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[REPLAY] Neutral - Linkage Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Neutral. This time you are locked in the dark concrete room - dark but not horror. Explore the room, find and use items, solve riddles and escape the room. This room is darker than usual, please adjust brightness of your display when screen is obscure. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Linkage Escape Walkthrough

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       Anonymous  11/10/10, 7:19 PM  

Ummm, second?? I don't know I have EVER joined a live game.

Im in... with a triangle shape behind a plant.

OK started already. Found triangle, star, paper, brush (with surprise) remote and battery.

Just starting....

String from bear

oh man! love neutral. let's do this!!

remote is in the door slot.

I'm in too, but only got as far as the triangle and noticed a ace of hearts on the floor by the lamp in the corner.

Welcome @pesky!

Star below couch.

Small key under the left drawer of the desk.

Oh and behind the books under the computer is a heart that cannot move. And an "image" file when you start the computer but its not clickable for now.

Battery from behind wall clock.

If you click the diamond of the card symbols on the wall you see a number 2.

scraped gunk of floor for 78 diamond

Mine says 8

Put the remote on a wall? what for?

The numbers is different in every game i think.

Well, yes. Different numbers for everyone.

I used the key and got a chisel. Used that one on the floor for 67, so yes... seems like different nubmers.

if you unroll the transparency you have a key and all different pointers. I cant figure out what it is FOR.

don't get paper clue

paPER BEHIND desk with bear

Opened the red padlock with the clues from the paper (math) and the numbers around. Got blue book.

left side

...and took the padlock with me.

Thanks @carrieg!

For red padlock, red number is on the wall, bllue one behind the remote, and the one in outlined red is on the floor.

how do you get # for blue diamond

@carrieg, its on the remote, back of it.
I took the padlock and the book now too.

Got a magnet from the open place by the padlock too and tied it to the string.

Used the magnet+string in the hole below the bear for a key.

       Anonymous  11/10/10, 7:39 PM  

Thank you Ellie!

Used the new key for cube block.

got the magnet, thanks @Ellie.

And key now :)

Triangle and square placed. missing circle.

i'm stuck............i got every thing u said before got 2 keys.........

stumped by math yet again i have 8 on solid diamond 70 on blue one and 78 on outlined diamond but 5772 wont open lock

carrieg ....do x first

Thank u so much !!!

       Anonymous  11/10/10, 7:47 PM  

sam ehere carrie. I have 6 solid red diamond, 70 solid blue diamond, and 65 red outline from the floor. So 6/2+70*65= 4745. It's not working.

Need circle ... what does POP mean on here????

I think it's multiply then divide then add psk

I'm terrible when it comes to math

power of posting

       Anonymous  11/10/10, 7:51 PM  

Order of operations. (6/2)+(70*65)

       Anonymous  11/10/10, 7:51 PM  

Got it, thank you.

looks like we are all at the same spot.. did you guys see the key on the door of where you found the remote?

What key?

@mrtelcom, POP means Power Of Posting, which means you ask for help, and then immediately find out the answer on your own. It's a very powerful force.

LOL @ Ellie it really is

sorry, i think maybe i was wrong, that may have been the magnet?

I'm trying the poster on the box.. yellow yellow... yellow blue... but no joy.

There was a key under the left drawer...

       Anonymous  11/10/10, 7:59 PM  

I put the star on the top shelf in the cabinet with the empty paint bucket. i looked through the hole on top of the desk where we got the key with the magnet and see the word "EXILES". no idea what its for yet

Got 9 and 5 from clock clue beyond that i'm stumped!

Thanks a lot @Lynn!! It looks like upside down numbers to me... 5371x3

Lynn: try a different perspective.

its math! look at it upside down!

Great find @Lynn!

exiles = 5371 x 3?

Add magnet to string use on hole under bear to get key

@Lynn, look at the word 'exiles upside down, then you have the code to the blue safe

And that equation opened the blue safe! Got a ... thing (statue?)

Awesome Lynn

voodoo doll? hmmmmmm

okay what is this weird doll for?

I need the circle, so far it seems I'm at the same place as everyone else. Got the square and triangle, a blue star, battery, remote, notebook, padlock, and paper with arrows. Anyone see a USB anywhere? You can plug one into the computer. I bet thats how you find the image.

bingo-- got a funny man!

I think 'EXILES' are numbers when turned upside down, but there's no 'x'

And the statue works as a circle! Placed it in the box and got a blue key!

