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SSSG - Lost Relic Walkthrough

SSSG - Lost Relic

SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Lost Relic is a new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz. Sneaky has a new mission! There is a relic that has been missing for several years. We have the location where the relic is said to be hidden. It is up to you to get inside, search for clues and find items that will help you find the lost relic! Good luck and have fun!

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Love these... please someone come help :D

Oh, have some work to do :(

Well, I'm in for the time I can.

Found a knife on the left bedroom and used it on a chair to the right. Got black key.

gold key (used)
goggles (used) for green gem


I think we'll need Caesar cipher here... L=1

Both codes I saw outside doesn´t work.
a number code and a shapes code

Hi guys! Seems I'm playing catch up today!

Got green gem now. Gold key is by the pool.

hi @zoz!!

Binoculars upstairs and to the left.

Found the place to put gems

Where does SSSG find these places and how can I go live there?

from the kitchen, click down arrow to get another view and a Blue Gem

You mean you found the knife inside the box?
How to open it? Code from outside doesn´t work.

Silver key in the left most bedroom

Got a couple of codes, one in the bathroom mirror and another one using the binoculars outside.

eeek! found a spider! A memory card, too

@roberto, the knife is downstairs, second room to the left. Not hidden, just there in the open.

Used SD in a vent to get the white key.

How can i go to the pool ?

Thanks for the knife Edgar

OK, I see where to place the gems now. The white key is for it.

found red gem

codes are not working!

YAY!!! Live sssg!! I am

Cannot use my memory card in Notebook

I don't have a card! Where?

hey @swissmiss! Long time no see! ;)

Shape code doesn't work in box. I have a red green and blue gems. Trying to find where to use black key

Card in black room. Behind cushion.

Edgar - memory card you need black key first

memory card goes in front small slot

has anyone found a place to put in codes

miles - black key right of kitchen

From kitchen go down and right to use black key.

Where is golden key ?

@Edgar, go down from the kitchen and then into a bedroom for memory card.
Translated IDMN into numbers but no luck on the box under the upstairs bed

@ miles.. where did you get red gem?

Pop found it by pool

@Edgar - Where did you find L=1?

Well, I have a black key. I don't have a black room ??

Enjoy - at the bottom of the stairs click both squares on l an r walls. I'm pretty sure the numbers are for the order of the shapes, but can't gigure it out. Thx for the blk key

From starting scene, go two times to the right. L=1 is on a notebook somewhere.

Thanks @zoz!!

Edgar - black room go right from kitchen

red gem use knive in opening scene on those black thingies

I missed that down view forever!

Yep! Thanks again

my shape code doesn't work in bedroom

has anyone opened that??

Green, blue and red gems with me now. What am I missing?

Not yet SwissMiss, my shapes won't open that box :(

finally got it! now have yellow gem

number code doesn't work in safe
and shape code doesnt work in drawer

no clue!!!

I tried 241923 and 321924 (mirrored) but no avail. (from L=1 code.

and comment from reading books from memory card

Swiss miss - use the numbers with the shapes. ex 42513 = order of shapes

miles hint please

Thanks miles!

thank miles - got yellow one too

what r we supposed to do with the mirror clue?

I don't understand the clue for the red gem. do you mean the view looking up the stairs? And what "black thingies"?

hm miles? Its not working! :(

where is the mirror clue - i think I missed that

Thx miles, yellow gem now.

Shapes and number codes are not working :( maybe there is a dif clue??

Mirror is in the left most bathroom, let water run...

zoz - the view with the big stairs - left and right side bottom is a black thing - move your cursor
use knive there

@zoz, I think the red gem comes out from the buddha pic, but I used the knife on the small black "vents" beneath.

Edgar if the first number is four then the star is in the fourth position (look at numbers from right to left)

if L = 1
does IDMN mean Toxy??

POP thanks @Edgar and SwissMiss!

I didn't use a knife - just clicked on them

thanks Zazie for bathroom

IDMN must be for the box under the bed, right? So if L=1, what do the others equal?

I have got 24 19 2 3 ...does not work

neither the other way around

Tried all kind of possibilities for numbers and shapes. No go!

Well, thanks miles but... feeling really stupid here. I come up with circle, square, star, circle and triangle... and not working!
Someone spoil it to me?

