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Romantic Kitchen 1: Dream Super for Date Walkthrough

Romantic Kitchen 1: Dream Super for Date

[REPLAY] Flash512 - Romantic Kitchen Escape I - Dream Super For Date Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Flash 512 and GameKB. John recently met a lovely girl, but he doesn't know how to express his admiration to her. Until today, he got a chance to invite her to come his home for dinner. He thought he can make the best foods, but the time is not enough. So you, his best friend, should provide some help to him to complete this meaningful dinner. Click to get hidden items and select the items to interact or drag them to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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Romantic Kitchen - Dream Super for Date Walkthrough

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How can a kitchen be romantic??
but lets see - who helps?

Just loading

got loads of staff but I am not good at japanese recepies

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:13 AM  

Found lots of stuff in cupboards - not sure if I have managed to fill the kettle or not!

Found a lot of stuff and solved the heart-riddle to get a "Gravy Boat"

I am cooking sausages now

Hi Stu

any help with the heart riddle please

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:15 AM  

Well, the menu's in English, but I wonder about the trumpet shell shrimp... I seem to have most of the ingredients except the trumpet shell LOL

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:16 AM  

Ah.. I don't think I did fill that kettle. Looks like stuff will drag, but it takes a few goes for me.

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:17 AM  

Can't seem to get the ice in the wine..

Mary put the ice in the icebucket - havent got the wine yet

stu please heart riddle!!!!!

My inv:
trumpet shell
kichen knife
gravy boat
water jug
power cord
note with menu

Filled the water jug with water

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:19 AM  

And can't get a knife to chop my onions.. not doing too well here.

For heart riddle:
only possibility is to begin with tuesday = 1. day in month - then count:


Connected power cord on cooker, put sausages and water in.

STU any help with the heart riddle PLEASE

power cord goes on cooker
put sausage in and cook

where is wine??

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:21 AM  

Oh POP knife was in drawer by the oven - I was trying to take another one. Chopping now...

chop onions the same thing like sausage

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:22 AM  

Ah.. didn't realise sausage had to be chopped, have been trying to cook it whole LOL. Thanks @Megipoland.

Put shrimps, salade and trumpet shell on table

thanks - got it

put bit from gravy boat into pan on stove

we need a place to cut the onions I think

there is a bug
I chopped the sausage and the onion, fried it in the pan
and now they are gone - not in inventory and not in pan!

think I'm missing something, one place in inventory is empty and things left in inventory are sausages and shallot (both cut), but I can't put it in pan!

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:28 AM  

There is a big chopping board, @SwissMiss, on countertop nest to hob.

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:28 AM  

*next* to hob

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:29 AM  

I still haven't found the trumpet shell, and am wondering where the hearts clue came from.. (didn't stop me cheating with the spoiler, thanks @Stu!)

Stu - I put a bit oil (from Gravyboat) in pan first then added cut sausage and cut onion (part of it) and fried it
but now they dissapeard - have only plate and leftover onions in inventory
shripm,salad, the yucky snails on table

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:31 AM  

I have my sausages and onions fried and on the plate :o) finally! I kept trying to cook the un-chopped onions, didn't see the chopped bits were separate in inventory.

Mary I cant remember where i found the shells - have you looked in all the drawers - they go in top right slot in inventory

Thanks SwissMiss - but I've done that and gravyboat is already used in inventory - this stupid sausages wont stay in pan.

@MaryD: there is a calender in wine shelf so I guess the numbers!

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:32 AM  

@SwissMiss - I had to use the plate to take the stuff from the frying pan, and now they are on the plate in my inventory.

I have to leave this game - my sausage disappeared
wont start again

So next bug:
I tried to put my already cut sausages again in cooker and now they are in one piece again!!!

thanks Mary - the pan was empty but when I dragged the plate over it - it got filled - I have magic sausages??' lol

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:34 AM  

Oh... the right top of my inventory has whelks in a dish - is that the trumpet shells? OK thank you!. I can only think I am missing an ice bucket somehow, can't ice my wine...

and out
thanks stu for code on hearts

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:35 AM  

Stu, cut sausages go in the Wok on the stove top, not the crock pot cooker.

ice bucket go right of chopping board

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:36 AM  

Oh.. I completely missed that calendar, @Stu. My eyesight is letting me down today!

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:37 AM  

Ooohhhhhhh thank you, @SwissMiss! have been trying to pick that up (sigh).. but didn't even realise what it was. I drink my wine warm LOL.

I replayed and now all worked fine and I have a nice diner!!!!

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:38 AM  

Wine successfully cooled and on the table - a nd I am finally out! Thanks for all the help!

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 1:59 AM  

noa - left hand one of three blue buttons - scroll down a little.

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 3:12 AM  

Lol funny game, although a little buggy. When i chopped the fried saucage i accidently put it back at the wood later , it became a whole saucage again and no way to either pick it up or chop it again

oh...it isnt life anymore? Did i miss my dutch friends ? ;-) ( I hope the teeth are okay)

Hey Alkmar!!!
Mine are o.k. thanks, they are very busy now, "clapper-teething" (klappertanden) LOL,
Koud he?

My sausages were cooked and chopped but wouldn't go in the pan...even with gravy/oil in it! kept saying the food needs to be processed...LOL
then I tried to put it on the chopping board and they were whole again, and the screen says, there is nothing to chop....Big Bug!!!!Everything else was done so I will not bother again. Could be fun without the Big Bug with the sausages!

I'm stuck with the chopped sausages, the "navyboat" and a clean plate. I have put the other dishes on the table.

