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Escape Redgrove Manor Walkthrough

Escape Redgrove Manor

Escape Red Grove Manor is a new Point and Click Escape game from Melting-Mindz. You and your friends went to check out the creepy old Redgrove Manor. Once you were inside your friends disappeared! Now you must find a way out by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Thank You, @selfdefiant!!!!

let's go

joining as well

Don't thank me until you escape! x)
Just kidding, thank you! I hope you all enjoy.

i have a blue gem

loading... hi everyone!

I usually don't like dark games....but a Melting-Minds game....I'm in!!!!

Thank you @SD!!! (not screwdriver, of course)

finally a SD

blue gem, hammer, book, map

Oops, a tad late, but loading now.

blue gem, book and note that turns the screen black

But...why can't I see the map????argh...LOL

Moved the no exit sign for blue gem.

gold key

Got the book from the view right of the no exit sign.

Hi @nokra! (I'll reply to you soon :))

map is messed up I am fixing.

Oh, the map was in the same view as the book, but I can't view it either.

So, we should be able to view the map? I'll restart then.

I think I'll manage with no map... I always make my own. And now stuck.

The game saves, if you need the map refresh, I fixed it. Sorry about that. I don't use it so I didn't notice.

[F5] to refresh

where to use green key? also have sd and batteries

Hm... I wonder if I'll need the map. Moving on for a while, but it seems I need to find some keys now.

@Alison, share first, ask later... take it as a suggestion.

placed second cog - do we need a third?

Yay! Love these games!

Use the hammer on the starting scene for the golden key.

Got a gold key from using the hammer on the mail box in the first view.

@ alison, straight ahead through the half open door is where green key is used - where did u find it?

@Edgar - point taken....

Stuck after opening door w green key? Need a light!

Batteries, big cog, used gold and green keys, SD, hammer, book (I think we'll have to use all the letters in caps), and map that I can't read (but will restart/refresh). Needs lots more keys and a flashlight.

Moved left from using the gold key and found the screwdriver.

green key is under cot (I think)

Used the hammer behind the gold door to get a cog.

Aaah....the map! Can see it finally.

ah, u mean crib, thanks alison

Found the green key. USe gold key first, then move up. Use screwdriver on some floor tiles.

Used the SD on a tile under the cradle to get the green key.

Try to catch up. So far: map, book, gold key, green key, SD, hammer, cock

I keep coming into these games just too late to really catch up. Will someone please call me when there's a new one???

u mean big COG, stu, lol

i can'tfind where to save the game... any help, please?

@Medusa, it self saves. If you leave, it will put you back at the same spot when you come back.

The game auto saves.

Stuck needing lots of keys, flashlight, and 4 number code.

hello, zoz, there's a new game ...

@J: sorry :)

Thanks for the map, @SD...I always get lost...LOL
Hi @ellie!...and @edgar...And everybody!
I will be waaaay behind because I like to take my time...LOL actually I am just slow!Ha ha ha

@ Stu I hope I didn't misspell cog!! LMAO

@allison_g- where did you find batteries?

Found batterie - now need a torch

batteries were in a drawwer under paper in the pool table room

Hi i think i caught up, i just entered the green door.

Hola @Nokra!!!

Ok, I'm missing the batteries and maybe another cog? Well, will keep on looking and reading comments.

Batteries are all the way to the right in a drawer in the room w/the pool table.

where do I put my big cog? (seriously)

I need a code for box in kitchen, anyone ?

nvm, pop, above the other one, pixely

Thanks for batteries @J!

anyone find a flashlight yet?

thanx! now i feel less stressed :-D

trying to catch up but it's difficult when @Stu tells me there is a cock to be found!

Thanks for the notice @J!

Thanks @J! Found the batteries now. Totally missed that drawer. I still only have one cog and dont know where to place it.

Don't worry @nokra! It feels I'm gonna be in here for quite some time too.

How do you get the cogs?
I have screwdriver and hammer, but no go.

i have a blue gem, a book, a map, a hammer, batteries and a screwdriver ... i have used a gold key, a green key, and a cog ... is anyone stuck with me?