<miles, that still does not work for me :(

I think it was square circle circle star triangle..... I think!

Edgar it is Square, Circle, circle, star, triangel

zezie tried 24,19 as well lol

Millie - turn the numbers around!

Shape code spoiler


still missing ping gem

And i tried the numbers for YPRGB (you probably read good books) doesn´t work either.

POP! thanks miles! Numbers are to be read from right to left, hahaha! didnt get that! Sorry!
yellow gem now

Wow! Thanks, finally. eeeeek! :)

Got yellow gem but didn´t understand the shapes.

okay now onto numbers code lol

any idea on the number code?

I googled IDMN and book and got book of eli
but eli doesnt work either (20 1 24)

YPRGB is prob the order of gems ;)

Stuck at number code

Also noted a Blue Gem in the Shower but cannot get it

tried the numbers backwards too - no luck

I tried the numbers every single way possible... nada!

I'm sooo frustrated I can't make the drawer code work! My numbers were 31524 and shapes Star Circle Triangle Square Circle
So shouldn't the code be Circle Square Star Circle Triangle????
What am I doing wrong?

Cody that is not the blue gem, just a part of the scenery :)

Yep nada !

I got 24 19 2 3 too, but doesn't work either direction

zoz.. use the numbers backward. see spoiler above

zoz -the answer is posted above. read the numbers from left to right

thought of i,d,m, as roman numerals, but there is no roman numeral for n.... so still thinking

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 10:40 AM  

I have the shapes/numbes clue, but, don't know where to use them.

Also have not had luck with the alpha/number code. Tried some of the same things mentioned above.

Please, where are you using shapes/numbers?

I mean right to left!

ahh just saw Edgar's post about numbers going right to left. That was indeed Sneaky @ Mr Spy Guy!

Hey Holly, the drawer for the shapes is upstairs and to the left, next to the bed.

@Hey.. use shape code upstairs in the left bedroom

holly - go upstairs and left into bedroom - its the sidetable

zoz write it down....
3 1 5 2 4
star circle triangle square circle

Then start from backwards with the 4 (forth shape = square, then 2nd = circle etc)

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 10:42 AM  

Pop...Found the drawer for the shapes...

Cody, blue gem is in the kitchen. Go down!

Who would want to escape this house anyways? I might just forget about the gems and stay here awhile!

have to go, good luck! :(

@ miles1 lol

the IDMN is in the mirror - so it is really
NMDI and with L= 1 it should be 3 2 19 24 but doesnt work

got it!!! idmn is anagram!

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 10:45 AM  

where is the green gem? anyone plz!!

idmn spells a word... then crypto works


4 gems, sneaky coin, sd, knife, binoculars... and a million ideas about a code- all wrong,though ;)

out. yay

What word Mona?!?!

Great Mona, have pink gem now


Melting .... lol

Yay and out! :)

and out too - thanks mona - brilliant

Brilliant @Mona! Now where do I put these gems, lol?

Out! Thank you Mona!

thanks everybody

enjoy the sneaky guy - he really was today

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 10:47 AM  

Mona! Awesome!!!

And out !!!

Cool game thx Self !!!

@ zoz.. same room as shape puzzle

yeah! Finally out! Thanks for ALL the help!

love sneaky guy too

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 10:48 AM  

ihave the goggles but dont know where to use them for the green gem plz help

Thank you Mona!!

skully in use goggles in pool

@ skully. downstairs all the way to the right onto the patio and out to the pool

skully from where you found them go straight ahead to the pool

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 10:51 AM  

ty so much everyone!!

Thanks @Enjoy! I think I'm going to take a swim first. Maybe a soak in the spa. Mix up a good meal in the kitchen. Have a glass of wine. Take a nap...

Now a new Rotuc would be great :)
Maybe POP works ?

where is that everloving screwdriver???

was hoping for Rotuc today too Zazie

@ Philomena .. go upstairs and straight out onto the patio.. on the railing below the blue numbers

SD is on balcony with blue numbers if i remember right Somewhere between the pilars

thanks! and out!

out with the hint from @miles1 to read backwards

That was tricky!

plzzzz help me the shapes puzzle

is any one here?plzzz help

if you go outside and see the columns with the 31525. then you go upstairs you see the shapes. star, circle, triangle, square, circle. on the other side of the columns so you need to turn the shapes around to match the columns.. so the order of the shapes would be
square circle, circle, star,triangle.