       Anonymous  11/10/10, 8:03 PM  

thanks guys :)

oh! got it! the box on the couch!!

lol chris, voodoo :P

can anyone get what's inside that blue heart-shaped vase?

he is the circle

Now, there's something about the hands of voodoo

OK the doll is ROUND. So try that.

Next: We got computer parts. But how do we use it?

he's the circle. got a keyboard now

The blue key gave me a keyboard, and I placed it by the computer. Now I can watch an image.

keyboard now, looking at pics on comp...

On the view in the computer with the key on the floor, the number paper fits perfectly.

Put the transparent sheet on the pic with the upper view of the room.

EXILES is actually arithmatic upside down. Opens blue safe.

How to put battery in vibrator?? LOL

have little flags now

managed to open the heart box with the colors of hearts from the computer + number sheet.

put on the little guy, the yellow blue picture

Everyone happy with flags... and to voodoo!

Now use the code from the pic on the flagged voodoo.

Not sure if the colors are the same for everyone...
1= heart on the wall (red)
2= heart in shelves (yellow)
3= heart on small shelves in corner (blue)
4= heart on the floor by the lamp (red)
5= leaves of plant (green)

Oh well. now my voodoo went flying!!

Thank you Ellie!

wrench! and usb

i love neutral's games...so logical

Used the flags on the box man too and got a key from it.

For the key from the flags box, close the box and click the "handle" after you did the flags and button like in the pic.

Use the key on the door to get a green plate from the slot; use it on the notebook to now the 4-digit code for the locker.

OK the flags. Follow the pattern on the wall then weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Drop that, didnt work. Do we have something else to open with this code?

Found missing (flying voodoo) next to the plant pot... got something like a knob.

to play the game click the >> arrows and rotate them so your man gets xtra life

have a cd now

Thanks @Edgar! Got the knob too now. I can't figure out what to do with the two sets of digits I have from the book either.

the ever essential screwdriver!!!

I just launched a wooden man.

good for you...

mmmm game.....

caught up finally... playing game on computer

Hi everyone... still live???
If so... please where is remote??

Oh, finally understood the basic clue on that green sheet - the clubs should fit too, and then you have the 4 dig code. Zoom out and click the handle of the drawer to get the wrench.

got cd, noe a screwdriver ...

OOps.... POP got it.

now i'm needing a clue -- how to turn the knob!

Hi @testsite!! The remote was in the door, there is a lid to click.

okay all i have left is the box with the knob put on it... the remote, and the notebook. what now... you guys got the thing on the walls with the Ds on it, right?

yes, i have the box, need to know how to turn the dial

@Andrea put two batteries in the clock, and watch where the hand goes

Hi Ellie.. thnx... got the POP just after posting.
How are you?

Yes finished! I think there may be another ending or something though. There was a key I didn't know how to get

So, you have to open the CD in about item to place it on the D's Pic.

Can someone show me how to beat the mini game? I dont get it and keep dying.

Where'd the usb or the wrench come from? Didnt get those. I have the green slot thing now, and the code.

rkeller, thanks but where is battery #2?

Got the screwdriver too now! Turned the cd around, placed it on the wall by the red, pink and blue buttons. Turned it again until there was letters how to press the buttons.

I have knob where does it go?

@gohorses, the wrench came from using the code from notebook to open the bottom right drawer.

I must have missed something. Where is the CD?!?!

where did you find the second battery?

I'm very fine thanks @testsite! In Mexico now :)
Hope you are fine too!

Used one battery in the remote and clicked it.

you want the man to go right then up
beat up the blue thing then go down and get the heart
go left to the left edge, up and right to get a 2nd heart
then go up to beat another blue thing and continue up to the goal

@Chris, CD comes after beating the mini-game in computer.

i am stuck also without second battery

the second battery is next to that crank thing, above the little door (I hope you know what I'm talking about lol) when you put the padlock on the chain and press the button the door moves up a little revealing battery #2

when you beat the game yo'll get the cd

@Chris, you get the cd when you finish the game on the TV.
You need to turn the arrows so that your figure goes to the goal. Press start to see what happens. I only passed by three of the four hearts on the way there.

Used the SD on the back of the remote, placed it on the wall and pressed the button.
Ended up using the padlock on the chain, still exploring...

Pressed the button to lift the weight (padlock attached) and got a box.

@rkeller6, thanks, but i still can't find it..

@Ellie, Mexico... great!!
Want to go there myself some time.
Me still in the Carribean..

And lost in this game (but what's new... codes... pfff I will never get them)
Have found the red and blue numbers did the math but can't find a place to use it..

i dont see a second battery either

nvm, pop, battery is to the left of all that stuff (near the floor, muh)

Got it guys, Thanks.