Got batteries! Thx

erm @J I think you put it on the wall.

Those lines above the first cog are the pixelly hotspots.

Thanks again @J! I managed to place my cog too, but need a third cog.

could the codefor the box in the kitchen be related to the names on the blackboard?

I think I am caught up now.... placed COG above other one on wall, have green and gold keys (used) blue gem and book with color order hint, batteries, hammer and sd

need many keys, flashlight and code for kitchen

I tried all combinations from the names on the blackboard for the box in the kitchen, but none works.

@Ellie and @J, on the wall above the other cog, the one that's above "it's just a grate"

I am exactly where you are @ J,

Any idea for this code ?

@small-tool use the hammer on the cog to the left of where you used the gold key. The other cog is stuck in the wall (thats where you place the one you get from the hammer).

@Rudi, could be. I wondered if the small j for jonathon was a clue?

Selfdefiant, any clue why I'm unable to play? I can't seem to move or pick up anything.
And the last game, ocean breeze, didn't even want to load for me.
Are you doing something different than you used to? :(

Thanks @zoz, I have it placed. Now, I might be at the same place as the rest of you. Unless someone has the last cog or a flashlight, or...

Thanks Ellie, tried hammer a lot of times and now it works.

I think we're all stuck looking for a 4-digit clue and flashlight.

arggh where is the pool table room?

I bet the flashlight is in the box

The names on the blackboard have 5,6,7 and 8 letters. Tried to make something out of that but no go.
I also wonder why the "j" is in lower case.

@zoz farthest left room

@zoz, use the gold key and walk all the way to the left for the pool table.

i'm doind the same thing u are, ellie

Also tried using combinations of 2, 8, 20 (the positions of the capital letters in the alphabet) -- no go.

It's actually all the way to the left from the "no exit" sign for pool table.

thanx @Jo-Ann! I was there before but suddenly couldn't find it.

@ Ellie - same here. now stuck

@J I'm with you... stuck

digit code for kitchen, count the letters of the names on the bord

SPO5867ILER :)

@carola you beat me to it! lol

And how about the blue gem? Are we supposed to try to fit it somewhere?

I tried the number of characters and the number of the first character in the alphabet, leaving jonathan aside, since it is a small one. But these don't work.

thanks carola, i though i had tried that combo

Thanks Carola, but why that order?

Yay! thanks Carola!

@allison, i tried the same, but no luck

Ok, does work. Thank you, Carola!

silver keys gives new rooms with flashlight, clue and red key

oh and purple gem

Thanks for the code!!!!

have two gems and red key now

ahh, the flashlight! yayyy!

Now silver key (used), red key and purple gem.

Oh, and flashlight...

Thanks @Carola! Does anyone have a clue to why that order of the numbers is used??

2 new gems and red key

blue purple and yellow gem, yellow gem under pillow in dark room

Thanks Carola !!!!!

Red key in room left to new room.

Yellow gem.

Third cog using red key.

Red gem.

I have my flashlight too and the purple gem from using SD on a box.

And a smal cock .......ähhhhh goc ----- COG
black key and red gem

Use hammer on head in room to the right of red room for red gem.

Black key.

Thanks for the code, got the stuff on the left door. Any ideas of why that order on the names?

Orange gem.

Where do all of these go?

Hit the porcelain doll (after using red key) for the red gem)

where was the blue gem? Jeebus i can't seem to catch up!

have 6 gems now

black key now and 5 gems

Red gem now from head.. and small cog from new room.

arggh, phone call ...

Ah! Found where the gems go. Missing green gem.....

zoz it was under the exit sign at the beginning.

@Self Defiant, this isn't the 'Escape the mansion' I offered to check out for you. I was looking for something a little more tropical. LOL

green gem under stairs (panel) in black room

Got the black key too from using the yellow symbols in a box where flashlight was needed. Will go to place my gear now.

thanx @Ellie!

Orange gem from placing the two gears.

sorry, grabbed stuff so fast can't remember where all came from.

blue gem I think was behind no exit sign

I think gems go in painting but I seem to have the wrong order

5 gems - need the green one

NO idea where the green gem might be, and I've got to leave in 5 minutes. Anyone???

