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November 15, 2010

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Oceanside Escape 1 Walkthrough

Oceanside Escape 1

Oceanside Escape Episode 1 is first part of Oceanside Escape point and click adventure type escape games created by Selfdefiant for You have been chosen to escape this lush ocean side villa. The only way to leave is by exiting through the golden door. Your journey will be timed. There have been items and puzzles placed all around for you to collect and solve. Once you find the gold key, use it to unlock the gold gate. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm in the house

and I'm all alone,brb popcorn burning!!!!!!!!!!

Opened the gray box, have a silver key. you have me craving popcorn, Carrie.

2 roses lightbulb wrench,knife used code from paper on fridge

red rose in far left bathroom, behind canisters on counter.

cell phone in bedroom drawer

key in cell phone,light bulb in dark bedroom

knife from kitchen cuts off rose on balcony

Thanks amanda i missed that

duuuude,'re way ahead of me. All while eating popcorn, too. You're the master. :-)

4 roses,hammer used,have to deal with popcorn again brb

I'm not 'getting' the yellow memo code.
Feeling stupid. Feeling quite stupid.

where is cell phone please?

in a bedroom drawer i think

6 2 4 i think

I only have 3 roses. Can't find wrench or the bedroom drawer I can click on. :(

Found the wrench. Sheesh. Right out in view, too.

6 roses, ladder,hammer used twice

624 was right. Thanks, Carrie.
Later, explain that to me. Pleeeease. :-)

I think drawer with cell is right 2 times from kitchen with note

it says a=1 take first letter from each word and count up from a,f=6,b=2,d=4

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ty, found it

hmm stuck with ladder

where is the quarter used at??

used ladder outside by gate door to get rose

ladder is used outside at the gate to get rose.

there is a case under a bed to use coin

quarter is used on box under bed in the bedroom you get the cellphone.

the room wher cell was i think

out, use ladder outside

ahh, tyvm

I've only found one place to use the hammer, so far.

oh, wait. did I use the hammer to open the jammed drawer? I think I might have. And the piggy bank, obviously.

augh! I only have 6 roses. :-(

Hey that's my house in the pictures!

j/k great game..hated to leave the house

I need 1 rose and a gold key!! Still have hammer and cell phone.

did u get the ladder yet amanda

yeah. I got the ladder and used it outside. I have a feeling this rose is hiding somewhere obvious.
Thanks for the code help. I would have never thought of that. :-)

Ohmigosh. Found it. Behind the picture in the bedroom. Geeeeez.

roses: under napkin on table
outside to the left
behind a canister in bathroom
piggy bank
on a bush by the water
can't remember 6
can't find 7!

Thank you Amanda. That's the one I needed! rose is in the bedroom behind a picture. Can't think which bedroom now...and I've already closed out the game.

and the other rose...if I recall, you use the wrench on the bolt in another raises a screen...and there's a rose there. I think.

you're welcome, sky. I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to find it.

       Anonymous  11/13/10, 8:56 PM  

where do we use the black key?

Me too, I got through whole game w/o help for once and stuck on that one!! There were 2 comments when I got here!

       Anonymous  11/13/10, 9:00 PM  

vnrm POP

Sneaky Spy Guy does it again! I was "lurking" and got some help from @Amanda, @carrieg, and @skyjourney - thanks to you all for that!
Now if we could just get a Minoto...

I kept getting lost in the house but didn't mind the views :) good game as always!!

Is anyone playing?

I have 3 roses (dining table, upstairs pool area, bathroom), found the one I can't reach without a ladder. Used screwdriver and light bulb.

Have Wrench, but not a place to use it.
Found white key in cell phone, but no place to use it. Cellphone is still in inventory.

Found a locked door that won't take the white key, a lockbox that needs a coin, and a breathtaking view upstairs!.

Haven't seen ladder, quarter, or piggybank.

POP! just found a second door that I could use the key on. Another rose, place to use wrench and the hammer.

Hammer on stuck drawer gives black key which opens other door.
Get ladder, rose, piggybank, quarter.
Quarter on lockbox gives 6th rose, ladder gives seventh.


Thanks for the hint about the rose behind the bedroom picture, Amanda!!!
Out in 15 mins.

Nice game selfdefiant!!!!