But still looking for the second battery. I dont get the description in the post above.

rkeller, found it, thanks!
on the floor to the left

there's a key on that large cylindrical weight, but can't get it.

@testsite, use those numbers in the padlock to the left of the desk.
Are you in the Caribbean now?? Thats great too!!!

where's that second battery??

Second battery can be seen on the left wall, not zoomed view. You have to zoom to get it. To be more clear, you can see the red painting on the wall has moved a bit up.

Second battery would then be to the left of the little door.

i'm out! woo hoo! great game!

oooOOOOh, thanks!

Thanks @rkeller! Got the key from the box now, using the clock hands.

out! thanks for the help!


@Ellie, tried it there but.... won't work...
Numbers are 70/2 + 6x60 that would give 395 if I'm not mistaken

       Anonymous  11/10/10, 8:41 PM  

I finished!!!!

gotcha, i misunderstood that the thing had to be downn. looked in book and figured it out. thanks, guys.

Well, I opened the trap door with the key from the box, but it seems I'm too fat to fit there. How do I get out? lol

I'm out now too. It was fun.

Oh ... oops turned the figures around... stupid me.
Must be the lack of sleep.... tomorrow day off so I can sleep longer...

@testsite, recheck the colors of your shapes. Are you sure the number 6 isn't first in your equation?

Out too now, pressed the button again :) Thanks for the help!

Hey, wait a minute! I didn't use the picture with the dog on it! So, maybe there's a second ending!

Oh, where have i heard that before? Hm...

LOL Ellie me too

nice game, great details. I liked the launching toy.

Finally out!Thanks for all the help.I really enjoy playing live with everyone!

that was a great game. anyone know of an alternate ending?

When do you find the second battery? I opened the door, used the padlock, used the remote to make the picture move down and the cylinder thing to go up and everyones is saying look to the left of the little trap door thing but I dont see the battery. Am I missing a step?

I'm wondering what the "pink" clue in the book was about

... if that *was* a clue

Dang it that POP thing really does happen. lmao Got the battery.

@gohorses - if I recall right you have to be zoomed out then click to the left of the little door

Out! Great Game!

       Anonymous  11/10/10, 8:52 PM  


Yeah, I didn't use thepage in the book with the three hints.

@Andrea The pink clue I think was teling you that the color was pink and not somehting else, so you would get the R B P thing with the disk.

Should have hid the vibrator after we were done with it too.

How do I open the box? I put the two batteries in the clock, but I dont get it.

go to front of clock and follow the hand.

gohorse, click the button on the front of the clock twice, then watch where the hand goes.

@mrtelcom How? The clock hand moves but my box can only spin one direction...

My eyes are shutting down... will finish tomorrow.

By everyone and @Ellie good to see you again.
TIll next time.. and.... enjoy Mexico!!!

gohorses, just move your cursor to the other side of the knob and another arrow shows up

help! where's the SD?

go horses, it spins in two, click on top left and right.

Nevermind it spins both. Grrr its just not working.

The knob goes on a box that you'll find behind the metal door. Take the battery from the clock and put in the remote. Put the remote in the small blue slot near the yellow/blue flags picture, and press the button. The wall should lift up exposing a chain...

If your box can't spin manually, try the vibrator on the floor :-P (kidding)

Dont forget to go back to 12 ... I think.....

I'm out. Cool. This was fun.

put the cd on the puzzle, turned it to the correct place, started at the top with Pink and went clock wise pushing the colors and it doesn't do anything. and i still can't find the screwdriver. PLEASE HELP!

Yeah, grat game... wish it was released for a Friday night though!

Once you get the cabinet open, put the star on the top shelf. Then look through the hole under the bear.
upside down number.

Oh, looks like I'm catching up.
I'm still stuck trying to find the second battery. I've read all the clues above and have zoomed in, zoomed out and zoomed back in again and clicked like mad around the left side of the little door, and NOTHING! What am I missing here?

@Traci, you need to first turn the letters, so they fit with the frame.
When you did that, look at where the arrow starts. I think my colors were RBBPRPBR, but I'm not sure if its the same for you.

don't start at the top, start where the arrow starts (bottom left).

@traci don't start at the top, start at the tail end of the arrow

@Katrina, I think you need the chain thing to be down, zoom out and have a look at the left wall, where the red painting is. If it doesn't "fit" anymore, there should be a battery by the floor (lower part of the wall). Below the right side of the red color.


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