(btw, order for gems, I'm guessing, is from the book. We'll know if it's right when we find the green.)

Place 3rd cog & get orange gem! Now what order to place them on picture?

@Jo-ann, did you have the green?

You guys are way to fast! Finally caught up but am missing the black gem

and out

You're right @allsion_g. it's the order in the book! thx

Green gem is under new stairs behind a panel, use SD

orange gem is in the room where the cog is sticked on the wall, place the other two cogs there.

Have 6 gems now. stuck on painting lock

green gem is under the stairs after black door, use screwdriver.

And out!

@miles, the "black" gem is actually the blue one from the second scene

Thanks Corola for last gem

And out!

Great game Selfdefiant!!!!

I can't find that green gem. The black room after using the red key - all the way to the right??

@Miles, there is no black gem......

Where is black gem ?

green gem under stairs below painting room

tried the order from the book but must have done something wrong

going back to try again

Fun game as always SelfDefiant! Thanks!!!

First letters in book

got it. how stupid, place the gems on the painting :)


Thanks @small-tool! I forgot to use my black key :)

@zazie the black in the book refers to the b for blue gem

And thank you Zazie and small-tool!

@Ellie, Green gem is under the stairs that you use to get up to the portrait.

Out. Thank you, selfdefiant!

@carola- pay attn to the order of the numbers in the painting & use the book for the order of the colors

Lol! I see that now - was going in circles. Thanks guys!

Placed the gems on the painting and got a key :)

Late out, but nice and clean :)

ok, missing something here numbers from 1-6 on painting, placing the gems in this order


but not working?

And out!

I placed my gems in order POGRBY , but nothing happened?


order for gems is purple, orange, green, blue, red, yellow

@Jo-Ann, recheck the order. Isn't it BR instead of RB? Check the numbers on the painting too.

Oh my gosh! Missed the order! Grrrrrr lol

and out

GREAT game! Thanks SD!!

Thanks @allison_g for the green gem too! I found it when I remembered to use the black key (help from s-t).

Colour code does not work for me either...

Ah thanks, stupid. Didn't look at capitals but at first letters.

@Jo-Ann, I made exactly the same mistake placing the gems as you - great minds thinking alike???

Thanks a lot for all the help!! Thanks @Selfdefiant for another great game!!

And out, i put two gems in the false order lol.

Great game, thx selfdefiant !!!

Well, that was a good one. And a nice trick in the end where you could go wrong with the color order.
But still want to know;

Where did the number order from the names come from?

"only" 712 clicks, lol.
It would've been less if I wasn't sidetracked looking for the cock Stu talked about!

As usual, excellent game! Thanks @SD

Fair warning: 2 new games!

thanks @Self Defiant! Great game as always!

So why

Or why
The third, the second, the first, the fourth name?

Great Game.. Out on my own with 463 clicks!

Yea!!!!! thanks @everyone for all the great clues!!!
Loved it!

Out 884 clicks LOL

On to the next game! only 713 clicks for me...I like that #...7and 13 are very lucky!!!LOL didn't submit your score...:(
the best so far is 626...

Ok Im stuck, cant find black key and have a red key that I havent used yet! I am also missing a cog.. I have 1 plus the one that was already there...

@Danielle, use the red key all the way up and then to the right from start view. Sorr, I can't remember where I got the black key. I'll try to find out.

thanks I missed that red key view!

You might get both the black key and the last cog from using the red key. Try that.

Thanks for another WONDERFUL game Selfdefiant!! I love these. It is a little dark, but that's part of the creep factor...

As usual when playing live, I get a lot of help from several other players to escape. Thanks @all!

Move forward.
Drag the “No EXIT” sign away and get a BLUE GEM.
Turn right.
Pick up a BOOK from the chair to the left.
Click it to read.
Take a MAP from the white board.
Click it to see the rooms and where you are.
Go back to the No Exit sign and move up.
Turn left from there and get a HAMMER from the floor.
Go back right and then down twice.
Use the hammer on the mail box to get a GOLD KEY.

