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Grayscale Escape Series - Christmas Walkthrough

Grayscale Escape Series - Christmas

[REPLAY] Gray Scale Escape Series 8 - Christmas Escape is another episode of Grayscale Escape Series point and click room escape game developed by Selfdefiant. You are trapped in a grayscale world! You are in a Christmas room and you must find a way to escape! Look around and find items that will help you find a way out! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Grayscale Escape Series: Christmas Walkthrough
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Hi all!
So far:
Knob (used to open drawer), branch, poker (used to put the big log away), disk, micro gouchi toy and log

Used book hint and right picture fall down.

Put log in fireplace and lit it with the branch to get a marble.
Took batterie from gouchi toy and there is a hint on the toy

Used hint on gouchi toy to open the box in drawer and get a second marble

Ah found SD under drawer

hi! beggining...

Train brought the 3. marble

Hi Stu, where did you get the gouchy toy? I have three marbles, had two keys and opened two chests with number locks. Need one more chest to open with a three digit code.

Hi Stu
made fire and got second ball
where is the knob??

I'm looking for dvd player, maybe behind the locks.

I have disc, micro gochi toy and battery left and dunno what to do next.

Knob is on tree. And out. This one seems easier than the others.

Opened box above fireplace with hint from socks and got a white key

Knob in the down from tree.

behind mirror for book hint - I tried
1 click, no click, 2 clicks, 1 click but nothing happens

DVD is above the big chest in the locked gift.

The disc is for the tv. And there's a hint in there for another box.

thanks Urban - thought it was another white marble

The book clue is middle down up middle.

Hint from TV opens box below. Get a key and have now 4. marble

Still no gouchy toy for me.

toy is in right chair behind cushion!

Can't find my last marble and all codes done!?

Ah found it behind left chair!

And out!!!

Oh my god, it is in the arm chair. I was clicking on the parcel like mad, but you have to drag it.

the middle, down, up middle is for the thing behind mirror, yes??
but mine doesnt work

Swiss Miss, yes, it is for the left mirror besides the christmas tree.

well, I got the left one 1 up, 2nd stays down, 3rd one 2 up and 4th one 1 up - but nothing is happening


I have Micro Giochi Toy - SD ( used ) - Firepoker - Disk - Tree branch - one white ball ( used ) and another white ball to use behind the picture ( mirror ) on the rigth when you have solved the one on the left.


tried it for the umpfh time and now suddenly it worked
have only 3 balls
what about the code on the chip??

Swiss Miss, I started over: first one click, second no click, third 2 clicks, fourth one click.

make a fire with the log and the branch

need the battery - anyone kind enough to help

oh, its live :D hi everyone... i only stuck with the gochi toy... there's a serialnumber ... but nothing missing...
@swissmiss: the battery is in the gochi toy

havent got the 3digit code in drawer yet either

i cant get the battery back from the train remote... did we need it for the gochi toy?

The three digit clue for the chest inside the drawer is on the toy.

thanks Sabine
now just the 3digit code for possible 5th ball

got it thanks

The log is to heavy to lift...

and out

isn't it funny that always the same people stay around to help???

escapegamer - try to use a tool to lift it

the serial... thats the hint for the 3-digit-code... 10-1 10-1-1-1 10-1-1

sabine - no you dont need the battery anymore - just the serial number!

Nice that you can continue the game after clicking the advertisement :-D

yes @Swiss... but it's very nice to meet always the same people :D

Sabine - but there is also the ones who always get out and disappear!

Any questions open?

oh yes Swiss... that's always great... sooo frustrating... "i'm out" or "got it" ooooor "nwm"... and nothing else... i hate it...

yes @friwi: how are you? ... ;-)

thanks friwi - I think we all made it

nice one Sabine lol

Thank you Sabine, fine, I hope you are as well. If everybody made it, I'll leave. See you next time.

10 mins, 16 secs. Quite proud of that!

Swissmiss..the problem is that I don't have any tool to lift the log...:-)

there is a poker around somewhere - I think near the fireplace - you can lift the log with that one

Swissmiss..no I cannot..the poker does not allow me to pick it...I have tried over and over again ( bug?)

Swissmiss...I am from Turin :-)

I will start all over again...the poker is angry with me :-)

Ciao Escapegamer - I shall start again and check

Can't figure out the code

Esc... the poker is leaning on the fireplace and I have no problems picking it up and then you drag it to the inventory

Alexander - which code

which code alexander?

there's one above the fireplace... look at the names below and count the letters

The serial code please :-)

Swissmiss - I was not able to pick the poker from the inventory...restarting I have no problems...now I am going on with the codes...mannaggia :-)

the serial is 10-1 10-1-1-1 10-1-1
the code is 9 7 8

sorry my italian is not that good (food and wine thats about it lol)

Danke sehr SwissMiss - should have payed more attention at school :-D

Sabine - are you still around to help - because I have to start cooking dinner.....

Alexander -lol- first class too!!!

Still missing one marble...

