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Escape from Grandmother's House Walkthrough

Escape from Grandmother's House

Suzunari Escape from Grand Mother's House is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Suzunari. In this escape game you must search for items, solve puzzles to escape the house. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


Clue is difficult?

Hi small-tool am stuck with only a note

hey! hope there isn't a language barrier...

gave up on other game. Can't find anything in here. either, lol!

no language barrier, I think.

Ah Xenon is here, great.
Did you solve the first code?
And if so, a little hint please?

note obviously refers to the clock, but I can't figure it out

Is it, that the hands of the clock make some kind of arrow pointing to a number?

@s-t think clock time. e.g. 15=3

Thanks Xenon, but if I do that I get numbers bigger than 9?

Oh, got it. And those numbers again in clock time.

Stuck with code...

also stuck. don't get how 3:30 (or 15:30) leads to "9"...

you'll get numbers larger than 12.

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 6:51 AM  

thought it was 4 6 1 but alas I was mistaken

Red key now.
Thanks again Xenon, but just figured it out.

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 6:53 AM  

how about a little help for the rest of us idiots small

the numbers are right, the order is wrong.

why is 8:50=8+10?

Ahh got it !
Thx xenon !!

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 6:54 AM  

thanks small i will go back and check again

Like Xenon showed the first is 6
The second 10:15 is a hand on the ten and a hand on the three. So that makes 13 and 13 is on the clock 1.

Got key now

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 6:55 AM  

ding dong. lol thanks again

If 50, then the big hand is on the 10.

got it! thanks Xenon and s-m!

Thanks Xenon!!!

I am in the kitchen now, found a paper, burned the paper on stove and have letters now.

In the new room, close the door for a hint.

hint on door in other room

Second room:
note and hint from door

Blue key now.

Paper is the 3 digit code for next door, have blue key now.

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 6:59 AM  

8:50 = 8+10 = 18 = 6
10:15 = 10+3 = 13 = 1
9:35 = 9+7 = 16 = 4

Table from the box, using the colors of the cups in the bathroom.

stuck with stool

Put stool in bathroom.

Put stool in bathroom and changed a lever, now what ?

stool in bathroom left of sink - switches

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 7:04 AM  

Which Paper gives a clue for the bathroom door?

Where did you change a lever, Zazie?

TV is now on

Oscar, in kitchen drawer is an empty paper, use it on the stove.

Ohhh TV is working now, gives you code for the other door.

Now in hall (flor ?)

In the bathroom above where you put the stool.

How do you get the tv on? I don't see a lever?

Ah, thanks Zazie.

and out!

And out - nice game!

In hallway now...

Need the last code :)

I guess it comes from the bathroom mirror

Yep, good game.

@Zazie: look at mirror frame and combine with hint above code

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 7:11 AM  


Yes Zazie,
It's a bit like Sakura.

Out too

Yes great game !!!
Thx for posting !

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 7:20 AM  


Thx for the hint with the stove. The rest I found alone.

The lever ist on the ceiling in the bathroom.

each time i press play nothing happens -_-

How to do the mirror/color code. (I was trying to connect the squares and getting nothing close to a number.) Look at the white lines in the squares. For instance, the neon (salad?) green has a little "L" shape.

Replace each color by the white lines and voila!


So the girl had a lovely holiday with her grandma in the country. Was the granny trying to lock her in? Or training her on how do escape games?

Great game! Out with no help. Loved the codes. Thanks MegiPoland!

In this game you need to see the clues for the code panels to be active.

Nothing special in the first view.
The clock shows your real time.
Turn right.
Nothing there either (the TV can’t be turned on yet).
Turn right.
Open the right drawer and get a hint note.
View it with “about item”.
After you get this note, the code panel in the upper locker is active.
Enter the 3 digits and click the handle to open the locker.
Solution below.
See 3x3 drawers.
Click them all to see red and green notes and remember the order.
Turn right.
Nothing but a grid where you can press the squares, but you don’t have the clue yet.
Turn right (start view).
Zoom on the panel by the door and click the correct squares.
Use the notes from the 3x3 drawers.
Click the lid below the buttons and get a red key.
Use the red key in the door and click the right side of it to open.

Enter the next room.
Turn right (kitchen).
Open the top drawer and get a grid note.
Click the button below the left hot plate of the stove to turn it on.
Put the note on the hot plate to get letters in the grid.
Turn right.
Click the right side of the door to close it.
See an arrow in a grid clue.
Turn right again and zoom on the panel next to the door.
Enter the 3 digits and click the lid below them to get a blue key.
Solution below.
Use the blue key in the door and click right side of it to open.

Enter the bathroom.
Note the colors of the three cups.
Zoom on the mirror to have a closer look at the colored tiles.
Go back to the previous room.
Zoom on the bottom drawer and change the colors of the three buttons.
Use the colors from the cups in the bathroom: pink, purple, cyan (5, 4 and 3 clicks from the starting color).
Click the handle of the drawer to open it and get a stool.
Enter the bathroom again and place the stool on the left side of the floor.
Click high up on the wall above the stool to see a switch panel.
Press the left switch.

Go back to the first room and to the TV.
The switch in the bathroom put the power on.
Press the top button to the right on the TV and see a clue in what order to press the buttons in a 5x4 grid (you can watch this as many times as you need by pressing the TV button – make notes of the order).
Zoom out of the TV and turn right twice.
Zoom on the panel and press the buttons in the correct order.
Then press the green button to read “open” if you did it right.
Click here for a picture of the order to press the buttons.
Zoom out and click the door to open it.

Enter the new room.
Zoom on the code panel to the right of the door.
Enter the correct numbers and click the lid below them to get a pink key.
Use the colors you see above the door and the bathroom mirror.
Solution below.
Use the pink key in the door to escape.

3-digit clock code
The hint note shows two examples.
3:30 ->9 and 3:40 ->11.
Look at where the clock arms point in a normal clock at those times and add the numbers.
3:30 (arms point at 3 and 6). 3+6 = 9.
3:40 (arms at 3 and 8). 3+8 = 11.
Now, you need to figure out the three other times shown.
8:50 (arms at 8 and 10) = 18
10:15 (arms at 10 and 3) = 13
9:35 (arms at 9 and 7) = 16
But you can’t enter 2-digit numbers, so you need to think in hours and subtract 12.
18 = 12+6, 13 = 12+1, 16 = 12+4
Code: 614

3-digit letter grid code
Follow the arrow from the closed door on the grid note with letters you have.
The letters will spell: seventhreeeight.
Click here for a picture of the grid.
Code: 738

3 digit color/mirror code
Look at the lines in the colored squares around the mirror.
Imagine the same kind of lines in the squares by the door and you’ll see that they make three digits to use as the code.
Click here for a picture of the numbers.
Code: 596

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