Alcatraz... prison... island... pelicans...
Carta Magna... chart... constitution...
007 Nov 2008 becomes 013 May 2009... (the URL makes me think of that conversion)

I really don't know what to expect or to look for. This whole riddle is so exasperatingly vague and absurd!

It is, Maverick!

Billboard's ROCK CHART started on June 2009 (not May)
I can come up with ISLAND MAP (chart) but nothing related to the date.
I'm off for today... might not come.

Not really "enjoin" this.

I'm out Edgar....too vague for me, I totally agree with you.....not enjoying this.

@jon (and for some other masochistic following),

For level 13, you are looking for someone who co-signed the CHARTER '08 and went to PRISON.

lame, lame...

Oh well, I made it to level 15, but you know, I'm kind of glad to know you're out... it gives me a reason to stay away from it.

Anyway, I really look forward to play again at some other time, in a better game if possible. Cheers!

jon, jon, jon...
what have you done??
don't get me wrong,
lol, count me on,
but hold on...

Michael Baden?

level 15, a movie title in full, no caps or spaces in the answer....

huh...I never did play this one and now I see that I can't anyway. Pop-up saying I need to give ph #. What game would require that? Read the previous comments saying that you didn't need to as well as in the note under the game description, but alas I can't get in without it. Oh well, I guess.

haha...tricked it. I put in that I lived in traselvania NY. LOL

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