This comment has been removed by the author.

which ones do you have

@SwissMiss: Yep - failed at first class already :-)
@Sabine: The names are so small - tried code 5638, but doesn't work

And out!
I love these games...like I love the StoneAge games :-)

Thank you, Swissmiss :-)

Swissmiss..if there is space for a private comment it should be that I am danish :-D

I have opened all the boxes, the vent, I have made the train work... but I'm missing a marble.

POP: 4 digit code SPOILER:


its 5649 - and they are named at bottom of screen when you mouse-point them

bye all
have a nice evening
I think everyone can get out now

No, Swissmiss, I'm missing one marble. I don't know where to use the grey key.

I'm still missing one marble and I don't know where to use the grey key.

grey key used on one of the drawers...I sti;; need one marble also

Pascale: look behind the left chair

SwissMisssssssss: Where to put the marbles :-?


-get the SCREWDRIVER from under the drawers

-move the left chair and use the screwdriver on the vent to get a MARBLE
-get a MICRO GOCHI TOY from the right chair
-take the BATTERY from the toy and notice the CLUE

-get a POKER from the left side of the fireplace
-get a CD from behind the picture by pressing the button over the fireplace
-notice the height of the books
-notice the names on the stockings and use them as the clue to open the box on top of the fireplace to get a KEY

-pick up the KNOB from the bottom of the tree
-get a TREE BRANCH from the right side
-click the left mirror and use the clue from the books and then the right mirror will come down to reveal a safe
-use the screwdriver on the bottom of the button for the train and place the battery inside
-press the button to get a MARBLE from the train

-place the knob on the drawer
-enter the code (from the MICRO GOCHI TOY) on the box and get a MARBLE
-use the poker on the big log and get the SMALL LOG

-use the key on the present
-place the CD on the side of the t.v.
-change the picture on the screen to see the CLUE to open the chest
-open the chest to get a KEY

-use the log and tree branch in the fireplace and get another MARBLE
-use the key on the top drawer to get a MARBLE

-place all of the marbles on the safe to get the KEY to escape

TY Alexander! Marbles go behind right Mirror

Thank you Alexander and Candibar ! I forgot this drawer, the last marble was here !

This comment has been removed by the author.

awesome thanks for sticking around,,,my last was behind the chair!

POP - shoots, I found it (behind right painting after manipulating left picture again)

You're welcome :o)

out with no help. Cute game, and early Merry Christmas to @Rooms2Escape

@OrangeIceCube thanks for doing the walkthrough. I was just about to start one when I saw yours. :)

i'm so sorry... my little son needed my help... but after the great WT from orangeicecube i think, everybody is out... wish you a nice evening

Great walkthrough OrangeIceCube.

somehow i was able to light the fire without lighting the tree branch first.... o.O and i guess nothing was supposed to be done with the missing ornament on the wreath?

i loved this game. really logical. thank you.

First time I escape one of these all by myself, without reading any comments!!

Out with no Help! :-)

If you are not happy with the walkthrough that you are given, then write your own, this is what I’ve done here, I hope that many more people will add to past games, better walkthroughs.
And it’s a great way to practice !

Grayscale walkthrough.

Opening Scene,
Logs, Exit Door, Four drawer unit.

Click under 4 drawer unit for Screwdriver.
Hot Spot under Logs.

Go Right,

Locked Picture, Two chairs, a Four Circle Chest,
Move the left chair over to reveal a vent, use the screwdriver to get a Marble.

Drag cushion on the right chair up to reveal
a Gochi Toy, flip it over, get a Battery
and a 3 digit clue
19-2=8 So 978

Right again,

Get a Poker beside fireplace.
Move picture on mantelpiece to reveal button.
Pressing the button moves picture and a CD drops down.
Note the book heights Mid Lo Hi Mid.
Note how many letters are in each name on the stockings hanging on the fireplace 5649.
Put this number into the box on the mantelpiece
and get a White Key.

Go right again,

Take Branch from tree ( middle right )
Click on bottom bauble on tree and get Knob.
Click on Train Control box, use screwdriver then insert battery, push knob and get Marble from train.
Click on left picture to reveal book clue puzzle
Mid lo Hi Mid which reveals the Marble Box.

Right again,

Use Knob on drawer to reveal three number box
The Gochi game unit clue 978 gives a Marble.
Use Poker on logs and get a Log.

Go right twice,

Put log into fireplace and use the branch on the log to light a fire, get another Marble.

Go Left,

Use White Key on Picture Lock to reveal a TV, press the buttons at side of TV to open a CD slot, place the CD and see Mushrooms a Road and Planets
Note the size of the Planets, 2134, put this into the chest under the TV and get a Black Key.

Go right,

Use Black Key on top drawer for a Marble.

Right again,

Place the five Marbles into box and get the final Black Key...

And Out!

baby steps ;)

I have always loved these ones and still do.

I might have to make some more! :)

These were some of the first games I played when I started playing escape games. they are always fun!

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