I poured the liquid from the navyboat into the wok, but I'm stuck anyway, the sausages won't go in there.

First put the chopped onions in and then the chopped sausages (cook the sausage first).

@small-tool, I feel stupid because I totally forgot that I had the chopped onions in my inventory ! My sausages have been boiled (that was quick). Anyway, I can't put anything else into the wok, not even the onions.
I retried to cook the sausages (they weren't chopped anymore !), then to cut them, then... I stumbled upon the same bug as Nokra.

I've played twice now and both times my cooked, fried sausages disappeared before I could take them :( I'll see if I can make it 3rd time lucky before I give up :):)

3rd time only partially lucky - got the fried sausage on to the table this time, but there were no shrimps provided for me LOL

@Truus!!!! LMAO!!! shaking teeth...clappingteeth...did you steal my english?

And yep..to cold...brrrrr

Someone please help...I don't know how to start the game!!!

If you scroll down just a little, you'll see 3 blue "buttons" . The left one starts the game

@Truus: ah...thanx! Going in now... ;-)

Whahaha...fried bugs on the menu lol...

But thanx to Swiss Miss I'm out...Never touched the dinner though...I prefer sushi lol

See ya ;-)

well, it looks like I am a great "wingman" (wing-girl?) making dinner for my friend and his date. Boy does he owe me! Glad I don't have to eat the stuff, though.

Nice game (out with no help). My cut and cooked sausage disappeared from the pan when I turned away, but it reappeared on the plate when I used it on the pan.

Turn left
Note the lovely table you have set for your friend and his date. All you need is to add the food.
Turn left
Get the list hanging next to the doors
Click the list in your inventory and then the magnifying glass on it to see the about item view
Go left
Open the freezer and get the ice
Open the fridge door and take the shallots
From the wine rack, take the red bottle of wine
In the bottom right corner of the wine rack, there is a small piece of paper
Click it to see the calendar and the hint hearts add up to 45
Note you can turn on the sink
Facing the sink, you can see something pink on the left edge of the counter, click there to zoom in (you can also get to this view by zooming on the sink and turning left)
Take dried sausage and the bowl of whelks
While still zoomed in, add the ice to the wine bucket (toward the left side)
Add the wine. It chills instantaneously, so you can go ahead and take back the chilled wine
Back up and turn left
Click the top right drawer (right of the oven) and get the knife
Click the counter above the drawer to zoom in on the cutting board (you can also get to this view by going left while zoomed in on the ice bucket)
Take the shrimp
Place your shallots on the cutting board
Use the knife on the white ends of them -- take the cut shallots
Go left (you can also get to this view by clicking over the oven when not zoomed in)
Take the tea kettle
Add your shallots to the pan (they may be a bit hard to see in the inventory since they are white, but they are under the shrimp)
While zoomed in, take the clean plate from the rack behind the stove
Back up, turn right, and click on the sink (or stay zoomed in and go right 3 times)
Click the handle to turn on the water
Use the tea kettle on the water to get a kettle of water
Back up and turn left
Click the left bottom cabinet doors and get the cord
Click on the crock-pot on the counter
Get the salad from the counter
Still zoomed in, add the cord to the plug
Click the lid and then the top to look inside
Add the sausage and then the kettle water
Back up once so you are still zoomed in
Add the lid and press the blue button
Remove the lid and take the sausage from inside
Back up so you can see the oven door again
Now click the top left cabinets
Enter the code into the hearts code box and then click OK
Get the oil
Solution below
Back up
Zoom in on the cutting board
Click the shallot tops to remove them (you won’t need them again)
Get the knife again
Add the sausage to the cutting board and chop it -- take the chopped sausage
Still zoomed in, go left
Add the oil and then the sausage to the pan
They will fry immediately
You can’t click to take them with your bare hands -- so use the plate to get them
Back up and go left
Click on the table
Add the wine, plate of sausage/shallots, salad, shrimp, and whelks
Click the red characters on your menu to escape!


Warning here be Spoilers!!

Solution to the HEARTS CABINET
The calendar says that the hearts add up to 45. The first heart is Tuesday (the latest it can be is the 10th and that would be if the month started on the first Sunday). That would make the second heart the 18th and the last heart 23. Add those and you find that they equal 51. This is too high since we know they have to add to 45. So we know that the month can’t start on Sunday. 51-45=6. Moving the month to Monday will lower the total by 3 (since each heart will go down by 1), so the month has to start on Tuesday. That makes the numbers 8+16+21=45. So your code is SPOILER81621SPOILER

End of Spoilers

would have been a fun game but my sausage wouldnt go into pan after cooking and chopping as they were not processed. When I put them back on board to recut they became whole and I could not get them back.

@adivawoman my game said the chopped sausage wasn't processed (even though it was) when I tried to add it to the pan before adding the oil to the shallots.

       Anonymous  5/4/18, 6:41 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, F512 ☺

thx for the working link, just1
& thx for the WT, KKF

hmm I encountered the same problem with the sausage as those who posted 11/30/10 = several years ago. The game has not been fixed in the meantime. Obviously things have to be done a certain way or the item i.e sausage disappears (greys out), there is no going back. I am not starting over.

A pitty because it did seem to be a fun game.

Games with fatal bugs get 1 star from me

Calendar numbers can be computed as follows (instead of trial and error).
Second heart is 8 days after first, third is 13 days after first.
So, 45 = H + (H+8) + (H+13) = 3*H + 21
H = (45 - 21) / 3

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