POOL with 9 & 5
- See the 9 and 5

POOL with 3
- See the 3

- Open the box with the numbers you saw (953) and take the SILVER KEY.
- GO RIGHT, GO UP, GO UP (use the key).

- Take the KNIFE (on the right side above the drawers).
- Look at the note on the fridge and see capital A=1, so the other capitals are 624 (alphabetical numbers).

- Take the WRENCH (bottom right of the screen).
- GO RIGHT (open the door with 624).

- Open the top drawer (on the left) and take the PHONE.
- GO LEFT (3x)

- Move the bottom plate/food and take ROSE 1.

BEDROOM, BIG CHAIR in front, TV in the back
- Take the LIGHT BULB (bottom left of screen).

BATHROOM (sink bottom left, bath in the back)
- Move the first green pot and take ROSE 2.

- Use the knife to take ROSE 3 (right side of screen).
- In the inventory; look at the phone, turn it around, open it and take the WHITE KEY.
- GO DOWN, GO RIGHT, GO UP (use the white key).


BEDROOM with BALCONY in the back
- Use the wrench on the left side to open the screen and take ROSE 4.

- Take the HAMMER from the table.
- GO DOWN (3x), GO RIGHT (2x), GO DOWN (use the light bulb).

- Open the top drawer with the hammer and take the BLACK KEY.
- GO DOWN, GO LEFT (2x), GO UP, GO RIGHT (use the black key).

BEDROOM with BIG FAN & MIRROR in the back.
- Take the LADDER.
- Move the picture above the bed and take ROSE 5.

BATHROOM with SHOWER in the back
- Use the hammer on the piggy bank and take the COIN.
- GO LEFT (2x), GO DOWN, GO RIGHT (3x).

- Zoom in under the bed and use the coin to open the box and take ROSE 6.
- GO LEFT (2x), GO DOWN (2x), GO LEFT (2x)

- Use the ladder to take ROSE 7 (top left).
- GO RIGHT (2x), GO UP (2x), GO LEFT, GO UP.

LIVING (place for roses)
- Zoom in on the panel with the yellow dots (in the back).
- Place all 7 roses and take the GOLDEN KEY.

- Use the golden key on the gate and out.

Well, this one has me stumped so far...I have 3 roses and a wrench that I haven't one said where to use it...maybe a clue as to which room would be helpful without giving it away...some people are just slow, like me...LOL

Hey there! @amall-tool to the rescue...You posted the WT while I was busy complaining...LOL Thanks!!!!

Your welcome.
But you only wanted a hint so maybe better not look at the WT.
For the use of the wrench you need the white key (and that's in the phone).

Ha ha ha ha ...@selfdefiant, you got me with the coded door...I saw a door, had no key, and backed out...clever...!

Yes, @smalltool...I like the WT's because if I only need to know one or two things, I don't have to read all the comments to find it, because doing that gives away more than I want to know!
Thanks again!

Thanks @Selfdefiant, you did it again, you totally made my Sunday!!

Great game! Thanks Selfdefiant!

@Small-tool - thanks for the WT!

A good and not too difficult game ! I only missed the view with the case under the bed (thank you carrieg).
Finally, this place was really great, maybe I shouldn't have escaped...

18 mins 51 secs with no hints. Guess that's OK, but I know where I could have been quicker. Thanks for the game!

And what a house!!!!

Thanks Selfdefiant!

sigh! i'm all done but the house is so beautiful I didn't want to leave. LOL

Nice Game ! I really like these ones. Thx Selfdefiant ;)

Thanks again self defiant. This was wonderful! Love your games.

Thanks a lot @Selfdefiant!! Out on my own but I missed the key in the phone for a long time. I thought I had to find a battery lol. Thanks for the WT @small-tool!

Thanks everyone, glad you liked!

ooh! Back from vacation and I find a new super sneaky spy guy!

Thanks @@Selfdefiant for Great game!

out with no help

welcome back @kitkatfox, hope you had a nice vacation!

@Truus Thanks! :D

The weather wasn't very nice, but was nice to get away for a while.

Hopefully, SelfDefiant will allow us to stay at his lovely houses so my next vacation will be perfect ;)

Let me know if and when you're going, I'll come and visit!

OMG it took 26 minutes and 60 sec to complete it with all the hints and cheats thx small-tool

somebody please help me...i can't turn cell phone around! how did you do it?

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