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Escape from Collapsed Room Walkthrough

Escape from Collapsed Room

[REPLAY] Escape from Collapsed Room is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Yeahm. In this game, your objective is to escape the room by finding and using items and hints for solving all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Dig the crazy perspective...

       Anonymous  11/8/10, 3:54 AM  

Weird.. where am I standing?

foun a few boxes in them a key and two papers,tape,two bags and a silver thing,dont know what it is

I think ther's a bug, I've levered up the cupboard but I can't get underneath them :(

not in yet..loading..

Same here oty.
But I think the bags are oven mittens.

       Anonymous  11/8/10, 3:58 AM  

Same place as you, @oty - one of the papers (with 24 on) has got another key on the back of it.

       Anonymous  11/8/10, 3:58 AM  

Can't get calendar off the wall..

lol..Mary..yoohoo..think you need my shoulders again! :DD

Stick, bracket and key used...

Tape, sacks, pentagram and number 24 not used yet...

Three out of four chests open...

I have four boxes but only three of them open. And behind my number paper is a key, but I can't get it or use it?

anybody got the green key of the paper?

Same here Werner, any joy with the blue box or motor?

trying to lift the cupboard up, with the 2 iron thing

i think we need to put something heavy on the lever to stay in place,but what?

under cb a blue box

Thought filling the sacks with something would could be used as counterweights for the stick, but alas, no joy so far...

I think you're right oty. And what about the board on the 'ceiling'?

Put kind of fold mirror right side og cb with pig on it.

And put the stick to lift cb.

roberto, wasn't that the stick from the lamp or do you have something else?

Hi, same here, I think we have to solve the star hint first. Maybe it corresponds with the calendar and gives us the number code? Hmmm...

Stick I mean is actually a long pipe

stuck stuck stuck

I re-started and am still stuck in the same place :(

coffee?..who likes.. :))

has anybody noticed that if you click in a veryyyy
specific place above the code door you get a vew of a place where there was a painting or something,

Thanks, @alkmar....I'll take a cup....LOL

Thankyou alkmar :o)

Found a key

@nokra, yes, I've seen that, can't do anything with it though :(

@oty, yes, i also found this... but can't do anything there

yes, I saw that Oty..tried a lot of things there :)

Nowhere to use it tough!

Roberto - where did you find it? Morning all

**sorry, I meant oty (whoops)

where did you find tht key roberto?

I got to go..lunchtime is over. Good luck to all of you..and dont forget the WT!! ;-)
See you ( I'll leave the coffee here)

just above broken window on the wall/ceiling where lamp is.

bye alkmar (waves)

Thx alkmar - its five am over here, I need as much coffee as I can get!

not used....tape, pentagram paper, 24 paper, and the drawstring bags.....plus...what are the green squares?

Of course we all know this but I am just testing POP! lol

Ahh, got the key, thanks Roberto :o)

Is that the cabinet key where you find the tape?

@nokra, green squares? Or do you mean orange squares?

yes tell us what you did with it?

@Miles, no there's a hidden cupbaord on the wall Roberto mentioned.

Rambler - were zoomed in on the lamp or mirror when you found the key? Clicking everywhere, but nothing (

Thanks Roberto,
But not really liking this game anymore now it turns out to be a pixelhunt.
Where to use that key?

Not zoomed in...

nvm - found it - thx! don't zoom into either

@roberto...I don't see key, is the view with just window and then you click the ball ceiling lamp...where is the key from there?

found it too,pixelhunt

Found green key

Don't zoom in on the lamp, but click on the ceiling somewhere above the middle right side of the window.

Cupboard goes up, cupboard goes down, cupboard goes up lol

lol @ Rambler! Roberto - you're killing me over here!!! glad you found the key.... um... any hints?

Oh1 TY @small-tool...inside a secret cabinet...lol

Imagine the calendar on that empty space at the wall and click on 24 should be. Noe the adhesives position.

Have a kind of telescope with green box on top??!!!

thank you Roberto! Highlight the key when clicking

Nice one, roberto =)

Why "imagine" the calendar?...did you get it down? I missed something...again!

Or not - I still have the key. Stuck too with the telescope thing

Got a shovel - use the green box on a door

Thanks Roberto.
But I can't find the spot. It should be somewhere low in the middle of that empty spot right?

Nokra, it's another view, above the door with number lock.

LMAO! I just went back and caught up with comments,I think I was writing about the squares and thinking about the green box/key....now I am waaaaaaay behind!

blue box now and same silver key

Breack glass window with telescope

ok blue box now need key


Have a shovel

Do you need something to find the key in that empty spot. Clicked everywhere now.

ok highlighted stick added key and taped on ... now were to use it

Yeah, I never did find that particular view.....Above and beside and all directions are making me dizzy in the game!lol

You must click with the 24 note selected.

@small tool - the view is turned - the spot you want is on the right - not the bottom

Thanks roberto,
Got it now, it's somewhere halfway up the right side.