Go up, turn left and use the gold key in the door.
On the left wall you see a COG. Use the hammer to get it.
Go left – pool table view.
Click to the right of the open cupboard in the right part of the room to open a drawer.
Drag the papers aside and get BATTERIES.
Zoom on the blackboard.
Read the names and take the SCREWDRIVER.
Go right, then up from the stairs.
Use the screwdriver on the darker floor tiles between the wheels to get a GREEN KEY.

Go down and right to the No Exit sign.
Go up twice and use the green key to open the door.
Turn right twice (kitchen).
Find a box that needs a 4-digit code on the shelf to the left.
The next thing you need to do is to solve this code, and the clue you should use is the names on the blackboard in the pool table room.
Solution below.
Enter the digits and press the button to the right for a SILVER KEY.

Go left three times and use the silver key in the door.
Take a FLASHLIGHT from the table.
Click the board with yellow symbols by the back wall to see them better.
Turn left.
Click the books on the shelf to the right for a RED KEY.
Click the box in the lower middle shelf and use the screwdriver to open.

Go right five times and use the red key in the door (pass the kitchen with the 4-digit code box).
Pick up a SMALL COG from the floor.
Go right once more.
Use the hammer on the old porcelain doll to get a RED GEM.
Move up – very dark.
Insert the batteries into the flashlight and drag it into the screen.
Click the box on the floor.
Change the shapes according to the clue you saw after using the silver key (diamond, star, circle, star, diamond).
Go down and left three times to see the big black doors (left of kitchen).
Go up and use the flashlight to see a bed.
Drag away the left pillow to find a YELLOW GEM.

Go down and left to the main corridor.
Go down once, then left.
See the cog in the wall.
Place your big cog on the thin black line just above the other cog.
Place your small cog on the right side/between the other cogs.

Go right – main corridor – then up twice to the door.
Use the black key to open.
Under the stairs – right side – is a strange panel.
Use the screwdriver to remove it and find a GREEN GEM.
Go up the stairs and zoom on the picture.
The last task is to place your six gems on their correct spots.
Solution below.
Get a KEY from the woman.
Go all the way down.
When you can’t get any further, use your key on the navigation bar (pointing down).
Congrats! You’re out!

4-digit box
Count the letters in the names on the blackboard.
Timmy: 5
Brandy: 6
Harriet: 7
jonathan: 8
These are the numbers for your passcode.
There might be a hint for the order somewhere, but I can’t find it and I got the order from Carola. Thanks!
Code: 5867

Order of gems
Read in the book and look at the capital letters.
They are in this order (from up to down, left to right): POGBRY
Using the first letters in the colors you have: purple, orange, green, blue, red, yellow
Be careful when you place the gems to look at the numbers (the lower row goes from 6-4).
Click here to see the order of the gems in a screenshot.

And... if anyone has the answer to why the 4-digits are in that order for the code box, I'd be happy to know!

Sorry didn't read the comments.
How I got the code?
I thought jonathan is the only one not starting with a capitol and second on the blackboard. So it has to be 2nd in the code.

Brandy and Timmy are the two first on the board, but only Timmy is in the same direction as jonathan, so Timmy must be first.

Brandy and Harriet are both in the other direction written, Brandy is first on the board, so must be the 3th in the code.
Than has Harriet to be the 4th in the code.

That's how I did it, hope it makes sence

Thanks @Carola for explaining! I would never ever have gotten the code the way you did, but rather from brute forcing with the four numbers. I understand what you say but I still think it's a bit vague way to get the order. Thanks again!

You're welcome :)

It's just a cross, read it from left to right,
two names are in the direction left bottom to right top, and two are in the direction left top to right bottom.
starting with the direction where in jonathan is written.

Don't know how else I can explane how I was thinking lol

I think it made more sence if the maker of the game, wrote Timmy without capitols instead jonathan ;)

It would be great if Selfdefiant (the maker) explained the clue.
I understand you're reasoning, but in the same way (and in a lot of other ways) I could find a lot of other name orders as well and the two most simple ones would be alphabetical order or just from left to right.

@small-tool, indeed :)

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