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 11:20 AM  

Where was the sneaky coin?

find blue numbers, look to the right for the SD and to the left for sneaky coin

Outside on the balcony upstairs i think (somewhere to the left)

duh I finally got the you probably read good books hint!!!lol

thanx danielle

       Anonymous  11/3/10, 11:24 AM  

Thanks @jon. I didn't even look over there once I saw the SD and numbers.

Back and out with the help for the box, great job! :D

Where is the yellow gem, please ?

Get the key from between the pavers at the bottom of the screen
Click it on the door
Inside, click the 2 black rectangles on the stone walls on either side of the stairs
Get the red gem
Go left
Note the laptop and go left
Note the screwed on vent on the wall to the left of the bed
Get the knife from the floor by the bottom left corner of the bed
Go right 3 times to the kitchen
Use the knife on the back of the nearest chair where you see the white mark
Get the black key
Go right
Click the notebook on the table to see a hint about letters and numbers
Go out the door to the patio
Note the tall cabinet to the right of the couch needs a gold key
Go forward to the pool
Get the gold key from under the left nearest lounge chair
Note there is something in the pool that you can’t get
Go down
Use the gold key on the tall cabinet to get the goggles
Go forward and use the goggles to get the green gem from the pool
Go back and left 3 times to the stairs
Go up the stairs
Go forward to the balcony
Note the numbers on the pillars
Get the screwdriver from between the 2 and 4
While out there, get the sneaky coin from the left edge of the railing for bonus points
Go back and left to the bedroom
Get the binoculars from the left bed stand
Also note the wall by the large picture needs a white key
Go left to the bathroom
Click the faucet to turn on the water
Note the code that appears
Go right 3 times
Click the box under the bed
Enter the code and hit enter
Get the pink gem
Go onto the balcony
Use the binoculars to see the shapes (the blue dots) on the wall over the table
Go back and left 2 times
Click the bottom drawer of the left nightstand to find a code box
Solve the box and hit the top rectangle to open it.
Get the yellow gem
Go right and downstairs
Go right and down to the second view of the kitchen
Get the blue gem from the potted plant on the left side of the shelf
Go right and use the black key
In the room, move the nearest orange pillow to find the memory card
Go left and up
Now go left 2 times
Click the laptop
Click the button with the blue circle around it to turn on the power
Now use the memory card in the slot that is on the front of the laptop (down right of the mouse touch pad)
Click the folder that appears on the screen and read a clue
Close the view and go left
Zoom in on the vent to the left of the bed
Use the screwdriver to remove the screws
Get the white key
Close the view and go right 2 times
Go upstairs and left
Use the key on the wall by the picture
You found a place to put the gems!
Do so and click the handle
Take the relic and escape!



Solution to the Number Box under the bed
The paper downstairs said that L=1. So if you follow the rest of the alphabet, we know that M is 2, N is 3, etc. Keep going and A is 16, B is 17 and so on. The clue on the bathroom mirror said IDMN. Make those letters into numbers and you get 24, 19, 2, 3. However, the code is scrambled. Unscramble the letters to get Mind and the code is now SPOILER224319SPOILER.

Solution to the nightstand Shape box
You found star, circle, triangle, square, circle. You also found numbers on the balcony that read 31524. However, if you read them from closest to furthest, they become 42513 (thanks @miles1!!). So your first shape for the box should be the 4 shape on the list = square. The second number is 2 so the second shape is next = circle. The third number is 5 and the 5th shape is circle. The next number is 1 so it is the star. And the last is 3 so it is the triangle. SPOILERsquare,circle,circle,star,triangleSPOILER

Solution to the Wall Safe
You probably read good books is the clue from the computer. Take the first letters and get YPRGB. Place the gems in this order SPOILERYellow,pink,red,green,blueSPOILER


Thank you for the walkthrough, Kitkatfox, I missed the drawer of the night table.

glad I could help, Pascale! :)

Nice one! Tough but, logical codes. Loved it! :D

       Anonymous  12/2/10, 10:53 PM  

My god that is a beautiful staircase...I think I just play these games solely for the House Porn.

how to open the computer?
what's it about?

Square, Circle, circle, star, triangel
2 24 3 19

Have fun guys

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