Use stick on key with tape, then unlock door on 'ceiling', gets blue key...

So, we have the stick, tape and key.... can't use them anywhere! S-t - I had my key highlighted, but don't know if you need to

got code but not workin on lock

Hi all, i just caught up and now i used shovel on broken window and then highlight cloths and got 2 bags.

1453 does´t work

Put bags on stick and you can go under cb.

Good one Warner - thanks!

Use the code paper ob lamp, to get ,true, code... Out =)

Where to use the shovel?

why doesnt the code work,not even backwords?

Use shovel on broken window

Oh, used shovel in broken window but nothing happened?

Nvm. filled bags now.

s-t - use shovel on broken window. Out too - Thanks everyone, for all the help!

and out .... nice little game

out too,thnks you guys,

First out?!?

Now -that- deserves a quakity beer =0

Thanks for all the help...

Small-tool, after shovel you have to highlight the 2 bags.

Where is code paper ?

Where do i use the silver key and what telescope are you guys talking about?

Out too. Thanks all!

Use stick with tape and key on door for the blue key and then it is in the blue box. Then use it on the lamp.

Found it and out !!

Feminin21, the green box becomes a kind of telescope after using the green key on it.

Thnaks everybody for all the hints !

thanks 2 all :D i was totally lost at these, the only think i found for myself was combining stick with key... i also lost my finger because of clicking like mad...
but at least we know why we crawl in this room like cockroaches >.<

Yay, OUT, thanks for the sterling work esp Roberto :o)

Lol, Sabine =)

Nice game, apart from the pixel hunts...

code does not work

I liked this game......nice idea.

Yep nice game and in fact the only pixelhunt was the silver key. There was no clue for that place, or was there?

Put code on lamp first.

YEA!!!! Thanks for all the help....

Did anyone ever figure out what the star paper was for? One minute it was there, next it was used...

And out! Thanks all for the hints!

Thnx small-tool, but i don't have a green key.

Above the window/door with the number lock on it, there's a place you can zoom in. There are still two pieces of tape, so you can see the calender was hanging there. Use the paper with 24 to get the green key there. It's on the place where 24 would be if the calendar was still hanging there (somehwere right, halfway up).

Thnx small-tool i did't realize the picture above the door was side ways :)

Thnx For all the help small-tool!
I am finally out too.

Your welcome, but Roberto was the great hero here.
So from me it's thanks to Roberto.

       Anonymous  11/8/10, 6:00 AM  

Thx for posting. But the hardest part was the '24' spot. That really hurt my clicking finger LOL.
Out too.

thanks Roberto and thanks..thanks escapers!!!!

out! That was tough! Couldn't have done it without all your comments! thanks :D

Where is this mysterious key that's supposed to be combined with the stick in order to open the door ?

I thought this game was great fun, even though I was pretty much lost the whole time....
Anyway, here is a guide in case anyone is still stuck!

You are apparently in a collapsed, or overturned house/room...
First, pick up red box, a plastic L/V shaped thing, the lamp pole, the green box.
Go right.
Click broken piggy bank for a red key part.
Click door of cabinet for burlap bags.
Close door and click under to see a blue box that you can't get.
Zoom out and go right.
Click broken window and get other part of red key and red box opens, get gold key.
Click window again and get black box.
Click halfway between the window and light in middle of wall and a little to the right to find a hidden compartment...open and get a silver key.
Go right and find another red box and get a paper with pentagram.
See a lock that need 4 numbers.
Go right twice and use gold key on drawer, get tape, black key and another paper clue form box.
Put V-shaped piece and pole to right of cabinet to make a lever...but cabinet will not stay up...we need something heavy!
Go right , click window and then below it to see a calendar...The paper clue is for the green key, but how???
Thanks to @oty, we know that there is a hotspot on the wall with the locked glass door, halfway up from left edge and the ceiling, and just to right....Thanks to @roberto,(he explains it better than I at 4:36 am) we know that the thing missing is the calendar!...using the 24 clue, click on the right side middle of tape pieces to find a hidden compartment...YEA! the green key!!!
Click inside the green box and it becomes a mallet...use it on the glass door and get a shovel.
Go to window scene and use shovel there...then click bags there and VOILA! you have something heavy.
Pick up bags and put them on the pole, get blue box.
Now we can reuse the pole, highlight it, put key and use tape...click up in the orange squares view and use key on the door there...get blue key!
Now we have a 4 number code, but it doesn't work on the lock...hmmmm...
Go to window scene and use paper on light to get real code....use it, get ladder, put it under door


I really loved this one !
Thanks Robrto for this pixel Hunting !

Out from this very strange room. Thanks @Roberto for the number 24 hint! Thanks @nokra for writing a WT!

this is really creative! the perspective is so confusing! but it's cool and unique

       Anonymous  9/2/18, 10:02 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Yeahm ☺
& thx nokra for the WT

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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